Chapter Two: Blood

She sat up in the bed and sighed, the man had told her to get out straight away but that wasn't exactly going to be easy was it? For all she knew it all could've been an illusion brought on by the drugs but…

There was something not quite right about the whole thing. She picked up the card again and there was the message from the other dream. As she closed it her finger nicked the edge and a single drop of blood fell onto the bed sheets. Swearing silently to herself she got up and started searching for something to wear.

"Where the hell did they leave my things?" she asked herself but it didn't seem like she was going to get an answer. Just as she was about to give up she found her phone in one of the drawers. Praying that there was still enough battery to make a call she turned it on.

"Yes," she whispered when she saw the two bars on the battery icon on the top of the screen. At first she wanted to call Roger but then she scrapped the idea, there was no way he'd believe her about anything so instead she called her sister, Ruth.

The phone rang three times and Anna was just about ready to give up on the whole thing when Ruth answered. "Hello, who is this?" she asked and Anna was suddenly frozen in fear. What was she going to tell her? Hey sis, I need to get out of the hospital now to go to an abandoned town where several people have disappeared over the years.

Composing herself Anna said hi and told Ruth to come over, there was no way she was going to tell her over the phone. "I just visited you this morning, Roger told me you were awake but said that no one was allowed to see you," Ruth told her and Anna found this odd.

"Come over anyway, I'll explain everything," Anna said but she wondered if they'd let her even at Anna's request. Ruth agreed and hung up; putting the phone back Anna got back in the bed and watched the door hoping that her sister would get there soon.

Anna waited another two hours before anything actually happened. One of the doctors (she couldn't remember his name) came in with Ruth behind him. Nothing about it seemed right, Ruth looked absolutely terrified which was something Anna didn't normally see. "You have a visitor Ms Dresden, your sister Ruth I believe," he said as if Anna were just an infant rather than a full grown woman.

"Thank you, she'll only be here a minute," Anna replied and the man left. Ruth looked absolutely relieved and pulled up a chair to sit next to the bed. Anna wanted to tell her straight away but there was something stopping her.

"Wow, that guy's a real creep. He said I needed permission to see you, my own sister and I need permission." Anna tried to smile it off but a deep feeling of dread still remained. Nothing was going to be good for her from now on. "What did you want to talk about?" Ruth asked and Anna sighed. How the hell could she have thought about telling her?

"Just about my room when I get back, I didn't want to say anything on the phone because I knew Brandy would be there." Ruth smiled at that and told her how worried she'd made her after the phone call.

After a pointless talk about Anna's room Ruth left and said she'd be back tomorrow no matter what anyone said. "I won't say anything to Brandy either." Smiling Anna waved goodbye as she was left alone again.

A cold hand touched her arm and she jumped at the feeling. "It's just me," the man from her dream said and Anna groaned in frustration.

"Why can't you just leave me alone?" she asked as she felt his hand go to her face to gently caress her cheek. He didn't reply straight away instead he kissed where his hand had been before picking up one of her cards.

"Who's this Roger guy, your boyfriend?" he asked and Anna felt herself go red. She liked Roger but in a brotherly-sisterly way, she'd never go on a date with him or anything like that. The man laughed and put it back and shook his head. "And here I thought we had something good going, guess not." Anna didn't reply to that and instead turned her head away so she didn't have to look at his scarred face.

"I'm not with anyone, men are pigs," she replied after about several minutes of silence. The man didn't seem bothered or amused by this; instead he just shrugged and went over to the window. Anna tried not to look at him but it was as if she were under some sort of spell that couldn't be broken by mere will alone. "I thought you were going to see me at Silent Hill, not here," she said but the man just laughed.

"I never said that the next time I'd see you would be at Silent Hill, you just assumed that," he said and she had to admit that he was right. She tried desperately to think of a way to get out of this but unlike her dream she couldn't wake up. He eyed her like she was a prize in some contest before coming back over. "I'm here to get you out, seeing as you can't do it yourself."

His hand returned to her face and she couldn't help but shiver, at least he wasn't touching her as intimately as he had in her dream. If he did, she didn't know what she'd do. "What's your name?" she asked and he removed his hand as if stung.

"You don't want to know," he replied but Anna shook her head and told him that she did want to. He grunted at her before revealing that his name was Wolfe. "Alexander Wolfe," he added and Anna nodded. She hadn't expected him to tell her but the name he gave could've just been an alias.

"That's a nice name; I think my grandpa was called Alexander. I just asked because I didn't know what to call you; something told me 'Trenchy' just wasn't going to cut it," she said a smile spreading wide on her face. "But I think I'll just call you Alex for short, is that okay?" Than man grunted again and said yes, it was just fine.

"Now, to the matter at hand…"

"Aren't you going to ask my name?" Anna asked but Alex just shook his head and said he didn't care. "It's Anna, after my aunt. She died before I was born." Alex shook his head again and told her to be quite.

"Those 'doctors' aren't real, neither are the nurses. It's all one big lie, do you understand?" he told her and she nodded. Anna understood perfectly what he was talking about. "I'm the only thing that's true here and you too of course. Everything else is a lie." Anna didn't like the way he said that, as if they were the only two people left in existence or something.

"I was shot a few months ago, or was that a lie too?" Alex didn't reply straight away, instead he went back over to the window.

"Yes, the town is messing with your head. That's what it does; it gets in and sucks out all the life. No one got shot, it's all a lie you see. But I'm here to take you out of the lie, the fantasy," he said and Anna felt the tears prick her eyes; she managed to hold them back, just barely though.

"So, the nightmares are a part of it too?" She wasn't surprised when Alex nodded. He came over and touched her face again. It was still cold but she didn't wince that time. After a moment just staring at each other he drew away explained that she needed to get out of the hospital before it was too late.

"It's time to go, don't let them keep you here Anna, it's a lot more dangerous than you think," Alex muttered before heading to the door. Anna said nothing as he did so instead she got up and walked with him. His words had been burned into her brain, question was could she trust him? A better one was did she even have a choice?