Authors Note: In the aftermath of Theme of life season 1.

End of us

As Whipper walked home that night, she knew it was over, it was truly over what she and Richard Fish used to have. She knew she could never allow herself to let him near her again, even if it was just to touch that skin under her skin that he loved so much.

She knew she never could allow herself to fantasize that he would one day pop the question, the one that she so desperately needed to hear. She needed him to propose, having him say he wanted to spent the rest of her life with her, have children with her.

She sighed heavily as she walked down the streets to her house. She had a house, yet no husband or children anymore. In fact she never had children, just husbands, which in time had left her.

Jennifer wanted it though, she wanted children, having them grow up, watching how they played, having someone to go home to. Instead of this empty house.

She sat down on the front steps of the house and looked out into nothing, not wanting to open the door. Not wanting it to be true. Not wanting to be alone.

Silent tears ran down her cheek, she loved him so much, and he knew he loved her as well, yet he had to go all stupid, yet he couldn't commit to her fully. Maybe it was because he was so much younger; maybe it was due to his horrible upbringing, that his parents didn't love each other.

She didn't know, nor did it matter, in the end the result was the same, she was sitting crying, due to another heartbreak. All because of him, and the worst part was that all she wanted to do was to call him to come over. Snuggle up with him, feel his warmth against her cold skin.

As she cried out in despair, head in hands, feeling completely crushed, her only thought was that he could never see her weak like this. No one could, she would have to maintain strong as always. She was after all a judge. No one would ever get the satisfaction of seeing her cry, no matter reason.

Shivering she got up, opened the door and went inside, unaware that the one person she didn't want to see her just had. Richard Fish had taken a late evening walk pass her house and spotted her, seeing his girl cry like that, made him feel even worse.

He wanted to go over and hold her, but knew he couldn't, so instead he just turned and walked away, knowing this time it was really over, it was too late to mend the fences. And right now the best he could do for both of them was to stay away.

He cast one last glimpse at the house, sighing, knowing he would no longer be come inside. On the inside a very sad judge was crying her heart out, holding on to the happy memories of them. Closing her eyes, hoping the pain would slowly die away so she could go on, knowing that this time it would take long for that to happen.

In the end she would fall asleep from emotional exhaustion, only to wake up at the same spot the next morning, holding on to a picture of them.

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