Tony let out a sigh as he watched Cynthia working at her desk. His mom was in an important meeting in MTAC, or as Tony called it, the coolest private movie theatre in the world , and he wasn't allowed to go, so he was stuck being looked after by his mom's secretary. He'd already looked at the books he had brought, and he had done some drawings, and but there wasn't much else for him to do. Tony was bored, and no-one was around to entertain him.

"Cynthia?" he asked the busy lady quietly.

"Yes Tony?" Cynthia asked with a smile. There was just something about Tony that made people smile at him. Cynthia didn't know how he did it, but she was sure that by the time Tony was fifteen the girls would be falling all over him. She knew that Jenny was dreading the moment when Tony got his first girlfriend.

"What are you doing?"

"Some paperwork for your mom to sign, why?"

"Can I help?"

""I'm sorry Tony, but not really."

Tiony pouted slightly. Cynthia sighed in sympathy, privately thinking that it was imporessive that Tony had made it this long without getting bored. It was lamost lunch time after all, and she knew that when Jenny got out of her meeting, she was going to take Tony somewhere nice for her lunch break.

"I know, why don't you go out into the corridor and wait for your mom outside MTAC. You can watch the teams while they wait, and taken note of anyone you see not doing the right thing."

"Like a policeman?" Tony asked eagerly.

"Exactly. Then when your mom comes back you cn tell her if you see anyone not doing their jobs, and they can be cross with them."

"Okay," Tony smiled brightly, picking up his NCIS cap and putting it on backwards. Cynthia clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles, since Tony looked absolutely adorable at that moment, and focused on locating a clipboard and some blank paper and a pencil for Tony to 'write' on.

Tony accepted the offered materials, 'Thank-you, Cynthia" he said seriously, his teddy bear tucked under one arm, and the clipboard under the other.

"You're welcome Tony. Now, remember, you must stay in the corridor. You can't go down the stairs to the bullpen, and you're not allowed to go into the elevator. There are some security cameras up on the walls so I'll be able to watch you and make sure you're doing the right thing."

Tony nodded, and Cynthia let him out of the office, propping the door open so she would better be able to supervised, and so that Tony would be able to come back inside if he wanted to. She watched as Tony sat down near the top of the stairs, near the railing, with his teddy sitting beside him, and his clip board in his lap, pencil held over the paper. Nodding her head at the obvious concentration on his face, Cynthia walked back to her desk and opened up a live feed for the security camera out in the walkway so she would have a constant supervision, before she got back to work, making sure she kept one eye focused on what Tony was up to. He was the son of the director of a federal agency after all. Jenny would kill her if something happened to Tony and he wandered off or something.

Tony watched the teams down in the bullpen as they worked. Ziva and her team weren't there, much to his disappointment, because he was sure that if Ziva saw him, she'd be happy to come up and talk to him for a bit. Maybe she'd be able to tell his some stories about when she'd served in Mossad. Maybe he could teach her some more jokes and sayings, even though Tony liked it when she said something wrong, it was funny.

Maybe when she got back from wherever it was she was. Maybe she and her team were going to have lunch. Tony's stomach rumbled at the thought of food, so he reached into his pocket, where he'd put a little container from his lunch box. He opened it up to reveal some cut up apple and some sultanas.

Tony began to eat the apple, still watching the teams down the in the bullpen. They were all typing on their keyboards or talking on their phones, and all looking thoroughly business like. Tony pouted. What was the point of being a policeman when no-body was doing the wrong thing?

For a moment he considered throwing some of his sultanas at the agents to distract them, but then he discounted the idea. His mom trusted him to do the right thing, and he was supposed to set an example for all of the other agents.

Besides, he liked to eat sultanas, and he wouldn't be able to eat them if he threw them at the agents.

Tony gave up on watching the agents in the bullpen, instead looking out the window, which had a view of the navy yard. Tony began to draw the scene through the window, hoping that Cynthia wouldn't mind him drawing on the paper she'd given him. He shot a look over his shoulder at the entrance to MTAC, and frowned at the door as it refused to open and reveal his mother.

Obviously it was a very long very important meeting that his mom was in. Maybe she'd forgotten about him. Tony felt his heart begin to race as he felt his fear level rising. He bit down on his lip, putting down Cynthia's clipboard, and grabbing his teddy bear in a tight hug as he felt tears pricking at the edges of his eyes.

'No' Tony mentally chastised himself, "Big NCIS agents don't cry, not even policemen cry."

He furiously wiped away the stubborn tears that rolled down his cheeks, hoping that Cynthia wasn't watching on the camera. She would tell his mother for sure that he was crying, and then his mother would be disappointed in him. She'd wanted him to be a big boy and help, but instead he'd just cried like a little baby."

"Hey, Tony, what's wrong kid?" a soft voice asked. Tony jumped, startled, and looked around trying to locate the source of the voice. The tall, silver haired man from Ziva's team was looking down at him, having obviously come up the stairs.

"Nothing," Tony hastily said wiping away his tears.

"You sure, you haven't been hurt or something?"

"No, I'm fine thank you," Tony smiled, putting on his best brave face.

"Do you know where your mom is, Tony?" The man, Tony paused, trying to remember his name…Gibbs, that was it, asked.

Tony nodded, and pointed towards MTAC.

"I'm not allowed to go in there though; she's in a very important meeting that's been going on for hours." He added.

"Ah, so you're waiting for her out here, huh?"

Tony nodded, "I was watching all the agents earlier, making sure that no one was doing the wrong thing, but everyone was doing the right thing, and your team wasn't there, so I couldn't even try to distract Ziva so she could come and talk to me. I though about throwing my sultanas at the agents that were here, but then I decided not to, because then mom wouldn't want to bring me back because I'm supposed to be grown up when I'm at NCIS, and because I like to eat sultanas, so I did a drawing instead, and now I've finished my drawing, and I'm bored again"

Gibbs nodded. The kid was obviously missing his mom, probably having imagined them spending the entire day together in the office. While it was true that the meeting Jenny was still in had been a last minute kind of thing, Gibbs had hoped that Jenny would have organised something special for Tony, like a tour of the building. Oh well, Gibbs shrugged, glancing towards Jenny's office, and seeing that the reception area door was open. He gestured to Tony's things.

"Come on Tony, how would you like to come with me while I do some things in the building."

"I'm not allowed to go downstairs, Special Agent Gibbs," Tony replied, picking up the clipboard and his container, still hugging his teddy tightly.

"I'm sure Cynthia will say its okay as long as you're with me." Gibbs reassured.

They headed through the door together. Cynthia looked up form her paperwork. She'd kept a close eye on Tony, ensuring that he stayed safe. She'd been watching when Gibbs had approached the boy, but the resolution of the feed hadn't shown Tony's tears, or allowed her to try and lip read what was being said between the five year of and the team leader.

"Special Agent Gibbs, Director Shepard's in a meeting I'm afraid. Tony, I'm sure she won't be that much longer. Did you catch anyone doing the wrong thing?"

"My team's closed the case we were working on, do you mind if I take Tony around to meet Abby and Ducky, and show him around." Gibbs asked pleasantly.

"That would be wonderful, Special Agent Gibbs," Cynthia beamed, "I'm sure Jenny won't mind at all. Just take your phone with you so that when she gets out she can contact you."

Gibbs nodded; Tony handed over his clipboard and pencil.

"I didn't catch anyone Cynthia," he said apologetically.

Cynthia smiled, 'That's okay Tony, that just means that everyone was doing the right thing, which was good. You go have fun with Special Agent Gibbs, you've earned it."

Okay" Tony followed Gibbs from the office, still carrying his bear by the paw, and reaching up to take Gibbs' hand with the other. Gibbs felt his heart jump a beat as he clasped Tony's hand in his own as they headed down the stairs to the bullpen.

"Hi Gibbs, hey Tony," McGee greeted politely as the pair entered the MCR team's part of the bullpen. Gibbs looked at McGee.

"Call Ducky and tell him he's about to have a visitor of the kid variety…Abby too." Gibbs instructed. McGee nodded, understanding that Gibbs wanted to make sure that Tony was protected from seeing anything that could be potentially damaging to his young psyche, and made the relevant calls. Ducky had been doing some reports, and didn't have any of his guests out on display, so that was safe, and Abby, who had not been doing much since she was waiting for her computers to finish analysing evidence, had beamed and set about getting the lab ready, by giving it a quick tidy up, and getting the materials she would need to make slime ready. All little kids loved making slime, after all.

Unaware of what Abby had planned, although Gibbs did suspect that she would have some sort of surprise in store for Tony, he led Tony to the elevator, leaving McGee to do his thing on the computer to track down their suspect. Ziva and Stan were out in the field following a lead, and wouldn't be back for at least an hour.

Gibbs kept a firm hold on Tony's hand, not wanting to loose the kid, and to reassure Tony that he was still there. Tony seemed mostly over his earlier tears, but Gibbs wasn't sure that they would not return if Tony got overwhelmed by the size of the building.

Deciding that they would start at the morgue and work their way up from their, Gibbs hit the relevant button on the elevator, and the doors slid closed. Tony seemed to be almost vibrating in excitement beside him.

'Where are we going to go first, Agent Gibbs?" Tony asked, peering up at the blue eyed Team leader.

"We're going to go and visit Dr. Mallard, he's our Medical Examiner."

Tony's brow furrowed as the door slid open again, and they walked out into the corridor.

"What's a Medical Examiner?' he asked as they walked through the sliding doors into the morgue" Gibbs was saved from having to think up a child friendly response to that one by Ducky, who was waiting for them near the door, and had obviously overheard Tony's remark.

"An excellent question, I found myself asking the same question when I was about your age. The answer is that I help your friend Jethro here figure out how the people whose passing we are investigating actually died. I listen to the stories they have to tell, and pass the information they can tell me onto Jethro."

'So you can catch the bad guys?"


"I didn't think dead people spoke, unless they're in scary movies," Tony said looking from Ducky to Gibbs, slightly confused. Gibbs hid his smile, and Ducky smiled.

"Well, they aren't actually using their voice like you or I do. Their bodies can tell us an awful lot though, if you know how to listen to them."

"Oh," Tony said, only vaguely understanding, but satisfied none the less. He didn't really want to been seen as being rude by asking lots of questions, and he was sure that this nice man, who he assumed was Dr. Mallard, had other things to do.

"Anyway, I'm Doctor Mallard, and who might you be, young NCIS agent?" Ducky asked eyeing Tony's hat.

"I'm Anthony Shepard, It's very nice to meet you Dr. Mallard."

"Jenny's son," Gibbs added in a undertone.

"Ah, well, then, honorary Special Agent Shepard, you may call me Ducky."

Tony beamed at the title, tugging at his hat proudly. Ducky chuckled, and Gibbs grinned.

"You can call me Tony, Ducky." Tony said.

"How old are you Tony?'

"I'm five. Usually I'm at school on weekdays, but school is closed today, so we all got to stay at home. Today is Mrs. Walter's day off, so she couldn't look after me during the day, so I got to come in to NCIS with my mom." Tony babbled

"Really?" exclaimed Ducky with enthusiasm, "and have you had an exciting day so far."

Tony nodded, "It was a little boring earlier, because mommy was in a meeting, and Ms. Cynthia was bust doing office work, and none of the agents were doing anything bad, but it's better now because Special Agent Gibbs is showing me around. It's very big here, isn't it?'

"Ah, yes, it is. I remember when I first started to work here I did find that I often became quite lost, and had to ask a passing Agent to direct me back towards the morgue. Do make sure you stay close to Special Agent Gibbs."

"I will, Ducky. I won't get losted." Tony solemnly promised, tightening his hold on Gibbs' hand to prove his statement.

"Well, I mustn't keep you then, I'm sure that you have lots of exciting places to go and see."

Tony nodded eagerly and Gibbs gently tugged the little boy's hand.

"Come on Tony, off we go."

'See you later Ducky," Tony waved with his free hand.

"Goodbye, Special Agent Anthony Shepard, I'm sure we'll meet again.' Ducky smiled as Gibbs led the little boy out of the morgue. Ducky let out the chuckle he'd been holding in as the doors slid closed once again. He hadn't known that Jenny had a son, but the lad was quite a likable little fellow. Ducky sincerely hoped that he would see the boy again in the future.