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The world is full of opposites, it's a simple truth. For every north there was a south, every east a west. For every Backstabbing Jerk, someone Nice and Kind. No one understood this better than Courtney, she had two prime examples. Her lousy-no-good-goth-loving-cheating ex-boyfriend, Duncan, and her so-much-better-sweater-would-never-cheat-not-Duncan current boyfriend, Ezekiel. They were complete polar opposites. North, and South.

Duncan had so many flaws, if you could name a flaw, he had it. And as she came to learn, Ezekiel was Duncan's opposite in almost every way. The opposite of flawed was perfection. It made total sense, she couldn't believe she hadn't seen it sooner.

Duncan was rude, loud, and inconsiderate. Ezekiel was polite, quite, and practically tip-toed to avoid upsetting her when they first went out. Duncan was rebel without a reason, he just rebelled. No matter what the rule or how much sense it made, he would go out of his way to break it. Ezekiel followed rules… As long as they made sense to him. He would make it clear when he felt one wasn't fair, but he didn't break it just to break it.

Ezekiel used his brain, she doubted Duncan even had one.

Duncan was a criminal, he'd even been in Juvenile Hall. Ezekiel was naïve, and had spent a good part of his life in an Ivory Tower.

Duncan was a pervert plain and simple, who barely knew the meaning of 'no'. Ezekiel was shy when it came to that, and she usually found herself initiating anything beyond a hug. She had grown used to that pretty quickly.

Duncan was quick to anger, and not adverse to violence. Ezekiel had a passive nature, and patience she had previously thought wasn't possible.

Yes, Duncan and Ezekiel were polar opposites. The only thing she could think of they had in common was, well, her. Both dealt with her slight competitive streak, and her small temper issues. Duncan had apparently decided it just wasn't worth it, and ran off with the evil goth. She knew Ezekiel would never do that, simply based on the fact that he was Duncan's opposite, and therefore wouldn't do something that Duncan would.

She knew that, but she didn't always remember it.

She would never admit it, but she was a jealous person. It had driven her mad to see Duncan act friendly with… Gwen. When her suspicions had been proven right, it had wounded her, deeply. And when she and Ezekiel had started dating, that wound hadn't stopped bleeding yet. Her jealousy kicked into overdrive, even worse than before. She said and did things she wasn't proud of.

She knew he used to have a crush on Bridgette, though he promised her he was over it and that he Bridgette were just friends it hadn't been enough. One day she found them chatting, just chatting. But something about those smiles… Bridgette looking at him, him looking at Bridgette, and smiling. When he was only supposed to smile at her. She lost it. With cameras everywhere too. After she had calmed down, and saw for herself what her tirade had been like, she had actually felt ashamed. Bridgette was her best friend, and Ezekiel wasn't a backstabber.

How they both could be so forgiving baffled her, but she would always be grateful.

She still suspected that there were still remains of Ezekiel's crush on Bridgette, but she did her best to control herself. She failed a lot. But she was steadily getting better. Plus, she could admit, deep, deep within herself, that doing otherwise might be a tad hypocritical. After all…

She and Ezekiel had been together for nearly a year, and she was still comparing him to Duncan.