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Full Summary:

When Eric, Sookie and the gang are put into more dangerous situations, what will come of it? New enemies are just on the horizon. It all depends on one person. Can she save everything she loves? Does she have enough willpower and strength to go against everything coming at them at once? Or is this finally the end...their end? The Awakening is coming are they ready for it?

Chapter One - Moving in

The sun was shining down brightly on a plantation style home on the outskirts of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Which was odd since the season was changing. The chilliness of the season was something that had everyone bundled up, even if the sun was bright and high in the sky on that day. November was the month that they were in, exactly five months since Bill had met his death. It was a peaceful day though as the two people pulled things off of a lone truck and sat them down in the yard beside it.

Five long months had passed and everyone seemed to go back to a semi-normal life. Living as everyone else did, moving as everyone else did and surviving as everyone else in the world would do in the moment.

Finally, everything began to dull down and it was a nice change, something that the woman standing with her hands on her hips needed. She needed some quiet in her life so she could clear out her mind, but not everything was as perfect on the surface. The black cloud of the unknown still lingered over her head. She tried not to think of it and she was slowly working that out for herself. It was hard, always would be. It is as simple as that.

The months that went and gone gave her time to be with the one she loved most dearly, but the questions she always had, still didn't have any answers, nor would she get them any time soon. She knew that, she accepted it…or as much as she really could.


Yes, she was surviving, but was very happy with the life she still had within her. She was happy for the friends that were still by her side, even if things had changed. Maybe not exactly what she had first planned when she came into the Supernatural world, but…they were for the better regardless.

Sookie POV:

"Jason," I called over my shoulder, "Hey, I need your help quick!"

"You could have waited, Sook." He chuckled as he jumped up in the bed of the truck to grab the other end to the large cabinet. "Damn," He cursed lightly. "This weighs a ton!"

"Sorry. When I bought it, I wasn't thinking that it would weigh so much." I grunted as I pushed it to the ground and stepped back to look at the hand carved cabinet that I had ordered a few weeks ago.

"It's a nice piece though." He amended. "Cherry wood?"

"Goes with the floors." I murmured.

"You think he'll like it?" My brother asked as he shifted one the one white wicker chairs that I had bought for the porch.

I smirked as I opened the cabinet and pointed at the holders where weapons could be hung. "Yes, I think he will love it."

"I haven't gotten you a house warming gift, you know." He started. "But, I don't have money to get you anything right now."

"That's because you have been fixing up Gran's old house." I winked. "Almost done with the remodeling in the kitchen over there?"

"Of course, just gotta hang the cabinets and it's all set."

He turned around and opened the cooler that was strapped down in the bed of the truck. He popped the cap to a beer can and outstretched his arm for me to take. I smiled and reached out; taking the can from him so he could surely reach back around and grab one for himself. Jason and beer, they always will go together…always.

Some things will never change, but some do, even if you aren't expecting it. Over the five months that we had survived through, since everything, quite a few things were different. I looked at Jason who chugged the rest of the can before hopping off the truck and carrying the chairs up to the porch.

Jason. Where do I even start with my brother? That boy has some skeletons in his closet that I am afraid to even touch, but regardless of what anyone else says, I am happy for him. Jason had changed his lifestyle-not as flamboyant as he used to be- since he settled down. Anyone would be happy about that if it wasn't for the fact that he had settled down with his best friend's girl, Jessica Hamby.

Now, it isn't as bad as it sounds. Jessica and Hoyt were having quite a few problems since the loss of Jessica's maker, Bill Compton. Not that I blame Jessica of course, but since Bill had released her under Eric's orders, she started to change. She said she didn't want a monogamous relationship because she wasn't human, and because she had vampire tendencies. I didn't believe that for one minute because about a month after it happened, she settled down with Jason. It wasn't so much as she didn't want to be monogamous, she just didn't want to be monogamous with Hoyt anymore.

Regardless, I am happy for the two of them. They complement each other on a level I cannot even understand. Jessica is growing up, just as Jason is growing up since they got together. That was two months ago that they started dating. Everything was going perfect for them, except for the fact that Jason didn't have a cubby for Jessica to sleep in, in his house.

I had decided to give Jason Gran's home, since I haven't really lived there myself anyway. He had more room at Gran's and instead of just giving Jessica a cubby hole, he was fixing up the house nice and making some rooms light tight. That was with the help of Eric of course, since Jason didn't make nearly enough money to cover the costs by himself.

Jason and Jessica's relationship wasn't the only thing that changed. This one nearly breaks my heart, every time I think about it, but it's true. I still don't understand what exactly happened, since I wasn't there at the time, but Amelia and Pam had gone their separate ways. They began to butt heads, being in a vampire relationship. I guess it just never works when it's a maker and child sexual relationship. They still love each other, talk to each other and all that stuff, but they aren't together-together the way I had always wanted them to be.

That scared me a bit, because I felt really close to the subject. I wanted Eric to change me into a vampire five months ago, but with the way that Pam and Amelia ended, it made me feel hesitant to keep moving forward and pursuing that desire. Eric and I were closer than ever before and I didn't want that to change if he bit into my neck, drained me and gave me a new life. I wouldn't want to change what love we have. I wouldn't want that to end just because he would have power over me with everything I would do.

Yes, I believe that might be the reason Pam and Amelia didn't get along so well. About two months after Amelia came to the dark side- as she likes to call it- she began to become restless and tired with the whole maker and child bond. She was never one to really settle down in the first place. She reached her breaking point, over something small and it just turned on her. Amelia doesn't regret becoming a vampire, she still says it was the best thing that happened to her, but she always says on top of that, that she wished someone else would have changed her because she didn't want to feel below Pam in any way. She wanted to be an equal to her and no matter how hard they both tried, it would never work because Pam would always be on top; she would always be the maker.

Amelia was also too young to release. Pam didn't want to take a chance, even if Amelia was good at controlling herself and her urges. I believe that they are waiting until that one year mark before trying to get together again after Pam would release her, or maybe that is just my own wishful thinking. I have no idea. Well, I had seven months to go through before I knew for sure.

All in all, things had changed quite dramatically if I look back on it, but some things still remained the same. Like me. I went back and got my job at Merlotte's once more. It had been ages since I actually stepped foot in the place and when I did the looks on everyone's faces was something like a Kodak moment. They looked as though they had seen a ghost. I guess Jason never really told them that I was alright and alive. I didn't have time to do it, since I was busy, but after the tight gripping hugs, everything seemed to go back to normal.

I never did tell my work friends what had happened. It didn't seem important to me to tell them anything, since I wasn't as close to them as I was before. What I did tell them was that I needed time away. Little do they know that I never went away, but got attacked by Werewolves and witches, dealt with Eric's amnesia, went through a bombing at Rhodes, got tortured and killed Bill.

I've seen more than I had ever wanted to and I didn't need to share a darker part of myself with these friends. I was different inside, though none of them cared to take a good look at me to see what was going on under the surface after everything. Not that they knew, of course.

At first, after I had settled down from the happiness of finally succeeding in getting rid of Bill, I was jumpy. After everything I did, after what I had gone through, I was shell shocked. My nerves were frayed to the point that even a shadow would scare the crap out of me. I hid that, from everyone except Eric. I couldn't hide from him even if I tried. He knew me all too well and the blood didn't help keep my secrets hidden.

Eric helped me just as I helped him. Though I was stronger in my own skin, I needed someone to help me back to a point where I could be like my old self. I never fully made it there, nor would I. I was different, I had more power inside of me than I understood, but I was managing and on the surface to the people who aren't as close to me anymore, wouldn't see a difference now.

"Sook, you want to head in and check what Alcide had done with the place?" Jason gestured to the beautiful home that I was to call my own now.

I smiled. "Yeah, I think that is a very good idea. I haven't seen it in a few weeks anyway. I can't believe they finally finished it!"

"It's pretty good, huh?" Jason chuckled at my enthusiasm. "I mean, the way they fixed the old structure of the house and made it new and modern. It's good." He said in a highly technical voice.

"You're weird." I laughed as I stepped up the porch steps and opened the front door to the house.

"Excuse me, but do you have a reason to be on this land? It's restricted property, you know." A booming voice behind me hollered.

I turned around and smiled. I jumped off the stairs and wrapped my arms around a very tall man. He laughed, patting my back as we let go of one another.

"Alcide, it's nice to see you." I looked up as he looked down.

"You're lookin' good, Sookie." He nodded. "Haven't seen you in ages. How is, uh, Eric doing?"

"He's well." I told him gently. "We're doing quite well."

"That's good to hear." He smiled, but it was forced. I knew that he still didn't like the idea of me being with Eric, but that isn't going to change. I will always love Eric.

"Yes, it is." I smiled.

"So, you here to check out the house I suppose?" Alcide winked as he shook hands with my brother.

"If it's alright with you, I would love to take a look around." I said.

We all turned and began walking up the stairs to my new home once more. I couldn't stop the smile that spread across my face just thinking that I would be able to settle down in this grand home, with Eric. It was new, it was ours and that is what I enjoyed most. Though I would miss Gran's house, it wasn't gone from my life and anyway, a house isn't a home until you have someone to share it with. I will have that here, in this new house with the man that holds my heart in his hands.

We're starting fresh. New scenery, a new change. We needed that desperately.

There were moments still where I didn't know what would happen to me. Eric and I moved from home to home together, since he had never settled down himself for too long, but I bargained with him and of course, I won.

The house when we first got it was nearly nothing but ruins on a bunch of land. Eric had contacted Alcide to rebuild and add to the once plantation home. It was beautiful, with a big porch that wrapped around the whole house, with a giant living room with a magnificent fireplace in the center, to a newly modeled kitchen, dining room, six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a huge garage, and so much land with a forest shrouding us from most civilization. It was a perfect place to start at, to start with the family that I had been given.

Pam and Amelia would be living here as well, in two separate bedrooms but together in the same house. It hadn't been like that for a while now. Amelia stayed with us, but Pam had gone to her other apartment after the breakup. Now we were all going to be living together once more. I just hoped that it would go all as planned.

Tonight was a rather big night for us. Eric and I, that is. Since we were the homeowners, we decided to get some friends to come over for a night of fun. Well, it was my idea, but it was needed. We haven't seen most of each other in the five months that had gone by.

As I walked in the house, I was surprised to see that most of the furniture we had ordered was already sitting in their right places. Well, that was a good thing. We all needed a place to sit anyway.

"Love the leather furniture!" Jason couldn't help himself as he jumped on the crescent shaped black couch.

"Glad you like it." I giggled as I moved forward.

It was nice, everything was pristine and perfect. I nodded my acceptance as I held out my hand for Alcide to take. He tried to hold in a smile as he pushed his hand in mine and shook it. That is what people do to finalize a deal, right? I reached in my back pocket to receive the check Eric had made out earlier this morning for Alcide. I handed it to him then and there, thanking him once again for doing such a fine job on my home.

Alcide and Jason brought the rest of the stuff in from off the truck and settled it in the places that I told them to put it. It worked for me because I didn't have to carry in anything, especially that cabinet. When Jason said it weighed a ton, I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

"I love everything." I said softly after Alcide had left. He had gotten a call to another potential costumer.

"Yeah, it's pretty spiffy." Jason closed his eyes and relaxed in the couch. "We got what? Two hours before night fall?"

"Yep." I replied after checking my watch.

"Then I'm takin' myself a nap." He murmured before relaxing in the chair more.

I sighed as I too slipped into the reclining chair and closed my eyes. A nap wouldn't hurt. I haven't gotten to have one of those in quite some time.

All I could see was a hand, a left hand moving forward stealthily before my very eyes. I couldn't see an arm; just the hand as if it was up close to my face, eye level. The hand moved forward until it rested on a gray colored surface of what looked like smooth stone. I gazed at the fingers as they coiled in on themselves on top of the surface before they sprawled out and lay flat.

It wasn't the only thing I noticed. I gazed at an old style ring that was on the index finger. The band was carved in gold. A miniature sword was carved out of gold, lying on top of the ring itself. It was beautiful, but scary at the same time. The ring had significance.

Swiftly, before I could notice the action, there was a loud grinding and cracking sound before the stone that the hand was laying on top, broke apart. A deep crack formed on the once smooth surface and then traveled swiftly, creating a long gaping gash upon the surface, which reminded me now of concrete. Then, in the whispering night, so quietly that I barely heard it…a laugh came from within the depths of the crack.

I reared up in the seat, blinking a few times as I sat still. I looked over to Jason to see that I had not woken him from his slumber. My heart raced in my chest and I brought my hand up to grasp my shirt, right above my heart. I had that dream once before, about a week after Bill had died. I thought it was nothing, I thought I was just overly exhausted from all that had happened. So why was I having the same dream once more?

I bit the inside of my cheek, relaxing in the chair again as I looked out the window. The sun was very low in the sky now. I sighed and stood, feeling oddly tense for the first time in a long time. Carefully, so I didn't wake up Jason, I slipped outside of the house and stood on the porch. I forgot my jacket and immediately the colder air began to nip at my skin, creating goosebumps. I didn't think about that, no, it was not on my mind in the slightest.

I leaned heavily against the banister, looking out into the darkening forest as I thought. I thought I saw something move, but I was pretty sure that it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. My mind didn't pick up any thoughts out there. The wind blew suddenly, a gust of wind before it became still. I sighed, closing my eyes to breathe deeply and let my heart rate steady for once.

As I thought, my brows furrowed. There was one thing that I hid from Eric, but it was only now that I realized it. I had never told him about my strange dream, the one I just had again. Did it have much significance? That I'm not sure of. Did I plan on telling Eric at some point? Yes, but just not tonight. Tonight needs to be my carefree time with everyone that I love. I sighed.

"I just hope that this isn't my last relaxing night." I whispered to myself, in hopes that if I said it, it would come true.

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