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Chapter two – Making love and bad news

"Ah!" I cried out.

Eric turned me around, making me lay flat on my stomach against the sheets as he thrust deeper. He heaved my legs up, spreading them further apart as he plunged in, slow—torturing slow. I gripped the sheets in my hands, my mouth falling to the mattress to keep my moans to a minimal, but it just wasn't working.

No matter how quiet I tried to be, I never succeeded. Eric could always make me scream as loud and hard as he wanted, and usually by the end of the night my throat was raw and sore, but it didn't matter. All that mattered to me was that he kept going, kept pushing deeper and harder inside of me. I would scream as loud as he wanted as long as he kept doing as I desired.

I felt his fangs graze the nape of my neck, dragging them across the skin and possibly giving me a small scratch as he did. I leaned back, giving him access to my neck—the place I knew he was aiming for. His lips attached first, leaving wet kisses along the trail of my jugular. His tongue flicked out, licking back and forth next to the artery that was beating so harshly that even I thought it might give out. It never did, but it always felt as if it would. He growled possessively, his arms coming underneath my body to wrap around my stomach. All the while, he never stopped moving, thrusting.

His fangs sunk into my neck at the same time he pulled me up, and against his chest. With my knees on the bed, running along his, he drank from me. His thrusts were at a more frantic pace now, sending me over the edge for the second time in this little encounter. I screamed, feeling myself burst against him at the same time I felt a dribble of blood flowing down my neck, chest, and lower.

I sighed happily, closing my eyes as I rode out the second longest orgasm I have had in quite some time.

Eric licked my neck, sealing the wounds before he switched position once more. I was now lying on my back, looking up at a very possessive and horny vampire that I loved so dearly. I was sweating profusely, my heart raced, and I was panting heavily.

"Don't even think I am done right now, my lover." He smirked, leaning down to capture my lips in his.

That's the thing that I love about him. He had a lot of stamina, but that was also sometimes a bad thing. He had not come yet, and I did twice. He was toying with me, very well, I might add. But that was hardly the point at the moment.

"We have guests…"

"I don't care if we do. I want to enjoy my wife."

"It's the first time we are seeing them all together again after such a long time, Eric."

"Again," He chuckled, leaning down to grab my left nipple in his mouth. He gave it a powerful suck before releasing and looking at me devilishly. Damn him—he can always make me forget about anything. He continued, "I don't care if we do."

"I care," I whispered.

He sighed. "Sookie…"

"Eric…" I repeated his tone, smirking myself now. I couldn't help it.

He ignored me after that, slowly bringing his lips to mine to taste. I could taste my own blood, but it wasn't bad. I enjoyed it in a somewhat morbid way. I closed my eyes as he trailed kisses down my chest, by my naval, and then lower.

His tongue flicked out against my clit, making me arch against the bed. I was sensitive at the moment, very sensitive since I just came twice. He was the biggest teaser I ever knew and he was all mine. I smirked, leaning back against the bed as he went down on me.

His right hand found my folds and spread, putting a finger at the entrance. He smirked up at me before bringing his mouth down on my clit and pushing his finger inside. Almost instantly he added another, and another, and a few more until I felt full. My hips bucked as he pushed in and out quicker, almost to a point that I couldn't take it. Almost to a point if I didn't know what I was feeling anymore – pleasure or pain, but it was never pain.

It was a thrill, it always had been. Eric was so powerful, and so very loving, even when he was just toying with me.

He brought his tongue down, pulling his fingers out. His tongue replaced his fingers, delving as far as he could with it. His mouth was fully against my womanhood, and he was going to town. God—he was enjoying this immensely. I heard a growl or two as he moved his mouth back and forth, his tongue pushing in, licking, and then pulling out. Rinse and repeat. He wouldn't stop, he wouldn't until he got everything he wanted, and what he wanted was all of me at this moment.

The buildup in my stomach was almost unbearable now, and I could no longer hold it in. I shook with tremors as I came, shaking almost violently as I spasmed against his mouth. I screamed as he pushed me back down on the bed with his hand, not allowing me to move as I came, and he didn't stop. He kept feasting until I came once more, right after the other. I was so wet. I could feel it slowly dripping down my bottom to collect on the bed.

My head shook back and forth fast, my hands grabbing the sheets until I was sure I would die from the pleasure alone.

"Please, please…" I begged.

"What do you want, lover. Tell me what you want and I shall give it to you."

"I want you in me, now!" I yelled.

The immense pleasure only made me want it more, no longer caring if we had guests. All that mattered was that I kept feeling this way. It was primal instinct at its finest. I was an animal, just as much as he is now. Oh, I totally was.

My hands came up to his neck and I flipped us with ease. Since my powers had shown themselves, since I've gotten more powerful, it also brought a bit of strength. Of course, it would never match his strength, but at the moment, he was more than willing to comply with my wishes.

I hovered over his member, my body as hot as fire, and dripping with my own arousal and already spilled juices. I plunged down, feeling him fill be to the brim. I cried out, whimpered as that part of me also began to feel very sensitive now. My inside walls clenched tightly around him, and I finally heard what I was desperately hoping for, what I had been aiming for.

Eric moaned…loudly.

I grinded against him, rolling my hips back and forth. My hands fell to his chest, digging my nails in and creating a thin trail of blood in which I leaned down and licked. He smirked, twirling one of my long blond strands in his fingers as he watched me ride him so wildly. Fast and hard, I pulled up only to fall back down in the same manner. I wouldn't stop, not until he came with me. I wouldn't give in until he did.

That took quite a while, and I truthfully don't even know how long it took. We ended up on our sides, him behind me with his right arm around my waist, guiding himself inside of me. It was slick, only making him more capable of going faster. He pounded in me now, reaching up to grab my nipple and fingered it, pulling it. I leaned back, attaching my lips to his.

He was close now, his emotions told me so. I grinned before biting my lip. He came wildly, and I felt him fill me and feel it start to run out, mixing with my own juices on the bed, which I knew I would have to clean the newly bought sheets later.

I smiled as he relaxed against the bed. I got an idea then and I grinned more devilishly.

"Don't think even think that I am done right now, my lover." I spoke his own words, hearing him chuckle against me.

I fell down to my knees and bend over his still hard member. I brought my mouth to it and kissed gently, making him groan. Carefully and with purpose, I brought my tongue out and licked casually. After a few flicks, I brought my hand down and began to pump his member before I took him fully into my mouth.

"Sookie…" He groaned.

I was never really good with this part of our sexual relationship. It wasn't like I did this every time we had sex, but tonight was somehow different. If he could tease me, then I could sure as hell tease him back.

My tongue swirled his shaft before I cocked my head to the left and sucked on the side. I bit gently, feeling his leg twitched. I pulled away to chuckle before I went back at him. I pulled him in my mouth as far as I could, using my hand to stroke the part I couldn't swallow. I corkscrewed my hand in rhythm with my head bobbing.

Eric's hands found their way to my hair and he pushed me down a little bit further. I groaned in slight protest before he loosened up. He gripped my hair tightly in his grasp as I sucked powerfully and before I knew what happened, he tugged on my hair, until my head was up and away from his penis, and arched slightly in a deformed way. I breathed heavily as his hand only tightened in my hair. My hand that was on his member didn't stop stroking him as he continued on his mission.

He shifted, bringing his mouth against my own, and plunging his tongue in. I pumped his member harder, faster. Our tongues began to battle, fighting for dominance—dominance that he would always win. Our teeth clashed together and I felt his fangs were down once more. He didn't mean to, but his fangs grazed against my bottom lip, drawing a thin layer of blood. He didn't ignore that and began to nurse my lip back to health and also to get one more taste of my blood that sent him wild…every time.

He groaned, dropping my hair only to pull me closer to him. Somehow we ended up in the sixty-nine position. Yes, our sexual life had gotten a lot more…crazy. I was never one to be so kinky in bed, but with Eric that all changed. He introduced me to quite a few different things, quite a few different ways to make love, and truthfully, I enjoyed them…probably more than I rightfully should.

He ran his tongue against my folds, making my legs tremble. I had to shift on the bed to keep balanced as I brought his member to my mouth again. I went down as far as I could; sucking powerfully as his tongue plunged deeper inside of me. I groaned with him in my mouth, and he shivered below me. I felt his muscles in his stomach tighten. He liked how that felt, didn't he?

I growled again, harder as I pushed further down, then up, and swirling the tip of his penis. While I did this, he pushed my legs further apart until I was almost sitting on his face, but he wanted me more open. He wanted to be able to ravish me until the point I burst on him. I whimpered as his tongue licked from my clit to my opening, wiggling his tongue there. My whole body trembled, but it only made me move faster.

He bucked up, as I pushed my mouth down. His hands fell to my butt, kneading them in his hands, rotating them and opening me even further. I tightened my lips all around his member, feeling every ridge he had to offer. He groaned, hissed, as my teeth gently grazed up and down on his shaft.

He came first this time, and I grinned in victory. He shuttered as his seed filled my mouth. I shut my eyes tight as I followed him. I felt him lapping at my juices greedily. I swallowed and got ready to turn.

His eyes held another battle, one that he wanted me to lose. He didn't want to come first…ever. He always wanted to finish after I would, or together. But before either of us could conquer, the door flew open.

Eric threw me behind him at incredibly fast speed, throwing the blanket over top of me. I gasped, covering myself as much as I could. He knew I still liked my modesty and quite honestly, he didn't want anyone to see me naked anymore.

"Seriously, when the hell were you two going to finish with your fucking sex fiasco?" Pam's voice entered my ears and I peered around Eric's bicep.

I blushed, hiding my face and grinned.

"I was enjoying my wife." Eric shrugged standing up.

He was not embarrassed by anyone seeing him naked, and if it was anyone other than Pam, I might have been pissed off at how easily Eric could walk around in front of everyone, showing off exactly what God had given him. And God—boy was he generous with my husband!

Pam and Eric didn't find each other attractive anymore. I knew they had a past, how they were together at one point, but that changed. Pam likes women more than men, besides, I loved Pam. I could trust her with my life.

"I'm sure Sookie is great in bed," Pam allowed, "But the guests are finally all here and they would like to at least see you both tonight."

"Did you and Amelia get set up in your rooms?" I changed the subject, slapping Eric's arm to grab me something to put on. I needed a shower before I went down there.

Pam snorted. "I did. But Amelia is taking her sweet old time fixing up her room. Besides, she has Tray over."

Tray, the Were that had a thing for Amelia when we went to Rhodes. We finally found him after everything had happened. He was alive, doing well, and apparently him and Amelia were friends; for a better word. I don't think either of them would come out and say they are seeing each other because, well, Amelia was a Vampire now and Tray was a Were. Somewhere, in all the craziness of bitterness between Vampires and Werewolves in the past, that was kind of a no-no in the supernatural world.

Plus, Amelia liked to fool around. She never kept one person for more than a few weeks at best. If she was fooling around with Tray between the sheets, I was sure it wouldn't last for very long.

Pam seemed jealous of that fact. That Tray had been hanging out with Amelia for about a month now. She hated Tray when he was showing affection toward the human Amelia, now that Amelia was a vampire and Pam's child, well, there was quite a bit of protectiveness and possessive feelings there. I could understand. Amelia and Pam weren't totally over each other, I could tell, but at the same time…they didn't want to be together. It was too hard on them, too hard on their relationship at the moment. I hoped that would change after the one year mark.

Eric came over with a robe and I threw it on under the sheets. Tying the belt, I stood and ruffled my hair.

"You know much this room reeks, right?" Pam raised a delicate eyebrow, her hands on her hips. "I could smell sex through the whole area."

"Not like you haven't smelt it before." Eric shook his head, rolling his eyes at his child.

I shuffled on my feet, slowly edging toward the bathroom. I looked at Eric pointing in the direction. He nodded, totally unfazed at the idea that he would smell of sex when we went down and everyone would be able to notice. Well, I liked to be a bit more discreet.

I took a shower quickly, scrubbing my body and hair. I spent some extra time on some parts of my body before I hopped out. Grabbing the towel I made my way to the sink and looked around. Eric had laid out a pair of clothes for me and I smiled softly. He always took such good care of me.

After putting on the clothes, I stepped out. Eric was leaning up against the wall with his arms folded over his chest. He smirked, grabbing me in his arms. He kissed my neck, right where the nearly faded bite marks were.

"I think that was a wonderful way to break in the new room," He murmured against my cheek before placing a soft kiss on my lips. "Don't you think?"

"Yes," I giggled. "You wild animal, you."

"Look who is talking about being wild. You sure put on a show tonight for me. I enjoyed it." He winked. "Since we were interrupted, we should head downstairs now."

I stopped him, tugging on his hand as he went for the door. I thought about earlier, the dream that I was going to tell him as soon as he made it in our new home this evening, but that had been trampled when he picked me up and rushed passed Jason only to take me to our new bedroom where we made sweet, sweet love, multiple times.

That clouded my judgment, clouded everything away until I nearly forgot about it. Until now—when I returned to my senses. I bit my lip.

"I have to tell you something, Eric." I whispered.

"What is it, lover?" His brows fell in confusion.

"I had a dream. Once before and now again, before you made it here. I fell asleep on the recliner downstairs to take a nap, while Jason did." I paused. "It was a repeating dream, Eric."

"You think it was more than a dream? A premonition, perhaps?" He questioned.

"I'm not sure about all that, but…it was weird. It sort of made me nervous."

"Tell me about this dream of yours." He said, pulling me over to the bed. "Our guests can wait a few more minutes, if you think this is important."

And I did; getting straight to the point. "I couldn't see anyone, but I saw a hand. It was close up in my face, that's was what it reminded me of. There was a ring on the hand…a sword on top and it was made out of gold. The hand laid out on something, like rock, or concrete, or cement…" I paused, trying to remember. "It broke into the concrete and…I think I heard a laugh from within the depths."

Eric hadn't said anything and that had me worried. He looked away from me, so I couldn't be sure of what he was thinking. I couldn't hear his thoughts, he was blocking me.

"Do you know…where this happened? Where the location was in this…dream?"

"No." I shook my head. "I don't know that."

"I see…" He trailed off and sighed. "Let's go, shall we?"

"That's it?" I said as we stood. "That's all you're going to say about it?"

"That is all I can say about it at the moment, Sookie." He cupped my cheek, leaning down to kiss my forehead.

It was quiet for a moment and my brows furrowed as I leaned my head against his chest. I felt around in his emotions, noticing that it was rather difficult to place just one specific emotion. My eyes turned up, my head fell slightly back so I could look at him.

"You're hiding something from me…" I whispered; hating how much conviction was laced in my words.

"Not hiding something from you," He denied. "Trying to figure out what it means."

"So you believe it's more than a dream?"

"Yes." He said swiftly and wouldn't hear any more of what I had to say.

He turned on his heels and began down the hallway. I trailed after him, feeling…fear for what he wasn't saying. It was the first time in quite a few weeks where I felt hatred for what he couldn't tell me, what the Ancient Pythoness had told him. Was this linked in a way? I wasn't sure, but…I was surely going to find out.

I put on a smile, hiding my own emotions from my family as I made my way down the stairs. I waved and when I hit the bottom step, I was greeted by quite a few of my friends.

Niall, Claudine, Isabel, Barry, Jason, Jessica, Amelia, Godric, and Tray were all smiling. I ran to Isabel, since it had been forever and a day since I've seen them last. I gripped her tight, pulling Barry into the hug as well. Isabel giggled, patting my back.

"It is so good to see you again, Sookie." Isabel whispered, kissing my cheek.

"I see you brought your guards." I pointed out the window, seeing them dressed in all black.

She rolled her eyes. "I have to take them everywhere. It gets rather old after a while, and trust me, I know old."

I laughed, patting her shoulder as I moved off down the line. I went to Godric next and hugged him tightly. He had taken a trip around the world, since the things happened. He wanted to see the world after he was able to walk in the sunlight again. I was happy for him, so very happy for him. He put his hand under my chin, and smiled at me. I hugged him quickly. We didn't need words to express how much I knew he missed Eric and I. The same went for him as well.

Next was Amelia who standing next to Claudine, chatting away. I paused, raising an eyebrow.

"Sure it's safe being so close to the baby vampire?" I winked at Amelia who rolled her eyes.

"Yes," Claudine nodded. "I've learned how to hide my scent. Besides, I absolutely trust Amelia."

"I couldn't hurt her, even if I wanted to." Amelia chuckled.

"Congrats, Claudine! That is awesome!" I grinned.

I hugged them both, before moving down to Jessica who I kissed on the cheek. She smiled, patting my back as I moved. I finally reached my Great-grandfather who was smiling so brightly in my direction. He held out his arms for me and I hugged him tightly.

"I've missed you, Niall." I whispered.

"As I you, Sookie. How have you been?"

"Better." I swallowed, looking at Eric who was talking to Tray. Eric's brows were furrowed and Tray pulled his cellphone from his pocket. My brows rose in confusion, but I turned back to Niall and put on a smile. "How have you been?"

"Busy." He chuckled. "Some of my fairies were able to breed, so we've been watching over the development of the pregnancies."

"That's wonderful news." I gushed. "I'm so glad for them and you."

"Me too." He agreed with a happy nod.

After that, everything went back to normal. We all sat in the living room, and told stories of how everything had been going since we departed from one another. Jason; who wasn't as close to these people were surprised at how much they accomplished in what seemed like such a short time to him. He was taking all of this with stride as he held onto Jessica's hand, kissing her on the cheek every now and again. If she could blush, I knew she would be scarlet by now.

It all seemed to be going great, until the front door burst open. I stood up quickly as Eric did, and I followed him out. Everyone followed us after that. I looked into Alcide's frantic eyes and I knew that trouble was so brewing somewhere, somehow. I could have groaned in frustration. Was it ever going to end? No, probably not.

"Eric," Alcide started, nodding to everyone.

"Spit it out, Alcide." Eric growled.

"That….thing you wanted me to check. I went over to the building, since it was on my way and…well," He gulped. "It was broken open. And…he is gone."

"'He' is gone?" I asked, stepping forward. I looked at Eric with anger boiling under my surface. He was definitely keeping something from me, but not anymore. "What is he talking about, Eric?"

Eric looked away, his fists curling up into tight balls. "We had put him into cement, in hopes that he would…suffer for as long as possible. But, it wasn't long enough, clearly." He growled deeply in his chest.

Flashes of Eric covered in cement came back to me, and I shook my head in confusion once more. "Who is 'he'? I asked again.

"Russell Edgington," Eric spoke. "Russell Edgington escaped his prison."

My heart literally stopped.