Author's Notes: This story got pretty popular on the Young Justice Anon Meme, so I decided to post it here too. It's also to show people I'm still alive and posting. XD

Set before the episode "Bereft", since Superboy's pet metal ball isn't around.

Conner Has Two Daddies (and a Robot Nanny)

Chapter 1

'The Super Family Drama' was well known within the League. Everyone knew about Superman's clone and about how dismissive Superman was towards said clone. Most tried to be understanding; the kid had appeared out of nowhere, he'd been created to replace Superman, there was much to be suspicious of. But many also sympathized with Superboy; he was just a lost kid with no family and he hadn't harmed anyone yet. Simply put, the drama was beginning to wear people out.

It was very disappointing to see Superman acting so callous towards anyone and Ted was reminded of his own indifferent father, and couldn't help but sympathise with Superboy's plight. Again he couldn't help wishing there was something he could do, and again he considered what he could do. And he wondered if it was wise, if it was even possible. Especially since the matter should be brought up with Booster as well.

In the end Ted was spared having to breach the subject with Booster, because while Ted steamed inside over the situation, Booster preferred to steam out in the open.

"Seriously, that kid would be better off with just about anyone else," Booster raved when the two were back at their apartment. "Even I could do a better job raising a kid. I doubt Supes would even miss him if I did take him."

Ted hesitated only for a moment. "Then why don't we adopt him?" He watched as Booster froze in mid-rant and wondered if he perhaps had been too hasty. Booster was impulsive. He may not have been serious at all.

Finally Booster's mouth started to work again. The blond looked at Ted in wonder as he asked a simple question: "Could we really?"

Yes, Ted decided, it had been the right choice. And maybe they really could.