SUMMARY: Dr Edward Cullen had everything a guy can only wish for. Perfect Parents, Great friends, Residency at the most prestigious Hospital in Chicago, Beautiful girls, Perfect Car, in short a Perfect life until the DAMM BABY came…ExB..Enjoy!

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(AU; Cannon Pairings; All Human; Rated M)



I woke up with a killer headache and loud..I mean really loud screaming, crying noise of a….baby?

"What the f**k?"

"Bro!Does your neighbor's little spawn has to wake up so early" Emmett asked, covering his ears under the pillow.

Neighbour's little

Wait a minute! My neighbor doesn't have a baby. There are three blonde bitches living together. One of the reason..I liked this place….

The Noise was getting louder…

Bloody Hell!I got of slowly as the room was spinning or was that my head!

As I came closer to the door, the crying sound was becoming louder and clear.

I opened the door and founded a basket lying there. And there was the source from where the hell of a crying baby was coming from…a baby..on a closer look…it was..a baby with a note

Out of nowhere…My father' words started replaying in my head:

'I know what you are doing Edward. But remember, if a lady comes to our door with your baby. I will take her in and throw you out on the road with nothing…absolutely nothing!So, you better change your ways now..rather than regretting it later on.'

I slowly picked it up…not the crying baby…the note!

"Hi there!My name is Zoey, I am 40 days old. If you want to change my name, you surely can. I am going to live with you as my mother has left me here because she was incapable of being a mother. Here is all the things I am going to need for a while. Please take good care of me.

Love you Daddy

Your Daughter,


Daughter…. Daughter….

NO! NO..No..No..No…No….

I am!

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