Chapter 15: GO WITH THE FLOW

I woke up with the booming voice across the hall.

Zoey was still blissfully sleeping in her crib.

I went to the hall and peeked from the door, I saw the big Bully Emmett there chatting with Edward about some chick.

"You should meet her man. She is dying to meet you!"Emmett exclaimed.

I saw red. I knew Emmett was behind that whole B'eye rolled' drama. But I am sure as hell not letting any C D E F in Edward's life ever..ever again.

"I don't think that's a good idea"To my surprise Edward said.

His voice not at all interested in what so ever girl the big bully was talking about.

"Why Not?Are you thinking of celibating again ..Eddie Boy"

"Em..Don't call me that""And no..I am not Celibating"

"So is it that girl.. .'B' right?""I knew she is going to be great in sack and right now.. from the look on your face..indeed she is." "Man! If I didn't had Rosie in my life..I would have jumped her too"

"No Em!I didn't had sex with B"

"You didn't!""And Why is that?""I though last Saturday..when you went to her place…"he trailed off.

I am not sure I want to listen anymore or not.

"I don't know…We started good…She was ready..naked, open for me, spread wide-across in her bed…But it just didn't felt right."

"What?Dude! Are you telling got a chick worked up and then left her hanging.."he chuckled.

"Yeah…I couldn't even get hard for her"

"What?" "Should have known…You are too pretty to like girls"

"What?Fuck No!""Em..I am not gay!" Edward screeched

I know..I can even attest to a eye witness. The past twenty four hours were proof of it.

"What?then what is your problem!""You haven't had sex for what?… 4 months now?"

Oh No!that is so..not true.

Edward started looking around and then his eyes fell on me.


His eyes widened.

Emmett followed his eyes and then he looked mortified.

"H-i..Hi..Bells..uff..Sorry…I mean Bella""Err..Eddie..I think we should get going..let's go clubbing" "Get you out of your problem."He winked at my man.

He fucking winked.

"Mm…you go ..I will meet you at 9 at club Nirvana?"

"kay"" Bye" The big bully muttered and practically ran towards the door.

Scared Coward.

After he was gone. I noticed Edward was still trembling and was looking everywhere beside me.

I narrowed my eyes on him and asked quietly.

"Are you going?"

"What?Where?" He seemed surprised, as if nothing had happened.

"Are you going to that cheap club to meet another whore?" I asked loud and clear this time.

" heard that!Its nothing like that" He tried to explain, while I was boiling from inside.

"Yeah?So what is it?You want me to be your permanent whore while you fuck others outside?"

His nostrils flared.

Gone was the nervous Edward.

He said through his clenched teeth "Is that What you think?huh?Don't you have a little bit trust on me?""Am I no more aloud to hang out even with my bestfriend anymore?"

"Hang out?Really?""You gotta be kidding me?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"Why?" he asked with a raised eyebrow and a sexy glare.

Focus Bella!

"The just called your 'best friend' doesn't even know that the Zoey is really yours!That you are fucking her mother…the mother of your child!" "That you have responsibilities..instead of chasing anything with skirts!" "That…."

He cut me off…"I wasn't going to sleep with somebody else" I looked up in his eyes…

There were so much sadness there. I suddenly wanted to hug him so tight…..

But I knew..I have to do it..get it through..without getting distracted. I can't do this to my myself. I refused to be his inhouse whore. I wanted more..I needed more….

"Till when?" I asked in a small whisper…closing my eyes.

"What?"He asked confused

"Till when you are not going to sleep with somebody else?Uptill when you are thinking of sleeping with me…in secret"

"What are you talking about?" He asked playing dumb

My temper flamed.."I. am. Asking. You. Till. When. You. Are. Planning. To. Keep. Me. And. Our. Baby. As. your dirty. Little. Secret. From. Your. Friends. And. Family.?

Although his family knew about me and Zoey because of his little games. They didn't knew that I am no slut. Zoey is their blood and flesh. Their granddaughter.

"I don't know" He shrugged. I couldn't control my rising temper now..

Who is this guy again?

I opened my mouth to shout at him but ..he cut me off…sighing and continued…in almost a whisper

"I don't know..what's going on..anymore" then he looked at me..then in the direction of our bedroom where Zoey was peacefully sleeping..then back to me. "But I know..that you two are my family now..not my 'dirty secret'" He said determined. "I know I have made millions of mistakes in the past..but I am not going to repeat any…consciously."He breathed out a gush of air again, opening his eyes to met mine.

He took his hand out toward me.

My feet started moving toward him in its own record. Then he took my hand in his and said looking directly in my eyes,"I don't know..what is this" interwining our hands."I don't know what are we?what are your feelings about this? Hell! I didn't even know..what I feel about this?"

I could feel my eyes welled up. Probably he doesn't even have any feelings for me.

"But I know one thing for sure" The flash of previous determination back to his sparkling emerald green eyes."I am not just fucking you!""You are not a whore""I don't ever ..want to hear your name and 'whore' in one sentence""I know..probably ..I haven't treated you right""But you are important..and you deserve respect and lo….and care" "I am not yet ready to name it..but I know neither are you!"

It didn't go unnoticed from me that he was going to say love..but quickly changed it.

But he was right..I was also confused. I also didn't know what we actually were! I knew I want to keep him. But can I call it love?No..not yet. Lust? may be but a part ..not the whole!

There were some feelings too..but I just didn't know what they were. I sure as hell was possessive of him. And was ready to kill any bitch who dares to even touch him…but rather than that I just can't stop him from meeting other people. I can't be that paranoid and scare him away.

He is important to me too. But how can I make sure he doesn't land into another bitch's lap without having some claim on him?

Was I ready to name us..yet?


"So..What should we do?" I asked defeated.

"hmmm….""I suggests…"he said hesitantly."Let's just go with the flow…take it as it comes"

That means..nothing changes?

Like reading my mind..he asked "Let's go steady?"

That brought a smile to my face "okay" I whisper "But…"I trailed of…

"I know! And trust me…you and Zoey are not my dirty secret. I was thinking of telling the truth to my parents these Christmas."

"Really?" That was a surprise…a pleasant one.

"Yeah" "I am quite sure..infact they already know. The way they were acting…."But..But…as far as Em and my other acquaintances are considered, I am thinking of prolonging it to a little more …" Seeing my uncertainty, he pulled me to the length of his body and whispered in my ears "I wanna keep you for myself..for a while."" Just you, me and our baby" His cool breath across my cheeks and ears made me shudder.

Chucking…he started nibbling on my earlobe.

The wetness started pooling in my nether region.

All rational thought went out of the window.

Author's Note:

So, Do you think..they are going in right direction?

Is it wrong of Edward to seduce Bella, so that she couldn't ask more about keeping her from Em and his other acquaintance?

As Edward is not planning any more 'skirt chasing'…What can be the actual reason?

I will love to hear from you all.