"Doitsu! Doitsu! Over here!" a little boy with golden eyes was shouting in front of the airport's door, holding a piece of paper with the words 'Germany Ludwig' written on it with a black marker.

He was waiting for his friend to come out from the big door with on top the word 'Arrivals', and when he saw the tall blonde man coming with a green military trolley, he couldn't stop calling him.

"Oh! There you are Feliciano!" the tall man went to the boy and hugged him.

The little boy blushed and smiled. "I'm so happy that you got a week off work to come for Easter! Kiku couldn't come, he told me had a few problems due to the tsunami and earthquake. I'm so sad for him, but I tried to send him some help and a Easter egg! I invited Arthur, Alfred, Francis nii-chan, Gilbert with Gilbird, Russia, Austria, etc..." Feliciano had invited all of the nations and was continuing to explain at his friend that it would be the best Easter he ever had.

"You're the first to arrive! And for being the first you will sleep at my house! Ludwig aren't you happy?"

Ludwig blushed and looked at the little blue 'Cinquecento' in the car park that Feliciano rented for him. His pale coloured face was now pink and a bit red.

"Ludwig, are you okay? Are you sick? Or are you tired?" the little Italian boy had turned around to see his ally's face become red.

"Oh! I'm okay Feliciano, maybe a bit tired. I have to thank you for the car." The German turned pale and took the keys from the boy's hand and opened the car. He sat on the leather seat and turned to Feliciano.

"Are you not coming in?"

The boy was looking at Ludwig and didn't move. He wanted to move but his feet wouldn't go: it was like someone had put glue under his shoes and now he couldn't move.

"Feliciano," Ludwig was looking at the boy's little feet that weren't moving, "you have to show me the road to your house before night comes."

"I can't move. My feet don't move." the little boy was now crying.

"Feliciano, don't cry. I'll put you in the car." Ludwig's voice was calm. He got out of the car and took Feliciano on his back. He opened the other side of the car and left the golden eyed boy on the seat.

"Thank you, Doitsu! I don't know what happened: my feet wouldn't move!" and he started to cry again.

"Shh! Don't cry, you'll only make me sad." his voice was hot, and Feliciano could feel the softness of his friends hands, while he was trying to clear the sign of the tears on his cheeks.

Ludwig sat again on his seat and closed the car, he turned on the motor and started to sing a song while he got out from the car park.

Feliciano explained at Ludwig the road and all the turns and the roundabouts. The German told the little guy to go to sleep because it would be a long journey and the boy closed his eyes.

"Thanks, Doitsu! You are really a good friend and you're really special to me. Please, never leave me and I'll never leave you. You're my best friend."

Ludwig turned to Feliciano and looked at his little friend asleep: he started to cry. He didn't know why but they weren't tears of sadness, they were of joy.