"You're telling me that Feliciano is what?" Lukas was shocked.

"He told me. He shouted it and then ran away." Romulus said.

"And why are you supposing that he is the father?" Lukas asked this time.

"I saw them in the same bed and Feliciano was smiling." Replied Romulus.

"And you think he's the father just because they're sleeping in the same bed?" asked again Lukas sarcastically.

"Remember of who we're talking, Lukas."

"Are you serious? You know France killed him."

"In fact, he killed him." Another voice was heard "And now leave him alone."

"Gilbert, long time no see." Said Lukas while Gilbert sat on a chair.

"Lukas, Romulus. Holy Roman Empire no longer exists, bruder is a new nation and I did all I could do to let him forget his past life. So now please leave him alone and let them be a family, something that the two wanted together from a long time but didn't knew who they were for do it." Gilbert replied.

"You know he'll have to learn the truth one of these days, 'cause Feliciano is still waiting for him." Romulus said "And if you don't remember, he cried for a long time and there's still that drawing upstairs, of the two of them. He'll remember and then there'll be pain, physical and emotional."

There was a moment of silence and then there were heard the sounds of someone puking.

Ludwig woke by the sounds of someone puking. It was still dark and the clock signed 04:34. He then remembered what happened the day before. He got up and went to the bathroom beside Feliciano's bedroom.

Feliciano sat on the floor, eyes closed.

"Feliciano, are you okay?"

"Not really, but I'm okay now." He said getting up.

"Are you going back to bed?" Ludwig asked.

"I'm actually hungry." Feliciano responded patting his belly and chuckling.

Ludwig blushed "So do you want to go downstairs?"

"If you want to, I will." Said Feliciano plopping down on his bed.

Ludwig was still blushing. He sat on the bed beside Feliciano and just stared at the floor.

After a few minutes he was still there, staring at the same spot on the floor, until Feliciano leaned on his shoulder and started to talk.

"Ludwig, you know that I'm sorry if I didn't want to talk to you in the last weeks, I was just shocked and I didn't know how you would react knowing I was pregnant. I thought I was a freak when I did the test, because I didn't know about other males that got pregnant. Before I did the test we were starting to date, I was really happy about it, but after the test I got more and more frightened and I didn't know what to do, so I went to Antonio's house, where fratello was staying. And there I met your brother, and after the little accident, he helped me out a bit. But now I don't know what to do, everything happened so fast, and now there's grandpa and I really don't know what to do..." Feliciano said silently.

Ludwig didn't know what to do in this moment, so he just hugged the Italian with the arm he was leaning on.

They just stayed like that for a while until Feliciano spoke again.

"Ludwig, are you happy that you're going to be a father? And it's my kid too?"

Those words hit the German, that started to think about different things.

How many times did he find the sound of children laughing annoying but at the same time cheerful?

How many times did he look at young couples at the park with their kids with a bit of jealousy?

How many times did he think about having a family with Feliciano?

He then kissed Feliciano's cheek and answered smiling "You can't imagine how much."

Meanwhile, downstairs the air was as cold and thick as ice.

Gilbert glared at Lukas and Lukas glared at Gilbert. The only one who wasn't glaring was Romulus, who was looking at his old friend with a strange emotion gathering in his heart, but trying to not let it see at the two old nations.

It seemed that the situation would remain like that, since neither the Prussian or the German were trying to speak to each other.

A laugh and a giggle were heard as someone was approaching the kitchen. Fortunately they continued on the corridor not checking in the room where the awkward trio was, going straight to the kitchen.

The two said people entered the kitchen and turned on the light.

The younger one was in the eldest's arms, snuggling while the older kissed him passionately.

As they parted panting, the younger was left on the floor by his lover, with a moan of disappointment escaping his lips.

"Shh... I know, mi querido. But as you said and told me to promise before, no sex before our special day. So I'm sorry if I aroused you so much." he pecked the cheeks of his younger lover "But I promise that when you want I'll be there." He smiled caressing the other's now flushed cheeks.

"Damn it you and your teasing." He pouted sitting on the table.

"Lovi, if you don't want it, I won't. Is up to you."

Lovino got up from the table and went to the fridge, getting some milk and chocolate and left them on the table, while Antonio was making some brioches.

As soon as he finished to control the pastries that were in the oven, said Spaniard walked to Lovino, who was sitting again on the table and was staring blankly at a spot on the wall, and kissed him on the lips.

Lovino jumped a little, but then relaxed and kissed back.

Antonio's heart skipped a beat and he continued kissing the Italian.

Said Italian intertwined his fingers behind the Spaniards head, a little shiny ring sparkling from his left hand.

Neither of the two lovers noticed that they were watched by another couple.

The older of said couple coughed, looking at the oven.

The other two jumped off from the table, a visible blush appearing on their faces.

"Hi fratello, are you up early like me?" Feliciano went to the fridge, opening it and searching for food.

The other Italian remained silent, hands behind his back, looking at the floor still blushing, while the Spaniard was taking out of the oven their breakfast, fortunately not burned.

As Feliciano turned around with pickles, ketchup and onions, he noticed the ring on his brother's hand.

"Lovi! Is that an engagement ring? Oh my God! I'm so happy for you and Antonio!" he jumped on his brother, before he could say anything.

"Damn it Feli! Would you shut up and stop jumping on me!" the flushed Italian said as the others laughed.