It was at the second day after the little girl's birth that her parents finally managed to settle on a name. Before that it had just been Babygirl B Taylor. She would have Stella's full last name as well, but it would be too long to fill out on the little sheet the nurses came with to say her name.

After long debate they ended up calling her Claire Mackenzie Bonasera Taylor. Claire would be after Mac's first wife for the impact she had on him, but also because they liked it. Mackenzie would on the other hand be after her father as the female version of his name.

She would grow up to be a curious little girl with dark brown hair like her father, curled at the ends like her mother and her mother's grey green eyes. She would be with them at the lab for her first years as neither wished to hire a nanny, and besides everyone loved having her around.

Her sweet giggles could be heard high and low as she was always happy. There very seldom was a tear to see unless she of course hurt herself.

Everyone including her parents would end up calling her little Mac, which stuck by even in school, and also later in time joined the police force. The of course didn't know she would do that when she was young, but they later on supported her choice.

When she was old enough she would ask them how she became. Her mother was sitting curled up in her father's arms watching TV. The had gotten married six months after her birth and would live together in Mac's apartment until the end of their days, working side by side as always.

However when their young girl asked how she had become, her mother simply said, "You were made by a dash of love, a teaspoon of luck, and a glass of magic."

The little girl looked at them confused as Mac added, "What your ma means to say that you were made because we were so much in love and we wanted to make something to carry on that love forever. That is how you became."

She thought for a second, then nodded and ran back upstairs to play with some police cars her uncle Flack had given her for her birthday. Her parents would much more he given her a doll or a bear, but the young girl seemed to love them so they didn't mind. They should have known already then what she would grow up to be.

Little Claire Mackenzie never again asked about how she became after that, she seemed satisfied with her answer. The only ones that that would know the real truth was her parents and their friends, that was that she was born due to a little love, a little coincidence, but mostly a drunken mistake and a broken condom.

That however never changed the fact that she was the best thing ever happening to them and that they loved her endlessly. The only thing they perhaps loved more was each other.

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