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Pure Crack - Prologue

The room was a plain, cluttered looking office. Papers and files overflowed from various surfaces, some just piled up on the floor. One side of the room was taken up by a large bookcase which looked stuffed to bursting with various scientific manuals and handwritten works. The walls were a dirty beige colour and the wooden floor was scuffed from hours of pacing up and down in clock on the wall ticked slowly as the seconds trickled past. The calender - which hadn't been changed in 5 days now - read the 13th February. It was a rather large room, and in the center of the room was a desk. Like the many tables and drawers, this desk was covered in documents and files, and it was at this desk, a man sat.

Hojo scanned the documents spread out before him, teeth gritted. The files before him contained all the data he had collected regarding the four subjects who at that very moment were below him in their cells. He had had them seperated after they had once again refused to do as he wanted. He just didn't understand. All of his research said that it should have worked. But no, they refused, just to spite them. That had been almost two weeks ago now, Hojo hoped that by isolating them for so long, they might react properly when he reintroduced them. Like he wanted them to. However he had little faith in this idea. They had tried it several times already over the last couple of years.

February 18th...February 18th...it was the perfect time. So why wasn't it working. Tossing the files aside, Hojo whirled around, standing from his desk and taking a few steps. What was he doing wrong. He had had high hopes for this project, had spent years trying the get the funding, planning this out, preparing the specimins. All that he could learn from this, and they just couldn't cooperate. It was infuriating.

He had tried everything...reducing their food, increasing their food...forcing them appart, allowing them to spend longer together. Changing their enviroments from the cells and compartments to a simulator of what would have been their 'natural habitats'. Nothing... Zilch.

Despite everything he tried, they always fought back, whenever it seemed one of them might be interested, and Hojo began to hope for success, the others never were. What he needed...

What he needed...

What he needed was someone smaller...weaker.

Someone who could and would carry sucessfully for the four subjects he already had.

But where could he get another...

Hojo had a thought. He hadn't spoken to his cousin in years. The last he had known she was living down in Nibelheim with that son of hers. What was his name. Rain? It was something ridiculous like that. Cloud? Yes, that was it. Cloud. The boy would be...what...15 by now. He would be perfect for this.

Yes, he would send for cloud immediatly and his experiment would finally begin.


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