20 meters of solid concrete above the five, a hand full scientists sat monitoring the happenings in the room. Hojo had moved on to some other experiment, because God forbid that man only focus on only one thing, even if this was his biggest project at the moment. There weren't a huge number of scientists currently working on the project. Hojo didn't want his research all over the place of course, and more workers meant a larger change of something being leaked. As a result of this, most of the scientists working under the good doctor knew each other on a first name basis, though a high level of professionalism was kept in place when in the presence of the doctor.

There were three scientist currently sat in the observation room. They had been on their shift for over three hours now observing the subjects through the monitors. The trio - two men and a woman - had quickly began to lose interest in what they were watching. They kept note of course, anything that needed to be recorded was recorded. They didn't want to anger the good doctor after all. He had enough experiments as it is without offering him a new test subject.

"Any idea what their saying?" The blonde asked his two companions.

"It's all gibberish to seem to be talking like it's English though. Like they don't even realize that it's a new language. It's like they've been speaking it since birth, which they haven't."

She had been working on this project since it had began, and she knew that before the change had began to affect them, each subject had not known any language but the one given to them by their mothers. Well, Rhapsodos knew Wutain. But that was a given what with his thespian attitude. Everybody knew that Wutai celebrated art far further than those closer to home. It was not surprising that he was skilled in the language.

Currently only two of the subjects were awake. The silver haired general himself and Rhapsodos. The two were conversing in low voices about who knows what. Probably the small blonde that had been tossed into the firing line four hours previously if the short glances they were making his way had been any indication.

He still hadn't woken up, but that was entirely expected. The general had slept for a day when he underwent the transformation.

The buzz of the intercom blazed through the crowded room. Hojo's voice was nasally and unpleasant, even when blurred by the machine.

"Put them under."


There was the noise of clanking metal when Cloud stirred, and the slight scent of burning. Cloud took in a deep breath, and choked on the gas that he breathed in. This wasn't right. He couldn't help but panic. He couldn't breath. No, he could breath, but he wasn't breathing in oxygen. The think air clogged his lunges.

He buried his face in the back of the figure besides him. A beta, not a dom. At this moment in time, Cloud didn't really care. What was going on?

There were growls all around him, and he could feel the beta vibrating with his growls. There was movement around him and he was pulled into a sitting position by the beta. He could hear gunfire.

He froze up. He couldn't feel his body anymore. All he could do was clutch at the man in front of him. Now that his face was uncovered he could see what was happening. Before him was one of the men with guns. Cloud growled, surprising himself with the low, gutal sound.

"What's wrong with it?" he didn't know who had said it and he cast his gaze around, wildly whipping his head backwards and forwards. Where were the doms? Weren't they supposed to protect them. Why were they letting these people do this?

"He's defending the beta." A dark haired woman explained.

"It's the maternal instinct" a familiar voice echoed through the room. "Bring them both."

Cloud snapped as the women who had previously spoken reached for him.

"Careful Eliza. This ones got claws."

How could they be so cruel. What had he ever done to them?

Somebody grabbed his legs and he felt himself being tugged away from the dark haired beta. He thrashed in the hold, but more hands were upon him. Restraining him. He cried out, a small wetness leaking down his cheek. He clawed and bit as he tried to get away from the men, and back to the beta. His beta. He could see his doms now. Held down and defeated. One of them caught his gaze for a second, before he lowered his eyes in submission. He heard a chuckle over the intercom. He felt his head being forced down before he was lifted off of the ground. He was carried from their room, through several twisting corridors before being deposited in a bright room.

It hurt his eyes. Cloud had to close them, and then cover them with his hands when the light shone through his eyelids. This too, he thought, was cruel.

"Put the beta on the table." Clouds head jerked upwards at the clipped tone. Ignoring the stinging of the light after the dark room, Cloud peered up at his uncle.

His uncle however, seemed to have no interest in him. Indeed, he seemed only to be concerned with the beta that was now thrashing on the table. The two men who had been clutching the dark haired man secured his arms and legs to the metal table, allowing Hojo to get closer without fear of injury from the screaming beta.

"Tut, tut, Zackary. Must we really do this every time?"

Zackary keened, arching up against his bounds. From here, Cloud could see his eyes focused on Hojos face with such dark intensity. There was hatred in his eyes. And Cloud hated Hojo twice as much for making his beta hate him. Those purple eyes shifted to settle on Cloud, softening as they did so.

Hojo inserted a needle into Zack's arm, causing the man to avert his eyes. Blood was drawn from the wound. Quite a bit of it at that. When Hojo was finished, he passed the syringe onto another nameless scientist, and turned away from Zack. Somebody moved forwards to wrap the now oozing puncture mark.

"Just wait there a moment Zackary. We'll see in a moment what's going on in there shall we." Hojo's joyful tone was sick.

Hojo then turned to Cloud, who found hands on his shoulders forcing him down. He let out a small cry that was matched by Zacks. He saw the needle before he felt it. It glided into his skin and all Cloud could feel was numb. The Hojo tugged at the plunger and Cloud felt a sudden blast of pain. He had had injections before, one or twice, and they hadn't hurt like this. After what seemed an age, Hojo pulled the needle out of his arm, and sent that one off too, with one of the scientists milling about.

The hadn't bothered restraining Cloud like they had the beta - Zack. And when he was released he darted across the room to where Zack was, and tugged on his bonds. One scientist moved forwards to stop them but Hojo called him off quickly.

"It's in the nature of the submissive to care for the rest of the pack." he explained. "Let the submissive care for the beta."

Cloud wasn't going to throw away the opportunity. He managed to release Zack's arms, and Zack sat up, freeing his feet. They had what they had wanted Cloud supposed. Just so long as they stayed put, they couldn't do any harm by being together. And they had to stay put. Cloud could see that the door was sealed and the men had easily overpowered them before. Cloud's head was beginning to clear from the gas.

A young red headed woman in a white lab coat entered the room clutching a few sheets of paper in her hands. She passed them to Hojo and Cloud could feel Zack tense besides him. Zack face was at the boys neck, sniffing at him holding him tightly. It was a reassuring.

The ecstatic look on Hojo's face however, was not. Indeed, it was rather frightening.

"Well, boys, hormones in both blood streams indicate success."

Success? Success at what?

Hojo seemed to be in a world of his own as he tinkered with various machines around him. Zack had tensed besides him and Cloud wanted desperately to ask what was going on.

"Return the two to the main container. We'll check up on them soon enough. And make sure you don't damage them. They're practically invaluable right now."

Hojo looked like he wanted to do a little happy dance. Cloud felt hand tug at him, but he clung to Zack. This time nobody objected and they were led out of the room and back down the twisty corridors.


Hojo couldn't keep the smirk from his face. Success again. He had known that this would work, and little Cloud had been the key to unlocking it all. A few months time and Hojo would be learning so many things. So many new, fascinating things. It was uncommon for SOLDIERs to have children, the mako in their system made is difficult for a SOLDIER to procreate with non-SOLDIERs, and for two makoed individuals to have a child was inconceivable. But he had done it.

He had taken the four most powerful SOLDIERs, improved them - a miracle onto itself. Or his own brilliance, he didn't really care either way. And he had taken these powerful beings, and with them created a new life. A child that would be powerful beyond anyones dreams. A child that would exceed any of it's parents. A child that Hojo would raise to be completely under his control.

He was brilliant.


The door slammed shut behind them, sealing them in. Cloud knew logically that he should be worried about such a thing, but he found it comforting. While practically strangers, Cloud felt an irresistible pull towards his beta, and towards his three doms with whom he was now alone. The three doms had immediately swarmed the couple the moment they entered the room. They looked none the worse for wear, and instead seemed concerned only for Clouds safety and the safety of Zack. The two were tugged over to the bed, where their mates continued to fuss over them.


Zack trembled in Angeal's arms. He hadn't expected this. He hated being dragged away from his doms. It was cold when he was away from his doms and he didn't like it. And he didn't like seeing his sub being pulled around either. He was supposed to look after his sub. He was supposed to protect him. And he hated Hojo. He didn't want to be around Hojo. He didn't want Cloud to be around Hojo.

It was for these reasons that Zack had thrashed around, trying desperately to keep those invaders away from Cloud, and away from him. He hadn't expected that what Hojo had taunted him with for so long would actually happen. After so long, they had all dismissed it as an impossibility. And now it was going to happen. He didn't know what to feel.

Angeal was whispering soft comforting words in his ear. Rocking him very slightly in his arms. Cloud was being clutched by Alpha, who seemed reluctant to let go. The blonde was confused, he clearly didn't understand what was happening, but he was upset none the less.

Finally it was voiced, the question that Zack knew was on the tongue of everybody in the room. What was it that had happened.

Zack looked down.

"It worked. I'm pregnant...and so is Cloud."

AN: I know it's terrible of me to adopt a story and then leave it for as long as I have. Hopefully you will find this an acceptable peace offering.