Heeeey! :D

Well, two of my favorite things are Doctor Who and Peter Pan, so I thought I would do my first ever cross-over!

I think the Doctor and Peter are really similar in their personalitys and traits, but then again, they are so different as well, so I thought it would be interesting to see them clash!

Disclaimer: Obviously I don't own either! :D

"Are we there yet?"

The Doctor sighed, turning round to face Amy Pond with an expression of consternation on his youthful face. "For the sixth time, and yes, I have been keeping count, yes, technically we are nearly there, although technically the Eighth Eye of Orion has no specific time...you don't care do you?" He had started off so cheerily, but Amy and Rory's expressions were confused and bored.

"Nope!" Amy says, sitting down on the swivelly chair, crossing her long legs and stretching her arms out, yawning ominously.

"How can this be boring?" He demands, not comprehending their lack of interest.

"Because the last time you took us somewhere, we almost died. Again." Rory points out, sitting beside his wife with a slightly curved lip.

The Doctor had no comeback to this, so he turned back, fiddling with levers, muttering something like, "Ungrateful..."

After a huge bang, the trio toppled to the floor, Amy and Rory groaning in a, not again..., way, and the Doctor almost immediately jumping to his feet, panicking as he hurriedly apologized, and stared at the monitor with a look of slight confusion. "We're off course!" He cried indignantly.

"There's a surprise!" Amy gives a short laugh, and her and Rory stand slowly, throwing looks at the Doctor, who was flying towards the door.

When he pulled the doors open, Amy and Rory heard him say, "Oh..."

"That's not a good sign..." Rory groaned, interlocking his fingers with Amy, and they stood behind the Doctor, who was staring at the sight that made his dual hearts pump rapidly.

They were face to face with no other than Captain James Hook.

"Well..." The Doctor tugged at the ends of his bow-tie nervously. "This certainly isn't Orion..."