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-Jane and Ruskin: Two carnie kids, destined to be married. This is the story of how Patrick Jane met his dearly beloved Angela.

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"Will there be jelly babies?" the Doctor asked excitedly, jogging a few steps to catch up to her and slip his arm back around her waist, fingers clutching her hip possessively. You couldn't fit a hair between their sides, so close together they were.

"Of course! It's your pantry, of course there are jelly babies. Honestly, it's a wonder you haven't rotted your teeth out yet, or gotten sick before…" River's voice trailed off as the pair departed. Rory smiled and bent over his wife, wrapping her in his arms and picking her up gently, wobbling a bit under her weight but bearing it with joy.

"Time for bed, Amy. I'm exhausted, and you are too. Obviously," he said with a little laugh. His face sobered. "You really had me worried… I'm glad you're okay." It felt as though his chest was swelling with love for her. His Amy was okay. He loved her. Loved her. Love her, something deep within him whispered in reaffirmation.

Love him, the same voice replied in Amy's sleeping mind.


"Whoever first invented French toast- I would love to shake their hand," the Doctor said the next day as he bustled around the controls.

"You already did that," River commented, leaning against the railing. Amy and Rory were somewhere else in the TARDIS, doing who-knows-what, and the time couple had just dropped Ood-Sigma off with much gratitude and apology. (The H-S1 had left him with a terrible headache.)

"Exactly, which is why I can't do it again," he said mournfully. River laughed and stepped up to the console. She typed something in the typewriter, hit a button, and pulled the yellow lever before the Doctor could react.

"Excuse me, you could at least ask before you fly my ship off to destinations unknown," the Doctor grumbled. River smiled.

"Sorry, sweetie, but I think we have an appointment."

"An appointment. What?" he repeated. "With who? Since when do I do appointments? I don't plan stuff. Spontaneous, that's me. None of this… appointment garbage."

"Oh, come on, Doctor. You got sick from some ancient eradicated Time Lord disease."

"It could've been the Daleks, I wouldn't be surprised if the Cybermen had it, or the Weeping Angels, or even the Slitheen… it wasn't like it was kept secret. The very idea of someone using it as a weapon against the Time Lords… well, the wrath of Galifrey wasn't something any creatures would risk. Anyways, it was too volatile to be used as a weapon properly," he said with a shrug. River raised an eyebrow and smiled.

"Think, Doctor."

"Do I ever stop?" he said dryly. He rubbed his forehead and sat in his chair, crossing his legs. "Okay, so who wants me dead enough to risk the disease mutating and spreading?"

"Too broad of a question. There are far too many people and animals and etcetera to go through. Try again," River advised. He huffed.

"Who would've had access to it?"

"Closer," River hinted. "The disease is the key."

"Well of course it is," he scoffed. "While you're busy showing off that you found something out before I did, someone out there is trying to kill me and the people I love."

"Keep guessing, you're almost there." He was silent for a moment, thinking fast.

"Who… who would've been able to infect me with it?" he asked. River patted the back of his hand, and he took it as a sign that he was on the right track. "How is it spread? It said that it was spread like strep throat or mon-," he broke off, swallowing, staring at River with wide eyes, "-o. Oh."

"See? It wasn't that hard to figure out. I said I got vaccinated, and you need a sample of the disease to make a vaccine. And… well, if it spreads like the kissing disease, maybe a bit easier, then-,"

"Okay, okay, I get it. Madame Kovarian. Ew. To think she's planned on that… and she knows that we, well, kiss… Euugh," He wrinkled his nose. "And you! You're like a, a… dementor, or something. Hallucinogenic lipstick, poison lipstick, carrier of a deadly disease spread by kissing, good lord, woman! … Speaking of which, will I get it again if we…?"

"No, it was sort of a one-time use thing. The dormant virus isn't in me anymore. It's safe," she said cheerfully, pecking him on the lips as proof. "And I'm not wearing lipstick today."

"Right. Good choice. So… what to do about Madame Kovarian," he mumbled half-heartedly, staring down at River with that sleepy, loving look that she liked so much.

"Hmm. Well, I've had one hell of an afternoon. My Doctor almost died, Jack Harkness threatened to shoot me, my mum got sick, and almost died and then threatened to shoot me too… You know what I really need after a day like this?" she muttered back, a small, mischievous smile turning up the corners of her lips.

"What would that be?" the Doctor said, a slow smile on his face as he half-sat on the console, hands loosely on either side of him. River laughed.

"I would really like to shoot someone." She turned and walked out the door, drawing her gun. The Doctor stared after her with the same silly, loving look, then jumped as he fully realized what was going on. He charged after her.

"Wait, River-!"