Kindergarten Flirting

Back in kindergarten your mother would tell you if a boy pulls your pigtails he likes you, and if he dips them in paint he loves you. That goes for the rest of your life too. Moreover, when you're an adult and work for the Hottest Man of the Year.


She didn't know how she landed the job. Her resume wasn't filled with a plethora of job experience that made her remotely qualified for the job nor did she have significant life experience. She had just graduated university with a degree in commerce in the stream of finance. She returned to university to do a part-time masters degree as she worked, but that was only because she managed to score herself a job as the head secretary of Inuyasha Takahashi—the most successful man under thirty, the richest man on the Eastern hemisphere, and the hottest man of the year.

Twenty-two year old Higurashi Kagome graduated in the spring and had the job secured by the fall. Initially she applied to be the Junior Financial Analyst but that position was filled rather quickly. The company contacted her and said that they were hiring for the position of Head Secretariat. They were wondering if she would be interested and, as a newly graduated student, she jumped at the chance.

And now she regretted it.

Her boss, twenty-seven year old hot shot was nothing but a big bully. He overworked her, was a jerk, made rude comments, and made her stay late.

But the job paid well.

So she stayed.

And he was easy on the eyes, despite his ugly personality. Plus, she loved the authority her job gave her: she was in charge of ALL the other secretaries of all heads of offices in the building. They turned to her for assistance and most of the employees were older than her as well.


Oh there goes mister high—and—mighty, Kagome thought dryly to herself as she looked up from her computer screen to see her boss standing in front of her impatiently. She was in her office. The thing about her job was that although she was the head secretary she did not just do secretary duties. She was also in charge of writing up her boss' reports, fixing up his agenda, giving weekly balance sheets of the company and informing him of their stock status for the day. All of that and other things as well.

"Yes, sir?" She inquired looking up from her computer screen. He was standing before her in his black dress pants and his untucked blood red dress shirt. There was a pathetically wrinkled and crumpled up tie in his left hand and his right was drumming impatiently on her door frame.

"Tie my tie."

Umm…okay? she thought. Standing up she strode towards her boss and took the tie from his hand. Leaning closer than she would have liked to, Kagome wrapped the tie around his neck and adjusted his collar to it. The smell of his cologne was intoxicating.

Kagome's boss, half-demon Inuyasha Takahashi, owner of the Takahashi Group of Companies, CEO of the Dog General fleet of cargo ships, and vice president of Cepheus Incorporated, an electronic company that manufactured computers, mp3 players, cell phones and much more, just watched her as she tied the noose. Adjusting it properly, she took a step back.

"Anything else, sir?" she asked, looking up at him.

He nodded. "Yes, actually." Stepping forward he pressed delete key on her computer and winked at her. "Have the Jinenji file ready for me by 7 pm."

Kagome blanked. "But…that was it."

"What was it, Kagome?" Her name rolled off his tongue. She wanted to rip that tongue out right that instant. "Enjoyyy…" He grinned maliciously as he closed the door to her office and stepped out. Kagome screamed loudly and stomped back to her desk.

He's such a jerk, he's suck a jerk, he is such a fucking jerk!


Kagome, the overachiever that she was, skipped her lunch break and had the Jinenji file printed and stapled by 6:48 pm. Yawning loudly, she walked out of her office only to find one other secretary in the office, and that was the front-desk secretary. Nodding at her, Kagome proceeded around the bend in the hallway to the large mahogany set of double doors that led her to Inuyasha's office. She knocked on it and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Knocking again, Kagome impatiently waited for a few more moments before opening his door.

He wasn't there.

What in the… Turning around Kagome semi-jogged to the front desk where Yura, the secretary, was locking all the computers in the building using the master lock on her computer. "Yura, where'd Inuyasha go?"

Yura looked at her in an incredulous manner. "He left like an hour ago—didn't he tell you?"

Kagome's blood boiled. "No, he didn't…I have the stupid Jinenji file ready."

Again, Yura gave Kagome an impossible look. "Already? Jinenji isn't coming till Friday to pick it up."

It was Monday.

Screaming loudly, Kagome stomped back to her office and dropped the file on her desk. Picking up her keys, she shut her door and stormed back to the central ovular room. Yura had her jacket in her hand and looked at Kagome in pity. "You can't even complain about him being a jackass to you to anybody—he's the highest power."

"Tell me about it," Kagome muttered harshly as the two ladies left the building, nodding at the overnight security guard.

"Goodnight, Hanate."

"Goodnight, ladies."


"And then, Mama," Kagome said over dinner, "he LEFT. Like that jerk just left the stupid building without telling me and I skipped lunch to write a report that wasn't even technically due till FRIDAY!"

Korari Higurashi, Kagome's mother and confidant, shook her head sadly as she watched her daughter down her dinner. Kagome returned home in a sour mood and her mother knew right away that it had something to do with her inconsiderate jackass of a boss, Takahashi Inuyasha.

"Maybe it slipped his mind?" Korari asked as she took Kagome's empty dinner plate and walked into the kitchen to wash it. Kagome followed suit and hopped onto the counter.

"Probably not. He's just mean."

Korari gave her daughter a reprimanding look. "Come now Kagome," she said softly, "he can't be all that bad."

The young adult snorted. "He's the spawn of the devil."

Korari had a rueful smile on her face. "Remember what I used to tell you when you were younger?"

Kagome looked at her. "What?"

"The way a boy hides his feelings, in kindergarten, is by acting mean to you." Korari winked at her groaning daughter. "If he pulls your pigtails, it must mean he likes you. If he dips them in paint, then he loves you. And if he dumps paste on your head, it means he is for sure marrying you." Korari giggled. "Just look at me, your father not only did that but he rubbed that paste into my hair. I remember that I had to shave my hair off…" The elder woman sighed in nostalgia.

Kagome watched her mother in a bemused fashion before speaking her retort. "But he isn't flirting with me," she whined. "He's making me miss my lunch, stay late, and work hard just to piss me off. And I can't even quit because it's my first job and he's my first reference. If I write on my resume that I worked for Takahashi Inuyasha then every employer is going to want to know why I quit and if I say it's because he's a jackass they won't believe me because he's won so many goddamned awards!"


Kagome closed her eyes and chanted breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. She felt slightly relaxed and opened her eyes. Korari was watching her.

"You okay?"

Kagome nodded.

"Good. But I still think he likes you."



The following day Kagome walked into the office half an hour before she was supposed to start her shift. She wore her new grey pencil skirt with a pale pink blouse that had a ruffled collar. She donned her purple pumps and walked like she meant business.

Which she usually did.

"Good morning, Kagome." People nodded in her direction as she walked past them. Scanning her key card in the elevator, she pressed 50, the top floor of the building and that too belonging to the owner. Entering the ovular room she was greeted by Yura.

"Takahashi-san wants to see you as soon as you can." Yura stated. Kagome smiled at her before going to her office. Dropping her bag and jacket on her chair, she picked up the Jinenji file and quickly made her way to Inuyasha's office.

She knocked on the door and a muffled "come in," was heard. Kagome pushed the office door open to find Inuyasha staring intently at his computer. "Something wrong, sir?"

For once in his life he seemed serious. "Yeah, come here for a sec…"

Kagome came up behind his desk; the report still clutched in her hand and looked over his shoulder. Their quarterly report was released and Inuyasha was looking over it—their net worth read minus forty-seven billion.

"Minus?" Kagome yelled in disbelief. He looked up at her with a grim expression.

"Does it make sense to you?"

"Not at all. Our cash flow has been positive from what I know and our gross income is also positive." She bit her bottom lip and Inuyasha looked back at the screen.

"So why the hell are we in the negative?"

Kagome sighed. "E-mail it to me; I'll look over it with the quarterly balance sheet and income statements." Although she was a finance major, she took her fair share of accounting courses. She knew a thing or two.

Right away Inuyasha e-mailed it to her before sitting up. "Well then. Now that that's off my plate."

Kagome jaw dropped. "What?"

He smirked. "Yeah, I really didn't wanna burden myself with going through our income statements and balance sheets... But now that you're doing it… and oh, if you can edit my speech for the upcoming annual party?"

Kagome wanted to shoot him. He doesn't give speeches at their annual party…

"What…speech…" she gritted out. Her boss' grin grew wider.

"Oh didn't I tell you? I'm going to start giving speeches." Inuyasha snickered, watching the many expressions of Kagome. Sighing dejectedly, she dropped the Jinenji file on his desk.

"Fine, I'll do it. Here's the file."

"So early?" His voice was dripping with bastard. "Jinenji isn't picking it up until Friday."

Kagome gritted her teeth again. "But yesterday you said—"

"Did I?" His smile was wicked. "I meant Friday."

Kagome clenched and unclenched her fist. "I guess the sooner the better." Inuyasha was the mirror image of the Grinch at that moment.

"I suppose so," he mused. Kagome turned and began walking away but he called to her. "Higurashi!"

She turned around. "Yes, sir?"

"You look very nice today."

Her eyes widened. What the… "Thank you, sir." Turning around, she began walking away but he called to her again.


Sighing, she turned around. You're halfway to the door, Kagome. "Yes, sir?"

"You are coming to the party, right?"

"Of course sir. It is required for us to attend," she said in an obvious tone. Inuyasha's ochre eyes danced in the light. Kagome had to admit, he was pretty damn attractive. He had triangular doggy ears that peeked from under his braided silver hair. This trait was paired with his gleaming tawny eyes and his inexplicably toned body.

No wonder he was awarded Hottest Man of the Year—for the third year running.


Once again Kagome turned and began walking towards the exit and again he called out to her.


"Oh for the love of! Inuyasha I need to get some work done!" she blew up. Kagome never called him by his first name and that was the very first time he heard his name roll off of her tongue. And the business tycoon loved the sound of it. Standing up, he walked towards his seething secretary.

"Relax," he breathed and he watched her stiffen in annoyance, "I just wanted to tell you that you're attending the party with me."

Kagome's eyes widened.

"As my date."


"Sango!" Kagome whined into the phone later that afternoon. Inuyasha left for lunch and that meant Kagome had an hour of relaxation before becoming the uptight and on schedule secretary that everyone knew her as. "He told me that I was his date to the party!"

"I have no idea why the fuck you're complaining," Sango said, bemused. "He's drop dead fuckable!"

"I don't want to sleep with the man; I want him to rot in hell for putting me through hell."

"I don't understand why you don't quit. If he's such a huge jerk just leave the damn place." Sango sipped her orange juice. She was presently taking a break from her job; a kindergarten teacher.

"But it's my first job," Kagome cried. "If I quit, he won't give me a good reference and I won't be able to get another job. Face it, when people see that I've worked for Takahashi Group of Companies they'll want to know why I left."

"Tell them he's an asshole?"

"People love him too much to believe that," Kagome mumbled dejectedly. Sango shrugged.

"You know what they say Kagome," Sango looked outside her window to see the kids running around for recess, "when little boys tease girls, it tends to mean they like her. And trust me, I see that every day."

Kagome twitched. "Mama said the same thing to me yesterday."

"You should listen to us."


Kagome groaned. "He's back. I'll talk to you later, bye."

"Take care…"

Kagome got up and unlocked her door. Standing right there was her ever-annoying boss. "Yes, sir?" That should be her tagline; she said it more times than she blinked in a day, that was for sure.

"I got you lunch," he said smoothly handing her a box. Her eyes widened.

"You did what?"

"Consider it a thanks for working so hard." Winking at her he turned and left.

I guess I was wrong. Going back to her desk she sat down and opened up the Styrofoam box. Screaming she pushed it off her desk and stood up.



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