Kindergarten Flirting

Back in kindergarten, your mother would tell you that if a boy pulls your pigtails he likes you, and if he dips them in paint he loves you. That goes for the rest of your life too. Moreover, when you're an adult and work for the Hottest Man of the Year.


Lying on her stomach, Kagome was enjoying a relaxing massage the morning of their corporate event. In tandem, Sango lay, also enjoying a soothing massage—both girls were pampering themselves while the Takahashi Limousine waited for them outside. Kagome had her suitcase already packed in the limo; she was leaving for New York just before the party ended. Her thesis was to be presented the following afternoon in front of the panel of judges and professors. As nervous as she was, she couldn't prepare herself any more than she already had.

"So the list of promotions is being announced today, hm?" Sango asked as her masseuse, Heihachi, kneaded into knots in her back. Kagome made a sound from the back of her throat, signaling the affirmative to Sango. She was in her happy place and didn't want to talk and ruin it.

"Are you promoted?"

That made Kagome talk. "No idea. My application to Cepheus has been accepted and they extended a job offer. I, however, might decline it if I have a promotion at Inuyasha's office."

"I know that." Sango rolled her eyes; "It still amuses me how Cepheus gave you so long to decide."

"When you hire the best, you have to play to their tune." Kagome winked at her friend who snorted.

"Right." Sango relished the feeling of her massage. "Besides your inflated ego, do you think you have a promotion with Inuyasha?"

Kagome sighed, ruefully. "Honestly, I have no idea. He's being very secretive… and if I do have a promotion, it had better be within reason because I refuse to take the position of President just because we're dating."

"Intending," Sango automatically corrected and it was Kagome's turn to roll her eyes.

"Semi-engaged," Kagome corrected.

"Whatever happens," Sango said, "happens. In any case, you have a job opportunity somewhere."

"Yeah," Kagome said, wistfully. "I do."


Shippo was sitting on Inuyasha's shoulders as he jumped down the stairs. His hands were clutched around Inuyasha's forehead and the amazing uncle was holding onto his nephew's ankles. At the foot of the stairs was a bemused Sesshomaru.

"Having fun?"

"Yes!" Shippo squealed and Inuyasha expertly lifted Shippo off of his shoulders and handed him to his father. The little fox demon pouted but quickly nestled into his father's arms.

"Did you get it?"

Sesshomaru nodded and pulled a small velvet box out from his pocket. Inuyasha's heart was racing as he accepted the ring box from his brother and, slowly, opened it. Not too long ago he asked his brother to resize and clean up Izayoi's old engagement ring. Both his half-brother and mother were glad to help him out; Izayoi found her old engagement ring and wedding band and Sesshomaru found the best jeweler in the world to fix the rings up.

Despite the fact that Inuyasha could get any ring of any size and any karat in the world, he picked his mother's rings.

The engagement ring was simple. On a white gold band was a small ruby—his mother's favourite stone. Surrounding the ruby were four small white diamonds that gave the red gem an extra glow. Inside the band was an engraving; something his father had gotten for his mother: Eternity.

Because that was what their love was, everlasting and eternal, just like what Inuyasha and Kagome's love was like.

"Perfect," Inuyasha whispered and looked up at his brother. "Thanks."

Sesshomaru nodded. "You're welcome. Now, if I may excuse myself to go get ready for your event. You're dropping Shippo off to the babysitters?"

"Yep." Inuyasha tickled his nephew who squealed. "Shippo and Kanna are both being dropped off at the same time. Any other brats that my partners have are also being dropped off to the same people—company babysitter, you know."

Sesshomaru snorted. "Right. You're leaving before us?"

"Yeah, I have to run to the building before I head to the banquet hall. The limousine will be at the front door at six sharp." Both brothers exchanged a courteous nod before Sesshomaru headed upstairs with his son. Inuyasha looked back at the ring box and tried to steady his racing heart.

In a matter of moments, he'd officially ask Kagome to be his…

For all eternity.


Meilisa had met up with Sango and Kagome at the beauty parlour with her dress. After Sango bowed down to Meilisa (because she was a fashion genius, just like her father), Kagome quickly changed into the dress as Sango went to the limousine to get hers. Meilisa was sitting on a barber chair, waiting for Kagome to come out of the bathroom.

As soon as she did, all eyes were on her, and the air was sucked out of the room. The dress that Meilisa had created was made for Kagome—the silky taupe fabric hugged each and every curve on Kagome's body. It was a halter style dress that drew attention to the glut of her breast, ripples of fabric creating a wispy feel. A black ribbon was tied just under her bust to give her breasts an even more accentuated look. The bottom half of the dress, which was designed to look like a train, was rather flowy. Layers of silky material covered each other, which created a dimensional look while drawing much attention to Kagome's legs.

Because the dress was simple yet elegant, Kagome's hair was straightened. Her locks were braided, however, and were twisted over her head like a headband. To match, she wore lace up black heels, which looked perfectly coordinated with the black silk ribbon.

"Hot tamale," Meilisa whistled. "If Inuyasha won't drop dead and go to doggy heaven…" She trailed off, leaving the rest of her statement up to the imagination.

Kagome blushed and the hairdresser catcalled. "Meilisa is right, you know," he said. "If I weren't gay, I would totally be passing my number to you."

Whatever Kagome was about to say was lost when Sango entered the salon and screamed, dropping her dress in the process. "Holy shit, is that you, Kagome?!"

"I know, right?!" Meilisa agreed.

"Oh my God." Sango turned to Meilisa. "I knew you were good but damn you are good."

Dusting invisible dirt off her shoulder, Meilisa smirked cockily. "I know, I got it from my daddy." And then proceeded to wink at her two new friends. Sango continued to fawn over Kagome and Meilisa took the liberty of picking her discarded dress off of the floor and shoving it into her face.

"You go look sexy now, Miss. Miyagi."

"But I won't look as sexy as," Sango said and jerked her thumb towards Kagome, "her."

"Next time there's a big formal event, I'll make you a dress, now go." Meilisa pushed Sango into the bathroom where she could put on her dress and then have her turn to be fawned over. It was only fair and written in the Women's Handbook to Life. Kagome adjusted some bangles on her left hand and was engaging in small talk with Meilisa when Sango came out, glowing like an angel. It was Kagome's turn to scream and the hairdresser cat called, again.

"Where the hell have you two been as I went through the developmental stages of my life?" He winked playfully. Sango grinned broadly, doing a twirl so the group of people could see her dress from all angles. Her dress was a silky orange with silver trimming that looped around her breasts. The dress was backless, but the silver trimming formed an X over Sango's smooth back.

"The belles of the ball," Meilisa cooed. "I'm envious!"

"No you aren't." Kagome rolled her eyes and Meilisa snorted.

"Let me have my moment, Higurashi. Now, the three of us are gonna go stuff our faces with ice cream before you two ladies do what you two do best: look sexy."

The hairdresser gasped. "Stuff?! Face? ICE CREAM? I think NOT! Meilisa, you are a horrible influence on my protégée's!"

"They are not your protégée's, Chang." Meilisa rolled her eyes. "Now we will be very careful and stuff our faces in a ladylike manner. There, happy now?"

"No. But go, before I change my mind."

Giggling, the three ladies left the salon to grab a quick treat at the ice cream parlour before Sango went back to her apartment and Kagome went back to the shrine. Her heart was thudding against her ribcage; she was going to her first formal event with Inuyasha as his significant other. And then she was flying straight out of the country just hours later. It was going to be a busy night, but Kagome was looking forward to it.

Well you only live once, might as well make the best of it.


"You look rather sharp, son," Izayoi commented as she fixed Inuyasha's striped blue, black, white and taupe tie. He had specifically picked it out when he had heard from Hikaru and Meilisa that Kagome's dress was taupe with a hint of black. He hoped he made a good choice.

"Well, it's gonna be one of the most important, if not the most important, night of my life."

"Other than the fact you're announcing a bunch of promotions?" Izayoi teased and Inuyasha rolled his eyes.

"You know what I mean, Mother."

"I do, I do," she soothed as she fixed his lapels. "I'm nervous for you, though. When Sesshomaru had to do it, courting was an entirely different process."

"Regardless of the era," Sesshomaru sounded from the doorway, "courting rituals remain the same. How this immature little puppy managed to court a beautiful woman like Kagome is beyond my limit of thinking."

"Your limit is pretty pathetic then, Sesshomaru," Inuyasha muttered and his elder brother threw a cold glare at him. Inuyasha chose to ignore him and resumed giving his mother his undivided attention. Izayoi simply shook her head at her sons' antics but chose not to comment. Over the past few hundred years, she learned that even though Sesshomaru and Inuyasha cared deeply for each other, they were never going to outwardly show it. Instances existed, yes, such as when Inuyasha helped convince Inutaisho to let Sesshomaru be a doctor, and when Sesshomaru came to Inuyasha's aid when Souta was hurt, but the dogs were more action-esque versus emotional.

"Rin is getting ready," Sesshomaru ignored Inuyasha. "You're leaving soon, little brother?"

Inuyasha nodded. "Yep. Kagome and I have to be the first ones there. It'd look pretty bad if the host and hostess were fashionably late."

"When is the President getting there?"

Inuyasha shrugged. "No idea. He told me that he might be a little late because his twins have laryngitis."

Izayoi raised both eyebrows. "His twins? Gosh, I wish the both of you would have laryngitis."

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru chuckled at Izayoi's confession. Inuyasha wrapped an arm around his mother's shoulders and gave her a tight hug. "You love it when we fight, Mother."

"No, I really don't." She shrugged Inuyasha off of her. "Now go be the CEO that you are and let your little old mother get ready in peace."

"You aren't little and neither are you old," Inuyasha commented and Izayoi snorted.

"Right, if being a few hundred years isn't old for a human, then I'll eat Shippo's diaper."

Sesshomaru gagged. "If you smelt how that runt's shit stank, you'd take back what you just said."

"Shippo has nothing on Inuyasha." Izayoi winked at her younger son. "If you remembered how Inuyasha's poop smelt, especially after he had wild rabbit…"

"Okay! Getting out of here, bye!" Inuyasha high-tailed it out of there before his mother could get into detail of how stinky his excretion really was. He didn't need to know about stinky poo, especially just before he was going to see Kagome.

Izayoi laughed and gave Sesshomaru a high five. "I live to embarrass that boy."

"I live to watch you embarrass him, Mother," Sesshomaru said right back at her.


Kagome sat on the sofa, twiddling her thumbs. Korari was sitting beside her daughter, keeping her company until the limousine arrived with Inuyasha. After dropping Sango home, and then dropping Kagome off to the shrine, the limousine had gone to pick up Inuyasha before returning to the shrine. Something about 'doing it the right way', or so Inuyasha said.

"Everything will be fine," Korari smiled. "You're getting way too nervous."

"I can't help it," Kagome whined and Souta, standing at the kitchen doorway with a bowl of cereal, rolled his eyes at his sister.

"You can walk into a boardroom and make your board of directors cry, but you can't stand the nerves of your boyfriend coming to pick you up? Good one, Onee-chan." Korari had to restrain her daughter from mauling her son.

"Now is not the time to pester your sister, Souta," Korari said in a stern mom-voice. Choosing to heed his mother's advice, Souta disappeared back into the kitchen to find more food to pig out on before he left for the party with Kagome. It felt so good to walk on his own and get his own food. It especially felt good to pee by himself. For the longest time, his sister had to help him walk to the bathroom and, at the very beginning, she would have to stand in the bathroom with her back turned as he did his business, just in case.

"I'm also nervous about formally calling Cepheus and rejecting their job offer," Kagome admitted to her mother. "It's a great opportunity and if I don't get a better one with Inuyasha, I'll have to take it. I mean, I'm not putting my life on hold for a guy but deep inside…" Kagome exhaled loudly and looked at her hands. "Deep inside, I know that picking Inuyasha is the right choice."

"You're a smart girl, sweetheart," Korari whispered. "I know you'll make the right decision. You made it so far in life and you're still so young… True love is hard to come by, trust me…" Kagome's heart tore hearing her mother speak of true love. Her one true love had died and Kagome couldn't fathom what would happen to her if Inuyasha had passed on.

"You'll do the right thing. I know it." Mother and daughter embraced and held onto each other. It was as if Kagome had come of age; passed a milestone. Korari felt as if she finally passed the torch to her daughter… and she couldn't help wipe the tear from her eyes. Just as they pulled away, there was a knocking on the shrine door.

"He's here!" Souta cheered as he walked out of the kitchen, looking impeccable decked out in his black Armani suit (courtesy of Kagome). Standing up and straightening her dress, Kagome did some quick breathing to calm her nerves before she went to open the door.

There, in all of his glory, was the man of her dreams…

And she knew it, looking at him standing in front of her smiling with a bouquet of roses, that he was it. He was her future.

"Roses for my lady." He grinned as he passed her the flowers and kissed her forehead. Taking the chance, he whispered into her ear: "Your dress makes me wanna skip the event and take my sweet time taking it off of your beautiful body."

Kagome stood, stunned, as he walked by her and straight to her mother. Suddenly, I feel like doing the same thing too, she thought irrationally. Trying to shake off the nerves, she turned to see Inuyasha hand her mother an envelope. "I know this is last minute, Mrs. Higurashi, but I'd be honoured if you attended this event as my VIP."

Korari's eyes bulged. "What?! But I don't even have a dr—"

"Taken care of." He grinned. "A limousine will pick you up in fifteen minutes and I've prepared everything. See you in two hours." Giving her mother a quick hug, he motioned for Souta to follow and headed to exit the shrine. Kagome was too stunned to move so Souta took the liberty of shoving her out the doorway and dragging her to the vehicle. Inuyasha had to hold back his laughter.

"Did you just… I mean… You…"

She couldn't form coherent words. Souta snorted.

"He just, and we know what you mean, and yes, he did. Mom will be there in about two hours. Now can we hurry up? I heard there will be a lot of ladies at the party tonight." This time, Inuyasha didn't hesitate to throw his head back and laugh. Kagome growled and sucker punched her brother's shoulder.

"Show some courtesy, brat."

"I am." Souta turned to Inuyasha, "Thanks for inviting our mom. Thanks for picking us up, and I will be even more thankful if you shut my sister up."

"Plan to." Inuyasha nudged Souta and he knew exactly what he meant. Finally arriving at the limousine, Inuyasha took the liberty of holding the door open for Kagome and Souta. After she slid in Souta moved to enter the limo. As he passed Inuyasha, he whispered to him:


Inuyasha winked. "Already done."

Souta grinned. "Nice."

Getting in after Souta, Inuyasha shut the limo door and signaled for his driver to take off. Souta and Inuyasha exchanged a mischievous look and Kagome was oblivious to everything.


Souta escorted his sister into the banquet hall as Inuyasha was stopped by some of the caterers to sort out a little mishap. The entire room was empty so Souta decided to yell out ECHO to see if there was actually an echo. Kagome laughed when it failed.

"Banquet hall: one. Souta Higurashi: zero."

"Shut up, Onee-chan," Souta muttered. "There's a lot of furnishing in here. If it was an empty room, it'd have great acoustics."

"That's common sense, moron," Kagome muttered as they found their table, close to the podium. There were little name cards that indicated which seat belonged to who. Kagome was placed beside Inuyasha; to her left was Souta and to Inuyasha's right was Miroku. Beside Miroku was Sango and between Sango and Souta was Kohaku.

Each table had six chairs.

"So, give me names of ladies I should look out for," Souta said as he and his sister settled in. Kagome thought for a brief seconds before saying:

"Hitomi Saitou, from what I remember, is single. She's a year younger than you and her dad is the largest Import Exporter in Japan." Kagome chewed on her cheek. "She seems more your type. There's Owari… but she's kind of… strange."

"Her name is strange, too," Souta snorted. "What about 'Haku?"

"I know Sakura was invited," Kagome perked up. "She's getting over the abuse Chiisu put her through, went to therapy, and from what I hear, personally asked Naraku if he could ask Inuyasha to invite her to the party. Something about personally thanking us. I hope Kohaku notices her here."

"He doesn't know?"

"Nope." Kagome smiled.

"Who doesn't know what?"

Inuyasha was standing behind Kagome and Souta. The siblings looked up and Inuyasha took the opportunity to steal a kiss from Kagome. She smiled softly. "Kohaku doesn't know that Sakura's coming."

"Oh yeah." Inuyasha fell into his seat. "She's a sweet girl."

"Where's this Hitomi Saitou sitting?" Souta tried to get back onto the topic of his failing love life. Inuyasha raised both eyebrows and stared at Souta before saying:

"I could actually see you with Hitomi."

"Great! Now where is she sitting and what pick up line do I use?"

Inuyasha and Kagome burst into laughter and Souta pouted. "I'm being serious!" And that caused them to laugh even harder. The stage had been set already: it was going to be a great night.


Kagome and Sango were sipping on some champagne and were watching their brothers mingle. Kagome had, already, introduced herself to a few of their business associates before excusing herself to keep Sango company.

"I saw Morimoto," Sango said as Kagome sat down beside her. The secretary nodded, sipping her drink and keeping her eyes trained on her younger brother. He was making a girl laugh, so that was a good sign.

"Yeah; his powers are gone, Chiisu acquired a portion of his assets, liquidated, and paid for Kikyo's abortion. I really don't know what happened to them after that- Inuyasha had a restraining order put up against Kikyo, though."

Sango laughed. "Priceless... all's well that ends well?"

"Couldn've have said it better myself."

"The girl with Souta is cute," Sango murmured and Kagome grinned.

"I know, right! That's Hitomi Saitou and I want him to hook up with her… and give me loads of nieces and nephews."

"Kagome, kind of early for that, don't you think?" Sango raised an eyebrow and Kagome snorted.

"I'm a hopeless romantic, and even more hopeless when it comes to my brother's love life. I can't say you're much different." Winking at her best friend, Kagome took a sip from her drink as Sango simply rolled her eyes.

"We're pathetic older sisters."


"If you two are done being pathetic sisters, the promotions are going to be announced now." Inuyasha appeared behind Kagome and Sango and wrapped his arms around their shoulders. "I look so slick with two women under my arms." He let go of his girlfriend and her best friend immediately when they elbowed him simultaneously.

"Slickness has been reduced to nothingness," Kagome muttered and Inuyasha winked playfully.

"Don't worry, this hot bowl of nothingness is going to throw your internal scoreboard out the roof and into outer space."

"Why? You promoting me to CEO and hanging your hat up?"

"Along those lines." Stealing a kiss, Inuyasha hurried off, leaving a stunned Kagome and an equally stunned Sango. They glanced at each other asking each other the same question just by their eyes— What the hell does he mean?

Hurrying over to their table, the girls got comfortable and within moments, Kohaku, Souta, and Miroku appeared and took their seats. All members of the corporate event were making their way to their respective seats as soon as they saw Inuyasha stand at the podium. Souta wrapped his arm around his sister's shoulders and gave her a soft squeeze.

"I have a feeling you'll get promoted, Onee-chan."

She smiled at him. "Thanks, Souta."

Souta's eyes locked with Inuyasha's and both boys shared a silent understand. Souta didn't choose to remove his arm from his sister's shoulders and merely watched on as Inuyasha unfolded a piece of paper from his pocket and laid it flat on the podium. Clearing his throat, the half-demon CEO began his speech.

"Welcome one and all! This is another annual corporate event and I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank everybody that has attended. So, thank you." The banquet hall erupted into cheers and applause. Waiting for the uproar to die down, Inuyasha patiently waited until he had a break in the applause.

"The debut of Puppy Trails is later on in the evening but I thought I should be kind and give my staff their promotions before they plan my cunning murder." Everybody laughed softly and from the corner of Kagome's eye, she saw Rin and Izayoi. Waving at them, she caught Izayoi mouthing you're beautiful to her. Winking at Inuyasha's mother, Kagome turned back to watch Inuyasha speak.

"What if he demotes you to janitor?" Souta mumbled in her ear and Kagome snorted.

"I would not put it past him, either." Inuyasha's tweaking ears signaled to Kagome that he had heard what she said. He was, blatantly, fighting a smile.

"I would like to, first off, congratulate those who made it to Cepheus and will be relocating as of next week. Come on up to the stage!" Souta let go of his sister's shoulder to applaud with the rest of the folks. Kagome smiled and waved at her friends that walked past her to make it to the stage, accepting the handshake and hug that Inuyasha offered them.

"Kai Ito," Inuyasha called and a gasp was heard. Kagome laughed seeing one of the PR staff fumble up to the stage. Kai almost tripped over his feet when he made it past Kagome's chair and she stood up, helping to steady him. Smiling at her appreciatively, he made it up to the stage and accepted the promotion Inuyasha had given him. He was most definitely not expecting it.

"Takiyuki is going on maternity leave and she isn't sure she will be coming back." Inuyasha smiled. "I need a strong willed, punctual, and trustworthy individual to take the job of Manager of Public Relations. As such, the Board of Directors and I have decided that you are more than perfect for the job."

Kai looked like he was about to cry when Inuyasha shook his hand and offered him a hug. Sango already had tears in her eyes and Kohaku was laughing at her.

"Shut up! This is sentimental!"

Kagome rolled her eyes and Souta wrapped his arm around her shoulders once more. "How many promotions are there?"

"No idea," she replied. "He didn't consult me on the promotions."

"Miroku Lin." All eyes snapped and turned to Miroku who looked stunned. He pointed at himself and Inuyasha nodded, laughing. "Yes, you."

Miroku turned to Kagome who was just as stunned. "You know I didn't have anything to do with the promotions," she stated and Miroku simply shook his head, walking up to the stage.

"I want to clear the air by saying that although Miroku is my best friend, he has proven in more ways than one that he is more than fitted for the promotion." Inuyasha looked serious as he spoke to the assembly. "As one of the managers of Human Resources, Miroku has displayed the knowledge and skillset that is required to make it far in the business world. As such, I am offering him the position of Vice President of Human Resources as well as a chair on the Board of Directors."

A collection of gasps were heard and Miroku's jaw dropped.

"No way," he breathed and Inuyasha chuckled.

"Yes way." And pulled Miroku into a hug. Everybody began clapping and Kagome had joined Sango in the waterworks. Souta sighed.


Kohaku shook his head. "Our sisters need backbones."

"They do," Souta muttered. If she's like this now, I really don't wanna know how she'll react to Inuyasha proposing…

Inuyasha's list of promotions went on—Mizu Megami was promoted to President of Takahashi Corporation, and Miroku was the one that had replaced her on the Board of Directors. Jun Chao, the man who had spread rumours of Kagome and Inuyasha, had also landed himself a promotion. He had displayed such honesty and loyalty after his little incident that Inuyasha decided that he'd make a great Accounting Specialist. Jun Chao openly sobbed.

Yura was promoted to Head Secretary (and Kagome was taken back—she was head secretary… but she was also aware that she was lined up for some promotion. She just didn't know what role).

"Now…" Inuyasha grinned. "Kagome Higurashi. Come on up here."

Kagome's heart was thudding as she stood up. Her brother stood up with her and kissed her cheek which resulted in Kagome hugging him. She made it up the stage and stood beside Inuyasha; he was grinning broadly at her.

"Kagome Higurashi is the reason the company is where it is right now," Inuyasha began. "She and Yura were the ones that made my schedule—sometimes made it too well." Those who were aware of the prank Kagome and Yura played on Inuyasha laughed at this part. "And managed my day to day life. Kagome Higurashi, for those of you who don't know, is also my better half." Kagome chocked and tears gathered in her eyes.

"She made me a better person in every way, shape, and form. I love her more than anything and this promotion was given entirely out of bias." Inuyasha, by this point, turned to Kagome. "Remember," he said softly but still into the microphone, "that bet we had? If I pulled your pigtail, you'd accept any promotion, or demotion, that I had to offer?"

Dumbly, Kagome nodded.

Inuyasha smiled. "Good." Taking a step back, Inuyasha dropped to one knee and the crowd gasped loudly. Kagome's tears began streaming down her cheeks and Inuyasha continued.

"Then will you accept the position of being the CEO's wife? Your job entails yelling at me when I'm being completely childish, loving me when I'm at my worst, standing next to me while we succeed, raising our family, giving birth to our children, and to be next to me for the rest of our lives. Don't worry though." He winked. "You'll get loads of unpaid overtime."

Kagome laughed and dropped to her knees as well. Inuyasha took the opportunity to pull the velvet box from his back pocket. Opening it, he watched Kagome's eyes fall to the ring and widen.

"It's my mothers," he whispered. "My father gave it to her when they got married…"

"It's beautiful," Kagome mumbled, wiping the tears from her eyes. "Yes," she looked up at him, "Yes… Oh my God, Inuyasha, I will marry you!" She threw her arms around him and sobbed uncontrollably into his shoulder. His arms immediately enveloped her and he was faintly aware of the standing ovation they were receiving…



Pregnant and tired, Kagome Takahashi lay on the sofa, eating a bowl of popcorn, and watching soap operas on T.V. It had been six years since she received her promotion and she was loving every minute of it. After the moment, Inuyasha and she had flown to New York for her thesis and the professors loved it. Her paper was published and was used as research texts in many Universities across the globe. She had retired from Takahashi Corporation and taught part time at the Tokyo University. Ironically, she taught Business Literature—the previous year, she had been awarded the Best Professor as voted by Students award.

"Aunt Kagome." Shippo walked into the room, holding his sneaker. "I can't tie my shoelace."

Kagome smiled and sat up, ushering for her nephew to sit down beside her. "Here, let me help you," she offered. "Pretend that the laces are bunnies that are playing tag… the left bunny chases the right bunny under the tree and look! Bunny ears!"

Shippo watched in awe. His Uncle Inuyasha's wife was awesome… Best aunt in the world.

After completing his lesson in shoelace tying, Shippo reached up and kissed his aunt's cheek. "Thanks, Aunt Kagome. Love you!" And he proceeded to run off. Laughing, Kagome rubbed her belly fondly.

"You're gonna have an amazing family, little one," she mumbled cutely. Rin and Sesshomaru had a daughter after Shippo, Hikari. They decided to stop for the moment but Inuyasha and Kagome knew that they wanted loads of children. They had two: five year old Muteki and four year old Inume. Kagome was once again pregnant, in her fifth month, with a little boy. They'd already decided to name him Ryuujin.


Kagome grinned and stood up, seeing her two babies run through the living room with their father behind him. Inuyasha had made it clear—no limousines would pick his children up from school. He'd do it himself. He still was CEO of Takahashi Group of Companies and Kagome helped him every now and then but family came first.


"Mommy, mommy!" Inume hugged her left foot and Muteki slid his hand into his mothers. "Mommy, Ookami pulled my pigtail today, really hard. He even said he was gonna throw paint on me. I never wanna go back to kindergarten ever again!"

"Don't worry, I pushed him for bullying Inume." Muteki puffed his chest out and Inuyasha's gaze locked with Kagome's.

"He pulled her pigtail?" Inuyasha stuttered.

Kagome grinned mischievously. "Well, I think we should invite our future son-in-law over for dinner, wouldn't you say? And Muteki, you should never push anybody. That doesn't make you better than them. You have to apologize to Ookami tomorrow."

Muteki was dejected. "Fine."

Inume pouted. "But MOMMY! He pulled my hair!"

Inuyasha picked his daughter up and rested her against his hip. "Inume, let's have a father daughter talk… let me tell you how little boys think…"

Kagome shook her head as she saw her husband walk off with their daughter. Oh dear, she thought. Looking down at Muteki, she softly nudged him. "Race you to the kitchen for ice cream?"

Muteki grinned. "You're going down!"

And mother son were off…

Yep. Life couldn't get any better.


Voila! The end! The longest chapter the story had to offer as well… no sequel will be added, though.

Few things:

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God bless.