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I proudly present you a story with a way too long name: It Is Not Only Fine Feathers That Make Fine Birds.

"This team, Sportmaster. Can you tell me more about them?" The voice of the white figure sounded low as it echoed through the room.

"This team, is a team made from sidekicks. They work together like the original Justice league." The assassin explained in a bored tone. He made clear he had no feelings for this talk by sitting on a chair, like only a kid would do, leg over the armrest and picking his javelin.

"Then why did that team of sidekicks stopped our planes for the nineteenth time!" the sudden outburst made the man shot up right.

"Well, they are a good team together…" the man mumbled still focusing on his javelin. His eyes looked back at the screen with the white man on it. "They're well trained and attuned to each other. They have each other's backs and rather retreat than to leave someone behind in their mission." The man explained. He knew why his butt was kicked. They just worked together to damn well.

"Then, how about taking one out. Breaking the chain." the voice sounded over the boxes as a low and evil smirk followed.

"I would love to do so, but you know the consequents. We can't take that decision for the Light. We'll get in real trouble if we mess with the League Babies." The man laid down his Javelin as he knew this would become interesting. That man really wanted to do something about that team and he would love to get into business. Killing one would be great. He was bored anyway.

"Just take one of them and bring him to Cadmus. He'll be returned. So take one without making too much fuss." Sportmaster rolled his eyes on it. "I mean it. We need time before the League comes to ruin everything. We return the sidekick, they can't come and take it." The white figure disappeared from the screen and Sportmaster rose.

"Heh, I love my job." The man smirked.


"Come on Robin! keep your eyes on the team!" Black Canary yelled at the boy as the team was fighting holographic bad guys.

The team was back to back and the training was to make them fill in on the others. If the person on your back needs help, you give it him. Canary had already seen it was Superboy and Robin who needed this training the most. They both were withdrawn when they fought. They tended to fight on their self quickly. The more the reason to have this training.

"Superboy! Help Kid Flash! Don't you see he needs your super strength?" The blonde woman shouted at the clone. He imminently reacted and helped Kid Flash out. "Good, good." The teacher mumbled to herself seeing the result on the two raven-haired boys. After working longer than a year with those teens she saw the result good. The team almost worked perfectly together. It was just the last bit of tuning to finish off with.

The holograms disappeared and so did the battleground. They had defeated all the crooks who were sent after them. The team clearly relaxed a bit as they got out of formation to see each other.

"That rocked." Kid Flash said in a relieved sigh. He loves a good workout and having good results made him feel even better.

"I'm sorry I couldn't block that hit for you," Robin apologized to the archer to his left. "The switch between Batman and your sides brings me a bit off the edge." The 14 year old explained rubbing the back of his head.

"Nah, it's okay." The blond teen smiled the matter a bit off. She knew the boy had to almost forget Batman when he fought with him and in this team he had to do the exact opposite. It was always a weakness of Robin. "I'm still alive, so no problem." She giggled seeing the boy smile at her.

"It went pretty well." The martian cheered. "Shall I bake something nice? I got a new recipe." The green skinned girl smiled. The team nodded at her proposal for baking something nice and went all their own way. In that year not only her fighting but also her baking has improved. The earth kitchen made more and more sense to her and she also made her own (earthly) recipes. She often invite the whole team to have dinner at the cave, which she would prepare herself. They all loved it. The martian somehow had become a bit of the mother of the team. Always worrying about the rest and making sure nobody was hungry or anything close to that.

Superboy as usual followed the martian girl to the kitchen and just tried to help her a bit with baking.

Artemis went over a few details from the training with Canary she wanted to discuss. She always looked up to Black Canary. So strong but used only combat fight. Maybe the whole "only a super scream" thing was what made her so amazing. That woman was almost the same as her, just human, but man, she kicks bad guy butt.

Aqualad stayed there listening to Artemis details. He always cared about knowing how the team looked at the training. He is still the leader. It was for Robin needing more eyes on the team that he wasn't taking over yet. He proved many times he was a good leader but whenever the fight got heated up he lost total sight of the team and stepped back in his "going solo" habit.

Robin also listen a bit to Artemis but on a little distance. He cared, but just not that much. It was for Kid Flash trying to get the teens attention that he didn't join his leader and teammate.

"Come Rob, it's so hot here. Let's cool off outside." The speedster pulled the Boy Wonder's cape.

"Sure," Robin mumbled more to himself that to Kid Flash as he was picking up a few words. He soon knew what details they were discussing and knew he had no interest in those. He already knew. He turned around to face the speedster who was about to run away with the cape still in his hand. "You were saying?"

"Come on Rob. I'm I that uninteresting to you?" the red head whine still pulling the other's cape.

"Quit pulling and just tell me what you said." The boy said as he held his cape up followed by a hand attached to it as if it was a fish on a hook.

Kid Flash let the cape go and placed his both hand on his hips leaning forward to the kid. "Go outside with me." he said the words slowly in a childish voice.

"Why?" Robin asked but did made his way to the Zeta Beam.

"Because I need to cool off after a fight." The teen explained while following his buddy. "I moved way more than you did."

"Because," the boy turned his head to face the finger which was point at him. "That is what you're good at. Running superfast. So why would I run my heart out if you can do it way better than me?"

"True," the speedster pouted.


The incomplete team stood around the holograph computer with the still hot cookies in hand. The martian had finished them and the team couldn't wait to try them. The cookies could be really surprising. Since she thinks way out of the box she makes up nice recipes you would not find in a normal kitchen.

"A hour, that's quick." Kaldur said as he blew on the cookie before taking a bite.

"A quick recipe. Though I'm still trying to find one who is even quicker." Megan smiled as he saw the team enjoy her new cookies. "I've always been busy with the taste, now I'm going to improve time."

"They taste great!" Artemis said as she had toke a bite of the rather weird looking baking result. "I like this one even better than the last one." she said as she took yet another bite of the still warm treat.

"Nah, liked the one from last week better. Though this one is not bad either." Superboy said straight but honest.

"Okay, you guys have made me curious. Give me one." The teacher who first had refused to take one, due her (according to Green Arrow unnecessary) "diet", took one herself. She took a bite and was surprised by the nice taste. "That is actually really good."

"Recognized, Kid Flash, B03." The team watched the Zeta Beam light up and formed his body in the room. But as the body had made form it fell forward and the team saw the boy tied up head to toe.

"What happened!" Black Canary asked seeing the boy struggle against the robes around his Body. She knew that teens got themselves in problems more often than adult but this was just downright ridiculous.

"Sportmaster!" the teen cried out as the team rushed to the speedster to help him out of his plight.

"Why would he tie you up?" Artemis asked knowing it was nothing for her dad to just show up, tie somebody up and go again. He never did something without a good reason. Or bad reason, whatever. He had a reason. That was for sure.

"He tried to keep me silence after he took Robin!" The boy said in a panic voice. The team jumped at his words.

"What!" Black Canary was the first to speak out the surprise of the group.

"He was fighting Robin but the second he noticed me he just knocked him out and tied me up!" the speedster rubbed his wrist from where the robes had ragged.

"How the heck did he knocked Robin out? He's the freaking Boy Wonder!" Artemis was really picky at information. Since he is her father. She might could find out what he wanted.

Kid Flash became a bit pale. "H-he just grabbed his head and hit him against the cliff. He was imminently knocked out and had a head wound caused by it." Artemis rolled her eyes telling herself that that story sounded more like her dad.

"We need to inform Batman and the Justice league." Kaldur rose and walked back to the computer where they had stand a few moments ago. The teen typed on the computer and soon a window opened and showed Superman.

"Aqualdad, can I help you?" the man of steel asked seeing the rest of the team gather around the computer.

"There is a problem. Sportmaster has kidnapped Robin." the leader said straight to the superhero in front of him.

The man of steels visibly widen his eyes. "Robin." the man repeated the teen. "They kidnapped Robin?" the teens were a bit surprised by the man of steel's reaction.

"Yes he did. And when he noticed I was around to witness he tied me up so I could not return to the team. It was more than an hour ago when it happened. It is for me being a speedster that I arrived here doddering so soon." The speedster walked up front facing the ex-leader of the Justice League.

"Contact Batman. We'll try to find Leaguers to put on this case. Superman out." The man said and disappeared from the screen.

Kid Flash swallowed. "Okay, Batman's next…"

Artemis nudged the redhead in his side. "He's not going to kill you. Just Sportmaster." She said as she took his place and dialed the emergency number Batman had left the first day this team started. It would call directly to the Batcave and was only to use by real emergency.

Batman appeared on the screen within seconds with a serious (as usual) face. He didn't say a word and just waited for the story. He knew something was wrong and spilling any words would be unnecessary.

"Batman, Robin is kidnapped by Sportmaster." Artemis said trying to stay calm. She saw something change in the man's face but it disappeared within a second.

"What happened exactly?" the man said in the same low voice he always used.

"I saw Robin and Sportmaster fight outside the cave and when the man noticed me he knocked Robin out by hitting his head on the cliff and tied me up. It took me an hour to reach the cave's entry." The speedster explained. Now he knew Batman was not going to burn the team. He knew it was ridiculous but sometimes he could see the man as a fire spitting dragon and the second you would take his egg, aka Robin, you'll be burned to death. So failing in protecting his precious Robin would be just as worse, wouldn't it?

"Have you already contact the League?" the mas asked still calm, still no fire.

"Yes we already did. Superman is already organizing a party to go." Kaldur spoke up from behind Kid Flash.

"I'll be with you within seconds." The man said and left the group staring at the black screen.

Just a few moments of silence later the Zeta Beam announced the Dark Knight's arrival. The man walked out in high pace toward Kid Flash.

"Show me where it happened." Batman said to the speedster who was a bit pale.

"S-sure," the boy said uncomfortable by the big bat and brought the man to the place. It took a small three minutes' walk to find the place. Well Batman's walk. That was a bit faster that Robin's, for him it would more be a five minutes' walk.

"Here we sat and I was getting a snack but when I returned I found the two fighting." The boy pointed at a little place where was just enough ground to allow two man to stand next to each other. Batman walked by the cliff finding the blood on it. He swept his finger over the blood studying it on his clove.

"Where was he hit?" the man asked still looking at crimson on his clove.

"Err," the teen felt on his own had thinking back at his hurt friend. "Here," he said pointing above his right temple.

The Bat dressed man looked up seeing where the boy pointed. "There is a possibility he lost his memory…" The man said more to himself than the present younger. He walked around humming a bit and returned to the teen.

"Sooo, found anything?" he asked the Dark Knight.

The man growled something under his breath and turned to the teen. "Nothing. Nothing more than I've heard from you." The man pasted the teen and walked back to the cave.

He didn't say a word and just walked in a high pace to the computer. Soon the image of the man of steel appeared in a new opened window.

"Batman, good to see you. I've not that much man free but they're good. I've got both Green Lanterns and Wonder Woman." He said proudly of the fast made search party.

"Get them over here and I'll start the search for Robin's signal. Batman out." Batman said and the window closed again. Now another window opened. "Connecting Batcave." Was what was read on the window and soon many other windows opened.

"Did Sportmaster said anything?" the man with cowl asked Kid Flash without stopping typing on the computer nor looking away from the screen.

"No, he hadn't said a word." The boy shrugged.

"How about Robin," the man said almost in a hiss as a small widow appeared with the words. "No signal found."

"Nope, no word. I think he was knocked out too fast to realize I was even there."

The man opened a few other windows on the computer and soon a map of Happy harbor and surroundings appeared. But not just a map, but with a few dots on it. There were many on the place where the cave was and a few just a few meters away. And then one halfway the map.

"The dots are Robin's location every five minutes." The man mumbled as explaining for the group.

"Okay, that is officially creepy. Every five minutes!" the speedster was the fists to react on the creepy fact.

"As you see the signal is not always reachable. So to find him anyway I made the computer record the signal of his location every five minutes and will be in the memory of the computer for one week." The man said while he made the map zoom out seeing more dots. "That is the last record I got from the signal." The man pointed at a dot half way Washington D.C.. "That means or that they went somewhere underground within a range of five minutes travel. Or that by than they found a way to disable it." The man now returned to the group.

"Either of you have seen something funny, out of place, or anything else what could have told you guys that something was not right?" they all shook their head. The man sighed. "The more I search the more I think Sportmaster didn't even care if it was Robin. He didn't hack into the computer to know if Robin was out or not. No traces of searching found. It just look like the man came found Robin and took him."

"That doesn't sound like Sportmaster." Artemis spoke up. "Normally he won't just do something without a good reason. Let alone just taking one of us. He knows getting in a fight with the Justice League is not wise."

Batman suddenly narrowed his eyes as he noticed a small popup on the holographic computer screen. He turned back to the computer as a silence alarm went off. "We've been hacked." The man hissed as he typed on the computer. "Robin," the man stopped. "They're using Robin's computer. I can't stop it." The man cursed under his breath and looked like he was about to stomp something.

"What are they doing?" Black Canary asked acting as if she hadn't heard the man curse.

"Total lock down." The voice of the man sounded firm but his poker face started to leak. The man was worried, no not just worried. He was worried sick, sick till he drops. His beloved son was in the hands of a bastard like Sportmaster and they're using his computer so he can't go after them and get him back.

As the man had ended his sense the light went out and a few alarms sounded through the building. "So all entries are locked down?" Kaldur asked as confirmation just before emergency lights flicked on.

The man let out a sigh and nodded. "Yes, we can no longer use the computer nor leave this place. Total lock down." The man walked off.

"Where are you going." Megan asked the man feeling his emotions flying up and down. The man was upset that was clear.

"Don't follow me." the man said and disappeared into one of the hallways which leaded into the unused part of the cave. Nobody knew what there was but Batman did. He was there when it was made the first time. He used it often to cool off when he was a bit too upset. For times like this.

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