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The green skinned girl kept picking at the costume trying to get it perfect around my body, as I tried to get the sleeves right. I thought it was better to ignore the jitters I got from it because I knew the girl was just trying to help as much as she could. She is sweet and naïve. Can't blame her for not knowing that it could be annoying to keep on picking at somebody's cloths.

Maybe I can make her stop by talking to her. Ever since I started to undress, the girl had become awfully quiet. "You did a great job. It fits perfectly."

The girl blushed slightly before speaking up. "Oh, err, thanks. I tried my best." The girl said as her hand trailed back up to my chest. "What letter or symbol do you want?" she asked, looking at the empty place at my costume before looking up to me.

I thought for a second before returning an answer to the martian. "A 'G' would do,"

I got a puzzled look from the girl. "G?" She asked. curiosity overflowing her voice.

"Well, I sort of look like a garuda. So I thought of using that as the name of my new persona."

"Oh," Megan said as she turned around and started searching for something in the bag where my costume had been in. "I'll make something with a G for you." She said still, focused on the bag. "Here," she had found what she was searching for and gave it to me.

"A utility belt?" I looked at the bright yellow colored belt which looked exactly like my old one, but with another buckle.

"Well, we just changed the buckle. It's your spare belt." the girl said as she also took out a domino mask.

"Batman gave you all this?" I asked as I took the domino mask from her and waited for her to leave. She didn't leave. She just looked at me, smiling.

"You're not putting it on?" she asked naïvely. I just turned my back at her and peeled off my mask. "Oh, sorry!" the girl gasped as she noticed why I had waited. "I totally forgot."

"It doesn't matter. I'm used to it," I said as I placed the other mask on my face. "For the others, it's normal to tell your teammates your identity." I turned around facing the girl while adjusting my mask by placing pressure with my finger tips. I was not really used to the form.

"Don't you mind that you're the only one still masked in this team?" The girl asked as she reached out to help getting my mask right.

"I don't like it at all," Megan seemed surprised by my words. "Though the reason to hide myself is more important than my need to have you guys closer to me. My mask doesn't only protect me, yah know."

The teen gave me a puzzled look. "Not only you? You mean Batman?" she asked, as she had finally succeed in correcting my mask.

"Also," I noticed the girl still didn't understand what I meant. "To protect you."

"Me?" the girl pointed at herself.

"The team," I corrected her. "If somebody finds out you guys know who I am, they will come after you to get it out of you."

The girls eyes grew. "They would?"

"Joker definitely would," The girl shifted on her feet uncomfortably by the idea. "And not only him. Enough people in Gotham would kill to have my name."

"But why?" She dared to ask further. "Why do they want to know so badly who you are."

I sat down. This might take a while. "Getting to me means getting to Batman. Everybody knows I'm Batman's weakness."

"Still, so much for one superhero."

"He is the leader of the Justice League. And he's worth even more once they know who he is. The second our identities are out we can't live. We'll have to fight forever, or will be killed the second it's out." I told her as I stared at the ground.

"And you're still Robin? Why?" No wonder she would asked that. But I knew what I've gone into when I started as Robin and I knew I could never return. I knew and still became Robin. I stood behind my choice and I do now. Fighting by Batman's side means putting my life in danger in many ways. But all those ways are worth it to fight beside him, to be a real hero, to save people from the same fate who had grabbed me. That is Robin and that is me.

"It's who I am. I have different reasons to fight any sort of crime." I rose my head to face the girl. "Good ones."

"But putting your own life in danger like that. Just one good yank and they have your mask in their hands!" The girl almost sounded angry. I hadn't expect her to react like that.

"I am aware of that," I simply answered.

"Then why!?" the girl had suddenly raised her voice which got me off guard.

"Because that's who I am!" I could not help but raise my voice too.

"It's ridiculously dangerous!"

"I am aware of that! It's my own choice!"

"Why did Batman even approve!?"

"Because I had potential!"

"That's all!? Is he crazy!?" the girl yelled in my face.

"No! Of course not!" I spat back rising from my sitting position. Nobody ever questioned mine and Batman's decision about me being Robin like that. It somehow made me pissed. "I'm just like him! I proved myself and I had potential! What more do you want!?"

"A better reason for putting a nine year old in such a life!" She came closer to me, I guess in attempt to make her words implant better on me.

"Because I'm an orphan just like him! I don't want anybody else to become an orphan the way I did!" the girl was bewildered by my outburst and was silence as I just went on. "My life is ruined anyway! so dying to save somebody the same life I had is worth it many times!" the girl looked pale and had wide eyes. "Seeing your both parents die before you is unbearable! I DON'T WANT IT TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE!" the last sense was shouted with my fists clenched till they were white and eyes closed.

Megan just stared at me, mouth hanging open. I turned around placing my both hands in my hair. How could I've told her that? How could I've lost my cool so easily? "Robin," her sweet voice made me turn back to her. "I didn't know…"

"Sorry," I interrupted her. "I am sorry." The girl was surprised by my words. "I shouldn't have told you that." I don't know why but I paused for a second. "I have to ask you to forget everything I told you."


"I'm sorry," I interrupted her again. "You can't tell anyone. Not even Superboy. It's too much of a lead to who I am. I trust you won't tell." I left the room before the girl could gave an answer. I didn't want to know the answer. I knew she would never just tell, though I didn't wanted to hear those words from her lips. Those capturing words. She's not supposed to hide. She supposed to be open like she always is. Just as honest and sweet as usual. No dirty liar like me. Even though it is for the right cause.

As I entered the kitchen finding four other teens, drink still in their hands, waiting for me with wide smiles. They clearly liked what they saw.

Also they seemed not to have heard my shouting. Thank God! I still didn't feel great after leaving Megan behind. I didn't feel like having all this fuss about me right now. I want them to comfort the girl. But they can't. And all because I forbid her to tell.

"Is there something wrong, Robin?" Kaldur asked in his usual polite way. I felt like telling them. Tell them I freaking screamed at the nicest girl on this team, no easily the whole justice league. She was like a big sister to me and at the same time a good friend.

Guilt kept on rising in my chest and I spoke up as the pressure made me feel oppressive. "I shouted at M'gann!" I spat out, almost causing the group of teens to jump. "Please go talk to her." I saw the surprised faces of the team and one very angry.

"Why the hell did you shout at her!?" Superboy sounded as if he was about to rip off my head. I backed away as the clone came closer to me. Had he seriously planned to rip off my head?

"I didn't mean to shout! She just got me off guard!" I thought Superboy was about to reach for my neck as Kaldur stopped him from whatever he wanted to do with me.

The Atlantean's hand was firm around he Kryptonian's arm. "Come, we'll go to see Miss Martian."

The four teens trailed off slowly and left me alone. Alone to my own thoughts. I rested my back to the wall and let my feet slip away underneath me. It felt horrible to let my feather on my back scrap by the wall but at the same moment it felt as a well-earned punishment and I just ignored the pain. How could I've shouted at her? How could I've shouted that at her?

I pulled my legs up and placed my head on them. How could I've wanted to prove my right as Robin so badly? I placed my hands in my hair and let them trail to the back of my head. I then let my arms rest on my head covering it together with my legs.

All I could think about was one question, "Why?"


Kaldur and Superboy slowly opened the door leading to the room where Robin and Megan had talked just a minute ago. As their eyes trailed to the girl they noticed she seemed perfectly fine.

The girl sat on the place Robin had sat, with his original mask in her hands. Her gaze on the mask was deep and absent. All words Robin had spoken to her kept on resounding in her head, though a few stood out. "Seeing your both parents die before you is unbearable!" He was right. Nobody should bare such a thing. He was right for putting his own life at stake just for that. No not just. Losing your parents is not just. Neither is saving somebody for such a fate. Robin's reasons where noble and he knew. Why telling her? Telling her by shouting it into her face. Robin never lost his cool. Only when he saw Zatanna and since she's not here she is clearly not the cause.

"Megan?" Superboy slowly entered the room afraid to find her with tears in her eyes. But as the girl looked up to her boyfriend he noticed an absent look. "You're okay?" he asked the green skinned girl.

The girl frowned at the teens question. "I'm okay. Why asking?"

Now the rest of the team knew it was save to enter. "But Robin shouted at you." Superboy continued.

The girl rose an eyebrow. "He told you?" there was a silence from the teens before she continued. "Well yeah, he did. So what? Everybody loses his or hers cool sometimes."

"He shouted at you!" Superboy was still angry at Robin for shouting at his girlfriend.

"What did he shout at you?" Kaldur interrupted the over-reacting clone.

Suddenly something changed in Megan's expression. She seemed hurt to Superboy. She couldn't tell them. He made her promise not to tell anyone. Why did he even told them he had shouted at her? She had started it all, not him.

"Let me guess," Wally's light voice broke the silence. "He made you promise not to tell. He shouted something you shouldn't know."

"How?" the green girl sounded flabbergasted.

"Well, that is Robin," the boy said casually, shrugging. "He spills something, and then makes you carry the burden."

"Burden?" the girl repeated the speedsters last word.

"Well, I see it as burdens. All those secrets. They're hard to keep. And it doesn't feel good keeping them from your friends," Wally weirdly smiled at the end of his sense. "If you're troubled by them, talk with Robin about it. It'll help," You didn't need a brain to know what the speedster meant by 'them'. Being a friend from Robin settled him with enough secrets. The Boy Wonder often leaked about his live with Batman, aka his father. Any person outside this cave could not have guessed the two were father and son. The man could be stone hard and cold to the bone to the boy. And Robin sometimes seemed he didn't even to care about such treatment. He would just laugh the mater off or ignore the whole fact his mentor was that raw to him.

If he thought about it, hiding his relation with Batman had gone pretty well. What more could the boy be hiding behind his mask and smirk of his. He seems to be full of secrets. But seeing the way how Megan had reacted on the question about the secret it may be a bigger one than he had ever got out of the teen. What could he have told Megan? What…?

"Well, whatever it is in your eyes, I'll still keep it a secret. Robin made me promise, and I won't break that promise," The girl answered firmly. "Plus, it was me who started the whole shouting thing." that surprised the team. Megan had started a shouting scene?

"It was you who started it? Why?" Superboy asked as blunt as ever.

"Because I didn't understand," the girl said in attempt to not leak any lead to her secret.

"You didn't understand what?" Artemis asked as she stepped forward. She had watched the whole conversation develop but had found her time to jump in.

"Why I became Robin." All eyes shot over to the open door leading them to a boy dressed in black, brown and red. His sleeves where black up his neck, and cut so it was worn around his feathers. His sleeves turned at the end into a sort of glove which covered two finger to the half. His chest was red and his abdomen was brown like his feathers. From his waist till his knees his costume was red again and it ended off with black. He also had another domino mask which was a matching shade of brown, and had a pointy ending which pointed to the outside instead of going up like his original one. It all looked amazing on the boy, though there was clearly missing a signature, like most superhero's costumes had.

"So, she then started to shout at you?" Artemis pointed out.

"In short, yes." Robin noticed the questioning eyes trailing to the green skinned girl. "Though she's not to be blamed," he said to get all the uncomfortable attention away from the girl. All eyes now stared at him again in some sort of hunger to more knowledge about this whole situation. "You can't blame her for not understanding. Few people do," with that the boy left the scene, leaving a group full of questions behind.

All eyes stared at the door until the silence was broken. "Why did Robin become a hero?" Conner's question wasn't aimed at his girlfriend. He just wondered out loud and the other teens agreed.

"Yes. Why?" Kaldur repeated as it more sounded as a deep thought.


"So, she started to shout at you and you shouted back? Why'd you lose your cool?" Batman asked his son without looking up from the sample he had from the boy. He placed it under a microscope to see it better.

"I already told you that I don't know why." Gosh, why had he even told Bruce this? He would only ask the same questions he had already asked himself. "She just so purely questioned yours and my decision of becoming a hero." The man just hummed as answer to tell the boy he was listening. "After she did that I just sort of flipped."

"Why did you mind she didn't understand why you're a hero? You know why and so do I. You don't need any more approval, do you?" The boy sighed at his father's words. He was right. It had never bothered him before. But why did it now? "How did you feel when she questioned your decision?" the man asked without looking away from the sample as he zoomed in more on the tissue.

"How'd I feel…?" the boy thought out loud. "I don't know, worked up? It kind of hurt me, my feeling's..."

"You're ego?" the man now turned around and looked at his son.

Robin became a bit pale. Maybe it was his ego which was hurt. He had been the sidekick for the longest of all. Why would they even questioned him. Shit! It is his ego! The boy had now a more painful face as he spoke up. "I, I guess you're right."

"Robin," The man approached the raven-haired boy. "I understand you're proud about the way you turned out, so am I, but you have to keep your head on earth. Don't think yourself to great or you will fall. And I mean fall hard," the man placed his hand in the boy's hair. "To keep yourself a secret you sometimes have to swallow your pride," the boy nodded. "Good," The boy suddenly wrapped his arms around his father's torso and pulled the man into a hug. "Err."

"Just swallow it," the boy said as he had his eyes closed and absorbed the man's warmth.

Batman smiled at his son's smart comeback, and held him dearly. Hell, he was proud of him. He let his eyes fall shut and enjoyed the rare moment of hugging his son.

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