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Chapter 1

Damon looked down at the glass in his hand and stared at it aimlessly, willing it to say something to him, alcohol was the only thing that spoke to him anymore. He was drunk beyond belief... he couldn't remember the last time he had been this drunk. Ah! Yes he did remember when he had last been this drunk... yesterday! He got stinking drunk every singly turn of the calendar, day or night. There was only one constant in his life, his veins pumping with the heavenly mixture of AB- and bourbon.

He sighed as he poured another large quantity in his glass and chugged it down in one go. He was miserable, god there was no doubt about it. He had been this way for a year now... or was it two, he really couldn't remember. He spent every single day watching TV and drinking... that's all he did. He only had one visitor, Elena who came to see him every month, there was a time when she bought her kids, but the boarding house looked like the Adam's family mansion so she couldn't bring the little innocent children either. There was no redemption for him, there was some hope in the beginning, now all hope had vanished. Even Elena's usual 'Everything will get better' look had changed to 'just accept it and move on' look. He thought he had accepted it, he was the one who had taken the decision for god sake's, but now he wished he could go back in time and tell two years ago Damon to shut the fuck up!

Every night at one point or another he always asked himself how the hell he had ended up here? When not that many years ago he had seemed happy, how did he get so sad, alone, pathetic and miserable... it always came back to that one cold frigid February night when he made the worse decision of his life...


"I don't think this is working anymore Caroline" Damon said as he fiddled nervously with his sun ring, afraid to continue... to see her eyes fill with pain "I can't do this, you're moving too fast..."

Her eyes widened and he saw the tears well up in them, he really didn't want to hurt her but it seemed better to do it now than years in the future when it would hurt more, when there would be more to lose.

"You're breaking up with me?" she asked coarsely trying madly to control her tears

"Yeah... I'm not what you want me to be, I never will be... so it's easier this way" he said firmly and without a hint of hesitation in his voice

"Damon... did I do something wrong? I-I we can..." she asked desperately her tears flowing freely now... she looked devastated and his heart burned to see her like this.

"It's just what I want Caroline" he said finally and got up placing a chaste kiss on her forehead before walking out the door

End flashback

Could you have been any stupider? He asked himself. He had done a lot of I'm newly single things, slept with more girls than he could count, drank like a brewery and somewhere along the line each girl and every glass became a comparison to his life with Caroline, sure it hadn't been some kind of adventure packed romance, but at least he was happy and smiling. He groaned and hid his head in between his knees and didn't hear the front door opening but heard the string of angry swear words that followed

"It smells like a whore land in here Damon? When was this place cleaned last?" Elena demanded as she stood in between blood bags and bottles taping her foot impatiently

"The last time you were here" he yelled back... he was not in the mood for her lectures "Why are you here? Don't you have kids to be tucking in or something" he hissed back

"Why the hell would I be tucking them in at 2 in the afternoon?" she asked glaringly raising a brow

"Oh..." he said in a defeated tone "I thought it was night" he added as he got up and had to hold her arm to steady himself and started to walk back towards the bar when she pushed him down onto the sofa harshly

"Does it even make any difference to you?" she asked and added when he looked at her curiously "Whether its day or night?"

"Nope" he said simply and watched her as she started to pick up things from the floor in an attempt to clean the place. He could smell something, food... she always bought food. He could smell sausages, must be Sunday he thought Matt always has a barbeque on Sunday.

"You have mail Damon" she said throwing few letters at him, he couldn't believe people sent him mail... no one even knew nor cared that he was alive

He opened the first letter that looked too damn pretty to be a court summons or a bill, not noticing the worried glance Elena was giving him. He sighed as he saw the handwriting, he knew it well... he had known it for long... too long

"We're all going, me Matt the kids, Bonnie and Alaric and even Jeremy and that new girlfriend of his... We'll all be there" Elena said nervously biting her lower lip and hurried into the kitchen leaving a very puzzled Damon thinking bitterly women

He opened the letter slowly and started to read it


I know we haven't spoken in a long time, we are both to blame for it but still at the end of the day you are my brother. I only do this because Caroline requested it, I thought it would be better we speak later but as you can see I lost. I want to tell you that we all want you to be there and wish you can make it, it would make me happy it would Caroline happier. Do it for her, you owe her one.

Your brother


Stupid little git, can't even be nice in a fucking letter. He had winced audibly at every mention of Caroline, but it was only the mention of her name that got his curiosity to open the envelope to see what else was inside it. He opened the card and once he was done reading it, it fell from his hands and he didn't take another breath... the meaning of those words refusing to leave his mind

You are cordially invited to the wedding of

Caroline Forbes


Stefan Salvatore