I have to be honest with you guys, Daroline and Steroline were my first otp in tvd – and midway season 1 I was an out and out Daroline shipper. I loved writing stories for them as well as the Stefan/Caroline/Damon triangle, but once Klaus walked in in 2x19 I was gone for, I swear I had no control over what happened. I still wrote a little Daroline after 2x19 and beginning of season 3, but 3x02 sealed it for me – Klaroline went from a crackship to my obsession.

I'm very sorry to have to say this, but I honestly cannot write Daroline anymore; drabbles and small things of them I have and I will continue to write (on request) but I have to admit now that I won't be continuing any of my Daroline stories and that's why I've decided to put up these A/N's in my fics.

I did this because it was time I stop ignoring the WIP's in my page and also many of the stories have been read and reviewed and people asked for more, I wish I could give you more – but honestly Klaroline just ruined me. And I'm a crackshipper at heart, Daroline was and in a way still is a crackship, so as of now my writing inspiration somehow always finds me in the vicinity of Klaroline, carlijah, steroline or klarolijah. I'm very sorry for this, but I hope you all understand!

I hope those of you who like Klaroline read my Klaroline stories! All I can say is I'm sorry for giving up on these fics but I just have lost all inspiration for Daroline!