Note: Megan is my own original character. Will explain as story goes on! For now, enjoy!

Chapter 1

Why did Rachel have to be so boring? Noah Puckerman yawned, and continued to stare at the front of the classroom. Rachel Berry was currently going on and on about how she was about to become a big star (well, Puck wasn't really listening, but what else could she have been talking about?)

"Can she just hurry up and sing?" He heard someone mutter.

"-And so, my fellow Glee clubbers," Rachel parroted on. "That is why-" She was cut off by a long, loud bang. Immediately, everyone in the room straightened. For a few seconds, there was a deathly silence. And then, from someplace far away, there was a high scream.

Several things started to unravel at once. Rachel and Finn were bang together in an instance, holding each other. Most of the other Glee boys had jumped up, and started running around, some of them grabbing their girlfriends, others just looking around, almost terrified. Blaine and Kurt had remained seated. Well, Kurt had crawled over into Blaine's lap, tears starting to fill his eyes.

"What the hell was that?" He asked in a high voice. Blaine, having no answers, just pulled Kurt into him, wondering if this was Karma for not kissing his boyfriend at the staircase earlier on in the week.

"Guys, calm down!" Will Shuester tried, a feeling of unease trickling into his stomach. "I mean, I'm sure everything's okay..."

There was a series of bangs, and Quinn whimpered.

"I-I-It's a g-gun..." She stated. Rachel and Santana both started to cry into Finn and Brittany's shoulder.

"How do you know?" Puck asked. Quinn looked up shakily.

"My D-Dad used to go out hunting, I think I know what a gun sounds like..." The New Directions started to pale.

"I don't wanna die." Brittany stated, wrapping her arms around Santana.

"Shit." Will muttered. He turned around, not wanting to face his Glee Club. What man would in this situation?

"This is like Columbine," Megan said, bringing her hands up to her face. "I don't want to get shot!"

"None of us do!" Santana managed.

"What's Columbine?" Finn asked. Kurt let out a sob. "Kurt?"

"I-I-It was over twelve years ago," Kurt let out, Blaine rubbing his back. "A-A-And two boys walked into a High School with g-guns. T-They killed t-thirteen students-"

"Twelve," Megan corrected, her hands still brought up to her mouth. "Twelve students, and one teacher..."

"R-Right. And then they killed themselves."

"A-And twenty four were injured," Megan said, tears leaking from her eyes. "Some were p-paralysed, a-and..." She stopped, letting her sobs overtake her. Finn sat down, Rachel still in his arms, landing in his lap for comfort, and reached over with his spare hand to rub Megan's shoulder.

"Hey, none of us will die," Finn tried. "I mean, if we try to run away..."

"We'll get shot from a long-range." Quinn muttered bitterly.

"Hey, none of that talk," Finn said. He knew that he had to be a leader, especially now, so he let it sink in. "Megan, none of us will die. Guys, if we're not even going to run away, then we have to barricade the door." Will turned around.

"Finn's right," He said shakily. "Our only other chance of making it out of this alive is blocking the shooter's way in. I mean, it may not be a shooter..."

"Are you going to wait and see, or are we going to barricade the door?" Artie asked. Will closed his mouth, and nodded.

"Who could the shooter be?" Kurt whispered as everyone clambered together.

One minute, Dave Karofsky had been sitting in a class (did it really matter what class it was? They were all pretty pointless), and the next, all hell had broken loose.

"...A kid..."

"...A student?...No!..."

"...It can't be!..."


"...I-I don't wanna die!"

Then, he could remember the teacher, Miss Corcoran (Was that her name?) , quickly telling all the students to hide underneath their desks. Without really thinking, he stood up, overturning his chair, and went to look out the class door. "DAVE! WHAT THE HELL?" He heard the teacher yell.

"But, I wanna see..." He stopped, as a bang, closer this time, rang out.

"For God's sake, get in! " Karofsky quickly shut the door, trying to lock it, before Miss Corcoran took over. Throwing himself underneath a desk, he prayed, for once, that nothing would happen.

Just as Sue Sylvester was about to yell into her megaphone a tough-love insult about the Cheerio's dance routine, she saw a figure come round the side of the school. Putting her megaphone down from her lips, she kept her well-trained eyes on the figure wearing a trench coat. From her vantage point, she saw the figure pull out a gun. "Oh my..."

"Miss Sylvester..." She heard one of the girls say (was her name Lindsay? Stupid name) "I-Is that a..."


And suddenly, there was a scream, followed by shots.

"Okay, so, we're going to have to move the piano to block the door," Finn said once they were all huddled. "And then, girls, we want as many of you to hide beneath the piano as possible."

"What if we don't all fit?" Brittany whispered. "I mean, Mercedes quit, so there's only..." She paused. "I don't know."

"There are six of us," Megan stated. "Including me."

"Are we counting you?" Santana asked.

"Just 'cus she's thirteen..." Finn started.

"Wait, you're thirteen?" Brittany asked. Megan rolled her eyes.

"Old news, guys." When they looked blankly at her, she sighed. "I got moved up a couple grades." Everyone nodded in understanding.

"So, move the piano." Puck checked. The New Direction guys (excluding Artie) and Will went over to the piano, usually occupied by Brad, and started to try to lift it.

"Oh My God." Megan muttered. "Guys, try pushing it."

There was a shatter of glass, and suddenly, Dave Karofsky felt his heart stop. As far as he knew, the shooter (or, shooters) could see into the classroom now, due to the tiny window that occupied most doors of McKinley High.

"Nobody move." He heard Shelby Corcoran whisper. Dave Karofsky, for once, decided to just do as she asked.

"There's no way we can all just sit here," Santana complained.

"I want Finn." Rachel said, tears filling her eyes.

"Me too." Megan said. Rachel reached out and put her arm around the younger girl, hoping that this may console both of them a little more.

"Finn's dating Rachel." Quinn said snarkily, still terrified.

"Yeah, well, he and Kurt live next door to me."

"Now what?" Puck asked, his arms aching. If the noise of the piano scraping across the floor hadn't alerted the shooter of their hiding spot, than Puck didn't know what could.

"Well, how much room is under there?" Blaine asked with his arm around Kurt. For once, no one actually thought "Can't they keep it in, just for once?", or anything along that line.

"A little," They heard someone (probably Rachel) reply. "Not a lot, but some."

"I want Kurt to go under there." Blaine said. They guys stared at him (and if the girls were probably looking at each other with that kind of look).

"Why should I get the special treatment?" Kurt questioned, surprising them even more. "I mean, if anything, we should take Artie out of his chair, and hide him under there."

"Yeah." Brittany muttered quietly.

"We all want to hide under there," Finn said. "But it would be unfair on the rest of us if just one of us got the special treatment. I mean, the girls are under there because we want them safe-"

"But we want you guys safe too!" Quinn stuck her head out from under the piano, her hair sticking up a little.

Before anyone could say anything, they heard a shot, screaming, and more shots coming from the direction of the Biology Department.

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