Chapter 5

Shit! I need to get out of here!

Blaine turned to run, not caring if it attracted the shooter (or shooters, you never knew). He needed to get back to the Choir Room, where it was safe.

"Do you hear something?" He asked someone ask. Taking a deep breath, he turned a corner, not daring to wait to see if they'd come out into the corridor.

"Yeah," Another person said gruffly. Actually, it was a voice that was clearly trying to sound gruff. "Do you wanna check?"

"Why not? I mean, it's only someone else we can shoot, right?" He heard fast footsteps following him, and Blaine felt his heart start to race. They were going to catch him, he knew it. He could have maybe outrun one; if he was lucky, but two or more was just...he was going to die.

Turning another corner, he slipped in something (he didn't know what on), and slid into a locker door. Swearing under his breath, he clambered up, hearing the footsteps getting faster and closer. He should have just stopped there and waited for them to kill him. His parents wouldn't really miss him. In fact, his parents would have a field day with all the publicity this whole incident would present. And it's not like they loved him anyway, even before he announced to them he was gay. So, really, should have just sat there and waited for his death to come.

He was going to do that, when something entered his mind.

"I wonder if anyone else got out," Megan murmured.

"I know the Cheerio's are probably out," Santana said. "I mean me and Britts skipped practice to come here, so we know that they were out on the field.

"You practice during the school day?" Tina asked.

"Guys, I'm sorry, but I think it's safest if I shut the door in my office and lock it." Will said. Kurt bounced up in a second off the floor, his eyes wide in terror.

"No! Mr Schue, Blaine's still out there!" Will sighed, and put his hand on Kurt's shoulder.

"I know, Kurt. But we can't just leave that door open. Especially if..." He trailed off, as Kurt's eyes filled with tears.

"He's not dead!" Kurt said. "I know he's not!"

"How do you know?" Tina asked gently.

"I just do!" Kurt turned back to Mr Schue desperately. "Please, just for a little while longer! If he's not back in half an hour, then..." Kurt took a deep breath. "Then you can shut it." Will sighed.

"Fine. But half an hour is all."

"Hey!" Burt turned around to see a man run up to him, a worried look on his face. "Have you seen Jessica? She's my d-d-daughter, a-a-and I..."

"No." Burt said, seeing how upset the man was getting. "No one's come out yet."

"Oh." The man sighed weakly, almost about to cry. "Thanks anyway."

It was only then that Burt actually realised that it wasn't just his own children in there, it was millions of others.

Emma could hear them running outside her office. She curled up, trying to make herself invisible, praying to herself that they wouldn't come in. God must have been busy, what with the amount of students in this school, because she heard the gunshot, before all of the glass started to shatter. She winced, before falling silent.

"Do you think there's a teacher in here?"

"Nah, she probably ran for it."

"Well, let's find that little shit. I heard something bang into the lockers."

With a sigh of relief, Emma heard the shooters carry on down the corridor.

Now she felt sorry for the poor child who they were going after.

Kurt. Kurt's face appeared in Blaine's head, and everything happened in a sort of slow motion.

Kurt was smiling at him, and nodding, as if saying "Yes, Blaine. Come back." It sounded stupid, but it made Blaine want to hug his boyfriend. And he knew that if he didn't even try to escape, Kurt would be unhappy. At least, if he tried to run, Kurt would think that Blaine had actually tried.

Just as Blaine had steadied himself, he was two people in trench coats come around the corner, holding rifle. Several things happened at once. Blaine turned and ran away, praying that he'd make it out of this alive.

"QUICK, SHOOT HIM!" He heard one of them yell. Closing his eyes, Blaine moved his short legs even faster.

And then, a shot rang out. It hit the locked right next to where he'd ran past, before more shots rang out.

He gasped, and turned the corner, before realising that he'd made it out alive.

"Damn! We missed, you idiot!" The taller one growled, pushing his companion. The other boy narrowed his eyes.

"Don't. Push. Me." He pointed his gun at the taller boy. "Because, unlike you, I've actually shot people."

"Look, let's focus on killing everyone else, not each other, alright?"

"Kurt, let go of me." Mr Schue tried.

"B-B-B-But he's alive still! I told you, I-I-I-I just know!" Kurt sobbed, trying to get his teacher to listen.

"Mr Schue, leave the door open!" Santana said sharply. Everyone, including Mr Schue, stared at her. "What? I'm getting sick of him screaming, and he's going to attract the shooters even more than an open door."

"But, Santana..." Mr Schue started.

"No," Santana said firmly, standing up, leaving Brittany's side. "If he says he knows the hobbit's still alive, then I believe him."

"But it's ridiculous!" Mr Schue stated. Santana shook her head.

"It's not. Even Coach Sylvester would agree with me." Mr Schue looked at her oddly. "At her sister's funeral...She wrote it, and you read her speech. It said something about tethers, and being able to feel someone else on the other end."

"Exactly!" Kurt said thankfully. "Mr Schue, please believe me! I know he's alive! I can just feel it!" Mr Schue looked around at everyone weakly.

"I believe him," Rachel said softly.

"Me too." Tina stated.

"Me three." Brittany said quietly.

"I think we've all spoken, Mr Schue." Finn said. Mr Schue sighed, and nodded.

"HOLY SHIT! THERE'S A KID FALLING OUT THE WINDOW!" Everyone turned to where someone had yelled and pointed, and a gasp echoed through the crowd.

"That's not Kurt or Finn is it?" Carole asked worriedly, clinging to Burt's arm.

"I don't know..."

"Come on!" Dave grunted. "You can make it, Joey!" The boy fell through the window, and Dave hoped that someone had caught him. Shelby peered out. "Well?"

"He made it." Dave breathed out in relief.

"Great. Now what?" Dave asked, looking around, like Shelby.

"Well," Shelby said. "I guess all we can do now is make sure the worst injured ones get out first." Dave scanned the room.

"What about the dead ones?"

"Well," Shelby started fighting back tears. "We can't really help them, can we?"

Blaine could see it! The Choir Room! The safe Choir Room!

Using the last of his dwindling energy, he surged forwards, flying into Mr Schuester's office, crying out of relief as he did so.

"Blaine!" Blaine collapsed to the floor, exhausted. The first face he saw was his boyfriend's, his eyes full of panic, and relief. They were also red from crying. Immediately, everyone else was crowding around him, seeing if he was okay. Mr Schue went over to finally lock the doors. Kurt's hands were on him, checking him over. "Blaine, you're safe!"

"Yeah," He breathed. "I made it."

"He's bleeding!" Puck said loudly. Kurt's eyes widened in panic.

"No!" Blaine let out, gulping for air. "I...I...Oh God...I slipped on...Slipped on blood..."

"I told you that he was alive!" Kurt hugged his boyfriend, tears starting to stream down his face out of relief. "I could feel it, Blaine! That you were alive!"

"Great..." Blaine shut his eyes, and just let his boyfriend hug him, while everyone else retreated back to their spots. "Crap, my ass hurts."


"I slid into a locker and really bumped myself down there." Kurt smiled into Blaine's shoulder. For now, they were all safe.

Yay, he's safe! But the danger's not over...