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NOTE ON THE STORY: This is a some-what 'AU' story. If you don't understand, this might help clear things up.

Like the anime, Kashino, Ichigo, Andou and Hanabusa were all in the A group in 2nd year middle school. NOW, here's where the story line changes, so, after Team Ichigo lost to Team Tennoujii, instead of being sent to Paris, the school board allowed Kashino, Andou and Hanabusa to skip a year, but not Ichigo, because they thought she might not be ready for such a thing, so instead they gave her a job at Salon de Marie (This is the story line from the actual manga). Now here comes my story plot line, the last night on Team Ichigo's practises, Ichigo declared rivalry between her and Kashino because she was upset that he was leaving her behind. Though, Kashino doesn't know that, he thinks Ichigo was angry because he was so far ahead of her. They've been rivals ever since then, never talking to each other or trying for the grand prix title again, that is until now. When Ichigo is in 2nd year high school and Kashino is in 3rd.

Full Summary: Kashino, the blunt, cold third year and Ichigo, the clumsyn bubbly second year. They are both leaders of the two most favoured teams to win the grand prix. The two have been rivals for as long as anyone has known. But what happens when they fall for each other? When their team mates forbid a relationship between the two, what can they do? Will their team mates succeed in breaking them apart? Or will their love overcome everything else?

Romeo & Juliet

Chapter 1: Cold-Hearted Feelings

"Ichigo-sama?" Rumi Katou tapped the brunette on the shoulder and she turned around.

Ichigo smiled brightly at her, "Rumi-chan, you don't need to call me 'Ichigo-sama', Ichigo sounds fine!"

"Demo... Ichigo-sama, everyone calls you 'Ichigo-sama' in 2nd year."

Ichigo laughed, "I don't see why though, I'm just as good as everyone."

"Everyone is saying that our team is going to win the grand prix this year! You're the favourable team leader since Tennouji-sama graduated last year."

Ichigo's facial expression hardened, "But, you've forgotten about a very powerful rival."

Rumi blinked, "Who? Who could possibly beat you Ichigo-sama?"

The brunette looked deep into her friend's eyes, "You forgot..." She looked deadly serious, "Him."


"Kashino," Andou said, making the blond look up from his work.

"WHAT?" He asked irritably, glaring at his friend for interrupting him.

Hanabusa sighed, "Kashino, when you make faces like that, people are going to start becoming afraid of you."

"Shut up." Kashino replied.

"Kashino we need to fill out the signup sheet for the grand prix," Andou told him.

His eyes showed his displeasure, "What? We aren't signed up yet?"

"N-no," Andou replied, "we still don't have a 4th member."

Hanabusa shook his head, "I'm telling you Kashino, just let Johnny join our team."

Kashino scowled, "I am not letting that... Freak, join our team."

Andou bit his lip, "We're running out of time Kashino, forms are due at the end of the day." The blond boy gave him his signature stubborn look. "Honestly, keep making that face and people will start to be afraid."

Kashino rolled his eyes, "Like I care, whatever. I'm not letting some American transfer student onto our team that is final."

Andou sighed at his friend's stubbornness, "Kashino, if we don't find a 4th member by the end of the day, we can't be part of the grand prix."

Hanabusa smirked, "And you know what that means, Amano-san is going to have victory guaranteed."

Kashino gritted his teeth at the sound of her name, "SHUT UP. AMANO IS NOT GOING TO BEAT US!"

"Come on Kashino," Hanabusa replied, "She has the chance, if we don't even sign up, it's going to be easy for her to beat the rest of the school."

Andou nodded in agreement, "Especially now that Tennouji-san graduated."

"AMANO IS NOT GOING TO BEAT US!" Kashino snapped, "We'll beat her so hard she won't be able to pick up a spoon!"

Andou sighed, "You don't need to be so violent Kashino."

Kashino pointed an accusing finger, "But you know Amano and I have been rivals, ever since we were allowed to skip a grade and she wasn't!"

"But that was a long time ago, when we were in second year middle school, she's in 2nd year high school and we're in 3rd, can't you guys just let it go?"

"NO!" Kashino exclaimed, "You know what she told me the night we were moved up a grade?"

Andou and Hanabusa blinked, they certainly hadn't heard of this before. "... What did she say Kashino?" Hanabusa asked.

He sighed, "It was night and we were all heading back from our last kitchen practise together. She pulled me aside, and she gave me a very cold look, and you know what she said?"

Both boys shook their heads. Kashino continued, "She looked me in the eye and said, 'Kashino from now on, I'm going to do whatever it takes to take you down, I will get to your level, and surpass you.'"

Andou's eyes widened and Hanabusa's jaw dropped. "A-Amano-san said that?" Hanabusa wailed.

"She declared it right then and there, she was tired of being ignored and put aside from us, she was going to pass me. She declared rivalry, we haven't talked directly since."

Andou and Hanabusa looked at each other, they had kept in touch with the brunette, even as she was now their 'kohai' but they had no idea Kashino hadn't talked to her since that night.

"And you've kept that rivalry up until now, without speaking?" Hanabusa asked slowly.

Kashino nodded, "Yup, the occasional cold glare exchanges, but that's it."

"So you haven't spoken since 2nd year middle school?"

"That's years!" Andou wailed.

"So?" Kashino asked, a blank unreadable look on his face.

Both boys shook their head, this was going to be on grand prix series.


"Him?" Rumi asked, "Who's 'him' Ichigo-sama?"

Ichigo's expression shifted from cold to confused, "You don't know?"

"No," Rumi said quietly, "who are you talking about?"

"Kashino!" She exclaimed, "you know? From 3rd year?"

"You mean Kashino-sama? The one you were in A group in during 2nd year middle school?"

Ichigo made a face, "You shouldn't speak of those times," she said sternly, "what's past is past, Kashino have been rivals ever since he skipped to be a year ahead of me."

Rumi shook her head, "I don't understand, can't you beat Kashino-sama, Ichigo-sama?"

"Kashino's team is him and 2 other rumoured boys, Andou and Hanabusa."

"Andou and Hanabusa?" Rumi blinked, "Don't you still talk to them?"

"Yes, but together with Kashino, they create the almost invincible team that people call the 'sweets princes'."

"Isn't that the nickname we gave them so long ago?" Rumi wondered.

"Well it stuck," Ichigo said, "now the sweets princes are a legend, this is the first time they've decided to join the grand prix."

"But there are only 3 of them," Rumi pointed out, "You need four people to register for the grand prix."

"It's rumoured that Johnny McBeal is joining the team too."

"You mean the American transfer student?" Rumi's eyes widened, the American boy was known for his sweets too.

"Yes," Ichigo's serious expression melted away, she smiled, "that's why you can't assume we're going to win this year!"

Rumi's eyes brows furrowed at Ichigo's sudden change in attitude. "Okay..." She nodded, "I'm going to find Kana-chan and Lemon-chan, and we still need to fill out the grand prix registration form."

Ichigo nodded, "Then I'll hand it in to the office."

Rumi began walking away, "I'll be back."


After much compromising and blackmailing, Kashino, Andou and Hanabusa finally finished the registration form. Johnny had been added as their 4th member in exchange for Kashino being team leader.

Kashino sighed as he walked toward the office with the form, "such cheapskates, blackmailing me into letting someone on the team."

Kashino walked down the abandoned hall while re-reading the sheet to make sure it was filled out correctly. Suddenly, he knocked into someone; he heard them fall onto the ground. He looked up from the sheet, "Hm? Are you ok..." He stopped abruptly when he locked gazes with the once friendly brown eyes.

Her expression hardened, she didn't say a word. She got up and brushed the dirt off her skirt. "Kashino," She nodded coldly. She was taking the risk, speaking the first word said in years.

He coldly stared her down, "Amano." He noticed the grand prix registration form in her hands, but didn't say anything about it.

She walked on ahead of him, not looking back, nor trying to say anything more. He followed her down the seemingly endless hallway until they reached the office. Ichigo knocked, "Hello?" She called in a sing-song sort of tone, "Is anyone here?"

Kashino's eyes turned to slits, "Amano, you don't need to sing for them, just open the door."

She turned to him, an angry look on her face, "What other advice do you have for me kill-joy?"

He gritted his teeth, but said nothing. A few moments later the chairman opened the door, "Ah, Amano-san, here with the grand prix registration form?"

She nodded and handed it to him. Kashino followed suit, handing the his form to the chairman as well. He read over the form, "It's been a while since you've signed up for the grand prix," he mused, "Last time was when you were in 2nd year middle school right?"

Ichigo nodded, "Yes..."

He raised his eyebrows, "But you aren't on the same team this year?"

Ichigo's expression suddenly turned icy, "No."

The chairman, unable to detect the two's tenseness nodded, "Okay, everything seems in order, grand prix orientation is this Saturday at 3:00."

Kashino nodded and Ichigo smiled sweetly at the chairman, "Okay! Who are the judges this year?" She asked innocently.

"Ameya-sensei, your old middle school teacher and a few others, including myself," the chairman smiled, pleased.

Ichigo nodded confidently, "Okay, thank you chairman!" The two walked away from the office in the same direction.

"Kiss-up!" Kashino coughed.

Ichigo scowled, "Excuse me?" She asked.

"What?" Kashino asked, grinding his teeth together, "I didn't say anything."

"Immature!" Ichigo coughed.

His eyes turned to slits and she smirked, "What? I didn't say anything."

Kashino rolled his eyes. They both exited the building and walked off in different directions. Kashino met up with Andou and Hanabusa, "Did you hand in the form?" Andou asked.

"... Yes."

Hanabusa looked at him, "What happened? You look a bit... On the edge."

"Amano was there," Kashino hissed, clearly unhappy.

"Did you talk to her?" Andou asked cautiously.

"A bit, she was being idiotic as usual."

The two boys sighed. Kashino discarded the topic, "Where's Johnny?"

"He's helping out at Salon de Marie, why don't we go visit him?" Hanabusa asked.

Kashino nodded, "Whatever, as long as we practise this evening."

"Grand prix doesn't start until next week, why don't we take a break for one night?" Andou suggested, "We've been practising every night for the past month."

Kashino gave him a disapproving look before beginning to walk in the direction of Salon de Marie, "If you get careless, you give Amano the upperhand."


"So what exactly happened Ichigo-sama?" Lemon asked.

"Yes Ichigo-sama," Kana nodded, "what happened?"

The girls were sitting in Salon de Marie eating parfaits, "Could you guys stop calling me Ichigo-sama?" She asked them, her eyes pleading, "It makes me feel like you think I'm of higher status then you, we're all equals, we're on the same team!"

They nodded, "Okay Ichigo-sama... I mean, -chan." Lemon corrected herself.

Kana and Rumi nodded, "So what happened while you were handing the grand prix form in Ichigo-c-chan?" Rumi asked.

Ichigo sighed, at least they were trying. "Kashino walked right into me, he was re-reading his form while walking."

Rumi almost choked on her parfait, "You guys haven't even spoken in years, much less contact!"

"I know right?" Ichigo said, her eyes wild. "He was being mean too... His eyes were so cold and..."

"Demo Ichigo-chan," Kana said softly, "are you sure you weren't being cold too? Even when you talk about him, you get this cold look on your face."

She frowned, "I don't think I was, you know me."

"Demo..." Lemon said, but she was cut off by the door chime going off. In walked Team Kashino, right on cue.

Instantly Ichigo's facial expression changed, "Ichigo-chan! You're doing it again." Rumi pointed out.

She tried to soften her facial features, but was failing miserably. Kashino glanced at her and rolled his eyes. Her cheeks flushed in frustration. Andou and Hanabusa, oblivious to the two rivals decided to sit at the table beside Team Ichigo. Kashino chose the seat farthest from Ichigo, but sadly, the way the table faced, he was looking in her direction and she was looking at his.

Rumi whispered something into Ichigo's ear. She nodded and tried smiling at her team mates. Kashino could tell it was absolutely phony and fake.

"Kashino," Andou said, breaking Kashino's thoughts, "What are you going to have?"

"Uhh..." Kashino pondered this for a moment, "Whatever you guys are having."

Johnny sat down in the chair beside Kashino, "I'm taking a break, what's going on?"

"We were just going to order some éclairs, want one?"

"Yeah sure," Johnny nodded, blowing his bleach blond hair out of his eyes.

Kashino had trouble concentrating on what they were talking about, because Ichigo kept giving him cold looks from her table. "Would you stop looking at me?" Kashino finally snapped.

Hanabusa, Andou and Johnny all turned to look at Ichigo, and Kana, Lemon and Rumi turned to look at Kashino. Ichigo's cheeks went red with frustration, "What about you? Stop looking at me!"

Kashino stood up, "Oh yeah? Well maybe I'd stop glaring at you, if you'd stop glaring at me."

Ichigo stood up as well, "You started it! I wouldn't have to glare back if you hadn't glared at me first!"

Kashino stepped away from the table, Ichigo did the same. The stood between the two tables, glaring heatedly at each other, "Oh I'm sorry!" Kashino snapped sarcastically, "Forgive me for glaring at the person who declared rivalry in the first place!"

Ichigo went up on her tip toes to have her eyes at the same level as him, "Well excuse me, at least I'm not the one who skipped a grade and didn't care if they left someone behind!" She cried.

Kashino took a step back in shock, "What?"

Ichigo's hands flew to her mouth, "I mean...!"

She looked panicked and glanced at the 6 others who were watching them, and all the other people at the Salon. She could feel tears pricking her eyes. Her mind wasn't thinking right, she pushed Kashino aside and ran right out of the building.

Rumi, Kana, Lemon, Hanabusa, Andou, Johnny and Kashino all didn't move. "What happened?" Kashino finally asked.

Rumi stood up, and was followed by Kana and Lemon. Rumi's face looked serious and straight. She leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "You saw Ichigo-chan's true colours."

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