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Bella's P.O.V:

I was glad Jacob took the news of Jasper being back in town as well as he did. I slowly went into the school wondering how long Jacob was going to be and decided to just wait in the office for him. Suddenly, I noticed at the front desk was a tall, handsome blonde that I immediately recognized as Jasper. He said something to the secretary making her laugh; the Cullen family always knew how to be charming.

I smiled instantly has he turned around. "You know you graduated right?" I questioned with a smile.

"Oh I know, but what kind of … umm… friend would I be if I didn't drop by you AP Government book?" he handed me the book and kissed me on the cheek just as the office door opened and Jacob walked in. You know the saying looks could kill well at the moment Jasper would have been a dead man.

Jasper's P.O.V:

I hated that I couldn't just come out and call her my girlfriend, but Bella and I really hadn't had that conversation about what we were yet. She looked a little hurt by me calling her friend but she blushed the second I leaned in to kiss her soft cheek. I was glad to see her blush by my action, but suddenly her body went ridged and she pulled away. I was a little hurt and confused until I turned to the door and Jacob was standing there looking like he was going to murder me.

"Well long time no see," Jacob's voice was pure ice.

"I went on a trip but realized Forks is my home and always has been," I smiled trying to lighten the mood in the air.

"Jacob here is you schedule. You and Bella may want to get to class the bell will ring any minute," Ms. Winters smiled brightly "Oh and Jasper you are welcome back anytime," and with that the three of us left the office.

Bella's P.O.V:

As soon as we were out of the office and in the cold air Jake grabbed my arm "looks like we have first period together lets go," he tugged me along but I tried to plant myself in place.

"Jacob let go I'll be in a minute just let me say goodbye. Ok?" I didn't know why I was asking permission to him but something told me I needed to.

"Fine. I'll leave you with the ex-leech, but just so you know once a leech always a leech." Jacob spat at me then walked away.

I bite my lip trying really hard not to cry. Why did Jake have to be a jerk sometimes?

"Bells you need to get going but please be careful around Jacob," Jasper kissed my forehead gently.

"I will. Jazz can you pick me up after school? I came with Jake but the way he acted just now I don't feel comfortable with him," I stated.

He smiled and said "of course see you at three," then he was gone.

I turned around in time to see Jessica and her group staring at me with shock and anger on their faces. Great this day was going wonderful could it really get any worse? I jogged to first period and sat in my seat the look on Jake's face was pure hatred. Why was he so mad why couldn't he just be happy for me?

The rest of the day went by ok even though Jake didn't say a single word to me and sat as far away as he could during lunch. I went to go eat alone but suddenly a cheery voice called me from a couple tables a way. Jessica was calling my name and smiling maybe it was time to talk to my old friends so I reluctantly went to sit with her.

"Bella I'm glad you're sitting with us again," Angela smiled genuinely.

"Yeah it is so wonderful we are finally worthy of her again," Lauren sneered and rolled her eyes.

"So Bella what is your secret for getting the Cullen guys?" Jessica asked.

"Excuse me?" I couldn't believe what she was asking me.

"Well you started with Edward and now Jasper who's next Carlisle or Emmett?" Jessica smirked.

"Jessica don't be so-"Angela started but Jessica cut her off.

"Don't be so what? Telling the truth Ang? We all know Bella tries to act innocent but really she is a gold digger and that is why Edward left her. I hope you end up with the doctor it would be better but when Jasper sees the real you which he will I hope you don't expect us to welcome you back again once this one breaks your heart and your upset for a couple months then happy again." Jessica voice was venom.

I felt my eyes start to water so I bit my lip and slowly got up "You don't know anything Jessica." I and walked away.

I walked out into the pouring rain and I noticed Jasper was in the parking lot standing next to his car. I ignored his extended arms and climbed into the passenger seat.

"How did you know?" I asked quietly.

He got in and started the car "Alice," he responded "do you want to talk about it?" I cringed as he put his hand on my leg and he looked as though I slapped him.

"No I really don't please just take me home," I looked out the window and knew what I needed to do.

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