Robo Bando

What if Bando became a full machine after his first battle with Lucy?

Chapter 1:the sixmillion yen man

We know can rebuild him cried Kurama Man was he talking about was the fucking badass Bando beaten by Lucy and had his arms gone repeat his arms gone Bambo was sole survivor of SAT he was dying blind on hospital bed

Horn pink-hared bitch who blinded me Bamdo will kill you and eat your innards not for revenge said avenger Bandaid but for SUPREME JUSTICE

Don t talk Bando man you pucking blood on my suit said Kurama. We will fix you and Rando will serve for SUPREME JUSTICE again

Can't no be damn fix since arms gone screamed Bando as he moving like a fish in agony as his xposed stomach pours blood and acid.

N0Ooooooooo0oooooooooO you will be much better soonsama said a rather nerdish looking man I will cure of you all pain so you will fight evil diclionusesama Good Nerd doktor push Kurama on a bus away and hitted Ando with super smash bros hammer to knock hm uncouncsis and stuff .

Operation Robo commence nowsama whisper Good Nerd doctor as he remove his gloves and facemask to reveal his impish pale rashly hands, crooked sored nerdface with greasily black hair and glasses that make steve ukiel s like small Now me be do surgery better said Good Nerd doctor as pickedth a duper drill to drilll Rambo s brain

Scene Change

Where the hell am me cried Rando he was drk blacck room with nothing thenth appeareth a dog puppy that appearedth

Ruff Roff ghost I be am and puny your mind we trap in screamed tortured dog

Why the blue fuck are you yelling and you can talk questioned Bambo?

Arf Ruff, Pain deep I am in Punkasses me kill in with orphanage rock Poor watch Master die as me Revenge for her made me be kill humanity Sorry feel I for her and kill want I her be to barked dog puppy

What the crap do I have to do with your master asked Blando

Bow Arf, Because Bucy master is my Only Ando save can master by her murdering cried louded dog puppy

Sure I want to kill horned bitch too but how I don't know if I been stoned on the surgery and that's why I see dog puppy being talking to me wonders Bambo

Wow Bow, This proves what said I true was hollered dog puppy he shooted beam from nose to Rambo's head . (insert kill ray sound piff chu chu piff)

Arghhhhh make it bluefucking stop my skull is cracking and brain fluid is flowing out of the cracks cried Bando very manly

Roff Wow No sorry necessary but pain Use powers these of me to become enough strong to Lucy farewell assassinate shouted vanishing dog puppy before he vanish

As the beam was about to kill him through raping his skull and brain until it explode in visceral gibs of goo and blood Bando woke up

NARGHHH WHAT THE BLUEFUCK HAPPENED TO ME screanmed Blando as destroyed the hostpital bed

Aweseeme you survived the supposedly lethal mindrape experminentsama er I meant you awake from the surgery How you do feelsama? esponded Good Nerd Doctor nerviously as he hid the bloody and oily surgical equipement.

Pando noticed that his balls and cock was replaced by nuts and a hydualic screwdriver respectively His vision return but anything was in 8-bit yellow and there was hud displasy and video games menus that he seeth now Beeping, hissing and other robot noises were coming out of him Anyting on him was metallic and roboty now

What did you do to me you nerd freak! yelled Bando awesomely

Hahahahah I made you stronger, Strong enough to kill a diciolussama. Robo surgery is brutual and necessary or you willth had diesama, laughed solemny Good Nerd doctor

But why the dog puppy vision and the torture beam asked Bando as he grab Good Nerd doctor with his super robot-machine cannon clawed right arm easily lifting the good nerdy doktor of his fagile feet.

I needed some one who come survived the pain to become a freaking badass robo man The dog puppy is part of the surgery needed to gain powers or else you explode in blood and gorn You and your balls were guinea pigs for mankind's survival Thank you

Thank you, What did my balls have to do with the faith of mankind shout Bando as violenty threw Good Nerd Doctor to the floor, breaking the doctor's rib cages as they were poking out of his skin with blood pouring on the floor.

Cough Cough, You were infected by that pink-hared psycho with the vector virus The cure was to casterate you and then boil them until only vector virus remain Then we added Diclocide the vaccine to virus and inject back inside you Since your puny human body melted due to the violatile injection we created a six billion yen robotic body as your new body-sama. Due economic recession Yen is more than dollar, so you are superior to American-samas. Bando is no more now only Robo Bando is there-sama exclaimed Good Nerd Doctor smilingly despite the severe bloody stumps of hs xlegs and his lungs steeply out of his bodie.

Good Nerd Doctor you asshole You made me into complete monster for your experiment Beep bo lock on target Time to die hollered Robo Bando as he uses his machine cannon to tear Good Nerd Doktor into to pieces (insert macine gun noses)

My god kill the Director he made do itsama. Stop shooting I beg you-sama. -sama! yelled Good Nerd Doctor as Robo Bando murder him grab a beizge powersuit with a white t-shirt and broke the hostpital window in fell

Time for me to shoot real people said Robo Bando as he preape to kill for SUPREME JUSTICE

To Be Continued