The World of Mekkan: Chapter Two – Hidden Interest

The sun shone through the trees into the open tent below. Toby groaned as he opened his eyes, grumbling that Derick forgot to close the tent zipper. He moved closer to the opening of the tent and smelled a delicious aroma floating through the air. He followed the scent until he found Keith and Derick cooking fish that they caught earlier from a nearby lake.

Keith: "See anything you like?"

-Toby nodded with delight-

After finishing his meal, he headed out searching for berries along the way until…

Fox: *Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh d-*

Toby: "Oh God…"

-She started to run away but couldn't due to the fact that Toby's holding her arm in place-

Fox: "Please don't kill me! I'll do anything, I swear."

Toby: "Don't worry; I won't hurt you, where did you come from?"

Fox: "I ran away from my master… (Crying) but I don't want to talk about it."

Toby: "Just don't worry about anything, I'll protect you."

Fox: "Really, you really mean it?"

Toby: "Of course I mean it, Soldier's Honor."

Fox: "Yay! I'm Rachel by the way."

Toby: "I'm Toby."

Rachel: "It's a pleasure to meet you, Toby (giggling)."

Toby: "The pleasures all mine."

-They then started walking back to the campsite-

Flora: "Hey Toby, who's your friend."

Toby: "Guys, meet Rachel, the newest member of our group."

Trace: "Pleasure to meet you, Rachel. I don't suppose that it'll cause too much trouble for another Keidran to join our group, as long as you won't give her Ale."

Toby: "Will do."

Keith: [Great, another Keidran. Getting tempted by two is bad enough.]

Rachel: [What are you talking about?]

Keith: [Wait, you know Basidian?]

Rachel: [Let me see…Yes.]

Greg: "Um…what are you two talking about?"

Trace: "Well my Basidian is a bit rusty but I think they're talking how Rachel here can speak Basidian."

Rachel: "I was taught Basidian by my former master but I can't remember him much. He's kinda like Trace yet a bit less compassion except to his wife who died by a poisoned arrow. Oh and he went Berserk and became Grand Templar after he came to from a 3-month long coma.

-Keith and Flora suddenly looked at Trace and Rachel simultaneously with Trace getting curious until he suddenly knew what they were thinking-

Trace: "Oh, I get it."

Rachel: "Get what now?"

Trace: "I'm actually your former master. Euphemural erased my memories, that's why I can't remember you and it's also the reason of my good nature now.

Rachel: [Damn that Euphemural! Then again, if Euphemural didn't erase Trace's memories, the Keidran-Human War would still be raging on.]

Trace: "I guess you could say that."

Derick: "Say what?"

Rachel: "You wouldn't understand."

Derick: "Trust me; I can understand anything."

Rachel: "Okay, so-"

-After a 35-minute long explanation-

Rachel: "-and that's the reason why Trace can't remember anything."

Derick: "So what you're saying is that Euphemural erased his memories, Dragons are real, you were once his slave-"

-After a 3 and a half minute long response-

Derick: "-and that really is the reason on everything."

Rachel: "Yup."

Derick: "Woah, my brain; did not see that coming."

-Rachel is heard giggling-

Rachel: "Told you so."