Honest Heart - Chapter 3 - The Date

18:50, Ayano's room

The usually tidy room is now in total chaos. Pieces of clothing are placed on top of every piece of furniture as Ayano is trying to choose what to wear on her upcoming date with Kyoko.

Hmm... Maybe this one? But I don't have any skirt that would go with it. How about this and that... Nope. What if I'd take that and...

Argh... I should have asked where will she be taking me. Or what will she be wearing. If I take something too revealing it makes me look like I'm the submissive one... But if I wear something too plain she wont be impressed. How can this be so hard? We should have gone straight from school. Then we'd just wear uniforms. Should I call Chitose for help? Nah, she's probably still suffering from the blood loss earlier today... Maybe I could ask Funami-san? She has known her for a long time, I bet she would know what Toshino Kyoko would prefer.

Eventually Ayano gets a decision made. She chooses black top with some dark red in it, a black skirt and knee-length socks with red and black stripes. She starts putting everything back to their places as the doorbell rings. Ayano hears as the door is opened and soon her mother calls for her

"Ayano, your friend is here!"

"Please ask her to wait!" Ayano answers, knowing perfectly well she might have few seconds before the blonde visitor would be in her room. She continues her previous action. Soon enough, the door opens and Ayano turns to welcome Kyoko

"Tosh... Uwah!" once again, her greeting is cut short, this time by Kyoko literally diving into the room, tackling Ayano to the floor in process, and landing on top of Ayano. Kyoko is wearing a pair of jeans and a simple top.

"Hiya, Ayano-chan! What are you doing?" Kyoko greets the red head before getting off her

"Hi. Just putting some stuff back to their places. I'll be ready in a moment" Ayano also gets back on her feet

While Ayano continues her chores, Kyoko sits on Ayano's bed. A digital photo frame with familiar looking photos catches her attention.

"Hey, these are from our school trip to Kyoto last year, right?"

"Yeah. Chitose gave me that as a present"

"Hmm... what's this? It went black? Oh, it must be from Tainai Meguri?" Kyoko points at the frame

"I guess so, can't really say. Chitose would know"

"Tainai Meguri... What an exciting place"

"The place where you groped my butt and breasts" Ayano remembers with a slight blush

"Hey, it was dark I couldn't help it" Kyoko answers, but her devious smile tells something else "Anyway, it sure was a nice trip"

"Yes" Ayano answers, pausing her current process of folding a shirt and stares to the ceiling

Ah, school trip to Kyoto. The history, the food, the hot springs... naked Toshino Kyoko playing around... Ah, I'm turning into Chitose... But it is such a good memory...

Kyoko's voice brings Ayano back from her thoughts "Hey, don't just gaze off there! You still got some clothes laying around"

"You know, this would go faster if you helped" Ayano suggests, returning to her chores

"Naww, that's boring" Kyoko replies, but then gets an idea "Actually, yes, I could help"

Moments later Kyoko calls for her redhead friend "Ayano"

"Huh?" Ayano turns to face Kyoko

"I gathered all your underwear here" Kyoko announces and points at the panties and bras she has spread on Ayano's bed "These all are quite nice looking. Now, show me what you chose!"

"N-no way! And put all those to that drawer!"

"Hmmmph... Well, I'll find out what you chose eventually." Kyoko mutters while carrying the items to towards the drawer Ayano pointed

"Hey!" Ayano protests before changing the topic to Kyoko's clothes "By the way, why are you wearing jeans?"

"Because I'm the seme, obviously"

"Wh-what? And don't say it so easily!"

"It's just the way it is. You get so blushy and embarrassed every time I do something like this" Kyoko says and pokes Ayano's breast


"See, Ayano-chan~?"

"Toshino Kyoko!"

"Present!" Kyoko raises her right arm up


"I thought this was a roll call"

"Pfft! Well... In any case, we're done. So where will you be taking me?" Ayano changes the topic

"It's a secret"

Some time later

The sun is setting, but the early autumn evening is still comfortably warm. The girls are walking side by side to a location only Kyoko knows.

"When will you tell me where we're going?" Ayano asks

"You'll see"

"What's in the backpack?" Ayano points at the rather large backpack Kyoko is carrying on her back

"You'll see that too soon" Kyoko answers with a smile

The girls keep on walking. They eventually reach a park near a local shrine. Kyoko leads Ayano to the shore of small pond and stops.

"Okay, this is the place. What do you think?"

Ayano surveys the area. Some distance away, on the other side of the pond, on top a small hill, rises the local shrine. Right behind the shrine is the setting sun, which illuminates the pond, the grass and nearby trees with an orange glow. From a nearby waterfall, a small stream flows to the pond. Dragonflies fly around the area.

"It's beautiful" is everything Ayano can reply

"Isn't it?" Kyoko says, while spreading a cloth she took from the backpack "Sit down, we're having a picnic!" she continues, placing few boxes on the cloth

Ayano sits next to Kyoko, the two facing towards the setting sun. Together they open the box containing several onigiri. The girls just sit there, watching the sunset and eating the food Kyoko had brought. Ayano rests her head on Kyoko's shoulder and Kyoko lays her arm on Ayano's shoulders.

After some time, Kyoko is first to speak

"Ready for dessert?"

"Oh, there is dessert too?"

"Yup" Kyoko shuffles the backpack and takes out some sort of plastic container and two spoons. She hands the other to Ayano

"What do you have there?" Ayano asks

"I just hope it hasn't totally melted, it's my favorite... Here, Rum Raisin!" Kyoko holds the single can in her hand, opens it and feeds a spoonful to Ayano

"Mhm... It's delicious"

"Isn't it?"

Soon, the can is empty. Ayano spots something.

"Hey... You got a little on your cheek"

"Huh, where?" Kyoko asks

"Here, let me..." Ayano wipes some Rum Raisin off Kyoko's cheek with her finger

"Ayano, let me borrow your hand for a second" Kyoko says and takes Ayano's hand in hers, before licking the ice cream off from her finger

Before neither of the girls even realizes, they're laying on the ground, Kyoko on top of Ayano, engulfed in a deep and passionate kiss.

Surprisingly lot later, in front Ayano's home

"I had really fun, thank you" Ayano smiles at Kyoko, adding a small bow

"I had fun too, we should do something like this again"


"Well, I'm going home now. See you at school!" Kyoko says

"See you!"

Kyoko turns around to walk away, but stops and turns back around "Ayano"


"The same color as your hair"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Your panties, they're the same color as your hair"

"Brrrrrrrr! How? When?" blushing Ayano demands

"I have my ways, see you" Kyoko waves

"See you"

Next morning at school

Ayano, Chitose and Yui have gathered at Yui's desk.

"So, how was it? Tell us all the steamy details!" Chitose interrogates Ayano

"I'll tell you another time, we should head to our seats, the teacher will be here any minute"

"By the way, do you know where Kyoko is, she hasn't still arrived" Yui asks

The very same moment, the door to the classroom opens and Kyoko walks in. She makes her way to her desk, right next to Yui's.

"Good morning!" Kyoko greets her friends

"Good morning Kyoko" Ayano replies

"Wait! You didn't use her whole name! Just what happened yesterday?" Yui asks

Th teachers enters the room

"Sorry, the lesson's about to begin!" Ayano says and rushes to her desk

Some days later, the Amusement Club

The whole club, including Ayano and Chitose, is present at the Tea Ceremony Club's room. Nothing is really happening... as usual. Yui is reading a book while Chinatsu tries to be as close to her as she can possibly get. Akari is reading magazines with Chitose, who can't really concentrate fully on anything, as she watches Ayano and Kyoko, who are working on an assignment together.

Kyoko moves a bit closer to Ayano and whispers "I want you, now"

"There's a place I want to show you, come" Ayano replies, also whispering, before standing up and speaking out loud "I'm going to the student council room to check if Sakurako and Himawari need help with the paperwork"

"I'll come with you" Chitose offers

"Ehm... No need! Kyoko already promised to come"

And so, Ayano and Kyoko leave the room, and Akari rushes to give Chitose some tissues

Some distance away

"So, where are we going?" Kyoko asks

"I'll show you a place where we can be alone. No-one ever goes there" Ayano replies and leads them to the school building

Few minutes later they come to a door in the same corridor as the student council room.

"This is it?" Kyoko asks

"Yes. As I said, no-one ever comes here"

The text on the door says "Student Council Archives"

The girls enter the room with rows and rows of shelves. Ayano leads them to a door in the back corner of the room.

"This room is where the archive records are kept. And this will be our secret place" Ayano points at the door

"You talk too much"

Kyoko pushes Ayano to the considerably smaller room and all the way against the wall. Kyoko and Ayano wrap their arms around each other and lock their lips... Before realizing they aren't alone in the room. Just a few meters away from them, on the other side of the room, Sakurako and Himawari are in very much similar position.

"Sakurako, Himawari!" is all Ayano gets out of her mouth

"Sugiura-senpai, Toshino-senpai!" Sakurako and Himawari answer in unison, also clearly surprised

"Weren't you supposed to be doing the paperwork?" Ayano asks

"The paperwork is being handled by the new members. But Sugiura-senpai, didn't you say you had something important to do." Sakurako wonders

"She obviously does" Kyoko cuts in, with a hint of annoyance in her voice for being interrupted

"Well... You didn't see us and we didn't see you, ok?" Ayano suggests

"Yes, Sugiura-senpai!" Sakurako and Himawari answer, again in sync

So, there it is! The last chapter took a bit long to finish because I had some important school stuff. All around, this was a nice fic to write. You may have noticed I don't describe stuff very much (though I tried in this chapter), it's just because I suck at describing things.

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