As Morning Dawns, Reflections
As Morning Dawns, Reflections

By Amy Fortuna

Fandom: Lord of the Rings

Pairing: Aragorn/Halbarad

Rating: R

Summary: Aragorn at Helm's Deep, considering his lover.

There's nothing quite like making love in a place where you've fought for your life days earlier, dreaming desperately of your beloved, wondering when you'd see him again.

And here tonight in the highest tower of Helm's Deep, I make love with you, more as a release of tension than a release of semen, more to merely embrace and hold you, than for any physical desire.

Halbarad, I love you. I thought I could never bring myself to say it when we first embraced -- I have to confess I visualized her face the first time we kissed. But your reality won out over my fantasy and I now whisper that I love you.

There will be no sleep tonight for us; both of us bound up in fear and excitement. We should sleep, we know, we are weary, but I would rather now embrace you, lover.

Oh, the things we saw tonight as you supported me with your hands and your mind. There is such strength in you, my Halbarad. You held me up when my mind would have faltered. Together we faced evil and defeated it, sent Sauron himself scurrying in fear. I would laugh, if I did not know that the battle is far from over.

No, my dearest one, it has hardly begun. We shall all be risking our lives in the next few days. Will you walk with me on the strange path I have decided on?

I glance over at you and meet your eyes. You smile softly, your face open in a way that only I ever see.

"Are you ready to do greater things than this, Halbarad?" I whisper.

Your answer is a kiss and a mere murmured, "Yes."