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Crossover: Ōkami and Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening
Timeline: After Ōkamiden and DMC3

Dante slowly moved closer to the bright light just as a moth would. The light then dimmed to reveal a door, but to where—that was unknown to him. Yet he curiously opened the door and went through. But what was on the other side of the door wasn't something he was expecting.

"Aw, man. Where the hell am I?"
Hello, Dante, said a voice. I am glad to welcome you back to the realm of demons. Please, become comfortable—for you will not be able to leave. Ahaha. Farewell.
"Great, now I'm hearing voices in my head. I need to lay off the tomato juice," he sighed. Then a small bark came from behind him.

Instinctively, he brought out his silver gun dubbed Ivory to shoot at where the sound was coming from, but he aimed at nothing. Another bark; this time he looked down, where a creature he had never seen before sat in front of him, wagging its tail. "A wolf…?" he asked aloud. Hmm. It's probably a demon in disguise…yet it has strange markings and an odd mirror-looking thing on its back... Still. I've got to keep my guard up, he thought to himself as he put Ivory back in its holster.

Dante stared into the dark eyes of the wolf, as if in a trance. Do not be alarmed, a soft female voice said to him, I will do no harm to you—for I am Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun. Please trust me, and tell me your name. And the voice began to fade away.
Hey, wait! Who are you? he questioned the voice.
Why don't you look in front of you, young man?
"Huh? You mean you're a goddess?" he asked the wolf. Her dark eyes only confirmed what the voice had said in his mind. All he could do now is accept the wolf's words as truth and tell her his name as she requested. "Heh. Who would have guessed that a goddess would be in the form of a white wolf…? All right then. My name is Dante."
It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Dante.

"Well, Amaterasu…kind of a mouthful, don'cha think? You got a nickname I can use?"
"Okay, Ammy. I'll take a guess that you're not from here," remarked the half-demon. "So I'm wondering on how you came to be here."
To tell you the truth, I'm not quite sure how I got here in the first place myself. I collapsed a few moments ago when I was still in my homeland, and when I woke up I was already inside this realm...
"Oh, I see. Well, you seem to have had a more entertaining entrance. Mine was completely lame," Dante grimaced.
I see that you are a jokester… Issun would like you very much, Amaterasu said, amused.

"Well, at any rate, there's nothing to do but walk forward now. So we should get going," he suggested. As he said this, demons had arrived at their location. "Fantastic. Hell prides—just what I needed," he said sarcastically, bringing out Rebellion, the demons cackling at their soon-to-be-nightmares. But the Hell Prides were not alone.
Green Imps, Ammy growled as some green-colored demons began prancing around and playing their flutes after their arrival. I haven't seen them in a long time. Her reflector Divine Retribution then transformed into another of her weapons: a glaive dubbed Tsumugari. She readied herself in a defensive stance, her sword poised at the demons.
"Damn," commented Dante as he looked at her. "Angry little wolf-goddess, aren't you?"
This is definitely not the time to jest, Dante, she warned. We must prepare ourselves for battle!

He just simply shrugged and looked backed at their enemies, positioning his own sword at them. "Well… You ready to rock, Amaterasu?" In response, she let out a confident howl.
"Then, let's go!"

They both charged at the Prides and Imps, taking their own fair amount of demons to slay. Dante used his Stringer then Million Stab moves to catch multiple demons in his way. Amaterasu, on the other hand, charged up her sword, giving it more power to cut each demon and used one of her brush techniques, Power Slash, to finish them off. After a couple of minutes of the hacking fest, each demon was down and slain, either a pile of dust or blooming flowers. Dante then put away his sword as Amaterasu's Tsumugari sword return to her original Divine Instrument and she begin scratching the back of her neck.

Dante gave her an amused look and said, "I saw what you did there just a few seconds ago. Why didn't you say that you could use a brush as a weapon?"
You never asked, she replied nonchalantly.

Suddenly, a dark door appeared in front of them, having an odd 8-patterned symbol engraved on it. Catching both demon hunters by surprise, Dante observed the image on the door. "It seems to be a pattern of a…spider, I think."
No… It can't be… Amaterasu's sentence trailed off. Is that even possible…?
"Is what possible?" asked the silver-haired half-demon, confused.
Huh? Oh, I apologize. I was only just thinking. Let us continue through this door, shall we? The white wolf looked at her male counterpart, wagging her tail as if she was ready to take his lead.
He only looked at her with a confused expression before realizing she was waiting for him to open the mysterious door. "Oh! Right, I knew that." He scratched the back of his head, embarrassed, and then he opened the door.

A blinding white light engulfed them as they walked into unknown territory. Then the light dimmed, revealing the surrounding space: A green, jungle-like room with a small lake and large statue in the center of it. As Ammy and Dante let their eyes adjust to the new lighting and scenery, Ammy quickly recognizes the room. This is the Tsuta Ruins back in Agata Forest…
"This is the what ruins in the where forest?"
A place in Nippon—my homeland.
"Nippon… Wait, isn't that Japanese for Japan?"
"No wonder your name sounded familiar."
I assume you've read about Japanese mythology then?
"More or less…. I'm not much of a reader—that goes to my brother." Suddenly he felt sadden at the thought of his brother. Vergil… Why did you have to go?
Dante? Are you alright?
"Huh? Oh… Sorry—just thinking..." He smiled in hopes of lightening the mood. "Well, since you know the place, why don't you lead the way?"
Ammy gave a cheerful bark in response and walk to the lake, stopping short at the edge. No… Not again, she groaned.

Ebony and Ivory: Dante's custom-made twin guns
Rebellion: Dante's sword, a keepsake from his father
Divine Retribution: Amaterasu's first weapon you get in Ōkami
Tsumugari: Amaterasu's third weapon and first sword received in Ōkami, formally known as Tsukuyomi from the legend of Nagi and Shiranui
Nippon/Japan: Setting in Ōkami
Agata Forest: Second main area in Ōkami
Tsuta Ruins: First major dungeon in Ōkami
Tomato juice: Referenced from the DMC3 manga, where Dante apparently has a liking to tomato juice