An Ariel and Jim Tribute


"Ariel! Wait for me!" Flounder cried after his best friend as she continued to swim far ahead of him. Ariel laughed and slowed down to let her fish friend catch up to her.

"Come on Flounder! If we don't hurry we'll miss it!" and Ariel shot ahead in a storm of bubbles. Flounder sighed and swam as fast his little fins would carry him. Ariel was up to something, what else was new. No doubt it was something dangerous that her father had forbidden.

Ariel knew that something big was happening tonight. She had heard two men on a ship talk it about it that morning. Some sort of celebration with a "carnival" and "fireworks". Ariel only knew that she didn't want to miss whatever was happening on the surface tonight! She propelled through the water like she'd been shot out of a cannon. She shot right past all of the colorful plants and fish of the small reef. Ariel looked up at the surface, flashes of color spotted the surface and she swam up.

She broke through the surface in a shower of droplets and when she looked ahead and was astounded by what she saw. Humans were all over the place! There were lots of animals too and weird shaped things that went in circles of all kinds that the humans were enjoying themselves on. It was the sky that dazzled Ariel the most. Lighting up the night sky were twinkling lights that were all sorts of shapes and colors.

Thesemustbethosethingsthemenweretalkingaboutfireworks. It was a beautiful display right over the water so Ariel just lay on top of the waves gazing at the sky. She was so preoccupied by the lights that she didn't notice the shadow of a ship drawing closer and closer.

Flounder kept on swimming as fast as his little blue fins would carry him. He knew where Ariel was going to go, near that rock of hers that looked onto the human world. That was the only place he could think of that she'd go in this part of the ocean. He saw the lights, swam up and broke the surface.

"Hey Ariel! Wait up for me ne…" Flounder looked all, but he couldn't see any signs of Ariel.

"Ariel? Stop playing around! This isn't funny!" No response. Flounder searched high and low for his friend, but there was no sign of Ariel.

Then, there was a piercing scream over the sound of lapping of water. Flounder turned to see a spec out on the horizon. The faint outline of ship. There was another scream, this one barely audible, but there was no doubt, it was Ariel.

"ARIEL!" Flounder raced under the waves to try and catch up to the fast moving ship, but it was no good, the ship was too far and was soon out of the little guppy's reach.