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Summary: Ciel is in love with Sebastian and he wants to know if he feels the same way. What will happen when "Yes, my Lord" becomes "Yes, my Love"?

Rated T
Pairing: SebastianxCiel

Sinful Love

Prologue: Ciel's P.O.V.

Every time I'm near him my heart starts to race and when I talk to him I sometimes have to force back a blush. Sebastian has been with the Phantomhive household for the past two years as my demon butler and although I'm still trying to figure him out, seeing as he's unpredictable at times, one thing is clear; I've fallen for the one being who is to take my soul.

Here in England, falling in love with someone of the same gender is already a sin in itself. The fact that he's a demon only adds to that. I could care less what others think. So what if loving him is a sin? I'd gladly go to Hell for that. I'm already going to there anyway for making a contract with a demon and selling my soul to the devil. I might as well take my chances with my one true love.

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