Hey, people! I'm so sorry for taking this long to update! It's been, like, almost a year! Anyways, here is chapter three! I hope you enjoy!

Ciel's POV

"Mmm.." I moaned. I could feel my sanity slipping. My emotions were out of control. Kissing Sebastian was nothing like I expected. It was much better. His lips moved against mine, hesitantly at first, as I clung to his body, letting him dominate my mouth. Hands found their way up my shirt, caressing my flawless skin.
"Mmm..Ciel..." Oh, god that voice! The way he moaned my name sent pleasurable shivers down my spine. When our lips parted, I attempted to move away only to find that I could not. Sebastian's arms were wrapped around my small frame, keeping me in my place. I quickly fixed my gaze on the ground, my bluish bangs hiding the fierce blush that threatened to spread across my face, when I felt a hand underneath my chin. Anxiously, I looked up.

"Young master, may I ask you something?" I managed to nod my head.

'He went back to calling me 'Young master'. I wonder if this was a bad idea...'

"What would do if I said I loved you too?" he whispered.

"You liar..." Again, I looked away. It couldn't be, right? He is probably just toying with my emotions.

"Ahh, but don't you remember? I do not tell lies." his words made my heartbeat accelerate. If what he says is true, then-

"I love you, my Ciel," Sebastian said, planting a kiss on my forehead. "Through the fiery inferno of Hell and back."

What is this feeling? It's running through my entire being and consuming me from the inside. This must be what happiness feels like...