This is my first Olive and Company fanfic, so go easy on me and don't worry I'll do as best I can

Rated: M

Pairings: Dodger/Einstein, Tito/Georgette (Slash)


As Fagin rode his dog filled cart, Dodger felt uneasy. He was uneasy from a sickness called love.

He was felt this way with two dogs in particular.

Einstein looked over at him and noticed something was bothering him. "Dodger, are you okay?" He asked trying to figure it out.

Dodger turned to the Great Dane and replied with a faux smile. "Yeah, just tired from the party."

"Well, I don't mind, want to sleep with me tonight?" Einstein asked smiling.

Dodger's heart begin racing from the offer.

"You mean it?" He asked staring at him in partial disbelief and hope that things would turn to a more favorable direction."

"Sure, I always enjoy company with friends" Einstein explained.

"Yeah, friends just what I thought..." Dodger thought, sighing to himself.

Both dogs smiled at the other for a few moments. Dodger felt a connection between them but dismissed it frowning.

"Don't worry dodger, we'll be home soon." The Dane told him, partially hinting his intentions. He nuzzled Dodger's head.

"I hope my opera and ballet show is on." Francis happily barked.

Tito turned to Francis with an annoyed tone. "Who cares about that dumb show anyway?" The Chihuahua said mockingly. The French bulldog growled at him.

"Come on guys knock it off." Rita ordered, fed up with their constant bickering.

"Yeah, could you two stop fighting for at least one day." Dodger cosigned with his ex-girlfriend.

There was a moment of silent. An hour later, Fagin and the gang made it home. The dogs had fallen asleep along the way. Rita slept on one side of the cart. Tito had sweet dream of Georgette, on the other side. Dodger slept along side with Einstein and Francis.

Fagin clapped twice, alerting the dogs of their arrival.

The dogs awoke and licked Fagin's extended hands.

"Come on guys, out of the cart!" He commanded.

One by one dogs jumped out. Fagin parked the now empty cart in front of his cabin, and they all headed inside.

Fagin headed downstairs and performed his daily ritual of rubbing his face before walking to his chair.

The dogs gathered by his side as Einstein fetched the storybook.

Einstein laid the book in Fagin's lap. The man lifted the book and opened it, starting to read a passage.

The dogs began yawning as he continued reading, Tito atop Francis' head.

Two hours of reading later, Fagin decided it was enough for the night.

"Alright guys time for bed." He yawned, stretching his arms and back before getting comfortable and drifting into slumber.

The dogs immediately followed after him and everyone fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

Einstein made his way over to his area and awaited Dodger's company.

Dodger pawed over to the Great Dane and laid underneath him.

Einstein's warmth made Dodger blush.

The Dane smiled and rested his paw on top of Dodger's. Dodger playfully placed his free paw onto Einstein's.

Einstein blushed and licked the top of his head, eliciting a moan from the male under him.

"Dodger." He started with a silky tone.

"Yes?" The Jack russell terrier asked, enjoying the larger dog's warmth.

"I have a secret to tell you but, you have to promise me that this will not ruin our friendship." Einstein requested.

"It won't, I promise." He replied, putting his trust in him.

"Okay." The Great Dane said relieved. He took a deep breath and made his confession, "Dodger, I think I love you."

Dodger rolled onto his back, still under his friend.

There was a moment of silence. Dodger stared at him, in disbelief his fantasies were one step closer to becoming reality.

"What did you say?" He whispered, needing to be sure he heard him right.

Einstein shut his eyes hoping that the feelings were mutual and their friendship wasn't tarnished.

The two shared a moment of awkward silence. The great dane opened his eyes to see Dodger looking away.

The jack russell terrier thought it over, Einstein had made his move and they could move on together if he told him hiw he felt.

"I love you too." He said with a loving smile.

"You really do?" The other asked nervously and in partial disbelief.

"Yeah, I just couldn't admit it. I thought you knew..." He started with a blush. " I thought you knew that I liked you, but I wasn't sure if you felt the same way."

"I just wanted to wait until the right time." Einstein replied, knowing his good friend.

"Oh." Dodger said, feeling stupid.

Einstein was about to lick Dodger's neck but was stopped by the terrier.

"Einstein not now, the others are still around." He warned.

"Oh I understand." The Dane frowned. Dodger thought of an idea to brighten up his mood.

"But we can still kiss, we'll have to mate when we are alone okay?" Dodger sent him a wink.

"Okay." Einstein smiled, feeling a bit better.

Einstein and Dodger smiled at each other, lust overcame them in an instant and the two were at each other.

In the passionate lock of maws, Dodger's tongue explored the Dane's mouth. Einstein felt the caress of his appendage and fought back playfully, entering the terrier's maw.

Throughout the night the two dogs lay together and kissed. While the others were fast asleep Francis awoke silently. He saw the two in an intimate kiss through half lidded eyes and smiled.

Francis wanted to join their party but knew it would be better to wait until they were all alone.

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