Book: Amulet Zero

Prompt: A movie called "Ella Enchanted"

Bite Me.

Growing up as a child, Emily could never see the difference between sarcasm and seriousness. Navin couldn't either, but he was only in Junior Kindergarden and the complexities of being human didn't help him understand his sibling either. So in result, they disliked each other constantly. Which such a thing led them to a miraculous understanding later on, so this is their story;

"Hey Emily, do you want to go play on the swings?" Natasha whispered in her friend's ear, gulping as she realized that some kids in her class were staring. And it was creepy. It had come to Em's notice as well, and quickly agreed. Both took hands and stood up for the grass patch to make their way over to the swings. Whoosh! Another girl stepped in front of them and glared at Natasha. Her fiery brown eyes matched her brunette hair, but her face was other than kind.

"You realize that everyone knows what you're doing?" The girl snapped, crossing her arms in a rude manner.

"Ummm... they realize that we're playing?" The blond head replied, pretending to be puzzled to what Sarah was trying to say. Her blue eyes sparkled with fear for none other than her new friend; Sarah makes her mark on everyone, claiming that only she should be the first to have a crack at the new kids. Natasha knew nothing of what she says to them, only that the children run home to their parents, sobbing that they never want to go to school again.

That said, she wasn't prepared to let the bully break Emily.

Sarah sniffed and frowned, rolling her eyes at Natasha. "No, you stupid blond. Don't you remember the rules?"

"Rules?" Emily asked, switching her gaze to Sarah from Natasha. "What're you guys talking about?" From what she heard from the teacher, there were no rules apart from no cheating, no yelling, no standing on top of the chairs, and... no picking your nose and wiping it on someone else. But she was in grade four! She already knew those! Unless, of course, the children made up their own rules on how the playground is to be played on.

And that was exactly what Sarah was talking about. Natasha fearfully raised her eyes to meet Sarah's, stood like a statue and slowly backed away, hiding her tears. "I'm so sorry, Em." She whispered, breaking into a run. Emily gave the impression of uninterest by crossing her arms with slitted eyelids. But the bully, who had smiled in satisfaction, frowned immediately when Emily's brother came to pester her again.

"Hey, Em! Isn't this cool? Look, I founded an airship on the ground!" Excitedly, he turned Emily towards him and showed her his treasure. She only cocked an eyebrow with the slightest of interest.

"Go away, you little twerp. Me and her were trying to have a conversation." That was Sarah.

Emily glared at the brunette. "Actually, just you. You scared off my friend in order to do so." she clenched her fists. "And no one but me is allowed to talk to my brother like that, you understand?" Sarah stuck her nose in the air, mimicking Em's fiery attitude.

Then she looked emily straight in the eye and sneered, "Bite me."


Emily stood there in thought. Why does she want to be bitten? She pondered. She shrugged. The best thing to do is to give her what she wants. Taking sarah's arm, (with her protesting) Emily smiled at the girl. "Well, if that's what you want..." She opened her jaws and bit down hard. Sarah's scream filled the playground and everyone immediately turned to look.

Navin stared at Em in surprise. "Are we really alloweded to do that in this school?" He asked eagerly. Emily released the brunette girl's arm and then Sarah fled, taking her bleeding arm with her. Then Navin gave his big sister a goofy grin. "In that case, I would bited you everyday. But how come you didn't use the stare? Huh? How come? Hey, is that a teacher? I think you should runned." Whoopty freaking do! Emily thought while rolling her eyes, she told me to bite her!

"No Navin, I think you should go now." Em answered, taking matters into her own hands once again. And if you thought Sarah's situation was messy, this was going to be messier. Navin scurried off hastily as the teacher on duty arrived with a sour face. He clearly wanted nothing to do with the situation.

"A girl was telling me you were trying to bite her arm off... Is that true?" He asked the red head. Emily looked at her feet, thinking about what she should do. Then it came to her!

Her mother nick-named Emily the Stare Master because she was able to hold a creepy gaze without flinching, laughing nor blinking. Eventually, it would scare another adult off, which was partly the reason why Karen wasn't able to find another partner. So Emily raised her head and gave her best creeper stare, which had something to do with her eyes opened wide and her crooked smile.

Mr. Talego blinked, taken aback by her strange response. Why was she smiling? Would she not be more ashamed, afraid or angry? A child's usual response would be to start blubbering and tell the truth; it was proven in phycology class in his univeristy. But, if there was no truth to tell-O-kay, this stare's starting to get to gave him the overwhelming cold waves going up and down his spine. What should he do? In fact, the only thing he could think of was making a hasty escape.

It was starting to work, Emily realized. But if she didn't move soon, the effect was going to wear off. Keeping her face still, she took a step toward him, and then he took a step away. YEEESSSS! Emily silently squealed. It was getting to the point where he didn't stand a chance. Her smile increased. "You're in a trap," she taunted. "The men and women who tried to scold me ended up in the hospital because of a 'mysterious injury to the eye'. If you keep looking, you'll be blind."

Now, Derek Talego was not the most convinced of men when it came to children, but this was definitely no ordinary child. Two choices now: run or be blind. Run... or be blind. And was that blond girl over there-Natasha-laughing at him? Couldn't she see that this was no ordinary joke? Run... be blind...



...He chose to run.