Chapter One


Alright! So this is my attempt at HarvestMoonAddict's 100 theme challenge! Whoop Whoop! Wish me luck!

Name's Vaughn. I don't like to talk much. Not at all, thank you. Always been a loner. I like it that way. By myself. Sometimes I cold to people. Sometimes they deserve it. People get annoying. My cousin Julia says I have trusting issues. You would too if your dad abandoned you as a baby, and your mom just gave up and dumped you at her sister's one night. Bottom line is, I don't like people. I like animals, because animals don't give a crap at what your past is like. I just...don't like people.

Except this one girl...

Yeah, I know I shouldn't be taking up another story right now, but I found out about this challenge and was like, "I HAVE TO DO THIS!" I'm hoping its only gonna take a few weeks...