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Chapter 1: Last time…


"Hello there, Shizu-chan~!" Certain brunet called as he always did.

Certain blond stopped on his tracks as he furiously turned around growling in anger…

"IIIIIIIIZAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!, I TOLD YOU TO STAY OUT OF IKEBUKURO!" he yelled as he ripped off the ground the poor vending machine that had stood next to him only seconds ago and threw it at the brunet who couldn't help but smirk as he took a step to the side, the vending machine smashing against the near wall.

"Gosh, Shizu-chan… have you grown slow?" teased Izaya as he approached the furious blond.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, FLEA!" his fist went straight to Izaya's face but, once again he moved just in time.

"Ha, ha, ha! You'll have to catch me first, Shizu-chan~!" and with that the usual, cat and mouse game began.

Shizuo would throw random stuff at the brunet, he would dodge… the usual. But it was one event that changed it all… as they were passing a dark alley, Izaya's phone suddenly rang. Still running, he looked at the name and couldn't help but grin at the caller, looking slightly over his shoulder he picked it up.

"Hello~!" he answered with his usual cheerful tone.

"O-Oniichan..." a broken voice spoke through the other line…

"Mairu?" the brunet frowned at her fearful tone, it wasn't like her to be afraid. She was mostly like him… as time passed he had grown to love his sisters, and now they were the most precious thing for him.

"Iza-nii… I-I'm scared…" she whispered

"IZAYA!" he looked over his shoulder as he realized he had forgotten all about Ikebukuro's strongest man…

"Mairu? What's wrong? Why are you scared? And what the hell is that noise!" he added as the sound of something smashing against probably the floor came from the other line.

"…there's someone in here, Izaya" this made said brunet's eyes go wide as he kept running… several clients that knew about his siblings had menaced to hurt them, but none had actually tried

A shaky breath escaped his lips as he closed his eyes for a mere second… "Mairu, where's Kururi? Is she with you? Do you recognize who's in there?" yes… Izaya Orihara feared for his sister's well-being.

"…s-she's here, we're inside your old room… a-and n-no… I don't …" Mairu suddenly stopped and Izaya could clearly hear her gasp as the sound of something creaking loudly startled the three of them…

"…" Izaya ran, waiting for his sister… but what came next, scared the living soul out of him.


"KURURI!...STAY AWAY FROM HER, YOU FREAK!" the sound of the phone falling was heard…

Things shattering on the other line… Kururi's pained screams…Mairu's pointless yells, which were suddenly replaced by the same pained one's… until they all stopped and he could hear something metal falling with a loud clang…

"Hello, there… Orihara-san" the brunet couldn't believe his ears… no… this… this couldn't be true.

"Shiki-san…?" he breathed.

"Ah… nice to hear your voice, now, are you going to fulfill my wish or should I finish what I started? You know what I want, Orihara-san… wills you come or should I kill this two pests? Time's running out… you were we are, don't bother calling your parents they're death… either way… you'll be mine, Orihara Izaya-"

"What the hell did you do to my sisters!" he yelled slowing his pace…

"Oh~ nothing much… here's Kururi..."


"Kururi… please, please tell me you're ok" pleaded Izaya as he slowed even more…

'(there's) b-blood… (All over) m-me…-'the line went death, making Izaya stop on his tracks…

"YOU'RE DEATH YOU FUCKING FLEA!" A street sign was ripped of its place… and thrown at the brunet

"Ku-Kururi? Kururi!... KURURI!" just as Izaya yelled his sisters name where he had suddenly stopped, the street sign flew next to him… slicing a deep wound into his shoulders, making him flinch at the sudden pain… but he couldn't stop looking at the phone…he just couldn't.

"HA! FINALLY CAUGH YOU, YOU DAMMED F-"Shizuo stopped when he saw Izaya suddenly drop the phone… falling to his knees as he buried his face on his trembling hands.

'I can't cry… I have to be strong for them… especially in front of this protozoan…' he took a deep breath, tears in his eyes …

"Damm it, Shiki!" he yelled in pure rage… and finally stood up

He looked at the blond who seemed to be petrified on his place after seeing him in this strange behavior…

"Seems like you finally got me… Shizu-chan" he whispered as he ran his pale fingers over the wound.

"h-hey… are you ok?" asked Shizuo as he slowly approached him…

"I-…I-"a single tear of desperation ran down his cheek. "I have to get them out of there…"

"Who?" Shizuo didn't even know why he bothered to ask, but… for God's sake, the flea was CRYING!

"My sisters…" mumbled Izaya before he broke into a run towards Shinjuku…

*end flashback*

(Shizuo's Pov)

That was the last time I saw the flea… it's been 3 weeks now and there's no sign of him, nor his sister's. Is it wrong that I'm starting to get slightly worried? Well, to be honest I've been ever since I saw that tear fall down his cheek…

Yeah, I know that I'm supposed to hate him but, I just can't help it… there's this strange feeling inside of me… but, what is it? I can't possibly care for him so deeply!


No one has seen him ever since… not Shinra… not Simon… not even Celty… where was he?

All I can say is that now, I find myself walking towards his house… willing to find out what is wrong with the one that is making me feel all of this… things

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