Yuki's POV

"Yuki," the man with black hair and silver eyes jump through the walls of glowing energy that I can no longer control.

I jump towards him knowing that with him I'll always be safe.

I reach my hand towards him as we get closer. "Luka!"

I wake up to see my hand outstretched weird I feel like this has happened before.

I sigh, "I wonder when my memory will come back."

"Yuki, come on we're going to be late and I can't have my eyes do that now can I."

I sigh as my sister, Seppen, comes bursting through my door. You'd think her being blind would make her more prone to run into the walls, but nope she makes it into my room every time not even with a single scratch.

I groan and pull my pillow over my head, 'Great now I need a new lock, again.'

I feel my blanket being pulled from my body and I sigh, 'Thank god she can't see me right now.'

I pull the pillow from my head to see my sister with her white and recently dyed blue streak only way to tell we're related is that we have a similar build, eyes, and somewhat faces but I look more like mother well my twin may look more like father.

I got off my bed and walked into my bathroom to get changed.

It took me only a few minutes to get dressed and out of my room I don't bother with make-up. Neither does Seppen but it's only because she doesn't want to look like a clown.

We made it in school in record time Seppen pulls out her body spray and does a light spray, because of our marathon worthy run from our apartment to school.

"Yuki! Seppen!" I hear my twin groan as she hears one of our 'fangirls' as she likes to call them run up to us. "I hear what you guys did yesterday that's great and why you weren't at school."

I feel Seppen looking in my direction and I feel her thoughts slip into my head and I rub my head before a headache can arise.

I know that I feel people's emotions, but with my twin I can do that and somehow we can hear each other's thoughts most of the time unless we're blocking them out. I hit her in the back of the head for thinking of vile things to do to the poor girl.

Yesterday morning:

"Yuki, I can't believe you got out of bed before me," my sister practically shouts making my ears ring.

I sigh not wanting to tell her I had a bad dream but can't remember it except me asking someone that I think was my loved one to kill me.

My sister grabs my hand and looks at it, "You were trying to remember things weren't you."


"I was right," Seppen stops and looks in my general direction, "Yuki, you need to stop worrying about it or else you'll never get over it and just get hurt over and over again. The doctor said that your memories will come back."

"But Seppen I know things that I never thought that I ever knew. I mean come on what fifteen year old can read at a PhD level and higher and comprehend every single word that she reads."

Seppen sighs knowing what I was angry about.

I heard her whisper, "Something's never change do they."

I sigh and think about what happened that day to get me in the hospital but only get as far as waking up in the hospital room with a doctor telling me that my twin and I were alright except that she can no longer see and asked me a few questions when he did all I could say was Yuki, my name.

I heard someone getting beaten up so I grab my sister's arm and run to see what was happening to run into one of the colored gangs that rarely showed themselves anymore around town.

I look at him and his red bandana and smile sweetly at him, "Please move and let me and my twin through we need to get to school."

He smirks well grabbing a hold of my waist, "How about you two stay here and entertain me and my friends?"

"Over my dead body," I feel the anger rolling off my sister so I sensed her punch coming.

I moved slightly to the left when I spotted her fist coming towards me.

I smile when the boy falls on his butt, "Oh what happened to you poor schmucks being entertained when only me and my sister seem to be having fun."

More of his gang came running towards us, but I spot a bruised up young girl with her arms wrapped around her legs sitting in the middle crying increasing my rage towards the red gang.

It only took a few minutes to get rid of them and to bring the girl to the hospital she was no older than ten and they were beating her.

We had stayed with her all day in the hospital knowing what it's like to be left alone. When she woke up her eyes were unfocused, but she still talked to us and I found out her name was Miki.

I sigh when Miya keeps talking to us as we made our way to school.

I hear a dog barking knowing that it's Rain, Seppen's pet, well more like one of the many stray animals that follow her around. Rain helps Seppen get around when I'm not with her so I'm ok with the stray since she saved my sister when the dog and Seppen made their first run in together.

I keep walking until I hear someone fall down and as fast as I had heard the sound I feel the person's pain. I let go of Seppen to run over to the student Usui who everyone made fun of well I just want to help him.

I looked up the stairs to see that no one was up there either he fall or someone or something had pushed him.

"Seppen, get over here and grab his other arm we should take him to the nurse."

Seppen runs over to us, 'How does she not fall on her face?'

Seppen grabs a hold of him and we leave for the nurse.

When school ended I see Usui so I run up to him knowing that Seppen got detention for falling asleep than screaming as if she had been burned.

"Usui, hey are you alright?"

He looks back at me and I see that his eyes aren't covered by his glasses but I see them in his breast pocket broken.

He blushed when he noticed that I was looking him over for any kind of injuries the school nurse had missed, "I'm fine, Yuki."

"I'm so glad to hear," I smile brightly at him.

I start to walk back to school only to have the boy call out to me, "Yuki."

I turn to face him. "Yes, what is it Usui?"

"Yuki, would you like to go out on a date with me?"

I look at him sadly for some reason I can't bring myself to even say yes to one date from any guy, "I'm sorry but no thank you Usui I don't want to go on a date with you and I want to say that I'm sorry but I feel like I'm looking for someone else who I love."

I turn to leave only to feel something very evil like I did when Usui had fallen down the stairs. I sigh remembering the first day I met Usui.

6 years ago:

We had been told that we could become emancipated teens as long as we stayed out of trouble so we did just that until it was time for school.

Seppen had always had people make fun of her for her hair wherever we went and when we got to school it was no different.

So when Seppen lost her temper went to hit someone she accidently hit Usui who I had ran to the second I saw him fall, "I'm so sorry for what my sister did she didn't mean to."

I know that it was wrong of me but I know that I let pity seep into my eyes.

That's when I touched him and saw a young boy having a bottle thrown at him by his mother and being told he was useless and that she wished he was never born.

'I bet I had hurt his feelings.'

I walk into the school to find my sister only to hear her scream.


I run into the room to see Seppen attached to the wall with something holding onto her, "Let her go or else."

'Crap why did I just say that?'

"Or else what?"

I hear chuckling as a man walks through the wall and holds onto my sister. "Let go of Seppen!"

He starts laughing, "God's Light you didn't answer my question or else what?"

"I'll kill you," Seppen put her hand behind her and I know what was going to happen I've seen it once before.

"I'll be the one to do the killing, sister. Listen bud how about I just let you live your worst nightmare over and over again as it tears you to pieces."

When she said this I look away not wanting to see what was going to happen.

I hear a simple scream of pain and then the man's presence goes away.

I hear Seppen whisper, "Man, why didn't I think of that before?"

I look over at her to see ice dripping from her hands and nothing else around her like the guy was ever there.

"You hate me for what I did don't you. Yuki."

I look at her, "I could never hate you, Seppen. I understand that things like this can happen so you have to use violence and aim to kill if you plan to survive."

My sister looks away from me and whispers, "I wish that these demons of our past, present, and future would just go away.