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What if Kazuya was never interested in Satellizer and never interfered to hug her? What happens if there were some other changes? What will be the results? Who will be Kazuya be partnered with? Read to find out.

Chapter 4

The day after the hug, Kazuya is walking a bit when he accidently bumps into a girl.

"Watch where you're going," the girl snapped.

"Sorry about that sempai," Kazuya said.

"He's pretty cute," the girl thought.

"Well, tell me what's your name?" the girl asks trying to make conversation.

"Kazuya," Kazuya responds back.

"My name is Miyabi, tell me have you found a pandora partner?" Miyabi asks.

"No sempai," Kazuya responds.

Miyabi knew what to do in this situation. He pinned Kazuya to a wall and said in a different voice "why don't you be my limiter,"

Kazuya turns and try to wriggle out of the situation, but he is pinned.

Miyabi grabs Kazuya and try to lead him to his room but Elizabeth spots Miyabi.

"What are you doing Miyabi?" Elizabeth asks in a serious voice.

"He's my new limiter," Miyabi respond back.

Elizabeth is in awe. Kazuya and her as a partner, but Elizabeth then notice Kazuya shake his head no.

"Clearly not, because he is my limiter," Elizabeth glares at the girl.

Miyabi runs.

The next day, Kazuya is walking to the cafeteria when he accidently bump into a girl.

"I'm so sorry sempai, are you okay?" Kazuya asks the girl.

The girl stands up and looks at Kazuya for a couple seconds.

"Yeah, I am okay de arimasu," the girl responds back.

Kazuya nods and head to the cafeteria. He then saw Arthur and Kato and told them the incident yesterday.

"It does seem something Miyabi to do, since she grabs limiters for herself," Kato said.

"Yeah, but didn't you say Elizabeth said you were her partner?" Arthur asks.

Kazuya nods.

"Well it means one thing, you and Elizabeth need to perform the baptism," Kato said.

"Huh?" Kazuya said, not comprehending what was happening.

"Well, she said you were her limiter and the baptism is where the pandora stigma goes to the limiter for a way of communication," Arthur explains.

Kazuya nods, but then ask "she said it to get Miyabi to leave, right?"

Arthur and Kato did not respond for a few seconds and exchange glances, but then said sure...

"I'm going to get a drink," Kazuya tell his friends and as he gets up, he bumps accidently into the untouchable queen, Satellizer. Kazuya recalls from Arthur that whoever touch her would get beaten up.

Two thoughts went to Kazuya's mind.

1. Uh-Oh

2. I have got to stop bumping into girls.

Well, guys how do you like it? I thought the ending was pretty good.