AN: This is a fanfic I wrote for my friend's birthday. Enjoy!

Light stared intently at the chessboard, his mind whirring with potential moves.

A monotone "Light-kun, hurry up. I would like to finish before morning," broke into his reverie. L stared at him with a touch of impatience coloring his normally expressionless features. Light scowled back and moved his knight, capturing L's last bishop. He couldn't allow L to distract him from winning this game. He couldn't let L be on top again tonight! Seeing that L had finished his turn and returned to the ever important task of choosing which pastry to enjoy next, Light turned his attention back to the board. He frowned when he saw that L had somehow managed to maneuver the board so his pieces had formed a rough barrier blocking Light's into a corner. How had he not noticed?

Narrowing his eyes, Light quickly planned a counter-attack. The next few minutes were a frenzy of rapid back and forth moves between Light and L, finally culminating with a triumphant "Checkmate!" from Light. Grinning, he turned and headed for the bedroom, a silent L trailing behind.

As they entered the room, L spoke. "Light-kun, remember to be careful. The bed creaks." Light looked at him reproachfully. "That was your fault, you know," he responded somewhat snappishly. L merely stared at him, wide, dark eyes sapping away Light's slight irritation. Regaining his cheerful mood, Light smiled, remembering again that it was his turn tonight. He sat down on the bed, patting the space next to him. "Go on, Ryuuzaki. Sit down, get comfortable." Light grinned wider when L wordlessly complied. He turned towards L and leaned in…

"Well, good night." Light climbed to the top bunk, feeling another rush of satisfaction as he settled into the sheets. A "Good night, Light-kun." sounded from below, but he was already fast asleep.

What's that? You thought this was about that? I'm shocked, really. Such dirty minds on FF.

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