The breath of a young boy was quickening at a rapid pace, and it wasn't because he was locked under the stairs again. Uncle Vernon was furious with him because he forgot to get the last weed out of the garden. When his uncle had inspected his work and seen this, he had taken the boy to the kitchen and turned on the stove as high as he could.

"You'll get it this time, boy." He remembered Uncle Vernon saying, before holding the boys hands over the burning stove and keeping them there for 10 seconds. Then, he was thrown into his safe haven, his cupboard. Where everyone else was too big to fit in. He had assumed that uncle Vernon would be satisfied with his punishment, and leave the poor 10 year- old alone. Then he heard the front door open and the smell of whisky filled the air. Vernon was drunk, and that meant even more pain for the abused boy.

The door to his small room was thrown open, making a loud bang and a dent, most likely, in the perfect wall. The boy barely stuck his head out and flinched when he was grabbed roughly by the neck and thrown out of his safe haven. He closed his eyes tightly and flinched when he heard a belt crack and felt pain as the belt destroyed his back, ripping it to shreds again.

A sixteen year old version of the boy bolted up and held his stomach. Memory after memory raced through his mind. He could still feel the pain, humiliation, and the hatred like it was yesterday. But it wasn't, and he knew it. He had run away before he even went home with his uncle and bought a house to live in during the summer between his 5th and 6th year of Hogwarts. It was nice, being alone, he thought. No one but his retaliator had any idea where he was, and the wizarding world thought he was missing. Technically, he wasn't missing because he knew where he was. He needed a break from the wizarding world and this was the only way he thought he could get it.

Personally, he thought he did deserve a break, having defeated the dark lord only months ago, as well as having to deal with his god father becoming deathly afraid of him because of the Department of Mysteries.

His hand subconsciously trailed down to his bloated stomach and rubbed it lightly, feeling a kick against his hand. Yes, he, Harrison James Potter, the boy-who-lived, was pregnant. And, because he was Harry Potter and didn't do things half way, he was having 4 sons and a daughter. In just a few weeks, he would be a father. He turned his head and glanced at the light blue door that attached his room to the nursery that he would be using constantly very soon.

With a small sigh, he cast a quick tempus charm and blanched. 4: 43 am. He felt a small sense of accomplishment. He had managed to get 5 hours or so of sleep, before it was interrupted by his nightmare. Then, he glanced at his calendar and sighed heavily. It was always today, wasn't it? Every year, something always happened to him. He was awake before any sane person even moved, as always, on the morning of September 1st. Then again, his day was already starting out better because he wasn't being beaten or raped as a 'goodbye gift'.

He sat up straight, his back becoming ridged, before bolting to the bathroom, to, once again, empty his stomach. Harry was very fast not pregnant, and the only time he ever showed that speed now days was when he was about to puke. He rested his head against the cold floor and waited for the morning sickness to fade again. He glared at his pillow in irritation before giving up and closing his eyes. He had stupid morning sickness, even though they were due in a week or two, and it was driving him nuts. Lucky women. They sometimes didn't even get morning sickness, and if they did, it was only for the first trimester. …then again, they usually were pregnant all 9 months, while his was only 6.

"Would master Harry like some saltine crackers and rose tea?" asked his favorite house elf, Mysty, her voice still seeming half asleep. Mysty was a rather small female elf with big blue eyes and giant ears with pinkish tan skin. She was wearing her pajamas which was a long royal blue pillowcase that went down to the floor.

"Yes please." Harry replied, before forcing himself up and dragging his feet back to bed.

He knew that his best friend of 5 years, resident know-it-all Hermione Granger, would hate him for having house elves, but he didn't care about any of his so called friends anymore. Not after he had overheard them complaining about having to deal with him. And if that wasn't enough betrayal, his once beloved god father, who he had barely managed to save from dying in the department of mysteries, actually hated him and didn't want to see Harry anymore, or so he told the headmaster when he thought Harry was still unconscious from the battle at the ministry. He just didn't trust anyone anymore, and that was just how things always would be for him, not that it was any different when he was younger.

The little elf popped back to his side and handed him his tea, and waited for him to take a sip of the warm tea, letting it wake up his sore body and relaxing his tense muscles.

"Will Master Harry be attending school this year?" she asked. He sighed and felt like he was 50 or so.

"Maybe, but it depends on how things go today, I told you that already." He said sipping his calming rose tea and thinking about his day. At 7 o'clock he had a meeting with the headmaster to discuss his condition. If things went correctly, then he would have a few things he needed before he went back to the school. First and foremost was his need for his own room. Oh, and his need for a resort, as he trusted more people in Slytherin than he did in Gryffindor. Then, he would need a few weeks back here when the kids were born so he could spend some time with his family. And finally, he needed permission to bring his cook to school so that he could be able to indulge in his cravings. He didn't think that any of the demands were too difficult or dumb, but…

He stood up and stretched, school would be starting soon and he needed to make sure that if the headmaster said yes that he would have everything together for the train.

He shook his head and suddenly sighed as his cravings started again. "Mysty," he asked kindly, "Can you possibly make me some blueberry and cherry pancakes with hunny and powdered sugar please." The small elf smiled at him.

"Does yous be wanting syrup and caramel too?" She asked. Harry shook his head and the elf nodded, popping away with a snap of her fingers.

Harry lounged against his bed, loving the feeling of his black silk pajamas and the black feather comforter against his hands. His eyes then settled on something else, an empty potion bottle that he had taken months ago. The potion, when taken while doing a deletion ritual had deleted the children's fathers' blood from their veins. Now they were solely his and he would never be hurt because of their father again. Who was the father you ask? Well, it was his lover of almost a year. And why had they broken it off? Well, partly because of the dark lord's threat, but mostly because Severus was tired of playing around and didn't believe him when he said he was pregnant. So, in a way to get back at him, he did the ritual and knew that someday, he might have too allow their fathers blood to once again, run thru his perfect children's veins.

"Here is the pancakes master Harry wanted. After Master Harry is done, Mysty will draw him a bath so that he can leave on time, yes?"

"I love how you always know what I need Mysty. That would be perfect if it's not too much trouble for you, my little friend." He said with a smile, before thanking her again for the pancakes and eating when she disappeared with a pop.

Harry quickly finished his pancakes and his tea. Then, with much difficulty, he pulled himself up and waddled to the bathtub. He felt like a small whale, which he would never say aloud, for fear of sounding cliché, and mentally cried at his lack of speed. He calmed quickly when he remembered that he had gained more with his pregnancy than he weighed originally.

He smiled when he saw the steam rising from the water, indicating that it was the perfect temperature for him, not quite burning hot, but very, very close. He lowered himself into the tub and smiled when the water came up over his aching stomach. His kids, so it seemed, loved the hot water and always settled down whenever he was in it. He snapped his finger and the jets turned on, just like a hot tub and he leaned back onto the massaging water. He rested in the water for an hour or so, before Mysty came in and told him it was 6:15. When he heard this, he rested for a few more minutes and then got up to get ready for the day ahead of him.

He dressed in a pair of black sweat pants and a loose t-shirt. Sure, it didn't look that great, but it was comfortable, and at this point, he cared more for comfort than looks, and if anyone had a problem, let them get pregnant with five kids and be weeks from delivery and still look normal.

He walked / waddled into the guest living room before taking a handful of floo powder and calling out his destination with a bitter look on his face.

When he caught himself from falling, and that was not easy by the way, he looked up and rolled his eyes. He must have flooed in during an order meeting. Stupid flaming chickens…

"Is that you, my dear boy?" Dumbledore asked, reaching out towards him. The old headmaster touched Harry's shoulder. Harry, meanwhile, was trying to bite back the comments that were threatening to be said. It would have sounded something like: "No, I'm Merlin, and you are?" but that would have been too mean, and he was still in a good enough mood from his bath, so he just rolled his eyes.

"Hello headmaster. I take it that you didn't get my owl that said I would be coming." Harry replied pleasantly, making him shudder inside.

"Oh, I did, my boy, but you must understand that I was a little weary that you are not who you say you are." Dumbledore becoming him to sit, and one of the other order members, his godfather, came in front of him.

"What is my animagus form, if I have one, and what did you call it in letters?" Sirus Black asked his godson. He heard the sigh of the boy and knew this was his godson.

"Snuffles the grim. Next."

"Ok, Harry, what is my animagus form, and what is your patronus form?" asked the hunny haired form of his unofficial godfather, Remus Lupin, one of the other maunders.

"Really Remus? You're a werewolf, thus you can't have an animagus form, or at least I don't think you can. Can you? Anyways, my patronus is my dad's animagus, a stag. Happy now? Or does this have to waste more time?" Harry asked, leaning back in his chair, as he was far too heavy to sit up like he used to, it hurt his back.

"Last one little brother, although we already know you're you." said Fred.

"What did we have to break in order to get you away from privet drive?" asked George.

Harry flinched as he remembered that day. It was before his second year, after a particularly horrid beating, and the twins and Ron came to rescue him in a flying car. But they had to get past the… "Bars on my window." He whispered, knowing his face was going pale. He cursed inwardly, stupid hormones.

The twins nodded at him, and hugged him; they were completely loyal to him and knew where he had been living, kind of. They knew how to get a hold of him if they needed him, but they couldn't actually get to him.

He glanced around the office, looking at each person there with cool and tired eyes. Molly, Arthur, and Ron Weasly, along with the twins, Mad-eye Moody, Professor McGonagall, and… Severus. Harry looked into the eyes of his ex lover and sighed. Well, he sighed mentally, so much for him not knowing.

"I take it you knew I was pregnant, as I stated in my letter, and you have been thinking about what I said." Harry said tiredly, but politely. He was feeling too old for this.

"Of course you can come back, my dear boy, and now I understand why you would like your own room, which I agree with. And you can bring you're house elf, if you wish. And it is perfectly fine if you have a few weeks off when the child is born, as long as you keep up with your work. Now, about the resort, you do realize that no one has been resorted since the days of the founders, and even then, there were only two. Resorting is something that you should take very seriously, my boy." Dumbledore said with a stern tone. Harry rolled his eyes. Why did people always think he never thought things through?

"I have thought about it, and I think it is important for me. I have learned all I can from the Gryffindor house, now its time to learn things from another point of view. I wish for a resort." Harry said, trying to keep his voice even. He was so tired that he thought maybe it would be better to stay home, at least until the kids were born. Harry froze slightly and rolled his eyes as one of the kids kicked him hard enough for the other people to notice that he was definitely pregnant. Severus walked over to him slowly and paused in front of Harry.

"May I?" he asked. Harry bit his lip, but nodded and the hand was place on his stomach. It felt so cold compared to his burning temperature. His little ones complied with his request and kicked the other man in the hand lightly.

"How?" Severus asked quietly, "You're a male. I know you are." He said.

Harry laughed loudly. "Ya, I'm a guy, but, don't forget, I'm Harry Potter. Weird things love happening to me, remember. I survived the killing curse twice, survived the dark lord a lot more than that, had a basilisk fang in my arm, and somehow managed to fight a dragon on a broom. Having children is not really a surprise compared to some of the other stuff I've done."

"Wait," he heard a quiet voice say. Harry turned to see Mrs. Weasly, "Children?"

"Yep, apparently the ritual I did to get rid of their fathers' blood" He paused and saw Severus flinch at the words, "made it possible to have multiples, five to be exact. Four boys and a girl actually. I'm due in a few weeks." Harry said calmly. How were they surprised again? Right because they never read the fine print on the rules of nature: Harry Potter does not listen to any of the rules that anyone else has to follow. Ever.

Suddenly, his stomach clenched and he looked down. That was weird. His body was cramping and clenching up. He rolled his eyes for a moment before another bout of pain overtook him. His breathing sped up and he felt pain that was only slightly better than the crutiatus curse. He pushed himself up and said goodbye before rushing to the fireplace.

He paused when he heard his name being called. He turned and saw concern on the faces of those who he cared about. He managed a small smile and tried to give a better explanation than just a smile. He forced out two words before flooing back home. "Its time." He said quietly.

"Poppy can deliver them, stay here." Fred said. Harry looked at the twins and shook his head. This was something he needed to do at home. He walked quickly through the flames, muttering the words to his home instead of shouting like he normally did. He needed to get home before it became too much for his tired body to handle.

"I need Joanna, and my bed. I don't want to stay here right now." He muttered, more to himself stepping out of the flames and standing in his guest room. Labor would take a while, he knew, and he didn't think he could get all the way to hiss room before collapsing in pain. He sat on the dark green arm chair and yelled for Mysty.

"Get Joanna! Now! Its time!" he shouted, dropping the calm façade that he had up when he was around the twins and his godfathers. The elves all jumped into action and while Mysty went to fire call Joanna, he went, with the help of a couple of his elves, to one of the guest rooms and laid on the bed, breathing heavily.

"Just a little longer, little tykes, wait for me please." He muttered, rubbing his stomach and trying not to scream when another contraction took over his body. He failed and his screams echoed through the manor. A few minutes later, Joanna rushed into the room and cast a few spells, one to transfigure his close into a super long t-shirt, and positioning him into a more comfortable position.

"This isn't going to take to long, Harry, you're already ready for delivery, so bare with me, ok? Now, I need you to push for me, ok?" Joanna said in a calm, soothing voice. Harry nodded and screamed again, reminding Joanna that he was still young. She looked into his eyes and saw the fear of a person that was far too young for all of this responsibility that had been placed on his shoulders at a young age. He on the other hand saw her carefully hidden apology for his pain. He knew she couldn't give him anything until he had given birth.

After many screams, and hours of pushing, Harry gave birth to four boys and to girls at just before midnight. His last child, a little surprise, was born on September 2nd however, less than 4 and a half minutes after her older sister. Harry Potter collapsed in exhaustion after his last daughter was taken from the room.

This-is-a-line-this-is-a-line-this-is-a-line- this-is-a-line-this-is-a-line this-is-a-line

Harry laid down and sighed lightly. He had woken up a few minutes ago and was anxiously awaiting his children. After sleeping that extra 4 hours, he felt fine. Extremely tired, sure, and sore, of course, but fine none the less.

He looked up when he heard Joanna come in, pushing a really long cart and saw his children for the first time. He tried to get up and go see his children, but Joanna, a rather plain looking witch with normal features, brown eyes and deep blue hair, sent him a glare that kept him in place. She smiled and picked up one of the infants, the oldest, and handed him to his father. Harry looked into the eyes of his oldest son and smiled when he saw what he assumed his mother saw when she looked at him the first time. Beautiful emerald eyes looked into his and he smiled. He was glad they had passed on to at least one of his children. The boy had a small tuft of black hair on his head and stared at his father.

"What do you want to name him Harry?" Joanna asked, before moving so that the house elves could bring in the basinets for his kids. They were all a white color, but Harry snapped his fingers and the first one turned emerald green.

"He has a lot to live up to, as my oldest son. I want him to have a name from my history, but at the same time, he needs a name that will be his own. Jason. Jason Artemis Potter. Jason and Artemis are both names from Greek history, like my godfathers names are from Roman history, and the Romans got most of their ideas from the Greeks. This way, he can honor my heritage, but his name is still different."

"I like it." Joanna said with a smile. She picked him up from his hands and looked into his eyes for a moment. "You have a very smart daddy, little Jason. You have a lot to live up too, as the oldest and the defender of not only your brothers and sisters, but don't forget to help your daddy when you can. I hope you know that you will make him proud, no matter what you decided to do in life." She whispered, placing him in his bed, Slytherin green bassinette in the corner of the large room. She walked back over to her cart and picked up his second son.

Harry stared at his second son, intelligent hazel eyes looked at him. The little boy looked like he would be smaller than his brother, and probably smaller than the rest of his siblings. He shook his little fists and touched his light brown hair. Harry couldn't help but laugh quietly at his son. He knew exactly what to name this son. "Evan James will be his name. Evan means god is good, and since Merlin helped me be able to have him, I think it will fit him. I have a feeling he's going to be my little Ravenclaw because of those looks he's giving us and his middle name will be James because he looks like me, but with my dads eyes, instead of my mums, and what he did a second ago tells me he'll be a mini- dad. It reminds me of what I saw my father doing in some of the pictures I have of him."

Joanna smiled and scooped him up out of his father's arms. "You will be wise beyond you're years, little Evan, just like your daddy. You will excel in everything you do, both school wise, and life wise, but remember there is a difference between being wise and being kind. I hope you can keep the balance, sweetie, because it's not easy to live smart, and wisely, while still being known as kind." She whispered to him, waiting for Harry to snap his fingers to change the color of the second bed to a dark blue color. She kissed the top of his head and laid him in bed, before going back to pick up the next son. She quickly handed him off to his daddy and watched with soft eyes as Harry cradled his son.

Harry nibbled on his bottom lip. This son looked exactly like his eldest brother, and Harry had no idea what to call him. He wanted something that no one would be able to say that him and his brother were the same people. "Zachary Zeus. Zachary was the name of my first, and only, friend growing up He died when we were 7, of a brain tumor, but my Zachary will be as friendly as the other Zachary, and live a long and healthy life. I like Zeus as a middle name, for the power that people associate with this name. He's going to be a powerful little lion one day, I think." He truly loved this name and cradled his son until Joanna took him so he could decide the color of his son's bed. He picked a deep scarlet red with little strings of black woven in. He didn't want the boy to be like all other Gryffindor's, so he switched gold for black.

"You, little lion," Joanna whispered, "will be a powerful force to deal with. You will change how people perceive children, and may be looked down upon because of your age, but that will only make you stronger in the end, as long as you remember those who love you. If you do, you will be unstoppable." And with that, she laid him down, kissed his head, as she was going to be an auntie to the kids, and went to go get the son.

She quickly handed him to Harry and waited to hear Harry speak again.

Harry looked at his son, his baby boy, and sighed lightly. He had such beautiful sons. This one had jet black hair, as the others except Evan, and sapphire blue eyes that seemed intelligent for his age, yet mischievous. He was a planner, and would probably be a prankster. Or maybe, he would just plan the pranks and one of the others would actually pull the pranks. Yes, that was probably it. Harry took a deep breath, before speaking. "His name will be Alexander Harrison. Alexander means defender of the people, and I have a feeling that he will do just that. And, because of Potter traditions, my first name becomes his middle name, well technically, Harrison means son of Harry, but I'm not going to torture him with Alexander Harry."

Joanna nodded and picked up baby Alex, before whispering to him, as with his older brothers. "Alexander, the worlds defender, you will have to make decisions that could make people bitter. You must keep you're real father away from your daddy, or else, he will become miserable. Keep him safe, Alexander, keep him wrapped up in your love, and never let him forget that you love him, even if you are mad at him. He needs each of you, and you will defend him, as he will you. If you stray from your path, rely on you're family little one. And don't forget, you may be the youngest boy, but never forget that you each have a different purpose, little one." And with that, she put him in the silver bed. The color fit him, or so Joanna thought as she walked over, picking up the eldest daughter and passed her over to her waiting father.

Harry was frozen. His little girl. He had daughters. Not that he would ever tell anyone, or act differently towards his sons, but he always wanted a little girl to play with. And when he found out about the boys, he loved them automatically, but then he found out he was having a daughter, and he was exited. He wanted his sons, and already loved them dearly, but she had been the one he had been waiting to meet. He loved her just as much as his little boys, and no more, but he was happy that she was his daughter. She stared up at him with beautiful ice blue eyes and Harry couldn't wait to put a bow in her jet black hair. He cradled her close and kissed her head before saying "Her name will be Kathrynn Rose. Kathrynn means pure and Rose is for my mom. She will be a strong, smart woman when she is older and I can't wait to see what she will do with her life."

Joanna picked her up and whispered her own little prayer to the little girl. "Kathrynn Rose, a beautiful, elegant name for a beautifully elegant girl. You will be the one who will gain peoples trust easily, and give out your own to those worthy of it. Most will think of you as an older sister, and I know you will succeed in whatever you decide to do, just like your siblings. Good luck, little Rynn, you little power house." And with that she put the eldest girl in the deep pink bed. Finally, she reached down and picked up the youngest daughter and child and placed her in her daddy's warm embrace.

The first thing Harry noticed was that she was the identical twin of Alexander, and had his beautiful sapphire blue eyes and jet black hair. The next thing he noticed was a warm smile towards him. "Ashlynn Jasmine, my little surprise," he cooed at the baby. She giggled and he held her close, "My youngest, my baby daughter, daddy will protect you and you will be a ray of sunshine to all who meet you, my baby. This is my oath to you, as you shall be my oath before Merlin, I will do my best to make all of your lives the best that they can be, but my little princess, I can only do so much but I can already tell that everyone will love you, my little one. I will always love you. Goodnight my little one." And with that, he handed her to Joanna, snapped his fingers and turned the last bed purple, and laid on his side, trusting that Joanna would watch them until he woke.