"Two of the girls are still alive, inside of you, but a boy and a girl were causing too much internal bleeding and had to be born. I'm sorry, but I don't know how long they will last. They are hooked up to breathing machines and are most likely just living on borrowed time. I don't think they will make it overnight. I'm sorry." Kelsey's voice was filled with sorrow and Harry sat up, feeling numb.

"I can still name them, right?" Harry asked. Tears burned Kelsey's eyes as she nodded, her voice gone. Kelsey got up and rolled the two machines over to Harry, one on each side.

They were so small. Smaller than Evan was when he was born, but he knew it was because they were progressing rapidly and not growing much like they should have been. Harry felt his heart ache as the names he had chosen came to him.

"Simon Cedric and Meghan Ivy." He said with tears starting to burn his eyes. Kelsey nodded and went to go get something ready for him that he should never have to see: His child's death certificate. Harry reached out and touched the glass carefully; the urge to hold them, at least once was making it even more difficult for him. He would never get to hear their first words. Never get to see their personalities shine. Never get to see them in love with their first loves. He would never see them getting ready for their first dance, looking nervous. Harry choked back a sob as Joanna walked thru the doors.

"Can I…" his voice trailed off and Joanna knew that Kelsey had not told him that while two of them were still within him, they would most likely be born within the next week because of the stress. She bit her lip and walked over to the machine that was keeping the little boy alive and carefully lifted him, wires and all, and placed him in his father's arms.

Harry looked down at his beautiful little boy and raised him up slightly, so that he could cuddle the little boy. Tears were running down his face and he sobbed as beautiful emerald green eyes looked into his, looking more tired than he had ever seen a child look.

"Simon Cedric, my beautiful baby boy, I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you." He whispered into the little boys dark brown locks. He hugged him one last time and let Joanna take him from his arms and lay the tired infant into the machines again. The little girl was smaller than her brother and Harry knew it wasn't a good idea to move her. He just stared at her and her fiery red hair with sapphire blue eyes. She was so beautiful, so perfect, and yet he couldn't have her. He was still as he watched the two for a little more than an hour.

Fred showed up with Alex, Evan, and Rynn a little later, pushing the three healthy children in a stroller, and balancing Jason on his hip. Harry couldn't help but crack a small, tearful smile at him, before shaking his head.

"Take them home Fred, I don't want them to see this." He whispered. Simon was in his arms again, and they were both still looking at Meghan. His little girl was getting weaker by the minute, and they all knew that she wouldn't make it past the night. Fred gave him a smile, and walked back out, only stopping to put Jason in the stroller with his brothers and sister.

At 11:45 pm, 10 and a half hours after being born and struggling, Meghan Ivy closed her beautiful sapphire eyes for the last time. But she wasn't alone, and she couldn't help but smile at her daddy one last time, before she went to join her grandparents for the time being.

As she heard her daddy scream, she knew that someone would join her in heaven soon enough.

Simon was quickly placed in the machines again, before being wheeled out of the room by Kelsey.

Harry was going into labor. The next day, at 2:43 am, the first little girl was born, followed by her little sister 5 minutes later. The youngest girl was a still born, and went to join her older sister after just one breath in the cruel, cold world.

Lunette Lillyan was placed next to her dead older sister and was held by her grieving daddy in one hand, while the other held Meghan. He was crying loudly and kissed Meghan's fiery red curls, and Lunette's soft brown locks, knowing that they had to soon be taken away to be prepared for their burial. Lunette's father knew he would never see her enchanting pale green eyes, eyes that were never meant to be opened. Harry barely let either of them go, but after an hour of holding their motionless bodies, he finally relinquished them to a man known as Michael Holden.

The other little girl stared at him, her aqua eyes seeming to sense his sadness, as she was wrapped in a little blanket and handed to her father. Her older brother was in a container that seemed to be needed, and Harry knew she was going to have to go in the same machine later.

"Lyviana Beatrice." He muttered, spelling it out for Joanna when he was asked to. Lyviana had dark red curls, and her aqua colored eyes made her look even more beautiful. Lyviana and Cedric were alive; he thought to himself, he had to be strong for them, and his others. Cedric was still living, and so was Lyviana. They still had a chance at life. They still had a chance to live, learn, and love.

"Livi and Sal. Adorable names for these two, Harry. We'll watch them, you sleep." Joanna told him quietly.

"But what if…" he cut himself off. He couldn't even think the word without feeling pain, let alone say it.

"We'll wake you if something happens. We promise." A familiar voice told him. He turned towards the door and saw his godfathers standing there.

"Remy. Siri. I-""Hush, Prongslett. We'll watch our grandchildren, okay?" Sirius muttered, coming next to his bed and sitting down on the edge. He ran a hand through his godson's dark locks and muttered to him, until he fell asleep.

Sirius looked at his oldest friend and bit his lip. Remus motioned for him to get up and come see this. On the other side of the room, just hidden from Harry's sight, were pictures that Joanna had taken of the newborns. One had a picture of Harry, leaning against the incubator and crying quietly, as he stared into the eyes of his oldest daughter. On the back, it said Harry and Meghan Ivy. Another picture had Megan, a beautiful fiery red headed girl, Harry, and a child with soft brown locks of hair that looked like silk. The two infants looked like they were sleeping, but Remus and Sirius knew better. The back of that one said Harry, Meghan Ivy, and Lunette Lillyan.

"Meghan looks like Lily did when she was born, except for the eyes; those are James's mom's eyes. I wonder if Harry knows that…" Remus whispered to the other man. Sirius looked at his hunny haired friend and saw tears running down his face. The tears made Sirius feel a little bit better about his own tears.

"He's still got the other two for now. Don't worry, we'll help him, and his kids, and maybe someone else, if I'm right."

"I know Remy, but…" Sirius trailed off.

Remus wrapped his arm around the other in a tight hug. "He'll be okay, we'll make sure of it, okay?"

"Let's hope so, Rem."

Three hours later, they reluctantly woke Harry and he watched his two living children get weaker and weaker. Kelsey and Joanna couldn't tell him if they would live, but as he watched his little girl close her eyes for the last time, he felt like his heart was being ripped into pieces.

Little did he know that Sal was doing more than just fighting for his life, he was meeting his grandparents and watching his sisters as they played with grandma and grandpa, and uncle Ced. Three people that Simon was to never meet until death were urging him to live, to protect, and to love. He would live. Life would be tough, but as he saw his papa for the first time rushing into the room and wrapping his arms around his daddy, he knew he would live for them, and his older brothers and sisters, but first he was kissed by his grandparents and uncle, before feeling their strength flow into his little body.

Harry cried tears of joy as he watched his little boy start to get stronger. Severus wrapped his arms around his love and whispered that he loved him. Remus and Sirius were just staring at their grandson, hoping he would keep getting stronger. Joanna and Kelsey were crying in the back as they filled out the death certificates. Fred, George, and Charlie Weasley smiled at the kids, but were waiting anxiously for some news. And finally, Harry knew that everything would be okay. He was hurting, yes, but he had his Severus, who had hurt him, but was trying to make it up to him. Harry also knew that he would always miss his little girls, but his little boy, as well as the sextuplets, would help him get better, be stronger, and live.

Ron Weasley sat inside a holding cell at the ministry and sneered at the wall. So what if he pushed down the golden boy? He knew they just wanted him to be able to fight, so what did it matter if his spirit was broken from loosing his kids? Harry had made him loose everything. He lost his fame, his paycheck, and his girlfriend, who refused to talk to him until he admitted that Harry was useless. It wasn't that he didn't agree with Hermione, but she was missing the big picture, like she always did. Harry did kill you-know-who, and then, a new dark lord would rise into power, and Harry wouldn't be able to stop him.

Ron thought back to when he first heard that his friend was a queer. He couldn't help but shudder in disgust. Harry was supposed to kill the dark lord, marry Ginny, and Ron would marry Hermione, and then have three kids, two boys and a girl, before mysteriously dropping dead. Harry wouldn't though. Ron knew from the beginning that Harry could not be trusted to do what he needed to in this life. No, Harry couldn't take up the mantle of being the light savior and destroying all things evil for his whole life. Harry wanted to rest after the dark lord.

He wanted to go into healing or teaching. Ron sneered at the thought of Harry teaching any children. Harry was supposed to go into the auror academy and become one of the best, before dying. Harry couldn't do what was needed of him, but Ron could. Ron smirked when he heard a loud noise coming from outside his cell and opened his eyes to stare into familiar eyes of his master.

"Well done, Mr. Weasley. Three of the brats are dead, and the fourth has a great chance of joining them. You have done well my servant."

Ron stood in front of his master and then fell to his knees, kissing the hem of his masters' robe.

"Thank you, my lord. What else do you need of me?" Ron asked, his voice was rough, but his master was pleased with him.

"Now, my pet, we wait."

Hermione Granger was sitting in the Gryffindor common room, when she felt her anklet go warm, then scolding hot, burning her skin as she walked briskly out of the room, telling everyone that she would be in the library, studying for finals if anyone needed her. As she walked off the grounds, she saw her lord in front of her, with her real parents on one side and the Lestrange's on the other side.

"Is it time, my lord?" She asked. Alcatraz smiled evilly at her, before nodding his head, holding out a wand that had been broken of the ministry's tracers for her to grab. She bowed and pointed the wand at her parents.

Lord Alcatraz was a pure blood who believed in more than just blood purity, but mind purity as well. He was a tall man, 6'4, with short dark brown hair and cat like yellow eyes. With him in charge, the magical world would finally not have to hide their true selves from the muggles. The Dark Lord believed not in the death of most muggles, unless they had magical spawn, but a simple anklet that would be different from the ones that the people with magic would wear, it would be more of a mind control and would leave the muggles alone mostly, unless they tried to gain control back. Then they would die. He was a brilliant leader, and man. Even most of the old dark lords, he-who-must-not-be-named, followers were now trying to climb up the totem poll of magic.

"Now, Ms Granger, tell me, is you ready to be blood adopted by pure bloods and join my rankings as my soldier?" Alcatraz asked, his voice sounding snakelike and it made her shiver.

"Myself, and Ms. Ginerva are ready, my lord. Ginerva has the blood needed, and is heading here now."

"Excellent, Anna, my pet, are you ready to have two daughters at your disposal? And you Rabastan? Good, now, there is Ms. Ginerva. Now, lets get started, shall we? If you would, Ms. Granger."

"Yes, my lord, CRUCIO!" She shouted at her parents, thinking that it was their own fault that this was happening, she could have been a pure blood witch, but instead, they made her a mud blood. Now, she would be adopted and serve her lord with the proper blood purities. In a few minutes, she and Ginny would become sisters, and she would become Layla Nyx De' Morte', and Ginny would be Leila Ryder De' Morte'. No longer would she or Ginny be mud blood and blood traitor. This was for their future; this was for the world that they could create.

"Layla, be a dear and end the lives of these muggles." Her new mother told her, an insane look on her face. Hermione, no, Layla smirked at turned to the muggles in front of her.

"Bye muggles. Avada Kedrabra." And with that, Jean and Daniel Granger closed there eyes, regretting what a monster their beautiful daughter had turned into.

"Now, my dear Layla, Leila, we wait a few years until everyone thinks we were just a bad nightmare, then, we attack."

"Come on, my darlings, let's go home." Annali told her daughters as she grabbed the arm of her oldest, and Samuel grabbed the youngest.

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