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Bleach: The Shinigami of Twilight

Prologue: The Beginning

The sound of battle echoed across the great outskirts of Karakura Town, the landscape itself was destroyed and torn to shreds as the ground quaked and shattered in result of the battle that was happening. The sky itself seemed clear blue normal as can be yet it seemed to flicker a shade of black before returning back to sky blue. It would be called into question why such a battle would be happening near such a town or in the world of the living for that matter.

Well that was because this was a fight that which would decide a War that's already in such short amount of time killed and severely injured so many people. A fight between two races that would have decided the fate of all the Spiritual Realm and the Living World. All issued and born from the actions of a Traitor this chaos was wrought for his own gains.

But he was opposed expectingly by the forces of the Entire 13 Court Guard Squads and the Soutaicho himself Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto Commander of all the Captains and Shinigami. They fought for the sake and will of the Spirit King and the Universal law to keep the three realms balanced. The death rate grew on both sides but the Shinigami were very persistent which leading them to almost gaining a upper hand in the War. That is until Aizen took action and started to decimate not only the shinigami but his very own allies all for being to weak for drawing out the fight with the other taicho's for too long.

He with ungodly skill decimated all the forces of the Top-Ranking Espada and Taicho's with but a literal swing of his hand. It was both gruesome and shocking to see such skill. In the end he alone took down every Taicho with the utmost ease and while he couldn't take down Soutaicho completely he had weakened him to the point he was barely able to stand.

But it all came back to this very moment, this one moment and battle that would decide the fate for all, truly a battle that weighed upon the lifes of countless and the balance of the three realms. A earth shattering battle that held the fate of all in its hands for Aizen who seemed so invincible, so godly in power and skill was opposed by one, just one being that he's waited to become strong to meet him on the same level he was on now.

This being is unlike what your usual Hero you see in Fairy Tail stories you tell to your children, he wasn't your average either for he was just a teenager by the age of just a mere 15 years. Yet this teen was both unique for he who was at this very moment fighting a being that nearly was on the level of a God was right now a mere human.

Well half Human, for he was also part Shinigami but also part Hollow...

Another clash sounded the area making the land quake and tremble with the high speeds winds rupturing the land itself, truly it was a fight to behold for it was speed none could catch, the shockwaves alone were enough to kill any normal human or shinigami for that matter. The spiritual pressure alone would send the most powerful of Taicho's alone to their knee's from the immense pressure.

Through it all two figures could be seen through the swirling mass of smoke and debris, floated over the giant crater the two did from their own attacks. The two looked anything alike yet both were similar in their own way. One of these two had such power that could be felt for miles on end and crush any kind of structural foundation within its range and most likely kill anything under such pressure.

But the other strangely let off no such pressure but was able to keep toe to toe with this being, infact he seemed able overcome the being in their battle. In which case was true seeing as the being giving off such pressure was clearly annoyed if anything furious with his opponent.

This being although monstrous in appearance was in reality the traitorous shinigami and former taicho Souske Aizen, transformed and ascended by the Hogyoku turning him into a monstrous humanoid butterfly. Completely evolved he was to the point his wings had skulls of their own and moved by their own accord and which had the ability to combine a cero that in result created the crater below them.

Aizen's white eyes glared at the teen no man before him annoyance and anger flashed in his white orbs, he was staring at the one person that stood on the same level as himself maybe even higher no matter how much he denied it. Yet through it all he was holding a moderate respect for his opponent as well seeing as he had attained a power he had not expected for whatever it was it made the man become so powerful he was far beyond the level of any other shinigami in history.

The other man, opponent of Aizen was a teen yet looked to be a young man by the age of 18 in appearance. This man in mentality only the age of just 16 was none other then Kurosaki Ichigo, The Second Shinigami Daiko of Seireitei but also Vizard. Son of isshin and masaki Kurosaki and Elder sibling of Karin and Yuzu Kurosaki. His once spiky blazing orange hair now slightly tamed and longer then before blew in the wind as his piercing brown eyes stared back at Aizen without a shred of fear nor hesitation. He was calm and even serene even in the face of such a powerful adversary.

He stared back at the one man that had literally played his life as if it were a game, controlled his movements like a game of chess. Abducted his friend Orihime Inoue making him charge straight into the Hollow's Domain against the denial of the head Soutaicho Yamamoto himself with his friends Chad and Ishida. Fighting a War within their to save her before being dragged into the War between Soul Society and Aizen leading to where he was at now.

Powered by the Dangai training supported by his father Isshin Ichigo now grasped his newly transformed Bankai Tensa Zangetsu and stared with firm brown eyes at the being before him. His was ready, he had saved Inoue, fought and defeated all those before him, The Espada;Grimmjow, Ulquiorra and so many others just for this chance. A chance to finally finally end this madness once and for all.

Even if it meant sacrificing everything to do so...

'This is my only Chance...I will put everything I have into this...Aizen will die for everything he's done...I swear it!'

'And we're with you Ichigo...despite our reluctance...it is your wish to destroy Aizen and so shall we obliterate him together as partners...' was the voice of the merged Tensa Zangetsu and his Hollow speaking in unison. Ichigo all but gave a mental nod in confirmation at his tenants words as he started to let his reiatsu build up to prepare for his final attack. The final move that will kill Aizen once and for all.

'Yes...lets end this...together...partners...' feeling the inner agreement of them he felt his power sky rocket further and further beyond originally intended yet he didn't care. The power release could be felt for miles upon miles on end for his body suddenly erupted with reiatsu unlike that of his usual black crimson streaked reiatsu this one was just a pitch black that seemed to engulf him completely. He slowly pulled his zanpakuto upward straight at the startled Transcended Aizen and spoke.

''This ends now Aizen...Saigo no Getsuga Tenshō (The Final Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer)'' and in that moment, those words leaving Ichigo's mouth did he be swallowed up in a black reiatsu engulfing him completely as a shockwave erupted around him pushing Aizen back as well as destroying much of the land in the process. A pillar of ebony black pierced the sky, so far it went it could be seen from all across the world itself. The sky turned pitch black from the reiatsu that exploded from Ichigo.

''W-what is this?'' Aizen could only mutter in shock and surprise at the spectacle before him, such power that it overwhelmed his senses, so powerful so massive it made a shiver of fear creep up his spine. A feeling he found so alien to him for he has never in his long life never felt fearful or scared of pretty much anything. Always planning and manipulating he never took into account that this young Kurosaki had such hidden power that it dwarfed his own even with the terribly powerful Hogyoku.

'How is this boy emitting such power! It's getting stronger and stronger...its surpassed that old fool yamamoto...how is this possible!'

Finally the pillar of reiatsu stop growing before it slowly swirled in a whirlwind before it suddenly expelled sending yet another ungodly shockwave around the area. Yet Aizen stood his ground even as the feel of weakness grew within him. His hair whipped wildly behind him as the rushing winds blew past him in a high speed wind stream.

The veil of black reiatsu expelled showing the Kurosaki once more only this time, before Aizen's very eyes was he changed completely. For now floating their before him was Ichigo now being Getsuga itself, his once long spiky tamed orange hair now waist-length and now completely black. His bankai shihakusho all but gone and replaced with bluish gray bandages wrapped tightly around his abdomen, chest right arm and the lower part of his face ending just beneath his eyes. Azure blue to black flame-like markings spread across the right side of his chest and down his left arm completely. Following the remains of a black tattered cloak covered the lower part of his body. His eyes though were different from the piercing brown but now a calm yet ungodly powerful ruby red that with but a glance toward Aizen did the man let out a gasp.

Black smokey reiatsu came off him in waves floating around him en masse more so around his right arm letting off such reiatsu. Strangely to other spectators he would have looked like a higher being, a transcended deity of power here to bring judgment upon the one who had wronged him. His power was that massive yet it was still unbelievably powerful it made the hairs on the back of Aizen's neck stand straight up.

''Aizen...this battle...is over...'' the young yet powerful Kurosaki spoke his voice calm as can be with a level of confidence that was nothing short of awe inspiring. Even in the face of a man that literally brought the Seireitei to its knee's he showed not a shred of fear before him. His crimson red eyes gazed back at Aizen's white ones with an impenetrable and unstoppable will as the Kurosaki let his power shoot up even higher then before.

Slowly Ichigo brought forth his right arm creating a deep reiatsu made sword of black, before he grasped it making it solidify into a much clearer shape of a sword. Ichigo idly glanced at the blade feeling the power coursing through his veins yet looked back at Aizen. In that moment did he speak just one word that forever ended the Winter War and defeated the once thought invincible Sosuke Aizen.

''Mugetsu (Moonless Sky)'' and thus he swung like a judge giving out the sentence and down the hammer or in this case sword went and what followed was both powerful and deadly beyond reason. Erupting from the ground was a veil of black reiatsu that surged forth toward at the shocked Aizen, it kept going without a sound yet destroyed the landscape and all else in its path. It was somewhat spectral or eery in appearance for it was just pitch black, so dark it was it threatened to swallow you up into the abyssal void.

Aizen unable to react was hit by the attack and he felt pain oh kami such pain! It was unbearable! He felt his entire body be engulfed by the attack with it hitting in through the middle of his body. His screams were silenced from the monumental spiritual attack attacking his body and to his growing horror his body wasn't recovering with the Hogyoku!

'C-c-can it be? Kurosaki Ichigo's attack is...is...actually stopping the Hogyoku completely? Is his power that mighty it defies the law of creation! What is this boy, how does he have such power!'

''AHHHHH!'' Was Aizen's gut wrenching yell as he was swallowed up by the Mugetsu, silencing him completely it did and even then the attack still went on and on into the landscape tearing it completely and possibly scaring the planet giving it a never ending trench that would leave an imprint of this attack.

Ichigo watched it all with impassive ruby red eyes as Aizen was hit by his attack, watching the Muigetsu engulf the man entirely before it slowly started to sprout up into the blackened sky before it slowly disappeared. He watched as Mugetsu slowly finished its track in its path disappearing leaving behind its carnage and destruction it left in its wake. He scanned the general area and to ichigo's inner relief he couldn't feel Aizen's reiatsu no longer but what did catch his attention was the purple light floating just at the end of the trench.

'The Hogyoku...that must mean Aizen's body was destroyed good...' quickly in a burst unreal speed he appeared to the Hogyoku and seeing it cracked in multiple places and the orb itself seemed to shiver and tremble did he decide what to do. Slowly he grasped the orb that caused all the chaos that's happened and clenched his hand around the orb.

'Kisuke's project...this little orb holding such power...is too dangerous to be kept in the hands of anyone...especially Soul Society...if the Central 46 got their hands on this worse Mayuri...then we're doomed...I won't let that happen...' he narrowed his eyes on the object in his eyes seeing the cracks slowly regenerate but it quivered more so under his gaze. He could already feel something happening with his body thinking they were the after-effects of the technique he just used. But he just couldn't no he wouldn't stop until this last piece was gone forever.

''I can feel Kisuke and the others closing in...I'm sorry Urahara...but this thing is too dangerous to be left in the hands of anyone. If this were to be taken into Soul Society only more chaos and destruction will be birthed from the greed and lust of others. That is why...with the last chance I have I will destroy any chance of that happening...be damned what happens to me...'' he uttered keeping his back to those that were closing in. he could tell it was his friends along with Kisuke and surprisingly his dad.

He shook his head before looking down at the orb once more seeing it glow he could feel the mental tug at his mind and he all but crushed the tug stopping the Hogyoku from entering his mind just as it did Aizen. Raising the Hogyoku up to himself he all but willed the orb with one single desire at mind.

'Hogyoku...I won't let anyone else take you...your too dangerous to be left in the hands of Soul Society even worse the Humans...that is why...with the last of what power I have...I will take you in...absorb into me...the only being that stopped your evolutionary stages. Unite with me...Hogyoku...'

The Hogyoku somehow answered to this with a vibrant shier from within before it slowly sank into his palm, he watched it do so and already could feel the affects of it trying to usurp his mind more strongly then ever. He fought back with equal strength and mental power, he struggled with it before truly stomping the Hogyoku's attempt to control him as it did Aizen.

''K-kurosaki...?'' was a voice that cut Ichigo out of musings, he knew the voice and sensing who else was behind him made a sad glow come into his eyes. Slowly he looked down to see behind him on the ground was all of them, his friends and even his own father who was being held up by Yoruichi. He could see them all worried or confused at what happened and the result of the battle thus leading him all but sigh.

Slowly he floated down to the ground just a foot away from them, once his feet touched the ground though he found himself staring face to face with Kisuke. The man stone faced just as ichigo was both stared each other in the eye neither breaking eye contact. That is until Kisuke broke the silence when he spoke, ''Kurosaki-san...where is Aizen?'' he questioned to where the Kurosaki closed his eyes.

''He's dead Urahara...I used everything I had to kill him...his body was destroyed by the Mugetsu.'' his words calm as ever yet they sent a shock through Kisuke, Isshin and Yoruichi. Yet his friends went wide eyed at hearing the undefeatable Aizen truly being vanquished and by their friend Kurosaki Ichigo himself.

''But...if he's gone...where's the?'' Kisuke spoke only to be halted when Ichigo shook his head, the Kurosaki let his ruby eyes peer back at Kisuke with an unreadable glaze in his eyes even for the infamous genius that was Urahara Kisuke. It surprised them to see the Ichigo they knew so unreadable, then again a war such as this could change anyone.

''I am sorry Kisuke...but...I couldn't allow it...in all honesty you made a mistake in creating the Hogyoku something you know all too well of. It was because of that object this war started in the first place, I was not about to let it fall in the hands of Soul Society for I know they would pry it from you and use it for their own purposes. I trust the Old Master Yamamoto...but who I don't trust are the Central 46 and the other shinigami. It is why I disposed the Hogyoku in the only possible way I could think of.'' his words crisp and sharp to the point. Thus making Kisuke bend his head forward in acknowledgment.

Ishida being the curious one asked the question they were all thinking about, ''Then Kurosaki...what did you do with it?'' he said making them all perk up at that, for they all knew the Hogyoku was impervious to all damage for it couldn't be destroyed by any means damaged yes but to be destroyed just impossible.

Well some knew unlike those of his other friends like keigo, Mizuiro, Chizuru and Tatsuki; who were too busy marveling at the appearance of Ichigo. More so Tatsuki for she just found it so hard to believe her childhood friend was this man.

Ichigo just closed his eyes before speaking, ''Perceptive as always Ishida...I had no other choice...but to absorb the Hogyoku inside my body...'' this response made Kisuke and Isshin go wide eyed as did most of his friends. Though despite this ichigo felt his form slowly dissipate as the bandages around him started to crack and fall as the changes around him slowly disappeared. His hair shortened back to how it was before orange and spiky yet slightly tame. His ruby red eyes shifted back to their normal brown ones as the flame like marking on his left arm and left part of his chest disappeared from his body.

''You absorbed it...heh...that was a very risky move you made Ichigo...but then again you've always done crazy things like this before...'' Yoruichi said with a cat-like grin, making ichigo despite his exhausted state give her a small smirk only this one made the Flash Goddess blink strangely when she saw the look in his eyes.

''Yeah...I guess you could say that...but...this won't go without...repercussions...'' he said with a somewhat knowing gaze in his eyes which started to worry her. Isshin must have noticed this because he soon spoke.

''Ichigo...whats wrong...?'' he said worried for his son, he was idly surprised he was still standing after everything he's done. Yet he felt pride swell up within him to know his son was the one who defeated Aizen and actually killed him that so many others failed to do so but, he was worried for he could read his son and knew he was having trouble for he was twitching and seemed to have trouble standing.

The orange haired shinigami just glanced toward his father and offered a small smile, ''Heh...you always could read me like a book...Father...do me a favor...tell Yuzu and karin...I'm sorry...I can't keep my promise...to come back this time...'' he said solemnly yet his words struck a cord in them all especially in Isshin. The man tried his best to destroy the cold chill going up his spine from his son's words but he just couldn't. He was confused as were the others by what he meant that is until ichigo's body started to glow a bright blue thus startling Kisuke the most since his eyes widened.

''I-Ichigo...w-what are you talking about?'' isshin said nervously afraid of what was happening to his only son; to his Pride and Joy. Yet surprisingly the boy just smiled at him even as his eyes held a solemn knowing gaze within.

''I promised Karin and Yuzu...I would take them out for Ice Cream and a game of Soccer when I came back...but I guess I won't be able to...hehe such a petty thing...but...I won't be their for them now father...the effect of using the Final Getsuga Tensho is happening. Sorry to say...my powers won't be disappearing...but I will be disappearing...as we speak...I can feel my soul leaving this plane so it is why I only ask you to take care of them...take care of Yuzu and Kari, Father...'' he said as the glow intensified around his body.

The group gained shocked expressions all of them especially his friends, it saddened him to see their solemn expressions especially Inoue's since she was tearing up as she looked at him with those grey orbs of hers. He glanced toward Renji and Rukia to seem the red head looking down as Rukia did her best to not cry yet failing to do so. Truly he didn't wish this to happen but he used all of his power to destroy Aizen completely everything to take down the man was to be used and he did as such.

He knew the consequences of his actions, his body would start to breakdown from using all his power in that single attack doing so would empty his body completely and slowly destroy itself as he was told by Zangetsu. He accepted knowing it to be the only way to take Aizen out completely but, it didn't make it any less sad knowing he would be leaving his family and friends alone.

'At least I can say my Goodbyes...without any regrets...heh listen to me...I sound like an old man...' he thought with solemn smile on his face. That is until his father came up and to his surprise pulled him into a hug, a hug between a Father and Son. It surprised him a bit that is before he gently pat Isshin's back even as the man started to tremble and his shoulders shake.

''I lost your mother...now I'm losing my son...its unfair...I never wanted this life for you or your sisters afraid something like this would happen...but seems Fate had other plans...I'm sorry my son...and I promise...I'll take care of them I promise Ichigo'' the man said letting the tears fall knowing his son was truly going to disappear from his and his daughters lifes forever and like his wife he couldn't stop it from happening!

Ichigo just smiled at his father before the man let him go giving his father one more nod he turned his attention to Kisuke and Yoruichi, the scientist looking away ashamed to have brought in the son of his best friend and his own student into such a battle. As Yoruichi being one of his teachers and good friend who was doing her best to not cry in front of him. All her training as a the taicho of the 2nd Division couldn't amount to her emotions being locked away completely, thus seeing her student and good friend sacrifice himself to end this War was heartbreaking for her.

The young Kurosaki walked up to them, first to Kisuke he placed a hand on the man's shoulder, ''Don't regret what's happening Kisuke...I did what I had to..so I could protect my family and friends, I didn't do this out of duty but for the sake of my friends and family. Remember that well Sensei...'' he said before walking up to Yoruichi leaving behind Kisuke who's eyes were shadowed to hide his forlorn expression.

Looking at the woman her taught him, teached him and made him stronger, he pat her shoulder gently making her look up at him to see his facial expression which was a comforting one.

''Take care of yourself...Yoruichi...don't blame yourself for my death...'' he said making a small tear fall from her eye yet she nodded respecting his last words to her. The last words of her student and more importantly friend. Seeing her accepting this he nodded before he turned his attention to his friends. Yet before he could walk to them he suddenly felt an immense surge of pain course through him making him drop to his knees.

''ICHIGO!'' was all he heard before he found himself surrounded by his friends even his self-proclaimed rival ishida looked worried which was quite a surprise. He could barely move now as the glow around his body started to intensify and more so to their horror the lower part of his body started to dissipate into spiritual energy.

He looked at all their faces and could see the tears slowly falling from most of them, even Chad was crying which was surprising since he was never one to cry. He could only speak in general for them all knowing he didn't have much time left.

''Hehe...guess its coming to a close for me...sorry guys...guess I won't be with you guys till graduation...'' he said with humor in his tone. He felt someone grasp his hands and looked to see both Tatsuki and Orihime grasping his hands and what was more surprising was Tatsuki was crying her eyes out as she gazed at his dieing body. He looked to Inoue seeing her eyes bawling out int ears which like Tatsuki struck at the heartstrings within him.

Mustering all the strength he had which was slowly draining he gently clasped their hands making them look up at him only to see his serene expression. ''Tatsuki...Inoue...I'm sorry...truly I am...Tatsuki your my childhood best friend and I was selfish in never telling you, Keigo or Mizuiro about this life but it was so I could keep you from getting yourselfs hurt. It was so I could keep you all safe but I guess I was being a jerk so I deserved that hit you gave me...hehe...'' he said his eyes staring back at her glistening ones.

''Ichigo...no...don't say that...'' was all she could say but he just smiled at her which made her gasp for it was a smile she remembered him having when they were children. Before his mother died, a cheerful smile that was so alien on his face now yet made her heart skip a beat.

Next he looked towards Inoue and seeing her tear-streaked face made him frown, her gray orbs glistened in shedding tears as her lip quivered as her shoulders shook. Gently he with all the strength he had left raised a hand to her cheek and gently wiped away her tears making her go stock still. The feeling of his hand on her cheek made her freeze up yet quickly she clasped his hand when she felt it slack thus keeping it to her face.

''Inoue...look at me...'' and hearing him speak did she do just that and upon looking at him did she find herself pulled down by ichigo's hand on the back of her head. She felt her self pulled to his chest even as his body was mid-way of gone now she could feel his heartbeat, the warmth he gave off and it only made her more heartbroken that he was truly dieing.

''Inoue...your safe now...your safe...'' was all he could say whispering his words to her making her cry even more knowing he was still worried for her safety and well being. Quickly she looked up at him and spoke with her voice quivering in sadness and sorrow.

''Ku-no...Ichigo-kun...thank you...thank you so much...you saved me...and...I want to say something I've been meaning to tell you...I don't want you to leave...I don't want you to die but your dieing doing what you do yoru best at. Protecting those you cherish and care for, that's why I wish to tell you Ichigo-kun...that...that I...I Love you Kurosaki Ichigo...'' she said making the young Kurosaki go slightly wide eyed before he closed his eyes.

''Inoue...'' he said making the young girl look at him only to be surprised when slowly he laid a an ever small kiss on her forehead making her go wide eyed. That is until she felt him lay his head back down staring at her with serene brown eyes.

''I wish...I wasn't so naïve to have known because I would have loved some normalcy in this life I had. To know you cared for me in such a way despite knowing what I am...thank you...Inoue-chan...Goodbye...My Friends...'' he said shocking all of them as his eyes slowly drifted down, his senses dieing out unable to hear the desperate pleas of his friends and cries of Inoue and Tatsuki. Unable to see the face of his crying father nor Kisuke's face to see a tear roll down his face at the sight.

His body glowed more and more as he completely dissolved in spiritual energy making them float above them into the sky. Even as the rest of the Taicho's and Yamamoto appeared somewhat healed only to see his body disperse as well to their shock. The spiritual fireflies floated into the sky never ending before they disappeared from their gaze.


Kisuke seeing this looked toward his friend Isshin and spoke, ''Your son Isshin...was truly a Hero...be proud of him...for I am...'' he said only to get a nod from the man who turned his back from the sight of his disappearing from the world of the living, trying his best to block out the cries of his friends and sobbing Inoue.

''I am very proud of him Kisuke more so than any Father on this Planet could be of his son...he's saved the Three Realms and kept the balanced for good...but the news is gonna crush poor karin and Yuzu...'' he said getting a nod from the man.

''Kurosaki Isshin...'' a voice sounded making said Kurosaki turn around to see Yamamoto himself standing there Cane in hand yet his old wrinkled face held a somewhat saddened expression.

''Sotaicho?'' he said confused at the appearance of the legendary Shinigami Commander or for the matter wanted with him.

''Your son, Kurosaki Ichigo, though he be young he did what we could not and saved us all, keeping the balance of the three realms and sacrificing himself while doing so is nothing short of heroic. I ask of you, Kurosaki with your permission to memorize him as the one who helped us in our time of need. We owe him a debt that we can never truly complete which is why I am ordering to have your family permanently protected by the 13 Court Guard Squad's, immune to the Central 46's rulings and laws. It's the least we can do for the young man...'' he said to the surprised Isshin.

He bowed his head knowing this would be something his son would do to protect his sisters, ''I accept for I know ichigo would have done the same to protect his sisters, my son always did things to protect his family for he loved them dearly to the point he would die for them. So I thank you Sotaicho...'' he said only to be surprised by Yamamoto when the older man kneeled bowing his head in respect.

''No...it is as and the whole of Seireitei that thanks you and your son...for helping us in this war...Kurosaki Ichigo will forever be remebered as the Hero of the Winter War.'' he said making isshin chuckle sadly before nodding. He looked up at the sky and closed his eyes remembering the times of his son when he was but a happy innocent child, when Masaki was alive, how he protected his sisters from all.

'You would have made a great father Ichigo...I wonder if we'll ever see each other again...'

With that moment Kurosaki Ichigo, Shinigami Daiko, Visored and now titled Hero of the Winter War's life ended.

Never to be seen again...

Realm of the Spirit King

Watching this all through a portal, was a black cloaked figure that could be seen sitting on a throne of sorts, pristine walls and marble flooring surrounding him. This cloaked man though was the only abnormality for he gave off no reiatsu as if he had none yet had a certain chill that would make the most powerful of beings quiver in fright. His black cloak shifted as if it were alive, and through the darkness of his hood was a pair of white eyes.

This man was none other then the fabled Spirit King of Soul Society, deity of the spiritual realm and death. And right now the man was watching a scene that made him feel the utmost pride in, for the young Kurosaki who he's watched over since he was just a babe grow to be such a powerful shinigami to even have the potential to match even himself. The boy had the hidden potential to become that strong and would have had he not sacrificed his life like he did.

Though he didn't blame him for it, for it was a deed any older sibling would do to protect his family which made the deity respect the boy all the more, he had long ago sent the soul of the one called Sosuke Aizen to purgatory for his deeds yet now awaited for the young Kurosaki. He thought on the boy, he was by all means strange even to him for he was a perfect mixture now, of both a Shinigami and of a Hollow.

''The boy has such potential...its almost frightening...but I do find myself curious as to how powerful he would become if he were to continue living...'' the deity mused to himself, contemplating on the case of Kurosaki ichigo. Looking back at the portal to see the saddened friends of ichigo and bawling woman known as Inoue Orihime who had such an ability to defy God's Hand she herself was very interesting. To turn back reality that has been done and reject all that's been done is purely amazing without a doubt.

He closed his eyes in thought of the young Kurosaki who had but passed every expectation he had for him countless times and then some. It was shocking how far and how fast the boy had gone but he couldn't help but feel proud of him, for he was like every other shinigami is his child. Snapping open his eyes did he lean forward with his arms intertwined in the sleeves of his cloak.

''….I've made up my mind...but its the boy's decision...'' he muttered and thus with a shift of his hand a stream of spiritual particles appeared through another portal that was black as the void. They circled before him that is as they slowly solidified. And what formed was the body of one Kurosaki Ichigo only clothed in a simple white kimono. Yet his appearance was the same from after coming out of the Dangai training in both appearance and mentality.

For Kurosaki Ichigo who was experiencing his time in the abyssal void of death or as its called limbo suddenly found himself out of said realm and now in a white chamber of sorts but not only that but having a body back made him go into shock. He thought for sure he would have lost his body completely after defeating Aizen!

''Hows...is this possible?'' he said as he stared at his hands while clenching them and unclenching, his eyes glazed over in surprise from having his body back the way it was and restored from his battle with Aizen. He could feel from back then he was extremely exhausted with not an ounce of reiatsu left to stabilize his body and burned himself out.

Though when he felt a sudden chill go up his spine did he slowly look to where it was coming from only to see a figure in a shifting hooded cloak sitting on a pearly white throne of sorts. The man's white eyes stared back at his brown ones with a look of slight curiosity.

''Hello young Kurosaki, it is a pleasure to finally meet you...face to face...'' the deity said to the orange haired Kurosaki, who quirked an eyebrow at the figure and relaxed upon feeling no hostile intent from the man. Knowing from all the fights he's been in to always study your opponent before jumping straight in, he looked up at the man.

''Um, yeah nice to meet you as well but who are you and where am I?'' he questioned the man as he was beyond confused on what was happening and how he even had a body much less alive at the moment. Yet for some strange reason he felt this man could answer his unasked questions for he gave off a feeling of unattainable wisdom that no other could ever hope to achieve.

''Ah yes, let me introduce myself my name or title as its known is the Spirit King and since I've long forgotten my name long ago I just go by the title. Now where you are young Kurosaki is my realm or as its called the Royal Palace.'' hearing this Ichigo went wide eyed, he knew all too well of the Spirit King and his symbolic rule over Seireitei but to know he was in the presence of the rumored deity of Seireitei was something he never thought would happen to him.

''I see so if I'm limbo...whats to me now? Am I to be judged or something cause I honestly have no idea whats happens now, any ideas Jiji?'' he said making the deity chuckle at the name. Oh yes, this was definitely Kurosaki Ichigo, who else could stand there and speak with such disrespect to his elders and to a deity of all things?

He found it amusing...

''Well that all depends on you actually, you see young Kurosaki, I've watched you ever since you were just a newborn, I've seen you grow, get older, becoming a shinigami. Storming the foundations of Seireitei to save a friend. I've seen all your battles leading up to the one with the man called Sosuke Aizen whom I had just a moment ago sent to purgatory. Though how your here is because I have willed it to be so, for you see through your deeds you've done me a great service in keeping balance of the three realms in defeating the mad man called Aizen. That is why I owe you Kurosaki Ichigo a debt.'' he said making said Kurosaki go even more into shock then he already was.

To know he had a deity watching over him since he was just a newborn was one thing but to know that same deity was indebted to him was the real kicker. To think taking out Aizen would do so much and in so little time. The deity could see this all slowly sinking into him and thus continued on, catching ichigo's attention.

''Now as you know I am in your debt and allowing you something no one else in history of mankind has ever gotten and that is a second chance, a new life where you can start over. What I'm offering you Kurosaki Ichigo is a new chance at life, though not in your world or dimension due to your soul signature truly leaving the plane of existence I can still take you to another, that is if you so wish...'' this time Ichigo blinked a few times as he adjusted to what the deity had just said.

A second chance? A new life? It was almost too good to be true, he'd been fighting for just a few short months maybe half a year but he felt as if he had been fighting for his entire life. Almost like a War Veteran you could say, fighting non stop exhausted him more then anyone ever thought always needing to fight to protect himself, his family and friends and all of Karakura from constant Hollow attacks, added with the Bounts and Arrancars was straining on him. But he wouldn't complain for he at least had the power to defend his family from certain death, but at times he wished to have some normalcy in his life, just to spend time with his family being the big brother Karin and Yuzu could always look up to.

'But I'm dead...or at least I think I am...if I'm in limbo then that's different. He is willing to give me a second chance...although it pains me to not able to see my family and friends again...I'd like nothing more then to have another chance...'

As he contemplated on it Ichigo thought back to his time in his world, the time spent with his family bonding with his sisters. Protecting them even after his mother died protecting him from Grand Fisher. His time as a shinigami with Rukia and being a Shinigami Daikou, all of his adventures and time in his world along with his friends and the friends he had made in Seireitei which all made him smile fondly at the memories.

The Spirit King could see the young Kurosaki thinking on his offer and thus as the orange haired teen did so he slowly reached out with his senses and looked into the Kurosaki's soul and mentally liked what he saw. For his soul was repairing nicely as both his Zanpakuto and Hollow were already coming back together.

All they needed was time and rest...

''So Kurosaki...what is your decision?'' he asked monotone and expressionless before the eyes of the only man who has the potential to surpass him in power. For Ichigo he closed his eyes before letting out a small sigh. Slowly he looked up at the deity and in that moment he spoke, speaking the words that would forever change his life.

And for the better...

''I...Accept...'' he said thus making the Spirit deity give a small nod in confirmation that he acknowledged his decision. Slowly he got up from his throne and strolled toward the Kurosaki while doing so he spoke with his white glowing eyes staring back at Ichigo's piercing brown.

''Good that you accept now there are a few things you need to know before I send you on your way; First off do you remember the training you spent in with your Zanpakuto and hollow and all the previous ones at that? The spouts you've had with your inner hollow and Zanpakuto?'' he got a nod from the Kurosaki who remembered all the fights/training he had been through with Zangetsu and his inner hollow. He knew it was more to be in tune with your Zanpakuto and to get stronger then he already was and with his inner hollow it was to fight for control over his body at random times so to keep his body stabilized so he doesn't freeze up in the heat of battle.

'Like with that encounter with Yammy...' he mentally thought

''Well since you remember those times its time you know the truth, you see you, nor your Zanpakuto or Hollow know what you are except for myself. Not even the Soul Society or the Visoreds know of what you are. You've always thought on what you are and I shall tell you, you Kurosaki Ichigo are a mixture of something that's been thought to be impossible or completely taboo in the eyes of the central 46 whom govern Seireitei. You see Ichigo, you've become a perfect blend of both a Shinigami and Hollow, your human side was all but wiped out completely when you attained perfect synchronization with your Zanpakuto and Inner Hollow. So as of right now you young Kurosaki are a perfect Hybrid of a Shinigami and Hollow.'' he said before watching the orange haired hybrids reaction at his words.

And what a reaction it was, for the Kurosaki went completely wide eyed, to hear the words the deity just spoke to him and hear of what he was is something that put him in a state of utter shuck. He's always pondered on what he was for he wasn't stupid, he was by no means a normal human or shinigami for that matter. To have such power that surpassed that of what a Shinigami Daiko should have and even more so the power of a hollow was something he brushed off until now.

He knew he got his Shinigami powers from his father that much he knew for certain and his Hollow powers from the Encroachment process Kisuke put him through but to actually know he was a Hybrid of the two made it all the more surprising. He could vaguely remember using the power of his Inner Hollow during his fight with Ulquiorra and while he didn't think on it too much since it was during the War it still made him think.

'So...that's part of being a Hybrid...such destructive Power...and that was even before I gained Synchronization with Zangetsu and Hichigo...'

Seeing Ichigo already mulling over his words he walked up to the orange haired teen and spoke, ''That means you must learn to control your powers, master them so you don't harm yourself or those around you, do you understand?'' he said making Ichigo look back at him with a firm expression, his eyes brimming with a cold hard determination that only he himself could give.

''You have my word...I know the destruction first hand of that kind of power...I will work and train until I master them and continue to do so...'' his words stone hard and unbreakable just as is his will and they made the deity's glowing white eyes glimmer in something akin to pride.

''Good that you understand now second, is that you need to understand now that you've gained perfect unity with your Zanpakuto in such record time and done such a thing only known to be done by Yamamoto himself. Now doing this you now have the ability to call your Zanpakuto out on your own free will. You no longer need your Shinigami Badge or even a Gigai for it. You can call forth and or seal back your Zanpakuto on your own. This also goes hand in hand that you will no longer have a shihakusho due to the dimension your going to holds significant amounts of both Reiryoku and Ki thus making you able to fight at your full power in your human body.'' his words once again seeping into ichigo's mind as he contemplated more and more on his words. He was a bit surprised he had attained such unity with his Zanpakuto that it reached the old man yamamoto's level but he wouldn't deny he wouldn't have come this far without Zangetsu or Hichigo's help.

'Awwww thanks Kingy!' sounded a very familiar and very annoying voice that which made Ichigo gain a slight twitch in his brow.

'Shut up you...'

''I understand, while it is surprising I've come that far with my Zanpakuto I owe it to my partner in battle Zangetsu and my Inner Hollow who both trained me both physically and mentally to attain such a level so I owe it to them that I've come so far. But I know I still have a way to go to become stronger then I am now.'' he said as he stared back at the deity who just nodded in confirmation.

''Very well but do know this now that you are a true shinigami details you are immortal, you cannot die by old age and since your a Hollow you don't age either making you truly an immortal that which cannot die by the sands of time. You can still die if injured enough but you Kurosaki cannot age nor die even if a Eon passed you by. But don't think if by chance you gained a mate or two they will die while you live on for it won't that way. For if you were to mark them with your Hybrid energies they will forever linked to you and in a sense will become immortal as well as will your children that is if you decide to have any'' he said this and Ichigo could have gone 20 shades of red that would make a red pepper seem deathly pale in comparison.


'HAHAHAHA! Lookie there King! We got a chance to bag some bitches! Hehehe!~'' Hichigo spoke from within his inner world as he cackled perversely only to be blindsided by Tensa Zangetsu thus hurdling him into a building effectively shutting him up.

'Ero-Teme...' he mentally muttered as he crushed down the blush on his cheeks.

Seeing this reaction the deities mind slowly shifted to the woman called Orihime Inoue and mentally nodded.

'All in due time...' cutting out of his musings he clasped Ichigo's shoulder thus making the teen look at him his facial expression back to normal after his mental spat with Hichigo. His curious brown eyes stared at him with a look of questioning that which he was ready to quell.

''Now there is only one more thing for you to know Kurosaki and that is my gift to you, I'm gonna be implanting within your mind all the knowledge and techniques to learn and master the art of Kido the art which you never had the time to learn due to everything you've been through. Your reiatsu before this though was wild and unpredictable but now that its calmer it is eligible for Kido. You will have the knowledge to learn all of the spells for Hado and Bakudo. I want you to learn and master these spells to their fullest potential and even then create your own for I know you have great potential in Kido, you just never had the chance to exploit it.'' he said making Ichigo just gape in surprise.

He could only nod as his mind raced over the chance to learn Kido something he was interested in due to how proficient Aizen was in it and how destructive it was he knew it would be useful. He stared at the deities glowing eyes as they suddenly flashed before he quickly found himself grunting in pain as the knowledge of Kido was pushed into his mind. It was a lot to take it as the basic and advanced principles of Kido was rammed into his brain which quickly analyzed the sudden content to the best of its abilities.

''Ohhh my head...'' he said clutching the side of his head from the influx of knowledge of the Kido.

Nodding in acceptance that his gift was successfully transferred did he let go of the boys shoulder only to speak once more as Ichigo's brain slowly adjusted to the new knowledge force into him. ''Now with that out of the way I only have one last thing to say before I send you on your way young Kurosaki, I want you to take this chance to reflect on your past life. Always remember the true reason you gained the power you have now, not for the power, nor the wisdom that came with it but for the reason you had since you were but a child. You fought to protect as your namesake details, the name your mother Kurosaki masaki gave you...Guardian, your sole reason was to protect your loved ones...always remember that Kurosaki Ichigo...'' he said as his words struck home with the orange haired hybrid.

Hearing of his reason to fight made him look down and nod he had always known of his reason of fighting something that anyone had beg to question or even dare to test him on how strong he was about it. It was a self made promise he made to himself as a child to become strong to protect his mother seeing as his name meant to 'Protect One Thing' he would protect his mother. But when Karin and Yuzu were born he threw himself into the karate dojo to get even stronger to do so. And even though he failed to protect his mother he did protect his sisters and along the way his friends when needed.

''I won't forget...I won't ever forget my resolve to win...it is to protect, not to be the winner or victor. There is no point in living nor any reason to win without winning for something, I fight to protect those I care for and absolutely nothing will change that!'' his said, his voice firm and strong in his resolve to become strong. His brown eyes flickering to a bright blue that challenged the deity on his words only for the man to let small smile form on his face only to show a somewhat creepy glowing smirk.

''Very good then...I guess we're done here...best be on yoru way then Kurosaki Ichigo and...best of luck...my Child...'' and before ichigo could say a word the deity suddenly snap his fingers thus opening a portal behind ichigo which pulled him in and as it did his grasp on his consciousness begin to loosen as he fell into the portal. So the last thing he saw was the form of the Spirit King giving a wave of all things before he was consumed in darkness.

Seeing him gone the deity let out a small sigh before he turned his attention and opened back the viewing portal to Ichigo's old dimension and slowly he let his eyes trail over the crying siblings of both karin and Yuzu who had just been told of what had happened to their elder brother. Isshin being the supporting father he was held them close as he too cried for the loss of his only son.

'The loss of one can cause such damage to not only a family...but of so many more...you were more important to people then you truly knew Kurosaki ichigo...and I intend to fix it all...in due time...'

Unknown Location-Alleyway

''Oi man you alright?'' was a voice that got Ichigo's attention, his squinted his eyes as he felt for his surroundings. He was on the ground leaning against what he could feel was a wall, a brick wall to be exact and the smell of garbage and rats.

'Yup I'm in an alley...but when did I get here?'

'I would suspect you went unconscious during the transfer you were already mentally exhausted from the gift from the deity so its no surprise you fainted. Either way you came out of the portal and have been laying here for the last 10 minutes or so.' spoke Zangetsu from within his mind, his calm and impassive tone as ever filling his mind.

'Tch and this pest has been trying to wake your ass up since then so open your eyes so whoever the hell it is can stop being annoying!' yelled Hichigo at his King who could also hear the outer words of someone calling out to him trying to wake him up. Ignoring Hichigo's bantering he slowly left his inner world and grasped onto his consciousness and let himself slowly awaken.

Slightly his eyes twitched before slowly creaking open and as they did he could see a figure kneeling at his side. He could hear the figures voice and it being male from what he could sense, so as his vision cleared up was he able to see the man. He was old maybe around his 60's to early 70's with just rags for clothing. The strangest thing though was that this man was had elfish ears...




Was the all the three could think off as they beheld the man who indeed has long elfish ears sticking out where human ears were supposed to be. Not only that but ichigo could sense from the man that he held some significant amount of reiryoku if only an amount of an average Karakura citizen. He hid his surprise though of the abnormal appearance of the man and spoke, ''Y-yeah...I'm fine ossan...but can you tell em where I am? I've got no idea where here is exactly...'' he said as he looked around to see himself in an alley between two brick buildings.

The old elfish man seemed to give out a 'hmmm' as he was in thought before he speaking, ''Well my boy, seeing as you were found in the alley I presume you must have gotten in a scuffle of sorts if you all you have on you is that white kimono. I'll answer your question, your in the village of Ziross, home to the Mercenary and Merchant Guilds and Library of Magicus World and Ancient History...'' he said but it only seemed to confuse Ichigo all the more.

''Magicus? What's that?'' he said only to his confusion the old man going slightly wide eyed.

''Oh boy you must have been hit pretty darn head if you don't even know what Magicus is, well if you will jog your memory, Magicus is the surname of our very world. Boy your in the world of Mundus Magicus, The Magical World of Mages and Creatures alike...I would suggest if this didn't help you out to go see the library maybe there you can learn a little bit more of where you are.'' with that the old man stood up and left leaving a surprised Ichigo behind him.

He knew he was gonna be sent to a new dimension but this was not what he was expecting, a world of mages and Magic? He at first never believed in such a thing but then again facing what he's fought he would believe in anything now.

Feeling the motor functions in his body coming back he shakily stood up on his two feet and fixed his kimono since it was truly the only article of clothing he had at the moment which he would need to fix soon. Walking out of the alley though was he greeted by something he's only seen in fairy Tail books, for as the old man had said he was truly seeing something magical. Humanoids unlike that of a human were walking around talking with other humans, flying whales in the sky sailed across as if it were carrying passengers like that of airplane!

He took a deep breath to calm his nerves as he studied the area around him slowly ever so slowly coming to ease with the changes of this dimension and that of his old dimension. Besides the abnormalities not much else was different, well in his eyes anyway. If anything though he found a surge of excitement come through him fully realizing that he was starting out with a fresh slate.

'Well first off to get some clothes then off to find this library...need to know where I am exactly...' and with that he was off strolling through the streets with the many others as well drawing many stares from Traders, Merchants, to Adventurers and such.

Mostly because of his choice of clothing...

3 Hour's Later-Library

At the Library of Magicus World and Ancient History we could find Kurosaki Ichigo deep within said Library sitting at a table with 4 books while one was currently being read by said Shinigami/Hollow Hybrid. It had only been 3 hours or so since he woke up from being transported to this dimension and already thanks to a helpful villager gained some article of clothing thus making him wearing a grey linen shirt and simple sack grey pants with a pair of grey boots with the pants tucked inside. It was simple clothing, hammy-downs from one to another and he greatly appreciated the person for the help.

Right now the books he were reading was all he wanted by the librarian and they were of the more important things he needed to know about this world.

The Books went as followed;

1: Tome on Ancient History and Creation of Mundus Magicus

2: Tome of World History of Mundus Magicus and its Major Kingdoms and Cities

3: Book of the Magical Creatures and Demi-Humans

4: Guide to the Energies of Magic and Ki

And he was already on the third of the 4 books...

Let it not be known Kurosaki Ichigo was a very very fast reader, it was why he ranked 23rd in the rankings of his School Exam's. Keeping to his studies even with his double life as a Shinigami, he kept to his studies and plus he liked to read for it kept his mind at ease. Besides that the information he was finding out was so interesting to him he just couldn't stop reading, the more he read the more he was fixated on the difference between this dimension and his old one.

'This is interesting...there is actually Dragons that reside in this world, there said to be the strongest magical Creature in Mundus Magicus and a personal ally of the Hellas Empire and Vespertatia Kingdom' he thought pondering on the creatures known as the Dragons and their alliance with the two Kingdoms.

'I agree, in all my life I have never once seen a Dragon only heard in stories but never seen one, there said to be fearsome creatures that can be assured. I'm also intrigued by those two Kingdom's all in recorded history from what you've read the two have been allies since the time of their creation. Added with their now two new princesses called Theodora of Hellas and Princess Arika Anarchia Entheofushia being close friends.' Ichigo gave a slight nod at that as he turned another page.

'I agree, but as we all know corruption can always leak into a Kingdom or Empire and destroy it from the inside out just like it almost did with Rurichiyo Kasumiōji and her Clan. The Elders of each could be stuck to their traditionalist ways and may try to undermine past their own authority.' mentally he could feel Zangetsu nodded in agreement.

As he flipped the last page of the 3rd book he looks upon its contents on demi-humans and what he saw made his eyes go wide and Hichigo to finally come into the fray at what he saw. And right then when he saw it the hollow burst out into a mad laughter.

'Kekekeke! Look at that Zangetsu! There's human's here that are part Neko! Remind you of anybody eh Kingy? Ooohh just think of the Neko women walking around here!' and let it be known Hichigo was a more then just a battle hungry hollow but also a very perverted Hollow.

'Shut it teme...'

Closing the book before stacking it on the other two he's already read he went to the last one and began reading it and already like the others it captured his attention, the fundamentals of Magic and Ki. Magic being the same thing as Reiryoku only weaker and more fluent then reiryoku. Ki being the physical energy of a person abling them to do incredible feats, increased strength, speed and reflexes and so much more.

'The possibilities are endless...literally...'

'I agree...'

In half an hour he finished the book before stacking it with the other three before taking them back and placing them back in the shelves and as he did so he thought on the knowledge he'd gained through the books and tomes of the library.

'So basically this world called Mundus Magicus is in reality called mars and sister planet to planet Earth. Home to Mages, Kingdom's and Magical Creatures that I've known before now were all but fake; the basics of Magic and Ki and seeing how similar it is to Reiryoku is was pretty easy to understand. Ki though I'm very interested in...may try it out after I've got my training in my other skills in good shape and my kido up to snuff.'

'I would also suggest you get a job of some sort you can't rely of people giving out free hammy-downs. People won't just give you food or lodgings for free you've got to earn your keep around here Ichigo, this is an entirely different world and dimension from our old one and we've gotta learn to grow in this new lifestyle.'

'I agree with Zangetsu King, if there's one thing I understand is that Huceo Mundo was a literal Dog Eat Dog World and this place is the same thing, the strong survive and the weak perish. So I suggest you get your ass up and find a fucking job.'

Ichigo just nodded in agreement with his two partners as he bid the Librarian goodbye as did she politely before he walked out the door. As he did so though did he hear something that made his ears perk up.

''Gimme my Ale you fucking shit! My names Blood Slayer Tomoja with a Bounty of 200,000円 Yen so give me my ale before I fucking kill ya!'' bellowed a large man twice the size of ichigo standing a whopping 12 feet tall muscular all around as if he was a body builder. A giant saw-toothed zanbato strapped over his back as the man held a fearsome expression intent of scaring the merchant.

Others started to surround them seeing the commotion that was happening and one of them was Ichigo narrowed his eyes on the man before walking through the crowd somehow shifting through them like a shadow till he was literally infront of the crowd. Though seeing the man kicking the downed merchant made him frown slightly and the crowd gasp.

'That's enough...'

In just a step Ichigo all but disappeared and just in time for as the man was about to bring his foot down on the merchant did he reappear in its path. He was unseen by all of the crowd due to Tomoja's immense size but he was seen by the merchant.

'W-what the?'

The trader would have yelled out for the orange haired man to move out of the way but he was struck speechless when the man all but rose his hand into the hand and stopped the incoming behemoth of a man's foot with all but his pinky! He would have a gaped had he not seen the giant of a man blink dumbly before looking down to see himself being stopped by the orange haired man.

''Huh?'' he didn't get a chance to finish as Ichigo all but grasped the mans foot and glared with his piercing brown eyes making the behemoth shiver.

''That is quite enough'' his voice all but a whisper yet it had the effect of any other for it made the behemoth of a man went deathly pale and gaining the attention of the crowd. For it was cold and fierce with an underlining tint of killing intent all mixed in into one as his eyes seemed to pierce into the man's own and stab into his very soul.

''W-w-who the hell are you? H-how did you stop me? D-d-do you not know of who I am?'' the man said only for Ichigo to frown deeper before he clenched the man's ankle and all but crushed his ankle like a twig. He ignored the man's pain filled scream as he narrowed his eyes on him, ''I care not for who you are or what little fame you posses you will apologize to this man or I will kill you...'' he said yet the man ignored him as he grasped the handle of his Zanbato.

''Shut the fuck up you cocky brat! You got a lucky shot with that strength of yours but this sword of mine will cut clean through you like a knife through butter!'' he yelled and somehow the man was able to jump on his other leg before drawing his zanbato and swung it down ward on Ichigo. The crowd all held their breath while some yelled for Ichigo too move yet he did not move, he did not falter, he did not flinch.

He did not move...


''Pathetic...clearly you don't seem to understand the working's of a Sword user...it is not the sword that makes the swordsmen...it is the swordsmen and the sword working in synch. No matter how powerful the swordsmen is...if he doesn't have faith in his weapon then all that weapon will be...is dull...''Ichigo's voice resonated as he had all but stopped the Zanbato with only his bare hand alone and yet he didn't stop there he had shattered the blade with only a clench of his hand. The pieces fell to the ground making them all of the crowd and the trader watch at they clattered to the ground.

For Tomoja he was too shocked to watch his invincible blade be stopped and shattered by this man no Monster with only his bare hand alone! It honestly scared him to no wits end but before he could even utter a word ichigo beat him to it as his brown emotionless cold eyes pierced down upon him.

''Die...'' was all he said and in that moment as if time had slowed town ichigo pulled the man down by his leg shattering it in the process causing Tomoja to scream out in pain only for his mouth to be shut when Kurosaki grasped his neck with only his hand alone and with only a twitch of his hand clasping tightly around his throat cutting off oxygen.


In that swift moment Kurosaki Ichigo swiftly and in his still cold demeanor broke Tomoja's neck making his body go completely limp with his neck bent in a awkward angle. He stared at the now dead behemoth of a man held in his hand, he had truly never killed a human before but being in the War in Huceo Mundo, seeing Taicho after Taicho being severely injured before his very eyes had changed Ichigo.

He had no qualms with killing, be it Hollow or Human, he had killed Aizen with his strongest attack and would continue to do so if need be. It was a cold hard lesson he needed to learn so he could grow up. Looking at the dead man he simply hefted him over his shoulder showing no signs of strain of the mans size and glanced at a person in the deadly silent crowd.

''You care to tell me where the Bounty Hunters Post is?'' his voice made the person flinch in either fear or surprise that is before he quietly gave him direction thus making him nod in appreciation. Hefting the dead man a bit he turned his attention to the deathly silent merchant and nodded his way before strolling forth through the crowd ignoring all the eyes on him. Mentally though he could hear his tenants speaking to him after what he had just done.

'To kill is to be what a True Shinigami Ichigo, we are Death in both body and spirit, Shinigami meant as Death God pertains that we do in fact kill when needed. We take lifes and send their souls to limbo awaiting to be judged. Besides that though are you really going to do what we're think your gonna do?'

'Your right Zangetsu, as you said being a Shinigami means much more then just being soldiers and peacekeepers. We are the embodiment of Death itself, yet not of those in Soul Society truly knew what it meant to be a Shinigami. To just banish hollows wasn't all to be a Shinigami you must be willing to take a human life, be the Grim Reaper of Folklore and reap the souls of the dead. As for what you just said yes I am doing that, it sounds like the best plan to me and plus will keep me on the move and training non-stop...'

'Heh Kingy is starting to finally get it...'

'What do you plan on doing then Ichigo?'

Said Kurosaki just closed his eyes as his long spiky/tamed orange hair rustle in the breeze, 'I plan...on becoming a Bounty Hunter...' he mentally said as his eyes opened once more only now they were glowing bright blue with his reiatsu outlining his pupils.

Mundus Magicus was about to be shaken to its core and by the Shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo...

5 Year's Later-Village of Shinto

On the outskirts of the Hellas Empire we could find in the deep wastelands a small little village by the name of Shinto. It was a small foundation usually used as a rest stop for travelers and adventurers, yet it being small it also held a nice community of Merchants and Traders selling things most would need from Food, Camping Supplies to Clothing and even Weapons and Books on Magic Spells. It would seem as a normal village that resided in the world of Mundus Magicus in the eyes of the Magical Senate of the world.

But it was so much more, underneath the facade of it being a rest stop for travelers it was also a resting place for Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters alike. A place for that both thrived with the two classes, but it was also a place a gaining knowledge on the current news of the World for the village itself shared a network of gaining information on the current events around Mundus Magicus. Well as of right now the two classes needed to information now more then ever since the Mage War broke out just two years ago between the two major political factions of Mundus Magicus which were of the Hellas Empire and of the Megalomesembria as well as those of the magical kingdom of Vespertatia.

It was unknown why the three Kingdoms broke into hostility towards one another and the reason remains unknown to this day. The war or as its being called now 'The Great Mage War' was consuming all of Mundus Magicus in its fiery blaze of destruction. Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters were in great need due to the War and were in high number that only seemed to grow with each day.

And one such Bounty Hunter was taking residence of said village...

Walking through the crowded streets of Shinto, a tall cloaked figure could be seen, he was male from what could be seen of his body stature and of how the man walked. His appearance was hidden completely by a beige hooded cloak that covered his entire body both hiding his appearance and shading him from the smoldering heat of the sun. The only clothing that could be seen from the man despite his cloak was his brown leather boots.

The figure walked through the crowd who didn't even spare him a glance as he walked toward his destination, that being a small two story building that was the local tavern for weary travelers but also one of the central network pubs that gained its information from its guests and visitors. It was also the place for mercenaries and bounty hunters alike to rest and relax and or gain another task from the bounty board.

Slowly the man's cloaked head looked up at the tavern and seemed to have nod, ''He said he'd be here...'' thus he walked toward the tavern intent on finding the man he had sought out for so long. The one man he desperately needed to see, as he walked in a strand of spiky crimson hair could be seen sticking out of his hood.

Anthrons Bar and Tavern

Walking into the building was the cloaked man hit with full force of the scene before him, countless men and women, mercenary to bounty hunter alike sat and drank to their hearts content. Jovially having the time of their lifes while some of the more level headed sat at their own seats tending to their own business.

For the cloaked man though he cared not for any of this he came here for only one reason and one reason only, none of this partying matter not to him for there was more important things to worry about. His vision scanned the room ignoring the sounds around him and finally his vision stopped on a particular person sitting at the bar itself.

'He is here...' thinking on that the man made his way over to the person he had found after so long. His eyes directly on the person sitting at the bar counter quietly sipping away at his sake, who the person was you could not tell he like him was hidden by a cloak of sorts but unlike him he was truly hidden in the darkness of his cloak. It was black as knight itself maybe darker if it was possible, his hood covered his head and face utterly and completely from sight. Nothing else could be seen of the man thus made him look like any other normal traveler.

He was anything but normal...

The beige cloaked figure quietly walked up to the bar and sat beside the black cloaked man on the separate bar stool. He stared in front of him not breaking stride as he waited for bartender who came up to him just a few second later.

''What will you have?'' he asked looking down at him curiously to where he just waved his hand.

''Just some sake will do...'' his words made the bartender give a slight nod before going out to get the sake.

''I'm glad you could make it...I didn't know anywhere else where we could meet up at...'' he said even as he kept staring in front of him. Though he knew the man at his right heard him perfectly even as he quietly sipped his sake. He didn't give a response just yet even as the bartender gave him a sake bottle and shot glass.

''Why have you called me out here...'' the man spoke after just a few minutes, his voice monotone and emotionless, crisp and to the point as the beige cloaked man always knew him for. He let out a small chuckle to the black cloaked man's words as he himself took a sip of his sake.

''Can I not speak with an old friend? I've been looking for you for sometime now...'' he said with humor in his tone.

''…..There's always a reason...I've always had to drag you out of your problems...what is it this time Nagi?'' his said as his words seemed to make the beige cloaked man called Nagi suddenly become tense. He could hear his old friend was serious so it was best he got straight to it thus making him let out a sigh.

''I need your help...it's been 5 year's since we've last seen each other and during that time I've been fighting in the War...gaining possible allies...I'm thinking of forming a group to help combat this war...but I can't do it alone...will you help me?...'' he said as his words held a considerable amount of pleading even as he himself was not a man that begged anyone for help this was an exception.

He was asking the only man he could ever call a brother, his oldest friend one could say, the man he was asking for help was someone that's pulled him out of situations could have landed him in deep trouble and saved his life on multiple occasions. He wouldn't be where he was now if it wasn't for the man sitting beside him at this very moment.

The black cloaked man didn't speak for a few good minutes that is before he let out a small sigh, ''...While I'm not surprised...why ask me? You know I'm just another Bounty Hunter would you really want someone with my kind of record part of your group?'' he said as his took another sip of his sake enjoying the burning sensation that trailed down his throat.

For Nagi he just shook his head, ''What you've done does not matter to me and you know that...I need your help because I fear for the safety of all Mundus Magicus is this war escalates out of control...I need your help...will you please help me...Ichigo?'' he said as the black cloaked man stopped in mid action of taking yet another sip of sake. Hearing his name spoken from Nagi in such a manner of pleading him him know his friend was in serious need of help.

''…...Very well...you have my assistance...'' he said and in that moment even if ti was hidden Nagi let loose a grin so big one would think it would have split his face wide open. Quickly he put his arm around ichigo's shoulders and spoke.

''Then let this be the beginning of Ala Rubra's birth! Woohoo!'' he said out loud as Ichigo hidden by his hood just shook his head with a small smirk on his face. Nagi will always be Nagi that was for damned sure. Nagi was the only one he truly knew in Mundus Magicus due to him meeting the guy just when he first started out in the world.

He thought about his life till now in this new dimension as Nagi started chugging down his sake bottle, he'd been a Bounty Hunter for the last 5 Years and while it wasn't the best job to others it was perfect for him. He had quickly gotten use to his job and attained a career in it, so much so he in just one year had done the impossible and had cleared the bounty board of 3 whole nations out of the 6 nations of the Magical World.

He was already a legend among Bounty Hunters and of the Mercenary Underworld for being the only man to have taken both Bounty and Requests from clients no matter what they might have been. From killing high political corrupted mages of the Senate to killing off a army of rogue mages and magical creatures from ogres that threatened to the tranquility of villages. He was the only man alive that had come back alive and unscathed from going to the Dragon Mountain peaks after being notified of a blood crazed Dragon.

He was still rumored by the Kingdoms as Myth for doing such a thought impossible deed...

Though in these 5 year's he had also been training in all that he's known, training with Zangetsu and Hichigo to hone his skills further and further then he already was. And he still does to this day train with the two and over the years he's established a more stabilized relationship with his inner hollow. To the point one could say the two were like brothers.

Albeit brothers that annoyed the hell out of one another...

Not only that but he had also been learning in the Kido practices given to him by the Spirit King and while it was confusing at first he had later on gotten the hang of it and surprisingly started to find it easier as time passed by. So it was pretty shocking that he had attained complete mastery of the Kido spells of both Hado and Bakudo and passed the level of most Taicho's. Of course he still needed to learn to control the more advanced kido spells in the 90's and above as to not destroy himself and part of a whole nation by accident.

Yeah not a good thing...

That's not all though for during his time in this dimension he had come to realize something, the Hogyoku had come along with him and didn't destroy when he had died killing Aizen as he thought. He found this out when he felt his power getting stronger slowly as if it was gradually growing stronger with each passing day. Thus he decided to seek it out and find out what was happening, so come to find out the Hogyoku whom had never had someone put it down and destroy its mental mechanism's to take control over its host had when absorbed into him was placed in the central part of his soul.

He came to find out the Hogyoku was acting as a stabilizer of sorts being the central conductor between his shinigami and hollow powers. And was gradually each day making him stronger and more powerful as his reiatsu grew along with it. It was slowly drawing his shinigami powers and hollow powers into one making it more of a perfect combination then it already was.

This revelation made Hichigo finally take part in Ichigo's training as to control his mask and Vasto Lorde form while also teaching him the hollow techniques that they've learned from the fights with the Arrancars. Thus Hichigo literally drilled the techniques into ichigo through the course of a year and he could honestly say his inner hollow was the most sadistic teacher in all known existence.

That wasn't all though as he did do more research in Ki and while he couldn't find out much he did find out the control exercises needed to hone your Ki and he did just that to hone his power. While he was ungodly physically fit before he wanted to try out KI. To see how far he could go in such a class of energy that was opposite of Reiryoku.

Let's just say it got destructive and leave it at that...

Overall though Ichigo could only say his time in this dimension was all but entertaining especially with a friend like Nagi...

'Now...I wonder where this will lead us...'

If only he knew...

8 Year's Later-Vespertatia Kingdom

It's been 8 Year's since Kurosaki ichigo had been called in by his old friend Nagi Springfield to help him in the The great Mage War and a total of 13 year's since he came into this dimension. Since then on the day he and Nagi formed the Ala Rubra group was he pulled into the War with Nagi joining the Megalomesembria Confederation. Along the way gaining new allies that were friends with Nagi and each one being interesting in their own way.

There were a total of 8 members along with himself counting it to a total of nine, now each member had their own history and link to Nagi yet held none to himself due to not knowing of who he was at first. That all changed though when Nagi introduced him to the first few members like Albireo Imma and Eishun Konoe. And later on the other members of the group. And it was pretty amusing to see Eishun go into shock when he was met face to face with the Legendary Bounty Hunter of Mundus Magicus.

But not so much when met with the man called Jack Rakan that man reminded ichigo far too much of Zaraki to be comfortable. But he was decent enough and wasn't like Kenpachi who was a blood crazed Warmonger.

There were others though that soon joined later on, they going by the name of Gateau Kagura Vadenburg and his apprentice the child Takamichi T. Takahata whom was a Master practitioner in Ki and also a man that created his own art in fusing Western Magic and Eastern Ki into his own form of combat magic called Kanka. Takamichi whom studied under him was also learning the ways of Kanka and while he wasn't as good as his Master he was proficient in the Art.

There were more though for Kurt Godel whom was the surrogate student of Eishun as he had started learning the sword style called Shinmei-ryū. He was a War orphan that was picked up by Ala Rubra by Nagi thus leading him to be added into the group during the War.

Now the final member of Ala Rubra was someone that ichigo had kept his eyes on for sometime now for it was a boy by the name of Filius Zect whom was an extremely skilled warrior in un-armed combat and counter magic.

Overall that was the group and over just these 8 year's of fighting in the War ichigo had come to realize that Ala Rubra was growing in fame and had already gained its Legendary status as the most prominent fighting force in the war. Enough so that it gained the attention of one particular person whom went by the name of Arika.

The princess of Vespertatia, she along with her friend Theodora had come together to try and bring negotiations to stop the war only to be captured after Ala Rubra was declared as traitors by the Primum. In that act, they had to run while being pursued by both the Empire and Confederation, while doing so Nagi insisted to get the Princesses back.

Which was they had stormed the place that held the Princesses and took them from the location while also at the same time gaining them as allies. It was their they with Arika and Theodora's influence still held some allies in Mundus Magicus, escaping to their own hideout they started to plan.

From the information from Arika they had learned who the true enemy was all along and whom had orchestrated the whole war, the secret society known as the Cosmos Entelecheia. Thus leading to the group to form their plan on the final battle since the societies location was the Gravekeepers Palace.

It was why now we go to the Ala Rubra hideout where we could find both Arika and Nagi discussing the matters of the final battle that was too commence soon.

''I ask you once more Nagi Springfield...will you lend me your aid along with that of the Ala Rubra's and aid us in destroying this society once and for all? Will you lend me your strength once more?'' Arika spoke her voice ever elegant and monotone as ever yet her beauty that was almost beyond compare shining out like the sun. Her eyes stared back at Nagi questioning him if he would help her one more time in a battle that will surely decide the fate of all Mundus Magicus.

Said Springfield just let out his trademark grin that is before he kneeled down before her making her eyes slightly widen as he spoke, ''I will always help you for I am after all your Knight in Shining Armor am I not?'' he said with a cheekiness that only he could give. This action though did not go unnoticed gained a slight pink hue to her cheeks.

''Very well, and what of you...will you help us?'' she said turning her attention to the other occupant in the area as Nagi rose back up to look where she was looking only to see his old friend Kurosaki Ichigo standing behind her back to back his pitch black tattered cloak as always on him with the hood still in place. His tall stature standing a good 6'4 shadowing both Nagi and Arika, his appearance giving off that same vibe he's known for. The vibe of Death itself that still to this very day sent a chill up Nagi's spine but for Arika she may have found it refreshing to know someone like himself existed.

Let it also be known that Ichigo had a friendly relationship with the Princess of Vespertatia and Theodora, literally in a sense he was the only person in Mundus Magicus that could calm the fiery princess called Theodora and the only man alive to stand up to Arika when she at times got in over her head. For even Nagi or Rakan had the gall to stand up to her but yet he himself had done it. And it in someway formed a relationship between him and the princess, you could call it one of a brother and sister type of thing due to how much Arika acted around him and how he had to bail her out of trouble when needed.

Faintly Arika reminded him a lot like that of Rukia even though it pained him to remember her and those of his friends in his first life...

Ichigo hidden by his hood just gave a small chuckle before speaking, ''Must you really ask such a question? Of course I'll help...after all the Princess can't go to War without her Specter of death can she not?'' his words monotone as ever yet held a small amount of humor aimed toward Arika. Said Princess turning-Queen gained a ever so rare smile as Nagi himself gained his trademark Springfield grin.

''Thank you...Ichigo-nii...'' she said using his name in a tone that befitted one of a younger sibling to the next, as it was known Arika did indeed see ichigo as a sibling an older brother to be exact for he had indeed while she was adamant to deny it pulled her out of situation that would have placed her in serious political backlash and even saved her life once or twice.

Said Shinigami scoffed before while ignoring the painful stab in his heard of hearing Arika's name to him, remembering his sisters pained him even more so but he would never let it show. Slowly he walked away while speaking to the two with his back turned.

''Don't thank me Arika-nee...besides it would hurt you if that idiot Nagi died...so why shouldn't I help out? Anyway, I'll see you all on the battlefield...I have to go prepare...till then...'' thus in a small burst of shunpo he vanished before their very eyes. Seeing him gone Nagi let out a small sigh or groan depending on what you think.

''Auuuhhh~ I still haven't figured out how he does that!'' Nagi said pouting like a child throwing his arms into the air only for Arika to whack him on the head making him fall to the ground comically with a bump on his head. Her eyes still at the place where Ichigo left as she secretly reveled in his presence. She neither Nagi knew of what he was but they knew he was no Mage but something about him made her know that he was beyond their realm of understanding.

''And that's what makes him appealing, he's a mystery to all of Mundus Magicus yet holds enough power and skill to defeat both yourself and Jack. Truly its an amazing feat as he himself is an interesting man...'' she said musing over Ichigo as Nagi just nodded with a serious look in his eyes. He still remembers that even till today, when he and jack had teased Ichigo by far too much and ended up on the receiving end of getting their asses kicked by him. Even during their rival matches with himself and Rakan they still got their asses beaten by Ichigo and he had yet to even break a sweat!

''To be honest I'm petrified of him...'' he mumbled making Arika smirk in amusement oh yes that was another thing she liked about Ichigo he could put the fear in anyone without even trying. He was just that powerful and even still he had yet to show his full power maybe not even half of it which just thinking about that made a shiver go down her spine.

'Yes...he's very interesting indeed...I do wonder what will happen tomorrow...how will he handle whats to come with so many forces...'

''Hm, though I have to say the only person to have ever made him calm down was lil' Princess-chan...the one we saved from the Vespertatia Elders that is if you remember back then. It was funny to see the little girl take a liking to him ahahaha!'' he laughed as Arika just shook her head at Nagi's antics.

'Then again he does have a point, That Asuna somehow has an effect on ichigo...I wonder why...'

Next Day-Top Deck of Vespertatia Airship

Standing amongst those of the Ala Rubra, Ichigo stood there tall and imposing as always, his cloak as always covering his body like that of a second skin. His face hidden by the shadows of his cloak his arms shadowed by his sleeves with only his hands being seen. This time however underneath his cloth lay a white tattered long sleeved collared shirt. His feet occupied by black combat boots with black combat cargo pants with the ends tucked inside his boots. The rest of his body though was still hidden by his cloak that shifted in the wind.

His eyes hidden in the shadows stared before him the growing army of the Cosmos Entelecheia, the countless mythical creatures that seemed to grow en masse. He could see Dragons in their ranks even from where he was and they were much much stronger then the ones he had fought in the Dragon's Mountain Peak. He looked at the other demons and while they were fearsome in appearance had truly fought worse in the wastelands on the outskirts of Hellas Empire.

''Are you ready to go Kurosaki-dono? Nagi is ready on his side we're just waiting on your signal...'' spoke a mage knight at his left Ichigo looked at the man before looking at the rest of those of the Ala Rubra. Seeing each of them ready made nod in reply to the knight whom saluted before heading off to give the order.

''Aniki?'' was a child like voice that ichigo knew all too well, looking down at where it was coming from he came face to face with a girl with like him orange hair almost red when in the sun where it was tied up in two separate ponytails. Her eyes were two different shades with her left eye a emerald while her right eye was a sapphire yet they held a inner fire when they looked up at him.

This girl made him smile fondly at for she was the one he, Nagi and Eishun had gone to save and protect during the War nicknamed the Princess of Dusk'. During that time and even after he had bonded with the girl for she was too lifeless which angered him to see what those Elders were trying to use her for their own ways. To the point he had Nagi take the girl while he let loose his anger on the Elders and there forces utterly destroying them the demons while also parts of the landscape itself.

She had come to like him more so then the other members of the Ala Rubra for the sole fact he looked after her when asked too by Nagi. It was like taking care of his sisters Karin and Yuzu when they were at the same age but it was different with this one and he didn't know why but he did know one thing and that was that this girl whom was named Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia.

Before now her eyes were always lifeless hardly interested in anything and like how he was when he first came into Mundus Magicus she didn't know a thing about it thus leaving him with teaching her along with Gateau. The older man had taught her the fundamentals of Kankahō where she learned how to do it faster then Takamichi whom had sobbed on that day.

It was up to him though to teach her basics of everyday life, where he taught her everything from reading, cooking, cleaning, fighting, training basically his everyday schedule added only with Asuna with him. But it was during that time he established a relationship with Asuna that was almost like that of with his sisters but of something else that he couldn't explain. And she from the insistence of the other members of Ala Rubra had come to call him names such as 'Aniki' or 'Ichi-kun'

It was embarrassing for him to be called as such from a 8 year old girl thus leading him to beating the holy hell out of both Jack and Nagi on that same day.

''Yes Asuna-chan is something the matter?'' his voice kind and almost tender yet was the most softest of a whisper. Yet Asuna heard him perfectly clear, thus leading for her to gain a worried glaze in her different colored eyes.

''Will...you please becareful? I...don't want to lose you...'' she said with a somewhat straight face, he could tell her voice was quivering as the becoming moist from what he could tell so to ease her worries he smiled at her even as his eyes were hidden by his hood his smile could be seen only by her.

Tenderly he placed his hand on top of her head making her blink as a sudden rush of warmth hit her body and soul form just his touch alone. She looked up confusingly only in that moment did she see something that would forever be imprinted in her mind on this day. For what she saw was not only ichigo's smile but his gentle brown eyes staring back into her own dual colored ones.

''Don't worry Asuna-chan everything this will all be over soon...then I can take you out for some Ice Cream like I promised okay?'' he said making her blink back the tears in her eyes before giving a small timid nod. Seeing this did he kneel down till he was eye level with the girl, seeing her still a bit unsure he decided on what to do next.

''Asuna-chan...take this...'' he said as he reached into his cloak while seeing Asuna's questioning eyes finding what eh was looking for he pulled out two necklaces with a pendant of a crescent moon. Only each of them being a different shade of Black and White. Separating the two he gently unklinked the white one and placed it around Asuna's neck fixating it to suit her small size. Doing so did he see Asuna's questioning eyes looking at the necklace in curiosity, while rubbing her tiny fingers of the white crescent moon.

''W-whats this?'' she asked to where Ichigo smiled at her before he pulled his own necklace making her look at it then to him as he placed the necklace around his neck as well. Doing so he thumbed over the black crescent moon pendant of his own necklace before looking back at Asuna.

''This is a promise between the two of us...I made these two necklaces for us only...and by my own reiryoku. It's a way to remind you that I will always be there even if I'm not their physically I will be there for you in a sense. This is like that of a pactio but of my own creation this way we will always be connected by a spiritual link. Your piece and my piece will glow when one of us are close and if I should die...then the pendant will shatter...but we both know its next to impossible to kill me...so you okay now Asu-hime?'' he said gazing back at the awed 8 year old.

She had since been gazing back at the pendant in wonder from Ichigo's words to think such a object held such importance then again her aniki always was different from the others and was able to do strange things so why not this as well. Gently she clenched her tiny fist around the pendant and looked up at him with a beaming smile.

''I will Ichi-kun!'' and thus she jumped into his arms with her arms circling around his neck making him chuckle as the little hime snuggled into him. Holding her close did he glance toward the smiling Theodora making him nod her way. As she walked up to him to get Asuna he spoke once more, ''Always remember this Asuna...no matter where you are...no matter how far...remember that I'm always there...even through this I'll be back...always know that I will forever be there for you just call on me and I will be their...'' he felt the little girl nod into his shoulder.

Looking toward Theodora Ichigo gently gave Asuna toward her awaiting arms to where the little 8 year old smiled at him as he returned the gesture before looking toward Theodora. ''Keep her safe Theo-chan...and yourself as well the battle is about to commence so keep distance okay?'' the princess of the Hellas Empire just gave a short nod.

''Sure thing just be careful out their Strawberry wouldn't want to drag your ass out of hell only to kill you again.'' she said with a smirk yet he knew this was her way of teasing thus making him just nod giving her the reassurance she inwardly needed. ''You have my word...now you two best get goin...'' to where Theodora nodded before walking into the airship as he stood on the top deck over looking the main battlefield.

The plan of action was as followed, seeing as he was the main hitter of the group he would be assigned to fight off the main legionary forces that could possibly topple their allies if cut off from reinforcements. It would only kill Takamichi and Kurt if they were sent out into such enemy numbers thus he himself would go out to fight them and lessen their numbers for them to join the fray.

As he did so he would leave the other members to fight the Cosmos Elites for he just didn't want to deal with the idiots and it was Nagi's job to take them down not his own besides he knew what he was facing was far dangerous then what they would be facing.

''Attention! Attention! The Battle at Gravekeepers Palace is about to Commence! Initiating Attack in Ten Seconds!'' sounded Arika's voice from within the Airships main lobby as she beheld the mythical Gravekeepers Palace. Upon hearing this did Ichigo let loose a sigh as Nagi walked up to his side staring at the floating capital.

''So you ready?'' he asked to where Ichigo just took a step forward at the end of the Airship gaining Nagi and the rest of those of the Ala Rubra's attention. Speaking over his shoulder Ichigo said, ''Of course I am...question is...are you?'' his question made Nagi grin in anxiety as well as Rakan while those of the other members shook their heads or chuckled.

''You bet I am!'' he said making Ichigo nod before looking back at the forefront of the gathering army. While doing so he slowly let his reiatsu resulting in his body giving off a faint bright blue which only intensified as the seconds passed by. He waited and watched the incoming enemies, the rampaging and roaring demons and dragons from the Mythical creatures of Legend charge at them en masse.

''Begin the Attack!'' hearing this Ichigo all but let his reiatsu burst from him resulting in a eruption of blue spiritual reiryoku coming off him in waves making those of the Ala Rubra stumble back from the release. It swirled around him making the very clouds in the skies swirl as it enclosed around the cloaked Kurosaki. He out stretched his right hand and while doing so spoke a few words that seemed to resonate across the area.

''Lets get started...Hadō #33. Sōkatsui!'' he said thus making a orb of blue spiritual energy form at the palm of his hand and before the eyes of all the spectators of the Ala Rubra and those of the Airship did they witness the attack shoot off his palm in a gigantic wave of spiritual flaming reiryoku that which hurdled toward the first wave of demons and mythical creatures and upon impact were all but, Vaporized engulfed completely in the torrent attack as were some of the other enemies.

Though the backlashes from said attack sent many of the Airships surrounding their own almost off course as well of Kurt and Takamichi off their feet making Gateau and Eishun to catch them both before they literally flew off the ship. Nagi and Rakan had to shield their eyes from the shockwaves from the said attack as they kept themselves steady from the attack.

''Nagi...I think I just shit a brick...'' mumbled the wide eyed Rakan as he beheld the destruction of Ichigo's attack and what destruction it was for before their very eyes was the entire first wave of enemies all but gone completely from view and there were just a second ago hundreds of them! It honestly made Nagi's eyes widen beyond all belief, he knew his old friend was strong but to this extent?

''Well get moving guys...I'll stave off the numbers for a bit...'' ichigo said in a monotone voice showing he didn't care for the slightest amount that he had just decimated a practically legion of demons and mythical creatures with only one spell or Kido in this case. He didn't wait for a response for as he leaned toward the frontal end of the airship did he let himself suddenly free fall off the said ship ignoring the surprised shouts of the others only for himself to shoot off from the air and charge head on into the enemies forces leaving behind a high speed wind stream even going as far as breaking the sound barrier itself.


The resounding shockwave once more disrupted those on the airship yet they didn't stay their long for they followed in lead as Nagi, Rakan, Eishun, Albireo, Gateau, and Filius charged toward the Gravekeepers Palace leaving behind both Kurt and Takamichi to wait their turn to join the fray of the opposing forces. The two apprentices though beheld the destruction of the enemies army from where they were seeing them be utterly decimated like they were by the Legendary Shinigami of Ala Rubra was quite a sight to see.

''Wow...I sometimes ask myself how strong Kurosaki-san truly is...for he just keeps surprising me at every turn...'' Takamichi mumbled as Kurt watched the explosions happening within the enemy forces. Scanning the demons being attacked and obliterated by spiritual attacks or even torn to pieces by the Kurosaki.

''I know...I find myself curious...as to what he is...''

Suddenly Arika's voice spoke, ''Now! All Forces engage the Enemy!'' hearing the signal Kurt and Takamichi suddenly jumped off ship before charging forth along with the countless Mahou Knights and Magical Creatures of the Hellas Empire.

With Ichigo

''Fools...'' he muttered as he clasped a demon by his face with his left hand before throwing the raven humanoid demon into yet another wave of enemies only to stick out his his hand and utter a few words.

''Hadō #31. Shakkahō!'' thus his palm formed a crimson sphere which shot out a torrent pillar of crimson spiritual fire obliterating the demons completely and some of those that got in its range. As it did he raised up his other hand blocking a punch from a tengu demon before grasping it by the face before rocketing toward one of the floating isles thus slamming the tengu headfirst into the ground pulverizing his face in.

''Roar!'' was the sudden sound of an animalistic roar that got Ichigo's attention looking up did he find himself surrounded by a total of 5 armored Arcknologia Dragon's all charging for their Fire breath attacks. Narrowing his eyes did he vanish in burst of shunpo just in time as the island was suddenly hit by all 5 of the dragons attack.


The resulting explosion rocked the area while sending shockwaves into the air disrupting many forces and blowing them back. Yet Ichigo who appeared over the 5 dragons did he outstretch his hand while letting loose his reiatsu resulting in him once again becoming a beacon of bright blue spiritual reiryoku.

What came out of his hand was the materialized sealed form of Zangetsu same as when it was when he first gained shinigami powers from Rukia's transfer. Hefting it over his shoulder he stuck out his other hand and as he gathered spiritual energy into his palm did he speak.

''Hadō #32. Ōkasen!'' and placing his palm on his materialized/sealed Zanpakuto did it ignite in a flaming gold aura of spiritual energy before it shot off a wide arc of reiryoku which impacted on 3 of the 5 dragons effectively relieving them of their heads. Not stopping in a burst of a shunpo he appeared in front of the 4th dragon and rearing back his left hand clenching it into a fist he let it hurdle toward the dragons temple.


''RAAAGGGHHH!'' it bellowed out in a gut wrenching scream of pain as Ichigo's hand pierced through its armor and steel like scales and crashed right through its skull. He didn't stop there as he gathered spiritual energy into his hand that was sunk deep into the dragons skull.

''Hadō #8. Jūgeki Byakurai!'' and like that the dragons head started to glow a bright crimson before suddenly in a magnificent display a bright crimson beam shoot right through the back of the dragons skull and still keep going as it pierced through a few number of other demons and MC (Mythical Creatures) only they ended up exploding in a like of crimson destructive spheres that destroyed even more of the advancing army. It was a sight to see really to see so many of the enemy force wiped out by one simple kido spell.

Retracting his hand did he let the limp long dead dragon simply fall to the cloud covered skies of Mundus Magicus. That is when he turned around in time to see the 5th and final Arcknologia Dragon charging up a energy blast thus making him once more vanish in a shunpo before appear right infront of the dragon and before it could release its attack he stabbed his sealed zanpakuto right through its maw halting its attack as he placed his hand on the guard of his weapon as he channeled his spiritual reiryoku through his hand into his weapon.

''Piasu tengoku no tsuki! (Piercing Heavenly Moon)'' and in that moment his blade was engulfed with a fiery bright blue spiritual energy that soon channeled through the blade in a rapid movement till it went to the stabbed part that was in deep into the dragon. What happened next was that a blue spiritual blade blasted right through the dragons maw, skull and upper part of its chest. It simply tore through the dragon as the reiryoku made blade tore through it like a hot knife through butter.

It soon glowed with its own building up magical energy and upon seeing this Ichigo quickly pulled his blade out before vanishing in shunpo leaving behind the dead dragon to explode in a crimson sphere of magical energy taking with it many of the tengu and raven humanoid demons.

Appearing a good ways from the attack ichigo scanned the battlefield and nodded upon seeing the enemy force lessened to a greater deal making the Magi Forces of the Hellas Empire and the Mahou Knights able to combat them. He gazed out to see both Takamichi and Kurt doing their fair share of battle. He knew those two would be fine together their teamwork was all but excellent.

Though looking back up at the Airships did he let out a curse seeing them surrounded by the Tengu and Arcknologia Dragon's. Twisting around he shunpoed toward the airships never seeing the explosion that rocked Gravekeepers Palace. Or the sudden shadow that was forming in the sky's that seemed to slowly shadow over all of the battlefield, Gravekeepers palace and all else.

Airships Frontline-Vespertatia Command Battleship

''Milady we're in trouble the defense system's can't hold out much longer! The Tengu have disabled most of the Magi Squadrons leaving us with little defense. There's also heavy damage to our starboard!'' shouted a man sitting at one of the monitors. He like so many others surrounded the frontal lower floor of the main deck.

On the upper floor was the Captain of said Airship along with his Lieutenant who both were scowling at the damage reports that kept piling. Beside them was Arika who frowned at the damage and gazed out at the enemy forces that had somehow popped out of nowhere.

''How did the Cosmos ally themselves with these Dragons of all things, I knew they were a secret society filled with Mythical Creatures but to have these Dragons on their side is disturbing.'' she said gaining the attention of Theodora as she walked up to her with little Asuna holding her hand, a confused expression on her face as she stared at her long time friend.

''What do you mean? Aren't they just normal Dragons?'' she said only to get a shake of the head from Arika as she gazed stoically toward the Arcknologia Dragons that was in there view. She gripped the handrail as her face took on a more deepened frown then before.

''No these are nowhere near the normal type of Dragons we're accustomed to for they are not called Arcknologia Dragon's for no reason. It has been said one Arcknologia Dragon has the power of 10 Vespertatia Holy Dragon'.'' she said making Theodora go wide eyed as Asuna stared up confusingly at the older woman.

''Shit! Milady we're about to be hit!'' yelled out the Captain making her look only to see 10 of the AD (Arcknologia Dragons) floating in front of their ship side by side. Seeing them up close was truly a fearsome sight for look to be triple the size of a normal Vespertatia Dragon and honestly it made a shiver go down Arika's spine.

But what made her eyes widen was when all 10 of them started to gather for their attack making their maws glow with a golden sphere of sorts forming in their maws. She could feel the immense magical power even from where she was and it was plainly terrifying.

''Captain Move the Ship now!'' she yelled out making the Captain jump before he tried to move the ship.

Too late...

All 10 let loose their attacks in perfect unison toward the ship, the golden beams of destruction lit up the sky like a sun yet even then they slowly came together in one giant and much stronger beam holding the power to vaporize them on the spot. Arika could only watch with wide eyes as the beam hurdled toward them blinding the view of anything else.

'We won't make it!' she closed her eyes as the attack came closer and closer to them, as she did Arika had only one thought in mind as her mind went too the two most important people in her life. Flashes of Nagi's addicting grin and Ichigo's smiling visage made a tear rolled down her eye.

'Goodbye Nagi...Ichigo...'

But like a Blessing from some Higher Deity...

''Hadō #73. Sōren Sōkatsui!'' yelled out a voice that Arika, Theodora and Asuna knew all too well.


An explosion rocked the Airship and the other ally Airships that sent them off balance as shockwaves erupted that tore through the tengu surrounding the Commanding Airship. It made Magi and Mahou Knights go off balance in their step while even some stumbled and fell to the floor. Arika grasped the metal railing tighter to keep herself steady as the ship around rocked and trembled, as did Theodora holding Asuna on one hand while the other grasped onto the rail.

'That voice...was it?'

''L-look its Kurosaki-dono!'' the Captain's words made Arika's eyes snap open to see that indeed Kurosaki Ichigo floated there between them and those of the 10 AD's, his cloak as always fluttering in the wind. His ever imposing appearance sent a rush of relief through Arika as he stood between them and the snarling Arcknologia Dragons. The smoke of the resulting clash of their own attack swamped the skies, only now Ichigo's body was glowing bright blue with his reiryoku. His sealed zanpakuto held out in his right hand as his side with his left hand facing forward after firing off one his kido spells.

''Ichi-kun!'' Asuna yelled out as she too looked upon the man that was her caretaker and teacher, seeing him fine and unharmed made her feel relieved beyond words. For the fact seeing him there fearsome and intimidating as always made her know he was just fine. Yet she did see the weapon held in his right hand and idly wondered where it came from.

Outside the Airship-With Ichigo

Those within the airship could see ichigo floating before them literal being the only thing standing between them and absolute death. It was an amazing sight really to see the one man, a man of Legend stand unflinching in the face of Mundus Magicus most terrifyingly powerful creatures and 10 of them at that.

His brown eyes hidden by the shadows of his hood narrowed upon the growling dragons before him, if he were just a second late those in the airship would have been vaporized, Arika, Theodora and Asuna would have been killed.

Just imagining them being killed angered him beyond all reason yet he kept his anger in shifting it...morphing it and turning it back against these creatures that almost killed three of his loved ones. Imagining Asuna's smiling face made his reiryoku spike even higher. To the point his body glowed with reiatsu, unlike it bursting from him in a pillar of spiritual power this time it was different.

His reiryoku channeled through his anger was giving off a much more dangerous feel to it, bright blue reiryoku lightning started to form around his body as his body gave off more of a blue aura. His gripped his zanpakuto tighter and tighter in his iron-like grip as he glared upon the 10 armored dragons before him.

''You bastards will pay dearly for trying to kill them I will show you true power'' his words rang out making the dragons flinch from the sheer coldness in this man's voice. That is before they growled back challenging him for whatever he was about to do. So it was to their confusion when Ichigo raised his sealed zanpakuto at his side and all but glared.


In just that split second Ichigo was right infront of them and just a swift motion he all but vanished in shunpo only to appear behind them. It was fast; too fast for anyone to see but, in that action alone did the dragons all but stay frozen where they were. That is before their bodies suddenly gained gashes all around there bodies.

And like they all 10 dragons erupted in a showery gore of blood and limbs, they each fell from the sky into the endless abyssal ground of the magical world. Their agonizing roars continued on as they fell. Through it all ichigo kept his back to it all for now he was gazing at the sky in analytic brown eyes.

That is before they slowly narrowed...

Back in the Airship the crew and spectating Arika, Theodora and Asuna were all gaping at what they just saw, Ichigo, the Shinigami of Ala Rubra had all but decimated 10 Arcknologia Dragon's in one fell swoop. It was amazing, a testament of his otherworldly power, like a blessing of some higher being or maybe the Grim Reapers luck.

It did not matter...

''Woah...and I thought Jack was good with weapons...''Theodora mumbled as she replayed the deadly scene of ichigo killing those dragons in such speed, such finesse it was both captivating yet deadly all the same.

Arika though for all she's known the Kurosaki maybe not as long as Nagi has; was surprised to see him kill the Mythical Dragons of Legend with such ease that is was slightly disturbing. How far did ichigo's power go, how far did his power reach? She didn't know and that enticed her to know more, exactly how powerful was he?

If only she knew...

''Milady! We've got a report the rest of the Ala Rubra have successfully defeated the Cosmos elites and are ready for pick up.'' this got their attention making Arika's eyes gain a relived glaze within that is before it disappeared.

''Then send for a envoy Airship to get them I'm sure they need all the rest and medical care they can get especially that baka Nagi...'' she said making the Captain nod before he issued the order via from the intercom on the control system.

''We're back, the main enemy force has been defeated while those that are fleeing are being finished off by the Mahou Knights and Magi forces.'' spoke Takamichi as he and Kurt both came through door looking none worse the wear. Arika gave them a nod as the medics started to take them to the infirmary, while doing so one of the monitoring men suddenly spoke.

'Milady, something's on the radar and its coming closer and whatever it is...its massive...'' the man spoke. Arika hearing this mashed a button on the control system making the frontal view of the Airship to widen. So when it completely opened up did Arika's eyes widen in pure shock was the trickling of fear entered her eyes. Her shoulders shook and trembled as she stared up into the sky at what was slowly shadowing all of the battlefield and even the shadowed over the Airships.

''Oh...my God...what is Mundus's name...is that?'' Theodora said

''That...Theodora...is the Arcknologia Dragon King...Nidhogg'' Arika said as she gazed up at the massive dragon that floated in the sky its massive wings spread out keep it afloat. It was pure black in color with pitch black armor covering its body in a scale type of armor. Its crimson slitted eyes glared down on them all as if a ocean had dropped on them all as its magical power seemed to flood out of the dragons body.

Outside the ship though Ichigo could see the dragon in the sky and while he ignored the magical pressure the dragon let off shrugging it off he knew the others couldn't bear being under such pressure. This dragon was the fabled Arcknologia Dragon King one to have been said the Guardian of Life and stability of Mundus Magicus. He could fight it now but the others caught in the battle would be destroyed from the backlashes and he didn't want that.

Though when he saw the dragon's energy slowly building up and around its massive maw of razor sharp fangs did his eyes widen.

'He's gonna fire the Trigun...if the others get caught up in that they are done for!'

Turning around did he look directly at Arika sending a pulse of his reiatsu thus getting her attention. Only for her eyes to widen when she saw his bright blowing eyes piercing through the shadows of his hood.

''Arika...order a full scale retreat...NOW! Nidhogg is about to fire off his attack and you must get everyone out of here now!'' his words made Arika's eyes widen exceptionally that is before she brushed past the Captain and spoke into the intercom.

''But what about you what will you do?'' her words unlike before her stoic nature were filled with worry. He just gained a frown as he stared up at the massive dragon gripping his zanpakuto while letting his reiatsu rapidly grow from within him.

''….I'll be covering your retreat...now get out of here NOW!'' his yell made Arika flinch from the tone in his voice. It was one he had never used for it was frantic for them to get out of there, she was no fool if they got caught in the crossfire of the dragons attack they would be incinerated. But to leave Ichigo behind to cover their retreat was worse then losing her own life. She didn't know how powerful he truly was but to leave him to battle that thing was in her mind leaving him to his death, screw the Cosmos Elites this thing was rumored to be on the level of a God!

''But...Ichigo...I-I...I mean w-we...'' she was only interrupted when ichigo surprisingly spun around and literally roared out in a voice so distorted and gargled it was simply abnormal.

''GET YOUR ASSES OUT OF HERE NOW! ORDER THE RETREAT NOW ARIKA!'' His yell seemed to garner the attention of Nidhogg as it turned its gaze down at him. Thus it shifted its head down straight toward Ichigo.

Arika truly didn't want to leave him but seeing as he was ordering her to leave lest they all be destroyed she submitted to his wish. Looking toward the Captain she gave the nod making him with a grim expression give the signal.

''Retreat! Full Scale Retreat!'' hearing this Ichigo let out a sigh even as his eye returned back from the once hollow traditional ones they were. Faintly he could see Asuna yelling out to him and even though it pained him but it was for the better. They wouldn't be caught in the crossfire and she wouldn't need to witness the battle that was about to ensue.

''Don't worry Asuna...I won't die...not now...and not ever...'' he muttered as his words flew off into the raging winds as his eyes watched the Airships quickly retreat from where they once were back to the border of the Vespertatia Kingdom. As they did so though did he look back up at the dragon who was glaring back down at him as its attack was about to be released.

'Take care of Asuna-chan for me guys...that is until I come back...' snapping open his eyes did he narrow them upon Nidhogg. Clenching his zanpakuto did he speak,

''Come on you teme...show me what you got! Pierce the Heavens and Slay the Blackmoon, Zangetsu!'' his shout ringing out as his body erupted in a hurricane of spiritual power reaching toward the skies themselves. Nidhogg glared down at the power increase, the reiryoku grew in size forming a giant skyscraper of bright blue spiritual power. Ironically it pierced the very heavens in its eruption.

Soon it faded to show Ichigo clad in his cloak and hood only now it had a crimson tint mixed in, his unsealed zanpakuto in full view and from what it once was it was now much bigger in length and width. The medical wrappings for the handle were gone and replaced with a silver hilt with a black handle. Attached at the end of the pommel was a obsidian colored chain that rattled in the wind, the blade itself had a more curved design with the basic shape of Zangetsu with it curving inward like that of a trench knife.

Glaring through his hood he spoke, ''Come you overgrown lizard!'' his yell made the dragon roar making it fire its attack which suddenly engulfed the entire sky in a brilliant golden light it was purely massive and the power within it was monstrous. It would have assuredly wiped out everyone in the vicinity if caught by the attack.

Seeing the attack coming Ichigo outstretched his left hand palm outward and spoke, ''Hadō #88. Hiryūgekizokushintenraihō!'' thus gathering an immense amount of reiryoku did he shoot out an equally large beam of spiritual and electrical energy toward the dragon kings attack. The hado spell vaporized any and all things that was even near it while his hurdled into the air hurdling toward the golden energy beam of destruction.

As the two attacks collided what followed was an explosion so monumentally devastating it rocked the very atmosphere of Mundus Magicus and destroyed nearby islands caught in the explosion. The shockwaves themselves caused even the retreating Airships to go outta whack even when they were already hundreds of miles away.

Through the smoke of the explosion came Ichigo dashing through at speeds none would ever perceive he hurdled toward the Dragon which flapped its wing causing rampaging winds to clear the smoke and debris yet it didn't stop the Kurosaki Hybrid. He channeled his reiryoku into Zangetsu making it blaze up in a fiery aura of spiritual power. Seeing the Dragon about to let loose yet another one of those attacks Ichigo grunted.

'Can't let him finish that attack...here goes nothing!'

Appearing in front Nidhogg did Ichigo let loose his signature attack even as the dragon let loose its Destructive beam towards him he too with all the reiatsu he could muster let out a heave of a swing while speaking out his attack.


''Getsuga Tenshō!''


What followed as the two attacks collided was yet another explosion only this time it engulfed the entire sky itself in a sphere of magical and spiritual energy. It grew en masse as the backlashes and shockwaves swirled around the sphere in a chaotic display of destruction.

And like that the sphere all but exploded in a phenomenon of power that pierced the skies as a tornado of gold and blue swirled in the general area only for it to grow in length and width destroying more and more of the area.

Then strangely enough the tornado all but vanished from all those that saw its formation, not only that but both Nidhogg the gigantic Arcknologia Dragon King that could be seen from all corners of the Vespertatia Kingdom and Kurosaki Ichigo, Ala Rubra's Shinigami and the Queen of Vespertatia Arika's Specter of Death had all but...


Where the two went...no one would know for sure...it was speculated though by Ichigo's allies and friends of the Ala Rubra that the two vanished to finish their fight. Nagi's own comment said pertaining to ichigo had died was...

'That guy will never die...in his own way...he's an idiot in his own way...and is too stubborn to die...'


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