Thirty minutes after the call had been made, the bell above the door dinged alerting Dean that someone had come into the shop. When he looked around the corner, Cas was standing at the counter, small smile on his lips.

"I'm beginning to think you break your computer on purpose, Dean."

"Maybe I just like your company."

Cas snorted at the thought. "Yeah right. So, what'd you do this time?"

"Well, I tried to turn on the computer, and it just didn't turn on."

"Dean Winchester has a problem turning something on? Shocker. Did you try dancing for it?"

"Hardy-har-har. You gonna fix it, or what?"

"Don't I always?"

Dean gave Cas a goofy smile. "Of course. That's why I call you."

"No, that's why you pay me. Lord knows why you call me."

Cas bent over to grab the PC from the dirty floor. Dean couldn't help but stare and try to picture what Cas would look like bent over without his nerdy khakis.

"Are you listening to me?"

"What?" Dean was snapped out of his reverie by Cas, who was giving him a confused look while holding the computer.

"I said I already know what's wrong with it. You destroyed the power supply. It certainly doesn't help that you keep it on the disgusting floor. Probably clogged it, and then it just died."

Dean would like to see Cas laid out on that disgusting floor... "So what's that mean?"

"It means I need to bring it to my place, replace the power supply, and bring it back. Pretty simple."

"Oh... okay. Do you want me to pick it up at your place, or will you bring it back here when you're done?"

"I can bring it back, not a problem. Shouldn't take too long."

Dean smiled, "Yeah, okay. See you soon, then."

"Yeah. Be back soon, Dean."

Dean watched as Cas walked out the door, quietly cursing himself for not working up the balls to ask the man out. Sure, it was a recent revelation that he was in love with his best friend, but he could at least see if Cas felt the same way about him.

It wasn't even an hour before Cas returned, PC in hand. "You know, it wouldn't kill you to clean this thing out once in a while. I'm pretty sure there was an actual mouse living inside the case."

"I'll keep that in mind. Did you fix it?"

"Well, I found the mouse a new home, and I replaced the power supply. Works just fine now." Cas bent over to hook the PC back up. Dean, once again, couldn't help but stare. He had a strange tingly feeling deep inside his stomach.

"We should go out for dinner tonight." Dean wasn't really sure where that came from. He was amazed he managed to say it.

Cas faltered for a minute, but continued hooking up the computer. He stood back up, and turned the computer on. "Yeah, sounds good. I'll take food as payment."

"Oh... Yeah, I guess that works." Dean felt oddly disappointed. That wasn't the response he was expecting. But it was something, right?

"Did you have somewhere specific in mind?"

"Nah. We can just go to the usual bar."

"Yeah, okay. Want me to meet you there? What time?"

"No, no. I'll pick you up. 7-ish."

"Alright. Sounds good to me. You're buying, right?"

Dean smiled, "Yeah, of course."

"Make sure you shower first. You're covered in grease."

"Yes, mother."

When 7:00 rolled around, Dean was outside of Cas' house waiting in his Impala. It was hard not to hear that car idling in the driveway, so Cas headed outside, smiling the whole way.

Cas climbed into the passenger seat, "Hey Dean. Why are you so dressed up?"

Dean just smiled, "No reason. You ready to go?"

"Yeah, I'm starving."


Dean shifted the Impala into gear, and drove off. Pretty soon, they were approaching their usual bar, however Dean wasn't slowing down.

Cas turned his head, watching the bar pass by. He was obviously confused. "What's wrong? You missed the bar."

You could hear the grin in Dean's voice. "We're not going to the bar."

"Oh, but you said-"

"Don't worry about it, Cas. I'm buying, remember? Trust me."

Dean continued down the road, and Cas looked around, trying to guess where they were going. It's not that he didn't trust Dean, but Dean wasn't one to be spontaneous like that. "Is it my birthday, or something? What's with the surprises? And why are you dressed up?"

"Cas, just shut up. And I think you'd know if it was your birthday, goof."

"Ooookay." Cas just hummed in curiosity.

Not long after, the Impala pulled into a seemingly full parking lot.

Cas' eyes widened when he realized where they were. "Dean..."

Dean ignored him as he circled the lot trying to find an empty parking space.

"Dean, the part didn't cost me that much... This place is waaaay too expensive."

Dean just grinned again. "Don't worry about it."

He found a spot, and parked the monster of a car. He quickly killed the ignition, got out, and made his way to Cas' door, opening it for him.

Cas just sat in his seat, refusing to get out, even when Dean extended his hand to him. "What's going on? Are you dying or something?"

"What? Can't I be nice to you?"

Cas crossed his arms, giving Dean a look. "No. You can't. What's the deal?"

Dean pulled Cas out of the car. He'd get him in the restaurant if he had to drag him in there kicking and screaming. "Nothing. Now let's go eat. I'm hungry."

The restaurant was packed, the line nearly reaching the door. Everyone waiting was pretty dressed up, so Cas felt a little awkward in his grubby blue jeans.


Dean made his way to the front of the line, stopping at the hostess' podium. "Reservation for Winchester."

The hostess checked her list, "Ah, yes. Two for Winchester. Your table is ready. Right this way."

Dean smiled over at Cas who was looking at him in disbelief before following the hostess. The people in line gave the pair some odd looks, but Dean seemed to ignore it. Cas, however, began to feel really uncomfortable.

"Dean, everyone's staring."

"Yeah, they're just jealous that you're wearing blue jeans, and they had to dress up. They envy the comfort, dude." Dean put his arm around Cas' shoulders, and lead Cas behind the hostess.

The hostess lead them to the table, and seated them both, handing them their menus. "Your waitress will be with you shortly."

Cas was at a loss for words, so he just stared intently at the menu. Dean kept glancing towards Cas, hoping he'd say something, but after minutes of silence, he gave up and looked at his menu.

The ever perky and cheerful waitress came up moments later. "Hi, I'm Becky, and I'll be your server tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink?"

"I'm fine with just the water."

"Actually, bring us a bottle of whatever wine is the special tonight." Cas gave Dean a shifty look, tilting his head a bit.

The waitress turned, smiling at Cas, "Alrighty! Are you gentlemen ready to order, or do you need a few minutes?"

"We could use a few minutes," Dean replied, eyeing her suspiciously.

"Okay! I'll be back in a couple of minutes. Holler if you need me." She rests her hand on Cas' shoulder, squeezing. "I'm just a call away." Dean glared daggers at the woman, while Cas just smiled obliviously at her. She caught Dean's look, quickly released Cas and walked away.

"Wine, Dean? And this food looks really expensive..."

"Damn it, Cas. I told you not to worry about it."

"Yeah, but Dean-"

"Get whatever you want. It's your payment, remember?"

Cas gave Dean a look somewhere between confusion and adoration, and Dean just smiled back.

The wine was brought out soon after, and the sommelier poured them both a glass. Cas smiled happily at Dean, and went to grab his glass, knocking it over in the process. It managed to pour down into Dean's lap. He leapt up in surprise, knocking over his own glass in the process.

Cas' eyes grew wide, "Oh. My. God. I'm so sorry!" He quickly grabbed a napkin and tried to wipe up the mess on Dean's pants.

"Whoa. Easy there, tiger."

Cas quickly realized what he was doing and stopped immediately, his face turning the same shade of red as the wine. He looked up at Dean, and then around the restaurant, realizing everyone was staring at him.

He looked up at Dean again, with panic in his eyes, and then he made a beeline for the exit.

Dean shouted after him. "Wait, Cas!"

But Cas was already out the door. He was looking for Dean's Impala so he could hide in it for a while. Cas hoped that Dean hadn't locked the doors.

Dean threw down some money on the table, and quickly exited the building hoping to easily find Cas. He couldn't have gone far. He looked around the parking lot, and noticed Cas sitting in the Impala, banging his head against the dashboard.

Dean opened the driver's side door, spooking Cas as he slid in next to him.


Cas didn't say anything.

"Mind telling me what happened in there?"

Cas sighed. "I'm an idiot and a klutz."

"Well, I knew that. I meant after," Dean teased.

"You're a jerk."

Dean couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "Why'd you run off, Cas?"

"Never mind, it's stupid..."

"Come on, buddy, you can tell me."

"Well, I spilled the wine, and everyone was staring... And then I was rubbing you while everyone was staring..."

"That's probably the least awkward thing you've done in public. I wouldn't worry about it."

"Dean, they must think I'm weird."

"Yeah, but you're not with them. You're with me, and I think you're perfectly perfect just the way you are."

Cas smiled a bit. "That's why you're my friend, right? Not just because of my genius brain, or hot ass?"

"Those are just perks, Cas. Still hungry?"

"A bit. But I can't go back in there."

"We don't have to. We can go to the bar, like usual. No one thinks you're weird there."

"Yeah, sounds good."

"Just need to swing by my place and get a change of clothes."

Cas frowned. "Sorry."

"Don't worry about it. Seriously."