Chris is standing by the snack table, eating small cubes of cheese. She has to admit that she's kind of jealous of Jo right away. Jo is twenty two years old and she's already married. Chris is thirty and she hasn't had a serious boyfriend in more than a year. She wishes that she could have a boyfriend and, eventually, that boyfriend could become her husband. Most women want to be married before they're thirty, but Chris is all alone. She's happy for Kendall and Jo, though. Watching them dance to The Trouble With Girls (Scotty McCreery song) and talking shows that they're truly in love.

Chris can look back at James and Jenna's wedding and remember how adorable those two were. They would be dancing and James would kiss Jenna's cheek, followed by her giggling. They spent a majority of the reception hugging, kissing, and laughing. It seems like Chris is the only one not in a relationship. Even Katie has been talking to Tyler for the past thirty minutes, yet Chris is stuffing her face instead of flirting with a hot guy. Although, she thinks that one of Jo's cousin's might be checking her out. Hey, he's kinda cute and he looks like he could be her age. She hopes that he's not married.

"Hey!" James says, grabbing a chocolate chip cookie off the table.

"Hey, you having fun?" She asks, taking Kenzie from him.

"Yeah." James nods, rubbing Kenzie's back. The little girl babbles and extends her arms toward the plate of cookies, wanting a bite of the delicious snack. James smiles and tears a piece of his cookie, feeding it to her. He strokes her cheek and plays with her hair, laughing when she continues talking incoherently. He is so looking forward to the day that she starts speaking real sentences, but the babbling is really cute.

"Kenzie, what are you saying?" Chris asks her.

"We don't know, do we?" James asks the baby, kissing her cheek. "Chris, where the cake? I'm gonna take some to Katie. She hasn't eaten since this morning and we need to make sure that she doesn' know...starve. According to Mama Knight, the staff at Casa Palmera said to make sure that she gets plenty to eat. We have to fully support her recovery."

"It's right here, Jay." Chris laughs, pointing to the cake in the middle of the table. James rolls his eyes and grabs a plate, cutting a slice of cake for his best friend's little sister. He walks into the sitting area, where Katie is busy talking to Tyler.

"Hey, I got you some cake." He says, handing the plate and a fork to her.

"Thanks." Katie says, taking small bites of the cake. Her bites are slow and timid, but at least she's eating. Tyler is watching her carefully, since he is one of the many people that know about her condition. Everyone at the Palm Woods knows, since they all saw her being wheeled out of the building on a stretcher. The ones that were at Kenzie's birthday saw her passed out in the restroom. Her eating disorder isn't much of a secret now, since a certain blonde girl named Jennifer blabbed to the rest of the Palm Woods guests. She doesn't really care if anyone knows, though. When she is finished with rehab (Has to go back tomorrow for two more weeks), she wants to raise awareness for eating disorders. She knows how hard it is and she wants to make a difference.

"Jo, take some pictures with me for my Facebook!" Stephanie says, walking up to the bride. She holds a camera in front of herself and Jo, snapping several pictures. In the middle of the mini photoshoot, Carlos joins in, standing between them and wrapping his arms around each girl's shoulders.

"Katie!" Maddie calls out, motioning to her new friend.

"I'll be right back." Katie tells Tyler before following Maddie.

"Restroom now!" Maddie says, dragging her into the restroom.

"What's wrong?" Katie asks her, noticing that she looks a little anxious.

"I'm really nervous about being here, surrounded by all that food. I really want to have some cheese ravioli, but I'm scared. Could you eat some with me? You know, if you're hungry."

"Yeah!" Katie smiles, linking arms with Maddie. She has truly found a friend in Maddie. Since they first met, they have been inseparable. Even after Maddie left rehab, they would talk on the phone, Maddie would visit, and they would text each other every chance they got. Katie has always had a problem making friends her own age, but she and Maddie are really close. They both struggled with eating disorders, so they definitely have something that keeps them close. That's why Katie wants to support Maddie as she eats a normal meal.

"Hey, you and I love cheese ravioli." Katie says as they approach the snack table. "Remember when you were still in treatment and we ate lunch together. They served cheese ravioli and we both finished the whole plate! If we did it once, we can do it again."

"Yeah." Maddie says as she puts some ravioli on a bowl.

Meanwhile, Kendall and Jo have taken a break from dancing. They're hanging out in the studio, greeting guests, but mostly focusing on each other.

"What do you want to do now, Mrs. Knight?" Kendall asks, kissing her cheek.

"I'm hungry, but I don't want to get anything on my dress." Jo says, smoothing her hands over her wedding gown.

"I love this song!" She adds when "Love Me Love Me," an song from Big Time Rush's second album begins blasting from the speakers. They've been playing a lot of BTR songs, since Kendall is in Big Time Rush. Everyone freaked out when the band's first single "Big Time Rush" came on. They're pretty sure Camille was a little on the drunk side because she started cheering when she heard the song. Yeah, it wasn't normal cheering either. She was being way louder than the other guests.

"Katie and Maddie are actually eating." Kendall says, watching his baby sister and her new friend. He likes Maddie. She seems like a very sweet girl. And their mom has always talked about Katie getting herself a friend. Well, she finally has one. They've been BFF's ever since Katie entered treatment. Katie has said that every time rehab became overwhelming, Maddie was there to help her through it. Even when Maddie left treatment, Katie would call her when things got too hard.

"I'm proud of them." Jo says as she puts some lemon chicken on a plate.

"And Lucy is on her second glass of wine." Kendall says, watching the girl leaning against the wall.

"No, she's on her third."


"HEY, GUYS!" Lucy yells, waving at them. Kendall and Jo give her an awkward wave before quickly looking away. "I'M GONNA FIND MY BOYFRIEND, OKAY?"

"Excuse her." James whispers as he walks past them, rushing over to his girlfriend. He drags her out of the room and to a less crowded area of Rocque Records. He nearly melts as she pulls him into a drunken kiss. He knew that she planned on drinking a little, but he didn't think she was gonna get wasted. Are you even suppose to do that at weddings? It doesn't seem like the polite thing to do. Actually, James doesn't condone drunkeness anywhere. He has always believed that if people drink even one glass of alcohol, they're one glass closer to becoming an alcoholic. He knows that Lucy isn't an alcoholic, but he wants her to be careful.

"Wow, this party is awesome!" Lucy laughs, throwing her arms around his neck.

"It's a wedding reception." James says, smiling when guests give them weird looks. "Lucy, let's see if we can get you sobered up."

"Aww, you're no fun." Lucy says as she is taken back to the dance studio. They walk over to the table and James grabs a bottle of water, upcapping it and helping Lucy drink it. He rolls his eyes when Lucy hiccups and gives him a smile. He can't let his drunk girlfriend ruin his friend's reception.

"Okay, I think I'm feeling better now." Lucy says, stumbling. "Wow, I'm feeling better mentally, but I still can't walk too well."

"Just hold on to me." James sighs, putting his arm around her shoulders. Lucy wraps her arm around his waist and they walk to one of the many tables set up in the studio. They walk past the sitting area, where Carlos and Stephanie are catching up.

"How was New York?" Carlos asks his ex girlfriend.

"Fun." Stephanie says, sipping from her glass of wine. "It could get crazy sometimes, but it was really cool. I loved NYU. Now I'm back in LA and I'm going to become a famous director. Maybe I could direct a BTR music video. You know, if Gustavo will let me."

"That would be great!"

"I've missed California." Stephanie tells him. "New York was great, but California is where I belong. Now that college is out of the way, I just want to focus on pursuing my dream."

"Did you meet any guys in NYC?"

"Um, I went on dates, but i never had a serious boyfriend." Stephanie answers. "I prefer California boys."

"Well, I'm from Minnesota, but I've been living in California since I was sixteen." Carlos says, getting closer to her. "I guess you could call me a California boy."

"Wow, that was cheesy." Stephanie giggles. "But it was sweet."

"Kenzie, where are you going?" Chris asks, running past them. She put Kenzie down and the girl is running from her. It may be fun for her, but Chris is wearing sandals and her feet are starting to hurt. She could take them off, but she isn't going to leave them to get stolen. She doesn't think anyone would steal them, but you never know. They could get stolen or she could forget where she put them.

"Dada!" Kenzie exclaims when she sees her daddy.

"Princess, you're driving Chris crazy." James says, picking her up.

Logan and Camille are in the hallway, where all the posters are located. Recently, Gustavo replaced the old Big Time Rush poster with a picture from their new album photo shoot. He wanted to show it to Camille, since he and the guys are super proud of it. Gustavo parked some car in the middle of a California desert and his "dogs" sit on the hood. It's mature yet still has some of the classic BTR style.

"The new album is gonna be awesome." Logan tells her.

"I'm sure it will be." Camille says, rubbing her head. She had a little bit to drink, so she's kind dizzy, but she's nowhere near as drunk as Lucy.

"Okay, I think you need to sit down." Logan laughs, helping her back to the sitting area. As they are walking, Gustavo grabs Logan, leaving Camille with no support. As soon as Logan lets go of her, she falls over, staring up at the ceiling.

"There's no respect."

"Kendall, James, and Carlos, get your butts to the dance studio NOW!" Gustavo shouts as he drags Logan along. He pushes them all toward the dance studio, where a stage has been set up. They're going to sing the song that Kendall begged Gustavo to help him write for Jo. They finally came up with "All Over Again." But before they perform, Katie had a speech that she wanted to make. They have all asked her what she could possibly need to say, but she told them that she's not going to tell them until the wedding.

"I believe the groom's sister would like to speak." Dak Zevon, who offered to be the MC for the evening, says before handing the microphone to Katie.

"Wow, first of all, I want to say that I cannot believe that Kendall and Jo are finally married. It seems like just yesterday that they were meeting for the first time. But the real reason I'm up here is because I want to thank the bride and groom. I'm not sure how many of you are aware of this, but back in March, I was taken to the hospital after having complications from anorexia. I had been battling the eating disorder for the past year and I never told anyone about it. Unfortunately, I had to reach a major breaking point before I realized how bad it had gotten. I hate that my brother had to find out about my condition in such a horrible way, but he stood by me. In fact, he's the one that convinced me to seek help. The doctors and our mom had already been talking about it, but Kendall was the one that convinced me to go. If it weren't for him, I would have just kept denying that I had a problem and I probably wouldn't be where I am today. If it weren't for him, I don't know if I would even be alive right now. As for Jo, she was the one that helped me through my insecure moments. I have spent almost three months in treatment and, tomorrow, I have to go back for two more weeks. But thanks to Kendall and Jo, I'm on my way to becoming normal again. Recovery won't be easy, but I have some amazing family and friends to help me. Anyway, congratulations to the bride and groom!"

Katie's speech is followed by a loud outburst of applause. She smiles shyly and walks off the stage, hugging all four of the guys. When she gets the Kendall, he doesn't let go so easily. He gives her a tight squeeze and kisses the top of her head.

"That was beautiful." He whispers.

"Thanks." Katie says. "Now go and perform that song for your wife."

"I will." Kendall says before taking a microphone from Kelly.

"Okay, that was a awesome speech by the maid of honor!" Dak says to the audience. "Now the groom and his band want to perform a new song for the beautiful bride. Ladies and gentlemen, Big Time Rush!"

(They perform "All Over Again")

"That song was dedicated to my wife, Mrs. Jo Knight." Kendall says before he and his bandmates walk off the stage. By the end of the song, Jo had tears of joy running down her cheeks. While Kendall goes to his wife and Logan goes to Camille, James walks over to Lucy, who is now holding Kenzie. Two of his favorite girls are here with him and that's how he likes girlfriend and his beautiful daughter.

"You guys were amazing." Lucy says, kissing him.

"I see you finally got sobered up." James smiles, returning the kiss.

"Not completely, but I'm much better." Lucy says, stroking Kenzie's cheek.

"Dada!" Kenzie exclaims, reaching out to James.

James takes her into his arms and kisses her cheek, giving her a loving hug.

"We're having fun tonight, aren't we?" He whispers, kissing her nose. He holds her in one arm and wraps his other arm around Lucy's shoulders, kissing his girlfriend's temple.

"I love you." He whispers.

"I love you, too." Lucy responds, resting her head on his shoulder.

James is finally at a good place on his life. His first few months as a single parent were hard. He felt scared and alone, but he has come to realize that it doesn't always have to be that way. Jenna would want him to find happiness and he has. He has his friends, his family, his girlfriend, his career, and, most importantly, Kenzie. He couldn't ask for better than that.


All Over Again-Big Time Rush

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