He was gone for just a few minutes, but when he got back, all his states were missing. With everything in chaos, America goes out with help from other countries to find his states.

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Chapter 1:

His states, his children were missing. America sat on his chair in the massive conference room. He seems solemn; it is not typical of him to be serious. His children had mysteriously disappeared without a trace. How does he know? Did they play a prank on him? Well, Texas wouldn't leave his cowboy hat and gun, Wisconsin wouldn't leave his bag of cheese on floor so messily, and one of California's sandals was on the floor. On the wall there was bloody writing and it said, "You will never find them! Hahaha!" The room was messy and there was some blood found. Some clothes and other belongings of his states were found ripped. Somebody had taken his babies from him.

There was a massive search for them, and the cops found no clues. A prank on him was impossible because America knew some states won't do that, and they would have shown up from nowhere and said, "HAHA got you!" By now, it has been a week since they had vanished. America worried what had happen to them, and his boss commanded him to get a meeting with other countries to see what they had say.

America slowly chewed his cheeseburger from McDonalds and closed his eyes. He won't give up on finding them, and he suspected that some of countries might be done this. Maybe he wrong, but it was possible. America had called an emergency meeting, some countries weren't pleased about this because of the time difference.

"America-san?" Asked a voice. America opened his eyes to see who entered the room. His best friend, Japan, had arrived. Many other countries had followed him in from behind, around 30 of them. They sat down on their chairs and said nothing.

"Hello," America eyed every country and saw who was there. He noticed familiar faces and some he hadn't seen for decades.

"Well, what…" England had begun to speak, sounding a little rude. Germany halted him before he could make America angry with him and lead to a fight again.

"SH! Do you realize what this is? You, be quiet!" Germany pointed his finger firmly at England. In response England gave him a glare, but stayed silent. " Now, America, what do you want tell us about?"

"Thank you," Said America as he stood up, and paused. What should he say?

"My states are missing." He remarked. Some countries gasped in disbelief. America sighed, "I have proof, and they have been missing for a week. I need your help."

"I am so sorry!" Hungary put her hands on her mouth in shock.

"What exactly you want us to do? Put up missing posters in our countries?" Said Romano impolitely, folded his arms and sat back.

"Brother! We can help him!" Cried, Italy and try to make up for his brother's rude behavior.

"We will keep our eyes wide open to find them." Said Austria, everyone agreeing with him…for once.

"Yes, but are you sure they were…" Spilled France, England hit with his elbow at France's ribs. "Ouch!" France rubbed his ribs.

"We are more than glad to help you, brother." Canada, patted America's back, sadly.

"Thank you. If there is any…" America said, and the countries can see that America was ready to cry.

"We will let you know right away if there are any spottings of them or suspects." Said Finland, giving him a half smile.

"Ok, thank you for being willing to help me. You guys are great friends." America admitted.

There is a silence, then America grimly told everyone, "If…. just if I find any of my children are with you and that you kidnapped them…."

None of the countries moved a muscle at all with that comment and their eyes were wide open. Greece, who almost falling asleep suddenly sat up straight.

"You will be destroyed." America finished and without any other words he turned and walked out the door. He slammed it hard.

"AHH!" Wailed Italy, Germany covered Italy's mouth and try to calmed him down, "Italy, I am sure he didn't mean it. Don't worry."

"Is he serious?" Asked Latvia, panicked.

"No!" Said Lithuania quickly, as he tried to stop himself from shaking.

"I wouldn't think that it was one of us here. It may be one of us that is not here." Added a Suspicious Norway.

"Maybe it's Iceland?" Demark was trying to lighten the dark mood that filled the room. Norway slammed his head into the table, "He can't come. I told you he is at home, sick with a cold!"

"Guys!" Stood up Japan, "guys, let's go and start our search."

"Japan is right! We are wasting our time here!" Agreed Turkey, standing up and walking out the room.

Some countries already marched out the room, but Liechtenstein had a question for her brother, Switzerland, "Brother, I want to help, but I don't know what America's kids look like." Most countries already knew what America's kids looked like, but some didn't.

"Well, I think America can give us some photos. We can take a look at them." Switzerland told his sister.

"True, Email him and ask him to send us some pictures and names so we know what they look like so it'll be easier for us to find them." Suggested Austria.

"I will." Volunteered Canada, and he raised his hand and the countries nodded at him, all able to see him for once.

As everyone exited from the room, they began as a team to search for the states.


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