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Chapter 4:

It was an early morning; Liechtenstein got up and made a breakfast for her brother and the boy. She made the eggs and bacon and set them on table. She sat down on chair and waiting for her brother to come down, and knowing the boy must be hungry too.

Last night was a long night on phone with America. America keep asked Vash if he was so sure it is one of his states. His reaction to hear about the boy is Deaf and mute was not what he expected. Alfred was just happy that his fellow country had found his state and he told Vash that he would bring an America Sign Language book. Alfred should be here anytime in the morning. He just cannot wait until later to see the boy, and Lili don't blame him.

A footstep heard upstairs, Lili look up and smiles. She watches the boy as he slowly coming down. His hair is now clean and he is in brand new clothes that Lili made for him. The boy saw Lili and just waves at her. The country grins at him and point to the plate on the table, 'eat.' She mouthed. The boy grins happily and hurried to the table. He sat down and look at her, as he want know if it is ok if he go ahead eat.

Lili nodded and eats hers too. The boy smiles and eats his, and he eaten pretty fast. Lili can't help it but watched him. He looked so starving to death.

"Good Morning!" Lili looked up and smiled at her brother who came down and join them. Switzerland eats his breakfast and he sure looks so worn out. America must have keeping him all night.

They sat and finishing their breakfast and Lili begin to clean the plates in the sink. There was a knocking on the door, Vash look up from his book and look at the boy who sat and drinking his milk. "Its him." He told Lili and stood up and went to open the door, "Hello Alfred." He was greeting his friend.

America look all same, but tired out and look so worried. His eyes wandering around to find where the boy is, and no bother to say hi to Switzerland.

"He is right there." Vash point to the boy, and Alfred gave out a silence as he looking at the lost boy. He cover his mouth, "Oh my gosh." The boy stares at the man, innocently and he show no sign of knowing him at all.

America wanted to run and hugs the boy and not let him go again, but he can't. The boy seem don't remember him at all. Vash broke the silence, "is it him?" Alfred doesn't take his eyes off the boy, "yes…I think I know which one but I can't be sure…" He said. Vash look at the boy and gave a hand gesture to tell him to come, and the boy did so, he stood up. The boy walking to the men, and he was studied America. Alfred can't help it but keep watch and see what the boy will do next. It look like the boy was trying to said something, but he can't. He just run to Alfred and hug him. Alfred almost jumped in shock and kneels down to the boy's height. He pulls him to the hug and crying.

"But, don't you know which is he?" Asked Lili.

Alfred kisses the boy's forehead, "It will be ok, my boy. I am here…" He looked at the girl, "I think so…but I can't be sure."

"How do we find out? He seem to have a memory loss…" Lili questioned.

"Interesting…with a memory loss…he can feel that you are somebody to him." Vash said.

"Japan." Alfred said, without a doubt. "He can help…he have that invention he made. It can tell from the pictures." He explained. The boy looks at him, curiously.

Both countries nodded in agreement with Alfred. They will go to Japan in the afternoon.


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