the net is trully vast and infinet, it could be seen as the sum of humanitys experiences, it has begome in this age of human cyborlazation a would within the would as more and more people begin to get cyborg brain enhaments this second world grows larger and deeper like giant spider web within a vast ocean with no true center of the web as it connects every one to each other and to this ever growing , ganging would itself.

and so because of this the indivulistic need of the person within the society of the net to feel original and unique grows greater and ever harder to acheave, and thus the need to acheave somthing to do some great feat or task so as to stand out from the sea of humanty as the anceant heroes of old and to perhaps in some way have your name and sence of indivitualty remebered log after your passing.

and so a state within society arices in wich individual mebers of the puplic who losing their sence of self haveing their ghosts begin to slipe from them and merge with that great sea of humanity within the net turn to a form of individualistic terrasim agaist the state the representitive of the mass collective of a large crowd of people out of a sence of egotism and a desire to feel real.

and so as people and technology has changed so to has society and the nature and motives of crimes them self, and a form of ego terrasim becins to emerge terrorism for no great ideals but that to prove to ones selve that they are real different human.