Why Reid Shouldn't

Play Video Games



"Reid, wake up."


This was the third time that week that Reid had fallen asleep during a brief meeting that the BAU held, and truth be told, it was just plain amusing getting him back awake. How he manages to get to work early when he hated to be awoken is a miracle anybody would agree on.

Of course, it was Morgan's turn to wake the sleeping bear...erm...doctor...

"Come on, man, just wake up, we have a case." Morgan begged (whined), only to get a half understandable answer of...

"Umbla gettu Ganon...zzz..."

"Reid. What are you doing?" Morgan couldn't help but ask when he watched the tall brown haired man's hand itch toward his pocket, which held something that could be either his phone, or a chocolate bar. Morgan mentally shuddered at the 'Chocolate Monster' incident, which caused Reid to be banned from the sugary treats.

"Nothing." Reid said quickly, causing Morgan to shake his head.

"Go ahead, Reid, I'll do this." Morgan said, sighing, and turned to go into the living room of where the unsub was killed.

When he returned, he found Reid sitting on the floor, playing a small hand-held video game.

Tom Jinnake ran away from the cops and the FBI agents, trying to hide the blood stained knife that he used to kill his victims over the last few months, when he bumped into somebody. Looking up to see a young man in his twenties playing a video game.

He watched as the game fell from the man's hands, and broke on the ground. He didn't know what to do when the man shot him in the shoulder.

"Reid!" he heard one of the FBI agent's yell out, and Tom couldn't help but swear. This man was a FBI agent too. He went down from the wound, as Rossi ran over.

Rossi, having heard a gun fire, had hurried over to see Reid crying over his lost game. Morgan had told them what he was up too, but was shocked that Reid knew that it was the suspect.

"How did you know that he was the victim, Reid?" he asked, when he saw Reid look up at him, and blink.

"He broke my game...can I shoot him again? I had nearly defeated Ganondorf on Expert.*"

AN: Don't ask, okay. Just don't. This idea came to me one day on Dream Express, which is were most of my random ideas arrive from...

Anyway, I was woke up with this idea, it wouldn't go away, so I typed it up, and here you go, a Reid who likes playing Video Games and has a trigger finger when mad...yup...so original...sigh, I need to stop thinking about these things one of these days...oh well.

Oh, and that thing about Ganondorf, I don't know if there's an Expert mode or not, so please don't get mad at me about it!

EDIT: a reviewer told me about some mistakes in the story, so i fixed it, found some mistakes, fixed that too, and here's the edit. If anybody has an idea for another Reid story, I'll put it under Why Reid shouldn't...story, since it appears that i'm going into that type of mood. ^^; sigh, ah well...i need to work on WHAD...sigh...